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Dripping With Suspicion 3

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!


Trouble Brewing

A few months ago, when Jessup realized the cops were closing in on him and getting ready to make an arrest, he fled in the middle of the night and ended up in Philadelphia. When Curtis learned of Jessup’s escape, and where he was, he quickly contacted Lieutenant Dean Davis, an old friend of his. Although the men are on a first name basis during their leisure times, they prefer to use their official names when they work a case together.

“Keep your eyes and ears open to learn what you can about Jessup, Lieutenant Davis. It’s likely that he may decide to run again... at any minute,” warns Warren.

“You have my full support and cooperation. You can depend on me to keep you updated on Jessup’s actions, Lieutenant Warren! declares Davis “We can never be too safe when we’re dealing with a guy like Jessup who has a rap sheet which grows longer by the week.”

“I’m glad to hear you understand the seriousness of this case,” Warren states.

Although Curtis has occasionally aided his good friend Hamilton, in his quest to keep Steve out of trouble, this is the first time he’s taken it upon himself to protect her without his best friend’s knowledge. Curtis, who got wind of the news that Steve and her uncle Bobby were taking the morning flight to Philadelphia on a bounty hunt, had to act quickly.

He had sent a couple of his men to pick up Steve from the Justice Center, but they were unable to find her anywhere. In questioning the security guard, he was told,

Now, Curtis really has something to be "up-in-arms" about!

Now, Curtis really has something to be "up-in-arms" about!

An Unexpected Phone Call ...

“I saw a couple of mean looking hombres leading a pretty blonde chick into a light blue van. When they get to it, they push her in; then climb in themselves and let fly. They were really burning rubber, like the devil himself was after them. Here’s the license number, but I don’t think it will do you any good. They probably stole the vehicle, from the looks of them.

Sitting at his desk, Curtis nervously doodles on a legal pad, waiting for the phone to ring. He knows Hamilton will call back sooner or later although he suspects sooner. How can I keep this from him? he questions himself. Still, I believe it’s best not to say anything for now... I just hope my decision won’t jeopardize our friendship.

The sudden shrilling of the telephone startles Curtis from his deep thoughts. Before he can answer, it rings again. Believing it’s Hamilton he jokes, “It’s your dime... talk away!”

He hears a voice scream, then complete silence follows...

Curtis instantly twirls his finger in the air signaling to the officer to intercept and trace the call. “Lieutenant Warren, here……. Who is it?” “Hello?” Curtis repeats.

“Back off or the bitch is dead!”

“Hello, Hello, who is …” before Curtis could finish his sentence he hears a click. The phone goes dead.

“What did you get?” Curtis excitedly asks.

“Not very much, the number was blocked, too short a time to override. It is west of here, that much we do know.” The officer replies.

This is NOT going to be good!

This is NOT going to be good!

Calling for Reinforcements ...

Curtis walking back to his office rubs his chin with his fingers, an act rarely seen by his officers which they know signals his perplexity. Is the word out on the street that Merewether was out to get Jessup? If so…. just then the phone rang again interrupting his trend of thought. He moves slowly towards the phone, the officer picks up his ear phones, signals to Curtis, “Lieutenant Warren” he says with a tone of authority and firmness.

“What’s going on Curtis?” Hamilton asks, surprised at the tone in Curtis’ voice.

“Can’t explain now, Hamilton, get over here!” he answers.

He immediately dials Lieutenant Davis apprising him of the situation and asking that he send a detail over at Jessup’s supposed hideout to scope the activities. Jessup was a known drug kingpin, armed and dangerous. He was a Southern farm kid who went to New York and became the right-hand man to Drew Talbot, drug king of New York streets. He had jumped bail in a Bronx Criminal Court case for a charge of possession with intent to distribute. Curtis knew that Bobby, Steve’s uncle was indicted and jailed for his subversive activities leading up to the case against Jessup. The judge in that case had excluded that evidence but upheld the charges.

Curtis gazes at the phone, twirls the pencil between his fingers, again and again. His thoughts focusing on Bobby. Is Bobby involved in some way? Should he tell Hamilton and perhaps get Bobby in here too?

To Be Continued ...

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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