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Drake:The Lone Wolf

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Chapter 1

The ground rumbled, sounding like thunder, but the sky was clear and filled with stars and full white moon. Howling filled the air and gradually turned into cheers. Black, gray, and brown fur appeared, morphing back into human form.

Drake conjured clothes, everyone else followed. His mother walked up next to him, short blond hair covered her ears, she wore a three-quarter sleeved blue dress and was barefoot. A pair of blue eyes looked up at her son.

“You did well this past month.” She commented

“Thanks mom.” He replied

The pack had returned after the full moon, after a month of living in their wolf forms and hunting the wildlife. This was his first time traveling with the pack, adjusting to his new powers.

His mother had been the pack leader since last year, after his father passed away. She didn’t remarry and remained strong for everyone. The crowd dispersed, he joined his mother and began walking back to their home.

The pack lived together in a development with the woods behind. Drake and his mother lived in a large log cabin at a dead-end street.

“Are you coming inside?” She asked

“No.” He replied

“Don’t stay out too late.”

He watched her walk inside through the green door and turn on the lights.

“You were impressive tonight.” A voice commented

He stood still, seeing two arms wrapping around his neck. The scent of sweet perfume brushed under his nose, as a woman’s body pressed against his.

“Thank you… Ashley.” He replied

She stood beside him. Black bangs long and covered her left eye, the rest was tied back into a ponytail. She wore blue jeans, black studded belt, and dark pink t-shirt. Her brown eyes looked up at him and she smiled.

“What are you doing here?” He asked

“I came to see how you were doing.” She replied; “I noticed Allister and his friends giving you a hard time.”

“It’s like a tradition to tease the younger werewolves.”

“Tell me about it. Rumors going around he wants to challenge Kira for pack leader.”

He chuckled, “He’s barking up the wrong tree. Everyone knows my mom won’t step down until she dies.”

She smiled and rubbed her head against his arm.

“I’m just telling you what I heard. So how about we celebrate a successful, full moon festival?”

“I’m not in the mood.”

“Who did you go after this time?”

“No one. I’ll see you later.”

He flashed leaving her standing alone. As he reappeared, he looked up at the restored Victorian home. Walking up the steps, the door opened, and he walked inside. It shut behind him, he walked through the kitchen into the backyard.

A girl was sitting on a large brown mesh patio chair with dark brown arm rests and legs. Her dark auburn hair was loose, and she wore a long black sundress that covered her feet.

“You’re late.” She whispered

“I’m sorry kiddo.” He replied

Another chair floated up and landed next to hers and he sat down. She turned to look at him, brown eyes shined in the light of the fire within a black metal fire pit.

“How was the full moon festival?”

“It was awesome. Staying in wolf form, hunting the wildlife, and sleeping under the stars; best month away ever.”

“Cool. I missed you. It was weird not seeing you visit me at work or coming over to talk.”

“I missed you too. Well, I’m not planning on any other trips, any time soon.”

She smiled, “Cool. Was Ashley disappointed you didn’t join her for a late-night booty call?”

The one thing he admired about her, being a telepath, kept him honest. She would be able to tell if he was lying. And then use her telekinetic powers to hurt him.

“She was disappointed. But there are plenty of eligible young wolves she can replace me with.”

She smiled, in triumph, he stood up sensing someone was close by.

“Hi Ash.”

He appeared, backpack hanging on one shoulder. Drake sat down as Ash came forward. He wore black sneakers, blue jeans, and ‘Black Sabbath’ t-shirt. His hair was tied back his brown eyes glowed in the dark.

“You know this demon?” Drake asked

“Easy wolf; I won’t hurt you.” Ash replied

“I do know this demon. He’s my friend and helped me accept my powers, make me feel like less of a freak.” Jade continued

“I’m sorry kiddo. And it’s nice to meet you Ash.”

“You too Drake.”

“Can I get you guys anything to eat or drink?” Jade asked

“No thank you.” They said together

“You seem lost in thought.” Jade commented

“Ashley, she’s a member of the pack; told me this arrogant prick is thinking about challenging my mother to be the new pack leader. I know my mother can handle herself, she’s powerful when angry, but this guy plays dirty.” Drake replied

“I’m sure your mom will be great.” Jade continued

“If this guy plays dirty, I would keep an eye on him.” Ash added

Drake nodded and stood up.

“I’d better go. Good night Kiddo.”

Jade stood up and they hugged tightly. He shook hands with Ash and flashed back to his house.

“I have a feeling he’s going to need you.” Jade said

“He’s going to need you too.” Ash replied

The next morning, he woke up to hearing his mother talking to someone. He conjured clothes and walked out of his room, walking down the narrow hallway. The living room and kitchen took up the large space.

A light wooden, white marble topped island stood in the center of the stainless-steel appliances. It matched the counters and light wooden cabinets.

