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Dream Catch Run Part 3


Did Lucy's Blog Work?

When we last left off Lucy was doing limitless things for her blog and the people reading it from home like her parents. She was making millions a week at this point and she hadn’t been doing it long. So what happens now? When Lucy figured out that she was making millions a week something came to mind, how would she tell her parents though if they said no it would break her heart. Lucy thought about it and decided that if she didn’t say anything she would never know so she got up the courage to tell them.

“ Mom, Dad I know that you both know how much money my “ Dream, Catch, Run Blog is making. I was wondering if we could build a bigger house somewhere with a pool and other things”? Lucy asked. Her parents thought about this were they ready to move, since they all worked from home there was nothing stopping them so her parents agreed.“ Yes Lucy we will start looking for a spot to build tomorrow” her dad said.

Lucy smiled thanked them and went to her room. She needed to do some blog editing, even though she was doing a great job with her blog there was still so much to do. Lucy got right to work and four hours later she heard a knock on her door.

“ Lucy are you alright in here we haven’t seen you in a few hours.” Her mom said poking her head through the door.

“Yes mom I am fine just busy working.” She said then there was silence and Lucy continued.

Lucy had a dream she caught it and she was running abundantly with it. People who followed her blog loved that about it. Sure she described what had happened to her to make her call the blog what it was but all the comments she got on it said she was so inspiring and to keep writing more. People would even email her and tell her about their dreams and then ask for her advice. Which is what she loved giving out. The more she did that for people the more followers she got. Lucy faught so hard to get to where she was today and she put that on her blog. Since she put that on her blog people wanted to know more.

She then wrote a post titled “ run” and said that it was a background type of post. She wanted people from all walks of life to have a dream and know it was okay to go after it limitlessly. Lucy knew that even what she was doing with the blog was difficult but her kidney transplant was too. She got through that so she could get through this. She would get her blog to where she wanted it to be no matter what. It was getting there and that was something she was proud of. Lucy had even just bought a piece of property for her families new house and they were getting everything in the new house that they could ever want. This was all thanks to her blog and its followers, she never wanted to stop with the blog because it was amazing to see how many people she was reaching with it.

Lucy had followed her dream and was making it a reality. She was also showing others how to do the same and the more she did it the more reward she got from it by seeing what other people would email her. The rewards she was getting right now felt limitless and she hadn’t been doing it for long. She had decided that was how it worked. She wrote a post about that too and people were all over it. The Dream, Catch, Run blog was off the charts and it just kept going. Lucy felt famous and didn’t know where to go from here. All she knew was there was nowhere to go but up so that was what she did.

Lucy was making so much money off her blog that she didn’t even know what to do with it. She had bought the piece of property and built the house but now what? She had already paid it off and they were moving into it in a few weeks. She shouldn’t have been able to pay off the house that soon but she did. That was another thing Lucy had dreamed of doing with her blog and she had done it. Although she didn’t think that she would be able to do it as fast as she did she was still proud that it was already done. Lucy had put a lot of time and effort into it so that was why. She loved that she was living limitlessly now.


Lucy's Dream Was In The Works

When Lucy and her family moved into the new house she wrote about it. The post talked about how limits in life shouldn’t exist if you had dreams. Dreams were the only things that should exist and what people should be going after to live there best limitless life possible. Lucy had done it and so should everyone else in there life so they could live a life like her. The post got so many views and clicks that she had made more money than she thought she would. It was good though because the people reading her blog were implanting the things in there life that she was talking about on it. They were beginning to live limitless lives like her.

Lucy dreamt hard enough for what shew anted caught it and was now running with it. She didn’t even care if there was something in her way nothing was going to stop her from getting her where she wanted to be. That was her dream and yes it took her awhile to catch it and run with it but hard work was key. She always had to remind herself of that. That was what the Dream, Catch, Run blog was for and everyone knew that now. that was why they all kept following her they were putting what she said on her blog into there own lives. It was making the people who read her blog live limitless lives which was exactly what she wanted.

She dreamt up what she wanted ran with it and worked for it to get to where she wanted it. She wrote on her blog, “ Have a dream, catch it and run with it see where it takes you.” People went crazy over that and they all wanted Lucy to write more but she didn’t know what to write. As she was thinking about it two days later she ended up in the hospital with stomach pain. She hadn’t had this pain ever and her first thought was it was her new kidney. What would happen if they had to remove that one too? Lucy thought to herself silently she didn’t want to tell her parents because she didn’t want to scare them. So she stayed silent.

“ Lucy there is something going on with your kidney we are going to have to go in and check it out”. The doctor said.

She had a look of horror on her face when they told her this.

“ What are you saying are you saying that you are going to have to open me up”? the doctor nodded.

Within the next hour Lucy had went into surgery again. Would she come out of it fine she didn’t know and she didn’t really want to think about it but she was thinking about it. She tried thinking of her blog and the harder she tried the more she thought of it which was a good thing. What would be next for her blog she thought to herself in surgery. It was the happiest thought she could come up with.

Four hours later she was out of surgery she kept thinking she was dead so whenever her parents spoke to her she started screaming. She hadn’t opened her eyes yet so she didn’t really know who was talking to her. There was something up with her hearing or so she thought. All she remembered was her mantra as she fell asleep dream, catch, run. She kept repeating it over and over she would come out fine if she did that. She didn’t think she was out of surgery yet even though she was.


Was Lucy Going to Wake Up?

A few hours later she came too fully and realized what had happened. She didn’t say a word she just lay in the hospital bed silently for the rest of the night. Tune in next time to see what happens.

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