Dream, Catch, Run Part 1

Updated on October 15, 2018

Would Lucy Get the Kidney Transplant and How Would It Go?

Lucy, a four year old in need of a kidney transplant. She had begun her little life in the hospital. That was no life for a child but her parents Janine and Josh were trying to stay positive for her sake. She was too young to be going through what she was going through. She should be outside running around and playing, she should be able to catch a ball or dream about her life for the future. In a perfect world Lucy could do that but the world wasn’t perfect and Lucy was stuck in the hospital dreaming of a better life. Janine and Josh tried to raise Lucy’s spirits but sometimes it was just hard. She was so young and they didn’t know what was coming next for her. Janine and Josh had both been checked to see if their kidney’s match but sadly they didn’t. They were looking for a match though. They hoped it would be soon. Lucy needed to be a kid who had dreams catch these dreams and run with them. That was what a kid’s job was after all. Her job wasn’t supposed to be waiting for a kidney in the hospital.

Janine and Josh both worked from home so they could bring their work to the hospital with them so they could spend all the time they wanted with their daughter. They weren’t limited by their life and that was what they wanted for their daughter so when she was born and the doctors told them that she was going to need a kidney transplant. Her parents both decided to get checked again when they found this out to see if either of them was a match for her. Her mom went first and thankfully the test came back positive for her being a match so something was wrong with the machine the first time. Within the hour her mom was being prepped for surgery. Janine and Josh would do anything for their daughter including giving her a kidney if she needed it. Lucy’s doctor explained that Janine would probably need more time off work after the surgery so she could recuperate. Janine just smiled and said, “I will make it work don’t worry”. She said.

Within minutes she had the surgery and was in recovery or at least that is what she thought. Her daughter had went in right after her and was still in surgery when Janine woke up. Her husband came into the room and told her that she did great. “Our daughter is doing well or so the doctors tell me, let’s hope it works.” He said. Janine could only nod.

A few hours later Lucy came into recovery. Janine looked at her and smiled. She looked as though she was accepting the kidney well. They wouldn’t know for sure until a few days passed and she woke up though. A day or two passed and Janine was in the clear and she could go home, but Lucy was still in the hospital so Janine went home changed her clothes and came right back to the hospital. Her daughter needed to heal so that her body would accept the kidney which could be a while but when Janine got back Lucy was awake talking to her dad. “I thought that I would be back before she woke up I guess not.” She said. Her husband shrugged when she looked at him.

“She hasn’t been up for long maybe a few minutes and she’s already a chatter box.” He said with a laugh. Lucy giggled and then abruptly stopped because it hurt and she winced in pain. She laid back on the four pillows behind her head and tried to get comfy. “No I can do what I have always wanted.” Her mom nodded and they stayed in the hospital for about another week then Lucy got the clear to go home and she did.

How Did The Kids Take It When She Came To School For The First Time?

She was about three months late to start school but at least she was starting. That was how her parents were looking at it. On Lucy’s first day of school the teacher asked her what she wanted to be when she got older. “I want to be someone who goes after my dreams limitlessly catches them and runs with them. Which means I can do anything I want.” She said. All the kids in the class laughed at that.

“You are so behind in your classes you will never get anywhere”, a girl in her class said. The teacher turned when she heard this, and walked to the front of the room. “Now children we don’t treat people like this”.

“She hasn’t been here so why does she get asked first shouldn’t someone who has been here get asked first.” Someone said. “She hasn’t been here and that is why she gets asked first and I already know what all your dreams are we have talked about them before. The teacher said.

“So Lucy tell us what you want to be when you get older.” The teacher said. “I want to do something where I can work from home, like my parents do.” “I want to work for myself like they do.” She said. “I want to start a blog and maybe call it dream, catch, run.” She said and everyone nodded. The teacher nodded and didn’t say anything else. Later on that day they were told to write about what they wanted to be. Lucy just started to draw pictures she didn’t know how to write yet and still needed to learn. Everyone else knew how to write most of there letters and that was what the assignment was for so that they decided to practice by writing about what they wanted to be when they got older.

The teacher, helped her and by the end of the day she could write the entire piece all by herself. Lucy was so proud of herself because she didn’t think she could ever write, nobody in her class even thought she could do it but she could. She did anything that the teachers asked of her because she was so behind in school she wanted to prove herself to them and live limitlessly by defying all the odds against her.

As she got older, all Lucy did was prove everyone who said she couldn’t do something wrong and lived limitlessly while doing it. She was fine now after her kidney transplant and could do things normal kids could do. She was young when she started the blog with her moms help but that was how she wanted it. Her dream was to work from home like her parents so she put in a lot of work to make that happen at a young age. She would draw pictures of what she wanted the blog to say and her mom would write it for her. She started that day when she came home from school. She was only in grade two, since she had been out of school for a while with going back and forth to the hospital. She was still playing catch up. She didn’t want to have to do that with what she wanted to do in life though so that was why she started so young. So Lucy would go to school when she could and work on her blog after that. The blog she started with her mom’s help was called dream, catch, and run it was all about going after whatever it is you want in life and making it a reality.

So far with her blog and her mom’s help it was working. She had a dream about becoming a successful blogger, and she was working towards it. Lucy had a dream she had caught it now it was time to run with the dream. Lucy knew that she might have to go back to the hospital one day but she wasn’t going to let that stop her from doing what she wanted. She caught the dream and was now running with it. Months passed and Lucy had to go back to the hospital so that they could check on her kidney. So far her new kidney was responding well which was good. Lucy was trying to be as healthy as possible which was also helping. Everyone who knew her however never thought that she would actually get out of the hospital to do anything so this was an accomplishment. This was the first thing that made her feel limitless that was why she was trying to push so hard for it.

Lucy was always taught to dream big find a dream catch it and keep it. That was what Lucy was taught life was supposed to be. So Lucy was trying to do all the things to make her life that way. She had to go to the hospital for check-ups occasionally but that never stopped her from doing what she wanted and she had finally realized it. Anywhere that there was an internet connection she could work on her blog. She even put her hospital experience on her blog and how it didn’t stop her from living. Since she could work from anywhere she thought it was limitless living at its finest and it really was.

She was so grateful for her mom and the help she was giving her on her blog. After a few weeks when Lucy was back in school things happened for her though and then things changed again. People in school started talking about how she was getting special treatment when it came to school work. What they didn’t know was that she wasn’t getting special treatment she still had to do everything they had to do she just got to do it from home or the hospital. Which in reality was a lot harder. She was teaching herself which wasn’t easy but she would do what she had to do. A few weeks later when Lucy went back to school everyone saw her and started talking about how she didn’t have to do the work that they did when she walked up to the teachers desk and put a file of work on her desk. “Hi Lucy I didn’t think you would be back so soon someone said you were in a bad way” her teacher said. Lucy shook her head and took a seat.

“No I have check-ups that take me out of school for a few days at a time.” She said, “Well we are glad you are back let’s get down to math class.” The teacher said. Lucy’s first day back to school was a success in the school work department not really in the friend department, although everyone had started calling her the girl without limits because she could do anything she dreamt up or put her mind too. So a lot of her school mates were jealous of her because they couldn’t do that. Or at least they didn’t think they could. That day after school some of the kids asked how she did it all along with her check-ups. She said “I do I just have to live I can do anything if I put my mind to it and so can you”.

What Is a Dream and How Does One Catch It and Run With It?

After Lucy told her classmates this, they all wanted to try it. They wanted to figure what their dream was and go after it limitlessly. Lucy’s blog was doing great she couldn’t wait to see what else was yet to come in her life. Tune in next time to see what happens.

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