Kira was sitting on a brown leather couch with a woman and man sitting across from her on a matching love seat. Both had short blond hair; she wore flip flops, blue jeans, and white t-shirt. He wore black sneakers, jean shorts, and black t-shirt.

“Where did you two live before coming here?” Kira asked

“California; most of our pack members returned to the Otherworld realm, after the connection was established again. We didn’t want to return and decided to settle here.” The man replied

“We found this pack through the bulletin boards online.” The woman added

“Well, I’d like to welcome you two. You’ll live here on a trial period, get to know the rest of the pack. Help where you can and find work. Oh, Drake come and meet Erica and her brother Brian.”

“Hello.” Erica said

“Hi.” Brian added

“Hey.” Drake replied

“Well, let me bring you over to the guest house. Get settled and meet the pack.” Kira suggested

“Thank you. It was nice meeting you Drake.” Erica said


Kira led them out, he noticed Ashley putting something into his mailbox and walked away. He walked outside and took out a piece of paper, rolled up and tied with a red ribbon. Pulling the bow apart, he began reading.

I hope your precious mortal is worth it.

He flashed into town and walked into the gift shop where Jade worked. His eyes widened seeing her coming out of the store.

“Jade!” He called

She looked up and he sighed in relief, she was fine. He walked over to her and hugged her tightly.

“What’s up?” She asked

“Ashley didn’t come by, did she?” He asked

“No. What happened?”

“She left a note in my mailbox. I thought she came after you.”

She looked at him and smiled.

“I appreciate you coming to my rescue. But she didn’t show up. I think she had other ideas.”

“Me too. I’d better get back.”

“I’ll see you later.”

He flashed home, feeling a little embarrassed. Then he noticed Kira sitting on the porch.

“Mom what’s up?” He asked

“Have you become friends with a mortal?” She replied

He tensed; Ashley probably went to observe Jade out of jealousy.

“She’s a mortal but is a telepath and has telekinetic powers.” He replied

“Oh. Is she nice?”

“She is and beautiful.”

“Ashley’s been talking with Allister. She claims you’ve been reckless since coming into your powers.”

“That’s bullshit. I haven’t done anything reckless.”

“Well, whatever she’s saying it’s working. The pack meets in two weeks. Please don’t do anything stupid.”

He hugged Kira tightly and flashed.

“Drake!” Jade called

He appeared on the community college campus seeing Jade holding Ashley back from attacking. Ashley was floating in midair, in wolf form growling. Her black fur standing on edge.

“What the hell?” Drake asked; “Ashley back off!”

So, this is your precious mortal? Why didn’t you tell me she had powers?” Ashley growled

“What have you been telling Allister and the other pack members?”

Jade used her powers to put Ashley down, she morphed back into her human form.

“That you’ve been charming most of the young women in the pack. It’s reckless Drake and you haven’t imprinted with anyone. You get their hopes up so high and then they suddenly come crashing down to earth. I’ll be glad when Allister beats Kira and becomes pack leader.”

Chapter 2

Jade looked at him, with a raised eyebrow. She knew Ashley was telling the truth, she turned and walked away.

“Get out of here Ashley.” Drake growled

“Honeymoon is over love.” She replied

He caught up to Jade who was talking to Ash. He hugged her tightly and they started walking.

“Back off wolf.” Ash said

“I’m sorry Kiddo…” He whispered

Later that night, Ash appeared outside his home, Drake came out looking wounded.

“What the hell was that about?” Ash asked

“Allister is using Ashley against me. He’s challenged my mother to be the new pack leader.” Drake replied

“She said you’ve fooled around with some of the other young women in the pack.”

Drake sighed, “Most of those were one-night stands. Usually during a celebration or after a festival. The more serious ones were open relationships. But then I’d get accused of taking things too far and get dumped. Jade, she’s different and I don’t want to hurt her. I doubt anyone would understand. Do not repeat this.”

“Relax wolf; that’s more of your personal life that I needed to know.”; “You’d better apologize to Jade.”

“I know. I was giving her time to cool off.”

He flashed and appeared in front of Jade’s house. Slowly he walked up to the front door and knocked. The door opened and Jade appeared wearing a black oversized shirt and tears were running down her cheeks.

“Can I come in?” He asked

“Yeah.” She replied

She led him into the study, and they sat down on the couch.

“I’m so sorry Kiddo. Allister is challenging my mother to be the new pack leader. He’s using Ashley to dig up my past, saying what I’ve done was reckless.” He paused; “I really don’t want to talk about my past, I’ve moved on and met you. You’re a good friend and I don’t want to lose that friendship.”

She wanted to probe his mind, but her instincts told her not to pry. His past should remain in the past, no need to bring it up.

“I guess… I overreacted.” She whispered

“I’ll make sure, none of the rest of the pack hurts or threatens you.”

“Thank you. Am I your precious mortal? Ashley called me that before morphing and trying to rip my head off.”

