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Dream, Catch, Run Part 8


Vacations For Bloggers are wonderful

When we last left off Lucy had just been admitted to the hospital because she hadn’t eaten or drank anything all day and that wasn’t good for her kidneys. The question is what happened did she or did she not have to have surgery again? A few hours later after Lucy thought she couldn’t bear thinking of operation still the doctor finally came in and spoke to her and her family.

“ Well hello Lucy I hear you had a kidney transplant a few years ago and you are in here today because you didn’t eat or drink anything for a day.” Lucy didn’t know how to answer so she just nodded. “ You know Lucy that isn’t good for you if you have had a kidney transplant”. The doctor said. “I know I set my food alarm like I always do when I get engrossed in work but I guess I forgot.” She said, the doctor nodded Lucy made a mental note to remember to do that next time. She had thought for sure she wouldn’t have to come back to the hospital again but she was wrong. They kept her overnight that night and released her the next morning after they took some more tests.

When she checked her blog the next day something scary had happened. Someone had sent her a message, it said “ isn’t the hospital fun”, Lucy jumped in her chair when she saw it and screamed for her parents. Her parents came running and then they were prompted to call the cops when they saw what was on her computer screen as well as check the windows. Had someone been watching her it sure seemed like it but who and why. Her mom was so nervous that she called the hospital and asked to come in and check the security footage. Lucy stayed home saying “ I am nervous to leave but I will keep all the doors and windows locked while you are away”.

She tried to focus on her blog while her parents were at the hospital but she just couldn’t. was someone watching her but she didn’t know. Lucy shouldn’t be thinking of that though but she was so she tried her hardest to work on her blog and finally after an hour or staring at her computer screen and realizing she wasn’t getting anything accomplished it was time to stop. It wasn’t like her dream was going away she still had it people were just trying to scare her. She didn’t want that though so she decided to not think about it. A few hours later her parents came home and told her that the hospital had caught the person who had written to her on her blog. The hospital had said they had been watching this person watch her and the person was suspicious. Lucy was now suspicious and wanted to check her blog over entirely.

So that night Lucy didn’t sleep instead she checked her blog over and over with a fine tooth comb, to see if there was anything suspicious going on. Thankfully since the email she hadn’t found anything else. This was something she wasn’t going to blog about because she didn’t know what was going to happen. Instead she did some blog editing. People were still emailing her about there dreams and how they intended on catching them. There were endless emails that she had to get back too. Which she did and so many people were going after there dreams and catching them in the end. Which made Lucy immensely proud. Since she was the one that started it. Limitless living was excellent especially the way she talked about in her blog.

Lucy was running limitlessly with her dreams and loving it. She wanted others to do the same. Most of the people who followed her blog and they were already and telling other along the way. Which in turn made her followers grow along with everyone else’s. since everyone who started there blogs had told there friends and family about Lucy’s blog also. That was why her blog was growing. Lucy was now doing a number of different things in her life all thanks to the blog. What would happen in the future if she was doing so many limitless things now she didn’t know. She worked hard and figured it out though. They now had a vacation property in Mexico that they could use whenever because of Lucy which they did use and love.


Lucy Went Limitlessly After What she wanted and got it

Lucy went after her dreams running caught them and doing it again. Every new thing she documented on her blog which brought more and more people to it. She was living abundantly with her blog that she almost forgot what her life was like without it. When that happened though she went back to the hospital and remembered she was living limitlessly with her new kidney and couldn’t get enough of it. Her life just kept getting better and better which she loved too.

Everyone who read her blog was now going after there dreams. It was something that Lucy loved to see. She hoped it would last forever. She told her parents this one night at dinner and they loved how passionate she was about it. Passion was crucial for limitless success that they knew and it was all thanks to Lucy and her blog. They all knew that if they had a dream they wanted they should go after it limitlessly and see where they ended up. Lucy did and they all loved how successful she was. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to be that successful but they knew that if that’s what they wanted they should do it. Lucy had taught them that.

“If you dream, catch it and run with it what happens? You live limitlessly and love every minute of it which prompted so many comments from her followers. Lucy had a dream she followed it and now she was being rewarded by it. Just like everyone else who supported her blog would one day. That was how they lived limitlessly and they were all loving it now. the dream catch run blog was doing things Lucy never thought possible.

“ No matter what happens in life, dream big and go after them limitlessly”. That was her latest post that prompted questions, she loved it because it got people involved in her writing. Which inspired limitlessly new writing from them for her to sample. Her blog was doing great with the work she had put in and she was living the life she always dreamed. It was limitless living at its finest.

“ Figure out what your dream was, catch it and make it limitless for you.” Lucy then went on to describe how that could happen limitlessly. It was something she had been doing for years and she loved it. She wanted other people to try it and see what happens in there lives when they do. That was what was supposed to happen when they caught their dreams and ran with them. That was how Lucy was living limitlessly and showing other people how to do the same.

“ The dream, catch, run blog was limitless and Lucy said “ if you want something bad enough go after it limitlessly like I did with my blog and see what happens. That is how you live a limitless life like me” people read it and commented loving it more and more which made it more limitless for her. Which she loved . “ Go after your dreams anyway possible and make them your own.


The End

The end. I hope you enjoyed the series.

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