Dream, Catch, Run Part 2

Updated on October 19, 2018

Blogging and HomeSchooling Go Hand and Hand

When we last left off in the story Lucy had just went back to school for the second time and was trying to explain why she was out so much recently. She didn’t mind explaining it to her classmates she just didn’t like that they treated her differently because of it. She now knew what she was going to do about it though. Maybe it would change her mindset and the way she thought of herself but she wanted people to understand that. Lucy had a new kidney that meant she could do everything everyone else did. Lucy could have dreams run after them and catch them. She could make her life whatever she wanted the new kidney she had made sure of that. Lucy had just been pulled out school again so she focused more on her blog than anything else. Her blog posts were a bit different because she was home more now but people kept coming back. At first she was nervous about what people might think but after she saw the views her blog was getting she was happy.

What Lucy wrote about, in the blog had nothing to do with having to have a kidney transplant it had everything to do with dreaming catching said dream and running with it. She was trying to sell the idea that dreams were great to have, and that it was possible to make them a reality. With the right amount of work of course. That is where the catching and running with it came in. what exactly did that mean though? Did that mean getting your first job and making it your only job did that mean finding what you’re very passionate about and making that a job? Lucy thought it was finding what you were very passionate about and making it a job, never give up on something you want. Fight for what you want, do the limitless things it takes to get what you want and see where it leads. That was what Lucy did with the blog as well as how she fought to get better.

She wrote a post about never giving up if it is something that you want just go after it with all your heart. That was what dreams were meant for and how you caught them and ran with them when it came to life. She wrote about how she needed to get another kidney but how that wasn’t going to stop her from catching her dreams and running with them. That was what a lot of people were looking for in blogs in today’s day. Sure Lucy was young but the younger you are at starting something like a blog the better. At least that was what her mom told her and it seemed to be working for her. Her mom was helping her catch her dreams and run with them and for that she was grateful.

Every couple of months she had to go to the hospital for a check-up and that meant she missed school but that wasn’t going to slow her down in terms of getting the blog where she wanted it. She was getting more and more done with getting her blog where it needed to be. It was a process and she was young but with the help of her mom it could be done. The reason why she liked it so much was it could be done anywhere. She could keep herself bus, when she wasn’t doing school work. It was difficult for Lucy to get through everything she was beginning to feel sick again and she didn’t know why. Maybe there was something wrong with the kidney but how was she going to tell her parents. She was nervous about telling them because she didn’t really want to go back to the hospital. It had been weeks but it was time to go back she wasn’t feeling good.

“ Mom I am not feeling good I think I need to go back to the hospital”. Lucy said. So off they went when they got to the hospital they were admitted right away and they stayed there for the rest of the week. That was when Lucy’s parents decided to pull her out of school and home school her. It was just easier with all the hospital visits she had to make. Lucy’s parents hired her a private tutor and she did much better being homeschooled. She could do it anywhere and focus on her blog more if that was what she wanted. Although she knew she had to get her school work done too it was just easier for her to schedule it this way.

Blogging and Schooling worked well for Lucy in and Out of The Hospital

Since she was home schooled she decided to make a schedule for herself part school part work and make that work for herself. At least that is what she thought anyway. Lucy had dreams she wanted to make a reality and she started with that, for a few weeks but when her parents caught on that she wasn’t doing much school work they put a stop to it until she caught up. Once she caught up she could go back to the blog but not until then. So she put a limitless amount of work into both her blog and school work and made it work for her. That was what she wanted so what did it matter how much work it took. She knew that she dreamt something up, and thought about it long enough she could catch it and run with it. Which is what she had planned to do, she was living a limitless life after all or trying too at least. School was okay since she was now being home schooled but people still talked when Lucy went out with her parents. She didn’t like that but didn’t know how to tell them to stop. So she started to hand out cards with her blog name on them so maybe they would stop talking about her. After a while nobody talked about her after that.

Lucy did however have many more followers on her blog after that. She was living limitlessly doing what she put her mind too. Her body was accepting the kidney very well so she was finally feeling normal. She was getting to where she wanted to be in life. Surpassing the limits nobody thought possible, Lucy had started her blog to show people that no matter what issues they had in life anything was possible if that was what they wanted. Just dream it up, catch it in your hands and run with it. That is what she did and if everyone did the same thing they would get to where they wanted with hard work and dedication. At least that was what Lucy wrote on her blog.

A few weeks after Lucy posted the post about dreaming up what you want and catching it while running after it all people did was email her to ask her how she came up with it. She would tell them to check out her first post and then they would understand. She had her dream in mind she had caught it and now she was running with it. A lot of people had begun doing this too after reading her blog. The basis of it was everything in life had no limits unless someone put a limit there themselves. Lucy wrote about surpassing limits and making success out of a dream that is caught and you keep going with it. People really enjoyed reading about that and then implementing it in their own lives.

Lucy knew that she had to start thanking her parents and the doctors at the hospital for this opportunity. It was all because of them that she could do this. She was so young but she was making more money than she ever dreamed just because she took a leap of faith and never gave up. That was the point of the dream catch run blog and it seemed to be working. What would happen with it in the future she didn’t know, Lucy just wanted to keep it up and see what came next. She was doing limitless things now but wanted to do more. The blog was making her feel more and more like a normal person so much so that she wanted to show the world.

Dreams were limitless and so was trying to figure out which one you really wanted for your life Lucy knew this and was trying to figure out a way to write that into a blog post. She wrote about how dreams were limitless so pick the best one and make it work for yourself, when people read the post they wanted to know more and they told her that. So that was what she did when she wrote more for it.

Dreaming, Catching and Running is Limitless

The Dream, Catch, Run Blog that Lucy and her mom were working on was doing limitless things for them the money alone was limitless. Lucy had saved enough for college plus more and she was doing everything from home which was the greatest thing. What would happen next they weren’t sure, Tune in next time to see.

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