Heat rose in his cheeks, he stared down at the floor. But then he looked up and hugged Jade tightly.

“Drake… I can’t breathe.” She whispered

He let her go, “Sorry, don’t know my own strength.”

She leaned in slowly, their lips met, and her arms wrapped around him. Suddenly she pulled back and sat forward on the couch. There was a long silence, slowly he leaned in next to her, cupping her face in his hand. Gradually he turned it back toward him and their lips met again.

His tongue parted her lips and began dancing with hers. They leaned back, pressing their foreheads together.

“What does this mean?” She asked in a whisper

“Not sure. Could we take it slow?” He replied

“Fine. But you can’t hide anything from me. Anyway, it’s late and I need to get sleep.”

She kissed him on the cheek, and he flashed.

The next morning, he arrived at Ash’s house and sat in his living room.

“What brings you here wolf?” He asked

“I want to have a backup plan.” Drake replied

“Backup plan? Someone is thinking rationally.”

“Funny; I know my mother will relocate. As for me, I would like to stay here.”

“I can look into finding you a new home. It’s going to take some time.”

“Thank you. I need to get going.”

They shook hands and he flashed into town. He walked into the cafe and saw a flyer pinned to a corkboard near the entrance. ‘Lead Singer Wanted for cover band; call 732-462-7845 and ask for Christy’ He took out his cell phone and dialed the number.

“Hello this is Christy.” A woman answered

“Hi Christy, my name is Drake. I came across your flyer in the cafe. Are you still holding tryouts?” Drake replied

“We are. Come by the Tavern restaurant in town.”

“Thanks. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

He walked up the street and walked inside the ‘Tavern’. Light wooden floors ran throughout the green room, the bar stood at the south end with high top tables; and stools with dark brown cushions surrounded the bar.

A small stage stood across from the bar, a woman and three guys were standing around talking. He sensed they were werewolves. They were dressed in jeans, black and purple t-shirts. She was a blonde with pink highlights, the guys were brunettes.

“Christy?” Drake called

She turned and tied her hair back into a ponytail. He stared into a pair of blue eyes and a thin face.

“I’m Christy. You must be Drake.” She replied

“I am.”

“These are Dave, Sam, and Gavin.”

She pointed to the three guys standing behind her. They stood his height, short brown hair. Each was semi-muscular, hazel and brown eyes.


The guys waved.

“Are you ready for your tryout?” Christy asked


“Cool. Dave plays drums, Gavin plays lead guitar, Sam plays bass guitar, and I play keyboard plus backup vocals.”

“Cool. What do you guys know?”

“Just name a song.” Sam replied

“Dani California by the Red-Hot Chili Peppers.”

“No problem.” Dave said

They picked up their instruments and Dave counted them off. Drake got behind the mind and began singing. Once the song was over, Christy walked up to him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“That sounded awesome. Better than the other contenders. How would you like the job?” She asked

“I’m in.”

“Welcome Drake. Practices are on Saturday afternoons at two. And I’ll email you our performance schedule.”

The next week, Ash called, and he found a house for Drake. He purchased new furniture and applied to the community college. By Friday night the pack gathered in the forest. Drake stood with Kira who morphed into her wolf form. Her light brown peppered fur shined in the moonlight, another wolf appeared dark brown fur and yellow eyes.

An older gentleman stepped in the center of the circle the pack formed. His white hair was slicked back, skin crinkled like paper. He wore a brown robe with a silver braided rope around the waist; representing he was a council member.

“Tonight, we’re gathered here, Allister has challenged Kira for the position of pack leader. Drake will step in at Kira’s request, if she cannot continue. Kira, Allister you both understand the rules, to win. Let’s begin!”

The crowd cheered; Erica appeared beside Drake.

Kira and Allister sized each other up, he went to attack, and she dodge it. She began running around the circle quickly, it appeared she multiplied. He stood in the center but couldn’t land a hit and suddenly she tackled him to the ground.

“Do you think she’ll win?” Erica asked

“It’s too early to tell.” Drake replied

The match seemed even, until Allister grabbed Kira by the neck and tossed her at Drake’s feet. He kneeled, as Kira tried to stand.

Go my son. My age is beginning to show.” She whispered

Drake morphed and tackled Allister to the ground. At one point they morphed back into human form, wearing jeans and exchanging blows. He kicked him in the stomach sending him stumbling backwards. But suddenly he recovered and landed a hard right, onto Drake’s jaw. He collapsed to the ground.

“Congratulations Allister! Our new pack leader!” The man announced

“Kira you fought well. You are welcomed to stay as a medicine woman on the council. Drake, we will not tolerate reckless behavior in this pack.” Allister said

“You don’t have to worry.”

Kira morphed back into her human form and a look of shock faced her son.

“Drake? Are you sure?” She asked

“I am.”

“C’mon Kira let’s get you cleaned up.”

