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Dream, Catch, Run Part 7


Dream, Catch, Run Part 7

When we last left off Lucy and her parents were booking a beach vacation. They were leaving it just over a week and Lucy was taking time off from her blog. This was the first time since she started the blog that she did this. She had known she needed to do this for a while but had been putting it off. Her parents, however, knew that she needed a break and were determined to give it too her which was why they were on vacation now. They had gotten to Mexico the day before and had been at the beach for fifteen minutes when her parents noticed Lucy asleep in her lounge chair. They were sitting a few rows back doing the same. They hadn’t realized how tired they actually all were until they did nothing. Their dream was that they were all able to do this without batting an eye. This is why they had all worked so limitlessly. They had all dreamt of something caught it ran with it and now they were here. It was possible to get to where you wanted in life if you worked limitlessly for it. That is what Lucy finally understood as well as her parents.

Even though Lucy was supposed to be relaxing on her vacation she wanted to write a new post for her blog but she also decided that she wanted to think about it. So she jotted it down she got back to the hotel room and left it at that. Lucy was determined to live limitlessly on vacation without working. It was difficult because she loved her job but she was going to try. Her dream was to vacation like this whenever she wanted after all. She really wanted this so she went for it and this was where she ended up. She now knew that she had to keep running with it to keep it going. This was also how she lived limitlessly.

Lucy had never been on a beach vacation until now and she really didn’t know that it was going to be like this, sure she liked not thinking, but how did people live limitlessly on vacation? Relaxing for a week wasn’t living limitlessly or was it? She wasn’t sure but she was determined to try so that she did. For the rest of the week Lucy relaxed at the beach or by the pool she would live limitlessly working again when she went home. The last day of her trip she couldn’t wait to get home and start working again. She had, had enough of the sun and work was calling her back. That night when they got home her parents went straight to bed and she got right down to work. She didn’t realize how late it was until she looked at the clock and it read 5 am. She went to bed at that point and hoped she would get some use of the day later.

She woke the next morning to her mom knocking on her door. “ yes mom”? she called.“ Oh I thought something was wrong it is quite late in the morning and your father and I still haven’t seen you.” She said. “ Oh, I will be right there”. Lucy said, then she immediately jumped out of bed.

When she came to the kitchen her parents were shocked to see the bags under her eyes so they asked, if she was feeling okay. Lucy only nodded as she ate her breakfast. She said nothing as she finished and stood up.

“Wait right there.” Her father said she turned and looked at him. “You worked last night after we got home didn’t you”? Lucy could only nod. Her father shook her head and smiled. “ If you want to catch the dream you have to hustle and run after it.” He said. Lucy nodded, with a smile, and off to her room, she went for the rest of the day and finally she decided to that she could fit in a bit more limitlessness into her blog and life. Her dreams were caught now all she had to do was keep running with them and see where that got her. Maybe that would be something else she wrote about in her blog she would have to see.


Lucy was engrossed in her blog what would happen next?

She wrote about how limitless, things in life were possible if you just believed and put in the work. She had done that and it was working for her, maybe it would work for others if she wrote about it. Her vacation had been a good thing, many new doors were opening and she was loving it. She wrote that any dream a person had was something that they should go after and see where that led them. That was how they were going to live limitlessly while catching their dreams. People really loved that post and the conversation was booming. By now for Lucy and her family money wasn’t an issue but they didn’t show the outside world that. Most people still thought Lucy was sick even though she wasn’t. She didn’t know how to explain to them that she wasn’t though.

No matter what happens in a persons life they can still dream. Run after it and see how limitless it can make your life. Lucy was proof of that and even wanted to tell the world about it. So that was what she did. With all the money she was making she was making from her blog she planned one big trip for her and her family. Her kidney was doing fine so why couldn’t she live like anyone else and travel like that too. She didn’t know but she was going to make it possible. It was part of her dream and it was working so far. Lucy just hoped she could keep it up. Lucy knew that dreaming was good but if you really wanted it you had to work for it. Which her blog readers now knew as well and they were doing just that because of her. She had no idea that she could inspire so many people to go after their dreams limitlessly like she did but it was working. So she was happy about it.

Lucy’s blog taught people outstanding life lessons and she enjoyed the numerous conversations that each thing she posted sparked. Someone asked, once “ if you caught your dream and run with it how long would it last”? that question was a hard one for Lucy to answer. She didn’t know how to respond it because she hadn’t run out yet. So would it last indefinitely? She thought so, so she wrote about it. People gobbled it up and wanted to read more of her posts. She realized that her readers couldn’t get enough and she was running out of content. She stopped writing one day and planned more content for her blog. It was huge but that was what she loved about her endless life and blog. She would now be busy for the foreseeable future.

Lucy didn’t really think of her blog as work even though it was. Since it was something that she loved. She wrote a post about that too and people loved it. She was so good at blogging she never wanted to give it up. It was something she could do limitlessly and get so much out of it. It wasn’t something annoying or painful that she had to deal with she had, had enough of that when she was younger. Now it was time for her to really live which she was doing or at least trying to in a limitless capacity. She was running full speed with her dream never wanting to stop. She was determined to keep it going forever, she wanted to write about it but how?

She wrote a list of new blog topics and a post about determination for dreams to caught and run with when they come to mind. She spent hours writing the post and was so proud of the post once it was finished. Lucy felt as though she could continue writing the blog for years, as well as inspire people to do the same. She was already doing that and now all she had to do was keep it up. She knew that dreams were meant to be caught and run with limitlessly. So that was what she was teaching others to do. She really enjoyed it. Blogs were meant to teach people things and hers was which was excellent.

Lucy was doing so much with her blog that one day she forgot to eat food but nothing would stay in her system. She felt horrible once she realized this and then she tried to eat food. She immediately told her parents and they took her to the hospital. If she didn’t eat that wasn’t good for her kidney’s and she knew that but could the hospital do anything she wasn’t sure. That was why she went in so that they could check her out. She waited so long that she wasn’t even sure a doctor would see her.


Would Lucy come out of the hospital?

It was after 1 am when the doctor saw her checked her over and decided to keep her overnight. They said that it was just a precaution but Lucy was nervous anyway. Had not eating or drinking anything for a day hurt her kidney’s? or was it something else entirely. She couldn’t wait to find out but at the same time, she could. Tune in next time for the last installment of the series.

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