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Dripping With Suspicion 10

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!


Part Ten—Taking Out the Trash

“Get Bobby on the phone NOW!” yells Hamilton unceremoniously. “He has got a lot of explaining to do.”

Before the receptionist Polly can dial the number, Robert Merewether casually walks through the door.

“What the—Bobby!” However, before Hamilton can utter another syllable, Bobby throws up his hands in surrender fashion.

“Look, I know I have a lot of explaining to do and I am sorry about breaking that window—”

“You broke the window, Bobby? Have you lost your mind?” Lot retorts minutes away from hitting his only brother.

“Yeah, Uncle Bobby ... what is going on here?” questions both Kip and Chris in unison.

“First, I needed a way to attract your attention and keep you from going too far in your investigation. Second, Rico the security guard is actually Antonio Alverez the famous—”

“Espionage agent turned FBI. I can’t believe this three-ring circus. The cast of characters is ridiculous. What next ... the resurrected ghost of J. Edgar Hoover?” Kip chimes in shaking his head in disbelief.

“This whole thing is some terrible nightmare, isn’t it?” Hamilton replies looking from one man to another.

“I wish it was just that but it’s worst. Antonio convinced me to smoke Drew Talbot and Clinton Jessup out by using myself as bait. Steve was only going to be a distraction at best. However, things kind of backfired.” Bobby says.

Little brother Bobby finally decides to "come clean!"

Little brother Bobby finally decides to "come clean!"

What About Family Ties?

“You bet your sweet ass they did. I can’t believe you would put your own niece in danger.” Lot says looking menacingly at his brother.

“It never was supposed to go this far. Sabrina was only going to let the leaks know that Steve was helping her uncle but Steve got kidnapped instead of me.” Bobby replies warily.

“The leaks—you mean the kidnappers are police officers?” Keon states.

“Yes, they are. A lot of things have been happening around here. It was much too convenient that Jessup was able to make such a clean escape. The run-in that I had with Jessup was orchestrated; not that I didn’t get sheer pleasure from it. I almost lost my private detective license in that little caper. If it hadn’t been for Antonio—” Bobby is interrupted by Keon.

“So, why the secrecy? Why couldn’t you just let us know what was going on? We would have co-operated.” Keon replies a little hurt. He loves getting involved in such things.

“Because the fewer people who knew the truth the better. There is going to be a big upset at the old Justice Center. I wouldn’t move if I were you, Polly.” Bobby retorts walking over to her and gently pushing her back down into her seat.

“Polly, our receptionist is in on this, too?” Hamilton’s mouth gaps open in surprise.

“Oh yes ... Ms. Polly along with seven or eight other participants. This is a very big operation. We couldn’t take chances on springing the trap before we could point the finger at all the characters in this play. Besides that, Sabrina and the others are in big trouble.” Bobby replies as one of the officers that was with him handcuffs Polly and politely leads her toward a waiting patrol car while reading to her the Miranda warning.

Sabrina will soon discover the depths of her involvement.

Sabrina will soon discover the depths of her involvement.

Blowing His Cover ...

“You mean Sabrina was working on the side of the good guys? Then why the hell did she and Rico—Antonio leave out of Jimmy’s Bar and Grill in such a hurry when they saw Chris and me?” Kip asks brushing his wavy hair from his eyes.

“Because Antonio was afraid that you would recognize him if you got a really good look at him. You know Antonio and just because he’d shaved off his beard and mustache, he still may have been recognizable to you.” Bobby states.

“Where were you rushing off to when we met you on the road?” Hamilton asks.

“When I found out about the helicopter ride, I knew that Antonio was going to have to move quickly. Steve was being transported to a new location and this wasn’t going to be good for us.” Bobby answers.

“So why are Steve, Sabrina and Antonio in even greater peril?” Lot questions.

“Because Antonio would need to blow his cover to rescue Steve. Otherwise, if she was taken out of the state it would have been even harder to track her down. Now, Talbot knows that both Antonio and possibly Sabrina must have double-crossed him. He just doesn’t know that Sabrina is actually Clinton Jessup’s sister.” Bobby explains feeling more like he was in an Agatha Christie novel than real life.

“So, what do we need to do now?” Lot wonders.

“After we’ve finished taking out the garbage here, we need to go pick up the leftovers.” Bobby replies and Lot nods in agreement.

To Be Continued ...

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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