The older gentleman escorted her back to her cabin. Erica took Drake by the hand and flashed him into town. After conjuring clothes, he spotted Christy and Sam having a small acoustic session at the cafe. He walked up to them; Erica ordered a coffee as he took the stage. His eyes lit up seeing Jade walk in, they had just started singing ‘Far Away’ by Nickelback.

During an intermission, he walked up to her and hugged her tightly.

“You want to sing with us?” He asked

“One song, but then I have to get home.” She replied

“This works out. Our next song is Broken from the Punisher soundtrack.”

“You’re lucky I know the words.”

The crowd gathered around the stage as Jade put her bag down, next to Christy’s keyboard.

“Guys this is Jade. Jade that’s Christy and Sam.” Drake said

“Hi.” Jade said

“Hey. Drake talks about you all the time. You must be really special to him.” Christy replied

“Oh really?” Jade asked

“C’mon let’s get back to playing.” Drake sighed

Sam began playing the opening cords and Drake took the microphone into his hand. She suddenly found herself probing his mind. His mother lost to Allister, before she could read more he began singing. She didn’t realize he had a great voice. He winked at her as she began to sing.

At first, he stood there stunned, she sounded like Amy Lee. Soon they were harmonizing, and the audience cheered. By the end of the song, her belongings flew into her hands and she left. “You have to perform with us again.” He whispered. Later, that night, Erica took him by the hand and flashed them back to her and her brother’s house.

“You’re leaving the pack?” She asked

Chapter 3

She sat up in bed, covered with brown sheets and off-white comforter. Her blond hair fell past her shoulders covering her breasts. He conjured clothes and a black suitcase.

“I can’t stay here Erica. Everything will change, now that Allister is pack leader.” He replied

She pouted, “You’re just sore that he beat you and Kira.”

He growled and she pulled the sheet up to covered herself.

“Damn it Drake. You know if you leave, you won’t be welcomed back. Wait a minute, what’s her name?”

He was just about to leave, when the question hit him.

“Jade…” He whispered

“She must be pretty special, though you could never stay in one place.”

He flashed and appeared in front a house with green exterior and brown roof. Walking inside, dark wooden floor ran throughout, complimenting the brown furniture. Sitting down in the kitchen, there was a small pile of textbooks and an open notebook.

A four headed light hung above the brown round table and matching chair. A row of cabinets made an ‘L’ shape with silver hands, hung about the white countertops. Stopping at the freezer and refrigerator, plus stove. He started working.

The next morning, he arrived on the community college campus and his eyes lit up seeing Jade. Her auburn hair was tied back into pigtails. She wore a long black skirt and matching t-shirt with skulls and crossbones on it.

He walked up behind her, wrapping his arms around his waist.

“Hey beautiful.” He whispered

“Hi handsome.” She replied

Slowly she turned and hugged him tightly.

“Erica miss you?”

“Cute… she was sad that I left the pack.”

He couldn’t lie. She kept him honest.

“Have you thought about performing with my band?” He asked

“I still need to think about it.” She replied

“Please? You sounded really great the other night.”

“I’ll think about it.”

She nudged him in the arm, and they started walking.

“So how does it feel to leave the pack?”

“Feels freeing; I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had beat Allister for the position.”

“So, you lost on purpose?”

He shook his head, ‘No.’

“He won fair and square.”

“Now that I don’t believe.”

“Is he telling you another tale of woe?” A voice asked

Ash appeared before them, Jade walked up to him and they hugged.

“I wouldn’t call it a tale of woe Ash.” Drake mumbled

Jade giggled and walked over to Drake, who put his arm around her. Ash wore black sneakers, blue jeans, and black t-shirt. A pair of sunglasses covered his eyes, while his black hair was tied pack in a ponytail.

“It’s not a tale of woe Ash. It’s a tale of freedom.” Jade said

“Whatever you want to call it. If you need anything wolf, don’t hesitate to ask.” Ash continued

“Thanks.” Drake replied

“Anyway, I’d better get to class. I’ll see you guys later.” Jade interrupted

She kissed Drake on the cheek and hugged Ash.

“You haven’t imprinted with her, have you?” Ash asked

“Are you high?” Drake replied

He chuckled, “I’m sure Allister was pleased you were leaving.”

“How did he put it? We will not tolerate your reckless behavior in this pack.”

“I know you two care for each other. But you know what she wants.”

“I do. But she knows I can’t. Not yet anyway.”

“Don’t hurt her wolf. She’s powerful and can do worse when angry.”

“I should know. You trained her.”

“Damn straight. I’ll see you later.”

He flashed leaving him alone. Later, that night, he was walking through town and spotted poster for an open mic night at the local bar. Taking on his cell phone he took a picture of it and sent it to his bandmates.

“Well if it isn’t the exiled one.” A deep voice commented

He turned to see a man taller than him, wearing black shoes, blue jeans, and red t-shirt with a black cross on the front. His brown hair was spiked up as a pair of green eyes stared at Drake.

