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Dream Catch Run Part 5


Dream Catch Run Part 5

When we last left off Lucy had wrote a blog post about what her dream, catch, run blog was all about. What would people say that was what she wanted to find out. Sure some people had told her already what they wanted to do with their lives limitlessly. Lucy kept doing more and more her dream was to show people that whatever they wanted in life, like blogging was possible. One day when Lucy finally decided that this was what she wanted she worked so hard to get it. Everyone reading her blog sent her links to there own blogs so it felt like she was following millions of people. She was even getting emails from non- bloggers who just followed her blog for advice about there life.

Everyone has dreams they just don’t know how to go about going after them, sometimes so they would come to the blog. Which meant Lucy had to update it with new content at what felt like a limitless pace. Everyone wanted to know how Lucy did it so they all kept reading her blog and asking her questions every single day. The Dream, Catch, Run blog was something that offered limitless help in terms of businesses and blogs starting up. Lucy had no idea how many people wanted to work from home. She was now understanding why they were reading her blog but at first she didn’t realize it in terms of what it offered her. Then she looked at all the freedom she had, people all wanted her freedom and she was going to help them get it limitlessly.

People thought of the dream, catch, run blog as something in the lines of self- help. Which wasn’t what Lucy was going for but it got people to see it. After she saw this Lucy got right to work and four hours later she heard a knock on the door.“ Lucy are you okay in here we haven’t seen you in a while.” Her mom called through the door.“Yes Mom I am fine just busy working”, then there was silence and Lucy continued.

Lucy had a dream she caught it and was running abundantly with it, people who followed her blog loved that about it. Sure she described what had happened to her to make her call the blog what she did but all the comments on it said she was so inspiring and to keep writing more. People would even email her about there dreams and ask her for advice, which is what she loved giving out. The more she did that for people the more followers she got. Lucy fought so hard to get to where she was today and she put that on her blog. Since she put that on her blog people wanted to know more.

She then wrote a post titled “ Run” and said that it was a background type of post. She wanted people from all walks of life to have a dream and know that it was okay to go after it limitlessly. Lucy knew that even what she was doing with the blog was different but her kidney transplant was too. She got through that so she could get her blog to where she wanted it to be. It was getting there and that was something she was proud of. Lucy had even just bought a piece of property for there new house and they were getting everything in the new house that they could ever want. They all had their own office spaces and a pool, hot tub the works. This was all thanks to her blog and its followers and she never wanted to stop because it was amazing to see how many people loved her blog.


Lucy was running the blog with her mom

Lucy had followed her dream and was making it a reality. She was showing others how to do the same and the more she did it the more reward she got out of it. The rewards she was getting right now felt limitless and she hadn’t been doing it for long. She had decided that was how it worked. She wrote a post about that too. Which again everyone loved. The Dream, Catch, Run blog was off the charts and it just kept going. Lucy felt famous and there was nowhere to go but up from here. Which is what she did.

Lucy was making so much money off her blog that she didn’t even know what to do with it. She had bought the house they were moving into in a few weeks and she had already paid it off. She shouldn’t have been able to do that but she was, so she did. That was what Lucy had dreamed of doing and she had it now. Although she didn’t think it was going to be as fast it was. Lucy had put a lot of time and effort into it so that was why. She loved the fact that she was living limitlessly now.

When Lucy and her family moved into the new house she wrote about it. The post talked about how limits in life shouldn’t exist if you have dreams. Dreams were the only thing that should exist and what people should be going after to live there best life possible. Lucy had done it and so should everyone else in life so they could live a life like her. The post got so many views that she had made more money than she thought she would. It was good because the people reading her blog were implanting what she said in it, into there own lives. So now they were beginning to live limitlessly like her.

Lucy dreampt hard enough for what she wanted caught it and was now running with it. She didn’t even care if there were obstacles in her way, nothing would stop her from getting her where she wanted to be. That was her dream and yes it took a while to catch it and then run with it, but hard work was vital. She always had to remind herself of that. That was what the “ Dream, Catch, Run, blog was for and everyone knew that now.

She had just gotten a call to do a talk at a school to kids who wanted to be bloggers and she talked about the post run. When she got home from the discussion on the first Friday of the month, her parents immediately asked her how it went.

“ It went fine mom and dad I think most of the people now are going to start a blog of their own.”A lot of people did this and Lucy felt more and more limitless as time went on. Find your dream catch it and run with it, that was what Lucy said. “ The more you run with your dream the better”, the more dreams you have the better too.” She wrote the newest post out that night even though it could have waited she knew that if she didn’t write it now she wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it. That was the dream, catch, run part of the blog too.


Up all night sleep all day

The next day after Lucy slept until about 11 am she got down to work. She started by answering emails, which took almost all day and then helped people begin there blogs. Then she planned another talk. What happens next tune in next time to find out.

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