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Dripping With Suspicion 8

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This Just Got Crazier

Keon rushes to the shattered plate glass window and carefully retrieves the rock. It has a note attached to it. However, before he can read it, Hamilton grabs it.

Curtis’s voice can be heard coming through the receiver, “What is it Ham? What the hell is going on?”

Hamilton fumbles with the note while Keon and Lot rush outside to see if they can catch a glimpse of the perpetrator.

Finally, able to read the message, Hamilton grabs the phone putting it on speaker. “Curtis, it looks like one of the kidnappers wants to make a deal! In exchange for information, he wants immunity.”

“What makes you so sure that it’s a man, Ham?” Curtis replies.

“I am just saying—isn’t it obviously a man? Didn’t the janitor and that blasted security guard both report two men had abducted Steve?” Hamilton replies in a matter-of-fact manner.

“True, but there has to be someone on the inside.” Curtis replies. Without warning, Kip takes the lead from Hamilton.

“Curtis, Kip Merewether here—I saw Sabrina Brown and that new security guard less than an hour ago leave Jim’s Bar and Grill from the back exit.” Kip tells him.

“Ok, go on Kip—what do you have? Your instincts have always been ‘spot-on’ in matters like this.” Curtis says leaning back in his chair.

Curtis is more than interested in what Kip has to say.

Curtis is more than interested in what Kip has to say.

Another Discovery ...

“Well, before dad called, Chris and I were getting ready to have a couple of beers. Sabrina looked right at me when I entered the grill. After Chris appeared both Sabrina and that security guard left in a big hurry. I think Sabrina knows something.” Kip concludes.

“I think you’re on to something Kip and by the way, that guard’s name is Rico Andretti. Has anyone seen Sabrina Brown by the way?” Curtis asks.

“No, Sabrina and that security guard—Rico seem to have dropped from the face of the earth. Also, for some reason Sabrina reminds me of someone—I don’t know who.” Kip states slowly brushing his wavy hair to the side, getting it out of his eyes.

“Now that you mentioned it, she does seem to have a look about her.” Curtis is fumbling with some papers on his desk when he sees one of Clinton Jessup.

“Well—I’ll be damned.” Curtis replies a large grin appears on his face.

“What?” Kip asks.

“What’s happening Curtis—have you discovered something?” Hamilton says and tries to retrieve his former position near the phone, but Kip elbows him lightly to one side.

“Just hold on a minute will you Ham? Now what is it you were saying Curtis?” Kip turns giving Hamilton his familiar arched eyebrow.

“I was just looking at a picture of Jessup and noticed that his eyes are the same as—”

Sabrina was in big trouble … there was no mistaking that!

Sabrina was in big trouble … there was no mistaking that!

Sabrina Jessup?

“Sabrina Brown’s!” Both Curtis and Kip say in unison.

Kip slides to the left of Hamilton and leans against the receptionist’s counter baffled by the revelation.

Recovering his previous bearings by the phone, Hamilton replies, “Will someone tell me why in Sam Hill nobody ever noticed this before?”

Curtis comments, “Maybe we couldn’t see the forest for the trees as Keon loves to lament?”

Hamilton thinks for a moment, then looks from Kip to Chris as Keon and Lot return empty-handed. Kip nods to Hamilton, responding to the look on his face.

“Sabrina has the same brown eyes as Clinton Jessup! Why didn’t I ever see that before. I greeted her every morning before speaking to Lot and never once did I make the connection.” Hamilton replies in astonishment.

“No one made the connection Ham, because it was too obvious. Who would think that Jessup would have his own sister right under our noses? And, working no less at the Justice Center—secretary to the District Attorney!” Kip interjects incredulously.

“Now, it’s all beginning to fall into place, Kip. Curtis, let me do some talking to Lot and Keon. I will get back to you later.” This time Hamilton hangs up the phone without waiting for a reply from Curtis.

“I must be passing on my bad habits to Hamilton.” Curtis chuckles as he returns the phone to its cradle.

Steve needs to make her move before darkness overtakes her.

Steve needs to make her move before darkness overtakes her.

Meanwhile—The Great Escape

Steve moves over to the door and retrieves the key from off the floor.

“It looks like I’ve got a fairy-godfather!” Steve says as she picks up the key from the floor and places it into the lock. It clicks, and she can push the window outward.

The outside ledge is narrow, but there is still enough room to support her tiny feet. However, the coldness of the air is not a welcome relief to her.

“I’ve got to find something to wear before I die of exposure.” Steve states and as if on cue, she spots an old shirt and a pair of dungarees hanging out of a trash receptacle.

“I wonder if my liberator left that for me?” Steve thinks aloud.

Gingerly climbing onto a pole not too far from the window where Steve made her escape; she carefully shimmies down—reminiscent of her tomboy days with her brothers. Noticing that the clothes were not at all in bad shapes, Steve hurries into them and makes her way to the perimeter fence. Looking up she notices that a limb has been conveniently broken partially covering the barbed wire.

“I really love whoever my benefactor is—” Steve replies as she makes her way towards the wooded area in the rear of the hospital.

A key is being inserted into the lock of the room that once held Steve captive. The roughly speaking man is preparing to transfer Steve from the room to the awaiting helicopter. When he opens the door, he realizes that his little bird has flown.

“What the Hell—Rico, where is that son ...”

To Be Continued ...

  • Dripping With Suspicion 9
    You can find an ally in the most unsuspecting places! Still, that doesn't mean that Steve is out of the woods ...

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