“Allister.” Drake said

“So how does it feel to be on the outside?” He asked

“Feels great. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.”

“Good. Erica was a little upset, said there was a mortal in the picture? This one must be really special.”

“Back off douchebag.”

Allister chuckled, “Typical, young wolf attitude. Hope she can handle it.”

He brushed past him and he growled. Shaking it off he continued to walk through town and it only assured him, leaving the pack was the best decision. His cell phone pinged and saw a text from Christy.

We’re in. What about Jade?” She asked

She said she’d think about it. We have until Saturday night.” He replied

Hopefully she joins us.

Putting his phone into his back pocket he noticed Erica’s older brother Brian standing by the fountain.

“Drake.” He said

“Brian.” Drake replied

“Could we talk?”

“What’s up?”

“Is there any way I could convince you to come back?”


“It’s only been a day and he’s become a dictator. He’s power hungry and he’s exiled most of your one-night stands, except for Erica. I managed to spare her; she claims that she brought you home after a gig.”

“She did.”

“Please just think about it. I would hate for anyone else to be exiled for some stupid reason.”

He walked away and Drake sighed.

“Ashley?” He called

She appeared wearing a black halter dress with red cherries all over.

“What do you want?” She asked

“I just saw Brian, he told me that Allister exiled you and few other women?” Drake replied

“He did. I have no regrets, but he’s become a monster in one day. I’d better go.”

Before he could ask her any more questions, she flashed, and he returned home.

“So, this is where you’ve been hiding?” A voice asked

He looked up to see his mother, leaning against the house by the front door. She wore a long white skirt with a matching bell sleeved top.

“If you’re here to convince me to come back. I’ve heard from Brian and Ashley. Allister is a monster.” Drake said

She sighed, “He needs to be stopped. And if you’re willing to help me, I can reclaim my position.”

“Long as I don’t have to be pack leader, I’ll help.”

“I have proof Allister cheated.”


She held up a small earpiece.

“Someone was being his eyes. Could your friend Jade help?”

“I could ask her. But you’d have to invite her, since I’ve left the pack.”

“Done. Meet me at my house tomorrow night.”

She flashed and he walked inside, picked up his cell phone and dialed Jade’s number.

“Hey what’s wrong?” She asked

“I need your help Kiddo.” He replied

“Sure. What do you need?”

The next night she pulled up in front of the pack’s home. He appeared with Kira beside him.

“Welcome Jade. I’m Kira and it’s nice to meet the girl who captured my son’s heart.” Kira began

“Thank you, Kira. And captured? I would say more sparked his interest.” Jade replied

“Well come; the council is meeting tonight and we’re going to interrupt.”

Drake took her hand into his and they walked into the forest. Numerous eyes stared at them as they approached.

“Kira seems we have guests. And a mortal? Is this your precious mortal, as Ashley puts it?” Allister asked

“Don’t underestimate me…” Jade whispered

Kira stepped forward, “I invited them. Allister, I challenge you for the position of pack leader. “

“You’re joking right?” Allister asked

“Anyone can challenge for the position of pack leader, if the council is present.” Someone said

Allister growled and the rest of the pack formed a half circle. Jade then began looking around and noticed Allister staring at her. He winked and she flipped him off, a smirked appeared on his face as he took off his t-shirt. Kira morphed, but then Jade heard thoughts echoing in her head.

She let go of Drake’s hand and began walking behind the half circle. Stopping behind a teenage boy with short black hair, she jumped back from him kicking her.

Allister and Kira stepped up to each other in wolf form with the older gentleman from the council. Jade watched as Samuel morphed and she took a step back.

You should stay out of this mortal.” He growled

“Couldn’t do that, not with a dictator ruling this pack.” Jade replied

He’s going to win, with or without my help.

I doubt that.

Kiss your life goodbye mortal!

Chapter 4

He growled and leaped into the air, before the fight began a loud yelp broke the silence.

“Jade!” Drake yelled

The circle opened and Jade walked forward with Samuel’s body floating behind her. She picked out twigs and leaves from her hair. Her clothes had dirt stains on them, and the young wolf’s body dropped at her feet.

“Here’s Allister’s spy; he shouldn’t have underestimated me.” She said

“Is this true Allister?” The older gentleman asked

He went to attack Kira, but she dodged and wooden spikes surrounded him. Kira morphed back into her human form and walked up to the caged wolf.

“Due to Allister receiving help, he is hear by stripped of his title of pack leader. Kira will resume being pack leader.” The older gentleman announced

The crowd cheered and Kira hugged her son tightly and then hugged Jade.

“Thank you for your help.” Kira said

“You’re welcome.” Jade replied

“C’mon I’ll take you home.” Drake said

He took her by the hand and flashed to her front door. It opened and she turned to look at him.

“Thank you for helping my mom.” He said

“You’re welcome. That Allister guy is an asshole, so was his friend.” She replied

He hugged her tightly.

