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Dream Catch Run Part 4


Surgery is Scary Was Lucy Scared?

When we last left off Lucy had just come too from having another surgery and having to be put out.

“Lucy we are so glad you are awake, there was something wrong with your kidney and they had to open you up again they didn’t tell us exactly what was wrong with it but you are fine now.” her mom said. “Dad what is wrong you look scared,” Lucy said.

“ I was scared Lucy you had to be brought into the hospital again and I didn’t know if you would come out of it.” He said. “ Do I need to have some other procedure”? Lucy asked. “ we don’t know but we are going to be here for another few days so that the doctor can monitor you.” The doctor came in at that moment so Lucy asked, “ are you just going to monitor me overnight”? “ It is going to take a few days Lucy I am sorry but you are going to have to stay here.” The doctor said.

Lucy just nodded what could she say were her dreams shot to non-existence because of her kidney issue or could she do it still? As Lucy was laying in the hospital bed she thought of how she could work from the hospital. Someone had even commented on one of her blog posts asking, “ How do you dream and catch it if you have spent your life in the hospital I have Leukemia and have spent most of my life in the hospital. I want to start blogging, I want to start blogging but don’t know what to blog about Anna.”

Lucy emailed Anna back and said, “ Hi Anna, I received your email what it is it exactly that you want to blog about”? if you figure that out and figure out how to sell your idea to your readers you are on the right track. Look into ads to put up on your blog to help you make money”. She wrote that in the email sent it and sat back with a smile on her face.

Her parents were watching her silently trying to figure out what she was doing and why she was smiling so much. They didn’t ask her right away though. The doctor had come into the room and told her that they went in and moved something away from her kidneys so that they could work better. Lucy didn’t even know there was something in the way of her kidneys preventing them from working the way they should have been.

“ I didn’t even know there was something else wrong but thank you for fixing it,” Lucy said. she wanted to go home but the doctor said that she needed to stay a few more days just to make sure her kidney was working the way it should. Three days later Lucy was released from the hospital and she hoped she wouldn’t be back anytime soon.


Being In The Hospital Can Help You Dream

When Lucy got home from the hospital she went to her dream board that she began putting together before her hospital stay. She added a sign on the board that meant no more hospital stays for this at least, if she had kids in the future that would be a different story. Then she went over to her desk and booted up her computer as she did this she checked her email before getting down to work on the blog. Her in-box was flooded with emails from new followers. Which made Lucy decide to send out a new welcome email, to them.

It said “ Welcome to all my new followers on this blog it shows you what dreams in life can be how to catch your dream and run with it to make it your own for your future. I hope that it inspires you and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me.” Lucy read it out loud to herself decided it was good and hit the send button to all of her new followers. A few hours later she had more emails with links to her followers blogs which is gladly checked out.

Lucys blog was doing limitless things for her as well as her followers. She had so many followers that she decided to put together a course to teach people the tips and tricks about dream, catch, run. It was something out of her comfort zone for sure but she did like a challenge which this was. She decided to call the course “Dream, Catch, Run 101. How to start a blog on anything really and keep it going.” The course consisted of the personality colour wheel and different things relating to a person’s likes and dislikes. So that they could figure out what there dream was and the limitless things involved when they ran after it to catch it.

People loved her course once she got it all put together, and sent out. Over 1000 people signed up for it. She was not expecting that in the slightest but it was awesome to see. So many people wanted to follow there dreams like she was she couldn’t wait to help them. Everything that Lucy did with her course and her blog was fun and that was what Lucy loved about it. Both her blog and her course were doing amazing and it hadn’t even been a day yet for her course.

All Lucy wanted with her blog was what she was getting now. it was her dream to limitlessly help people through a blog. Now that people were following her blog and emailing her about what they wanted to do in there lives she felt as though she was tied to her laptop. Not that she minded much but she kind of wanted some space from it. All she was doing in terms of the blog was running from one email to the next and from one post to the next and she needed to slow down. Her parents even told her she needed to slow down or else she might end up back in the hospital again.

“ Lucy you should slow down you don’t want to get put back in the hospital again because you are too stressed out from the blog now do you”? her mother asked one day when she saw how fast Lucy was moving. “ I guess I will slow down with my work then.” Lucy said and she did.

Lucy slowed down a little bit with working on her blog she had realized that she was working limitlessly hard and her body couldn’t handle it. That was what the jittery feeling she had was and now she finally realized it. So she decided to plan her weeks out by writing things down on her white board and scheduling in relaxation time. She even decided to write a post about it for the blog and when she did people thanked for her it since they were now implanting her advice limitlessly into there lives. Which was another thing Lucy wanted to show people and now she was.

For most people reading her blog, “ Dream, Catch, Run was not a hard concept to grasp and they were doing just fine but for other people it was a little more difficult. The people that got the concept easily were doing limitless things with there lives and telling her all about it. One person started a blog about dancing and how she had made it to Julliard and what it took to get there. She was thankful to Lucy because her blog was now getting so many hits and people who never thought they could dance were trying it and loving it. She would respond back the emails she got like that one telling the people how proud she was of them.

Since Lucy had started the course her blog followers had tripled. She couldn’t believe it. The more limitless she worked on her blog the more limitless the reward was. That was one of the many things that Lucy loved about her blog. One day she was busy with her blog and responding to emails when her mom poked her head in the

“ Lucy I don’t know how you do it but you are keeping up with your blog and your school work what is your secret”? she asked. “ I live limitlessly so I schedule everything so that it gets done.” Lucy said she then pulled a sheet off of a board behind her desk and showed her mom how she kept track of everything. It was a schedule all mapped out from her sleep to her food intake. “ wow and here I thought you were a super women of some kind” her mom said with a laugh and Lucy laughed too. She got up from her desk and went to hug her mom.


What did Lucy talk about?

The next day when Lucy wrote her latest blog post she talked about her limitless life and how the “ Dream, Catch, Run blog was pretty much inspired by it. That would start up a conversation for sure but what type of conversation Lucy didn’t know. Tune in next time to see what type of conversation her latest blog post starts.

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