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Dream Catch Run Part 6

Dream Catch Run Part 6

When we last left off, Lucy had been working in her room all night on a talk about her blog and was pretty much ready for the next month of work. If you dream and work towards the dream you will catch it. That was the topic for the next talk as well as the next blog post she was writing for her blog. She did tell her readers that even if it did take a while, for you to get to where you want in life, keep at it. The more you work towards something the more you get out of it. That was what Lucy had said dreams were for. You worked limitless hard because if you thought you really wanted to do something in life you worked limitlessly hard to get to where you needed to be in life. That is what living a limitless life was all about.

Lucy wrote about the best way to figure out what your dream was in life and the best way to go after it. All of her readers were all over that it always put a smile on her face when she saw it. Lucy’s blog was doing so much for her and the people who read it. People now realized what her blog talked about. It talked about doing an abundance of things to follow any dram a person had for themselves. Since people had finally realized this her blog was doing much better people were going after there dreams full throttle and loving it.

When you dream and go after it with it in reach, what do you do? You look at the limits you have around you and barrel past them. Lucy wrote that and it sparked a long conversation. Some people liked the idea and others despised it. Lucy loved how different the discussion was, people were now going on Lucy’s dream, catch, run blog and figuring out what they wanted in life and going after it with all that they had. They dreamt, it they caught it, they ran with it. When they ran with it that was where the limitlessness came in and so many people were messaging Lucy about it. As she was doing this she decided to actually plan the talks more frequently and talk to more groups of people, she had already done it once but more was what she wanted to do, so that was what she did. She wanted to meet more of the people who read her blog so she decided to plan a conference of sorts just for these people so that she could talk to them and meet them. She wanted to invite the people who were reading her blog to give testimonials about it. She would call it the Limitless blog conference. Which Lucy thought was terrific.

The more Lucy talked about her blog the more people found it. Everyone loved Lucy’s story of having to get a kidney transplant yet still having dreams and going after them, while she was doing this. She still lived limitlessly while doing it all and that is another thing people loved about it. People thought that it was terrific and all wanted to do it for themselves. All they knew was if they wanted to get far in life like Lucy did they were going to have to do limitless things just like her. Lucy was always reminding people to just dream and do endless things to get to where they wanted to be. Her blog was getting more and more views which was what she wanted people would stop her on the street and ask about it, which is where an email had come into play. She was checking her emails one day and a teacher from a high school had sent her an email asking her if she could go in to talk to her careers class. Lucy emailed her back and said that she would take three weeks later she was talking to this class and telling them that having dreams and going after them was a great thing to do. “ You just have to work limitlessly to get to where you want to be if you really want it.” She said. everyone was listening so intently that they didn’t move. “ Now remember everyone my career is the unconventional kind which isn’t what most people are looking for.” She said.

Everyone now wanted to her to do talks about her blog whether it be from people on the street or from her blog itself. It was crazy how busy Lucy was. She did talks about how if you have dreams you have to believe in them and work towards them. She wrote a post about it too which a lot of people enjoyed and were now working towards it. So now when Lucy would talk to people and the people would say that they were living limitlessly Lucy would get all happy about it. That night after her long walk when she got home to the new house there was a few thank you packages for her, she was shocked but happy to see them too.


Her Blog was doing wonderfully

When it came to her blog she decided to schedule time to go outside. She had been outside at the beginning of the summer when she ran into people on the street. She had, had no idea how many people her blog had touched she was realizing it must have been a lot though because people from anywhere and everywhere were messaging her about starting there own blog and her blog itself. They all loved her blog and wanted to do limitless things like she did. People would continuously email her about what their dream was and she would talk them through how she got hers. Although she did always mention how limitlessly different it was for each person that was how the dream catch run blog could be for anyone.

One day someone emailed Lucy and said “ could you write a post about what a dream actually is”? she emailed the person back and said that she would and that was her latest post. People loved that one too and as Lucy was shutting down her computer for the night she came across an email about a talk she was supposed to give at a school in two weeks that she completely forgot about. So she shut down her computer got some paper and began jotting things down for the talk as she sat in her bed. When she looked up it was past midnight and she decided that it was time to go to sleep. She would finish everything the next day she needed rest.

Weeks passed and it was the night before she had to do her speech, she decided to practice it. It was about how she did what she did and how she got to where she was today. It also described how others could do it too. The dreaming part was easy it was the catching part that wasn’t so but she was going to try to explain that so that everyone understood it and so that they could decide it for themselves. She started out by telling the kidney transplant story and launched into how that didn’t stop her, in fact how that made her the person she was today. Which then prompted a series of claps from the audience.

After Lucy spoke about the dream, catch, run blog people just couldn’t get enough. So when it came time for the question period people asked questions like “ How did you work on the blog when you were in the hospital”? her answer was my laptop and hospital wifi. Some people laughed the person who asked the question nodded. “ so if I had a cousin who wanted to do that they could”? the person asked Lucy nodded and said “ Yes they could if they put limitless work and dedication into it even in the hospital they can get to where they want to be.” Lucy said, You get out of something what you put into it.” The person said and Lucy smiled, “ that’s right she said. Lucy took a few more questions and finished up the talk.

Her blog was great since the talk and since the fact that it could be done from anywhere. A lot of people enjoyed it because of that. Which is what Lucy wanted from it. Since her blog was so well known now it meant that she could work less and still make the money she was making before in order to live the way she wanted too. Her dream was doing amazing things and she couldn’t wait to see what more work on the blog would do for it in the future. She could even work from vacation and that was what she was planning on doing next.


What did she do because her blog was doing wonderfully?

She decided to plan a vacation the next day and limitlessly relax while doing it, which meant she wasn’t going to work on the blog at all. She had to break the news to her parents and see what they said but she was sure they were going to agree too it. They both needed a break as much as she did so if she planned it then maybe they could go. Tune in next time to see what happens.

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