“I need a shower; I’ll see you later.”

“Good night beautiful.”

The following week, he met up with Kira at the cafe in town.

“So how does it feel to be in power again?” He asked

“Unlike you, it feels good to be running things more smoothly verses one day of misery. I invited the exiled women back, all of them came back except for Ashley. She joined her cousin’s pack up North. Allister has been working with me, learning how to be a better pack leader. It hasn’t been easy.”

“I can only imagine.”

“So how are you living outside of the pack?”

“I formed a new pack. We’re a small band and performing tonight.”

“You always preferred a small group of friends. And a larger audience.”

He chuckled, “Well, I’d better get going. The band is rehearsing this afternoon and then it’s off to sound check at the tavern.”

“Break a leg.”

“Thanks mom.”

They stood up and hugged, he left. The tavern was quiet as he walked in with his bandmates. Brown wood flooring ran throughout. It matched the bar and complimented the darker bar stools surrounding it.

The stage stood next to it, with a wall separating it.

“Do you think she’ll show up?” Christy asked

“I’m already here.” Jade replied

They turned to see Jade walking up to them.

“Are you ready for tonight?” Drake asked

“I am; we’re just doing that one song together right?” Jade replied

“Don’t worry. We’re not going to hold you hostage on stage.” Sam chuckled

“C’mon let’s set up and go through sound check.” Christy suggested

That night, people surrounded the stage drinks in hand waiting for the show to begin. Ash walked in with Dannie.

“I’m surprised she’s performing with him.” Dannie commented

“She’s beginning to accept her powers. This is part of letting go of her past, moving forward.” Ash replied

“Look their taking the stage.”

Drake walked out, holding hands with Jade while the others took their places. Sam began playing the opening chords of the song, as they light dimmed and shined on them. Drake began singing, the crowd cheered.

Christy join in the chorus and then Jade waited until she began to sing. People cheered and she began to get more comfortable on stage. At the end of their set, they joined Ash and Dannie by the bar.

“You guys were awesome.” Dannie commented

“Thanks.” Jade replied

“Thank you.” Drake added; “Could you guys excuse us?”

He took Jade by the hand and led her outside. The air felt cool as they started walking.

“So, what’s up?” She asked

“I wanted to thank you. For helping my mom and performing with the band tonight. And don’t worry this was a one-time performance.”

“You’re welcome. Maybe I could perform a few nights, but I don’t want it to be a full-time thing.”


They were walking back to the bar, when she stopped.

“What’s wrong?” He asked

“Just got a feeling.” She replied

She didn’t tell him; she heard his thoughts. He didn’t want to hurt her, and spent time either on campus, with the band or with her. Something held him back from taking their relationship to the next level. But it would happen soon.

Ash and Dannie were waiting outside the bar.

“We’re going to the dinner to get something to eat. Do you guys want to join us?” Dannie asked

“You guys go on ahead. I told Christy we’d hang out here.” Drake replied

“I’ll come.” Jade added

He hugged her tightly and he watched her leave.


“You dirty dog!” Jade H screamed

“It’s not what you think.” He replied


Drake shook his head, “C’mon on Kiddo… you’re overreacting.”

“Drake you’re disgusting. It’s over.”

He went to say something, but her eyes widened, and he hit something hard. His eyes widened to see telephone wire tying him to a telephone pole. She walked away with tears in her eyes, he stood there stunned.

An hour later he transformed and ran home. Morphing back into his human form, he saw Christy standing outside his house with the rest of the band.

“Hey what’s wrong?” Christy asked

“Jade and I broke up.” He replied

“Damn man. That sucks.” Sam said

“Do you want to talk about it?” Christy asked

“She thinks I cheated on her.” He replied

“Did you?” Sam asked


“Let her cool off. And then try talking to her.” Christy suggested

“I’ll try.”

A week later, he appeared at her front door, it opened, and she stepped out, the door shut behind her.

“Hi.” She whispered

“Hi.” He replied

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to apologize.”

There was a long silence.

“I know you didn’t cheat. She was an old girlfriend.” She said breaking the silence; “It took a lot of control, to peek inside.”

“And now?”

“I can’t do it anymore. I loved you…”

“I love you Kiddo…”

“Goodbye Drake.”

She shut the door and he morphed into his wolf form and ran into the forest. His heart ached inside; it was over. But he couldn’t stop thinking, that he loved her. She kept him honest and made him feel like a better person. Now it was over, he saw the look of defeat in her eyes, she wasn’t going to take him back.

He found himself Ash’s house and morphed back into his human form. Walking out of the woods, he saw Amber sitting in the backyard with the firepit lit.

It surprised him that he imprinted with a demon and not a mortal or another wolf. Ash would kill him, if he ever found out. Amber was like a daughter to him, both silently agreed not to tell.


