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Dripping With Suspicion 7

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New Developments

Steve stares at the door, waiting to see who is going to appear. Something inside is telling her things are terribly wrong. Her head is still pounding plus the reality of her situation is just hitting home.

“Hamilton would go to any lengths to protect me, but this is a little farfetched,” she thinks. “Dad would never allow Hamilton to leave me locked up, stripped of my clothing and surrounded by God only knows what or who.”

The door opens just far enough for Steve to catch a glimpse of what appears to be a man’s hand and wrist which reveals an Armand Nicolet LR8 18K rose gold wrist watch. She hears a loud roar, “Close that damn door!” The door slams shut, but not before something falls to the floor; followed by the sound of keys, locking her in once again.

“I have got to get the hell out of here,” Steve anxiously sputters. The sound of the helicopter, hovering above, caused Steve to shift her body, stretching toward the window.

“What the heck?” She reaches down, feeling her thigh, wondering what she has been poked with. Fumbling beneath her leg, Steve feels an object caught in the linen. Looking closer, she recognizes the culprit. It is her diamond studded hair clip; the one Hamilton has given her on her last birthday. Not wasting any time, she opens the clip.

“This just may be my ticket out of these chains,” she thinks smiling as the throbbing pain seems to somewhat lessen in intensity.

Steve has learned plenty from Darren Woodbridge. They sometimes work together on robbery cases and he has shown her some of the tricks of the trade. Computers are not the only things he can hack. Darren is not one to turn down the opportunity to bend the law just a bit when trying to gather information on a suspect. It has gotten him into some tight situations—none however that he couldn’t escape. Providing that he has the right tool for the job, that is. It is no secret that he has a long-standing crush on Steve and he will do anything he can to impress her.

Not wasting any time, Steve sticks the tip of the hair clip into the tiny slot on the side of the manacle. “Come on!” she says. Keeping her focus through her gradually rising panic, she strategically works the point of the clip. Suddenly, she hears a “click”, setting her free from her chains.

Steve then looks in the direction of the door and sees what appears to be a small shiny object—the key to the windows!

Things are really starting to get rocky!

Things are really starting to get rocky!

Meanwhile at the Justice Center …

“Curtis? Have you had your ears checked lately?” asks Hamilton.

“Ya…Ya...I hear ya loud and clear Ham”, replies Curtis.

Curtis begins explaining to his best friend, that he has overheard some conversation between Steve and Leila Hatcher, Bobby’s girlfriend. They were having lunch together down at Jimmy’s. Curtis had stopped in to pick up a takeout order and overheard Steve asking Leila if she is familiar with the Philadelphia area. Jessup’s name is mentioned, and from the tone of their conversation; he assumes the two of them are up to something.

“What do you know about Philly, Leila?” Steve questions.

“It’s a big city—a person could definitely get lost there.” Leila replies.
“A person like Clinton Jessup?” Steve makes further inquiries.
“A person just like Clinton Jessup!” Leila affirms.

Ham breaks in saying, “Why didn’t you come to me with what you knew Curtis? You know what those two are like when they get their heads together. For Pete’s sake Curtis, neither one of them can be trusted to do the right thing, let alone putting them together. Steve would be the first one to jump out of the boat and Leila wouldn’t hesitate to follow suit, I guarantee you. You would think that two beautiful women like that would have at least a dime’s worth of common sense between them. If someone threw out a life jacket, they would both argue that the other one should take it consequently both would drown. Heaven only knows what Bobby sees in that woman besides a pretty face and a tight a—” Hamilton finally manages to stop midsentence and smile.

Curtis answers, feeling a bit guilty for withholding what little he knew from Hamilton, “Ham, you know I would never let anything happen to Steve. Why, I would take a bullet for her. You know that.”

“Ya, Ya…I know Curtis.” Before Hamilton has a chance to say anything more to Curtis, the large window in the foyer that overlooks the city suddenly shatters.

“What the—”, yells Hamilton.

“What is it Ham? “Curtis asks.

Hamilton answers in a state of panic, “The foyer plate glass window was just shattered by a rock!”

To Be Continued …

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