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Dripping With Suspicion 6

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The Revelation

Grabbing the phone from Keon’s hand Hamilton starts talking, his mannerisms revealing minor irritation.

“Ok, Curtis … what've you got?” Hamilton questions.

“Well it seems that our Steve was on her way to another assignment with Uncle Bobby … this time to Philadelphia to bring back bond-jumping Clinton Jessup no less!” Curtis now being convinced that this tidbit of information should finally be revealed.

“What … what … damn … of course she wasn’t going to say anything about it until after the fact. Doesn’t that crazy woman know just how dangerous that is? Has Bobby lost what little resemblance of a brain he has?” By this time, Hamilton is halfway between a shouting match and apoplexy.

“And … that’s not the half of it, I’m afraid. It also seems that Jake Raspberry, our custodian informant, while emptying one of the waste paper receptacles also remembers seeing someone that looked like Steve being helped into a van by a couple of men.” Curtis states bracing himself for the eruption.

“Being helped … what did he mean by that?” Hamilton further interrogates.

It takes a lot to "ruffle this man's feathers" but Hamilton is using his prosecutor skills.

It takes a lot to "ruffle this man's feathers" but Hamilton is using his prosecutor skills.

Sounds Suspicious ...

“That’s what he said … like she wasn’t able to get in there of her own volition. He said she was kinda wobbly.” Curtis replies.

“So … why the hell didn’t he say something to the men?” Hamilton asks.

“He said he started to but before he could get anything out of his mouth the men high-tailed it out of there like their asses were aflame.” Curtis replies trying to stifle a chuckle given the gravity of the situation.

“Hmm … I don’t remember the security guard mentioning anything about a janitor.” Hamilton quickly rehearses previous conversations.

“You’re right. This damn jigsaw puzzle is getting harder and harder to put together.” Curtis complains.

“That’s because there are so many pieces. There’s an old saying. If there’s an accident and five people see it; you are going to get five different versions of what happened.”

“So, Curtis … just how long have you known that Steve and Uncle Bobby had an assignment in Philly?” Hamilton asks much to Curtis’ surprise.

Kip watches carefully as the couple hurry out by way of the back exit.

Kip watches carefully as the couple hurry out by way of the back exit.

And Further Developments ...

After leaving Jimmy’s Bar and Grill, Sabrina and Rico (the new security guard) depart in different cars. "I knew when I saw those two arrogant... Damn!” Sabrina wails not at all happy with the current developments.

Sabrina knows she must act quickly, having been seen with the guard. “Stupid, stupid, stupid – you idiot you knew it was a bad idea to stop at Jimmy’s for a couple of beers,” She admonishes herself as she drives, her mind working in full gear.

Aloud Sabrina is almost in hysteria as she laments on the previous events. “Why did I let those people involve me in a situation that included that louse of a brother Clinton Jessup. What a mess this is becoming. Everything that I’ve manage to build is falling like a house of cards! I even changed my name and established a new identity to disconnect myself from that loser. Then the Bureau threaten to expose me if I didn’t play along—what else could I do. All this to get the kingpins behind my brother’s syndicate! Whatever happens to him is fine with me. He has been a thorn in my butt for years. Now, I need to get the hell out of Dodge before the fireworks start. The people at the Justice Center never knew me nor the connections I have with my brother. Hopefully they still don't know who I am. If I can just put some distant between me and Dripping Springs, I should be home free. Let the Bureau deal with Clinton and his drug-dealing thugs.”

It's easy to disappear in the wilderness.

It's easy to disappear in the wilderness.

Sabrina's Emergency Hideout ...

As she drives, she can hear the helicopter overhead. “That’s the way the syndicate plans on moving Steve to her second location. I have nothing against her. Hell—for the little time I was at the Justice Center we were rather chummy. It’s that damn Bobby Merewether. He knew Clint wouldn’t just “take a licking and keep on ticking. But why did the Bureau want to drag the niece into this mess? I'm glad I filled up this morning. I don't have to stop for anything, except to dump this car. Somebody may recognize it as belonging to my brother. Damn it, Clinton”

Sabrina turns off the main road. The dirt road is barely visible. She remembers when she was a kid, playing all over this area. She could hide forever if she wanted too. No one would ever find her. She ditched the car in the cave, and as she approached her vintage 1965 blue Mustang convertible, she tapped the rear of the car as she would a baby's bottom. “No one has ever seen me in this.”

As she goes further into the cavern it narrows into a path. The narrow trail leads to a clearing. A lovely cabin is situated about 30 feet from the mouth of the cave--Sabrina's cabin. She has spent a lot of time, energy and money decorating this place. Now it is evident that it’s worth it. She will stay the next several days here, right under their noses.

“Those guys at the Bureau will nab Clinton and his cronies while I keep a low profile here. It’s just a matter of time before he’ll be safely behind bars and I will be just a memory. Then I can start over in another town and this time things will be different.” Sabrina sighs feeling very satisfied with herself.

Sabrina lies on the sectional sofa and closes her eyes. she remembers how Steve looked on the day they first met. As is her custom—Steve is fashionably dressed, and her family is at her side. Her beautiful hair is pulled back into a severe chignon and she looks very happy. “I wonder how happy she looks now?”

To be continued …

  • Dripping With Suspicion 7
    Finally, the silver lining in Steve's dark cloud is peeking through! Just when Steve thought things couldn't get any worse; they start to in fact improve!

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