When the ‘Circle Lounge’ was being built, he had met a girl named Max. She had moved into his house, but the relationship was beginning to sour. One afternoon he left to pick up Jade S, to go out for lunch. After going back to her house, she picked up on his little secret.

He left and saw a moving truck pulling out of his driveway. Max was gone and he was alone again. It hurt, but it was something that he was starting to get used to. He arrived home and walked inside, sitting on the couch he turned on the television.

“Why so sad wolf?” Amber asked

She appeared sitting beside him, wearing purple flip flops, jean shorts, and dark pink t-shirt. Her hair was tied into pigtails.

“Another relationship… ended.” He sighed; “I’m beginning to think that I’m destined to be alone.”

She put her hand on his shoulder.

“Not alone… have friends…”

“Thanks cupcake, for trying to make me feel better.”

She sighed, “Trying to help.”

He smiled, “Thanks for trying.”

She hugged him, “You’ll be alright.”


She flashed, but he felt a warmth come over his body. He noticed a pink energy glowing around him, but it gradually faded.

Chapter 5

When the ‘Circle Lounge’ opened he was surprised at the turn out of mortals and supernatural beings. After being teased by Jade H, he sat down at the bar and she served him a drink. He started becoming a regular fixture.

One night, he noticed Ash with a vampire, Jade H. introduced herself and he just sat and observed. By last call he noticed she was interested in him. He doubted it would go anywhere, he didn’t think she’d date a vampire. But she did.

Two months into the relationship, he was lying in bed, when his cell phone rang. He picked it off his nightstand and saw her number.

“Hi Kiddo.” He said

“Hi… Could you come over? I need someone to talk to.”

He heard sniffling and grew concerned.

“I can come by tomorrow.”

“Thanks. At sunset if you don’t mind.”

Chapter 6

Sunset? That didn’t make any sense. But he shook it off and fell asleep. The next day as the sun set, he pulled up in front of her house. Slowly he walked up to the front door, it opened, and he walked inside.

The house was dark, curtains drawn, covering the windows. Jade appeared at the top of the stairs, wearing her black t-shirt and gray pajama bottoms. She looked pale; tears stained her face. Suddenly she appeared in front of him and hugged him tightly.

“Hi Kiddo.” He whispered

“Hi.” She replied

Her voice was muffled, her head was buried in his chest. The scent of blood brushed underneath his nose, he leaned her back and stared at her.

“You let him turn you?” He asked

Her eyes widened and he flew backwards, hitting the ceiling.

“I loved him!” She hissed

“I’m sorry Kiddo. That was rude.”

She let him down, he followed her upstairs. Falling onto her bed, she lied down, he took off his shoes and lied next to her.

“I loved him… and all of a sudden he leaves.” She whispered

He hugged her tightly and kissed the top of her head.

“He lost the best thing he ever had. I know I did.”

“Thanks Drake. And don’t worry, he hasn’t tried to come back. So, you don’t need to stand guard.”

“I smell Vicky, your sister, and kitten has been here. So, you really don’t need me.”

“Please stay…”

Their eyes met; he noticed her tears were filled with blood. Slowly they ran down her cheeks, his index finger caught one and he wiped it on his shirt. She smiled and their lips met after years of being apart. His tongue parted her lips and got tangled with hers. She pressed her body against him, feeling his hands caressing her back beneath her t-shirt.

She pulled his shirt off and rolled on top of him. He sat up and took off her shirt, his lips found hers again, but then he stopped. Her eyes slowly opened, his followed.

“Are you sure?” He asked; “I can stop right now.”

“I’m sure.” She whispered

Their lips met again, she lied him down. She stood up and stepped out of her pajama bottoms, revealing black panties. Climbing back on top of him, he slipped off her underwear, she used her powers to take off his pants and boxer shorts.

Flipping her onto her back, he put on a condom and entered her. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he began to move. He started to go faster; she dug her nails into his back. They climaxed and she blurred into her bathroom. She came back dressed and fell asleep in his arms.

The next day she walked him to the door and hugged him goodbye. He kissed the top of her head and walked over to his ‘Hummer’. Getting into the car, he sensed someone was close by. He pulled out of the driveway and suddenly heard a thud and roar. He got out and saw Dannie leaping off and conjuring clothes.

“What are you doing here?” She growled

“I was going to ask you the same question.” He replied with a smirk on his face

“I’m just checking up on my friend. What the hell are you doing here Drake?”

“Easy tiger… I was also making sure she was ok.”

“Why do I get the impression it was more?”

“She’s my friend.”

“Friend with benefits… back off or I’ll tell Jade and Vicky you’ve been here. Then you’d have to deal with the three of us.”

He couldn't blame her girlfriends, being protective of her. She was the same way with them. Putting the key into the ignition, he left and arrived back at his house. Christy, Gavin, Sam, and Dave were waiting.

“Hey right on time. We have a gig tonight.” Christy said

“I know. Jade needed someone to talk to.” He replied

“She takes you back after all these years?” Gavin asked

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but no.” Drake replied

“She was really nice.”

“I know. But some vampire just broke her heart and she need to talk. Besides I lost my chance.”

“Our little wolf is growing up before our eyes.” Christy giggled

“They grow up so fast.” Gavin added

“Ha ha. Very funny; load up the trunk and let’s go.” Drake sighed

Christy opened the trunk of his ‘Hummer’ and they began loading speakers and guitar cases. Gavin had the drums loaded in a black ‘Ford’ van. They got into their vehicles and left his house for their gig.


He walked into the ‘Circle Lounge’ the ‘Jades’ were behind the bar, Dannie and Michelle were taking orders at the couches.

“Evening Drake.” Jade Dean said

“Hey Kiddo. Thank you.” He replied

“You want anything to eat?” She asked

“Not yet.”

The door opened and a he turned to see woman, in her early twenties. She was tall, fair complexion, thin face and semi-muscular. Her brown hair was tied back into a ponytail as a pair of brown eyes looked around the bar.

She wore black sneakers, blue jeans, and black shirt. As she sat down at the bar, Jade D walked up to her and placed a napkin and menu in front of her.

“Welcome to the Circle Lounge, serving the supernatural and mortal communities. I’m Jade D., What can I get for you tonight?” She asked

“Angry Orchard, if you have it.” The woman replied

“We do. Anything else?”

“And a hamburger with fries please.”

“How do you want it cooked?”

“Medium rare.”

“No problem. Relax and enjoy your drink.”


He noticed she had an eyebrow ring and a stud in her nose. Jade opened the bottle of the hard cider and placed it in front of her.

“Thanks Jade.”

“No problem.”

She sighed and took a swig of her drink.

“Rough day?” Drake asked

“How could you tell?” She replied

He sensed she was a werewolf and was a little tense.

“First day at my new job and I think my boss hates me.”

“It’s only been a day. Where did you start at?”

“I’m a personal assistant to an editor of a magazine. I almost thought she wasn’t going to hire me. And the other woman I work with isn’t friendly at all. I started to wonder why I took this job?”

“Wow sounds like the boss from the Devil Wears Prada.”

She laughed, “Exactly, but I refuse to sell my soul for new clothes. I’m sorry for venting to you, I’m Angela.”


They shook hands and she moved one stool down to sit next to him.

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, why did you take this job?”

“I took it, because the pay was amazing and great benefits. I was a personal assistant to a woman who just retired.”

“Give it a month. And if you’re not happy, then quit and find another job.”

“Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try to stick it out. Thanks for listening.”

“No problem.”

Jade D brought Angela her food, she went to clean up a high-top table, when Drake signaled her. She walked up to him and he handed her money.

“I’d like to pay for Angela’s meal.” He whispered

“No problem. Don’t screw this one up.” She replied

He smirked as she walked over and began clearing the table. Looking over at Angela who was finishing her meal.

“Good luck.” He said


He got up, left money on the counter and walked out. Jade Jacobs collected the bills and his glass and shaker followed her. Jade Dean came behind the bar and loaded all the glasses into the dishwasher.

“Jade?” Angela asked

“Yes?” They said together

“This is my sister and co-owner Jade Jacobs.” Jade Dean said

“Oh, it’s nice to meet you.” Angela replied; “I’d like to close my tab.”

“Don’t worry…” Jade Dean paused

“It’s been taken care of.” Jade Jacobs added finishing her sister’s sentence

She smiled, “Thanks Drake.”

He arrived home, howling could be heard in the distance. Thinking it wasn’t anything serious he went inside.

Chapter 7

The next night he and the band were setting up at the ‘Silver Tavern’ for another gig. Christy had her tablet set up with the set list. He walked off stage and up to the bar. A man his height, was standing at the register and he turned to face Drake.

Drake did a double take, the bartender looked like Talon, but mortal. Don’t freak out. Keep calm, wolf, the Fates can work in mysterious ways.

“What can I get you?” He asked

“Five bottles of water please.” He replied

“You’re with the band?”


He went into a small fridge and took out five bottles., he placed them on the bar.

“How much do I owe?”

“No charge. Boss said non-alcoholic beverages are on the house.”

“Thanks man.”

“Don’t mention it.”

He walked back to the stage and handed everyone a bottle of water. The lights dimmed and Dave hit his drumsticks together, to count off. The crowd cheered as Drake began to sing. At the end of their first set he went back to the bar, the ‘Talon’ look-alike gave him more water, but then placed a bottle of beer in front of him.

“Compliments of the lady over there.” He said

His eyes lit up to see Angela standing at the other end of the bar. He flashed the bottles to the stage, grabbed his beer and walked over to her.

“Hey.” He said

“Hi. I wanted to thank you for buying me dinner last night. Jade Dean told me you’d be here.” She replied

“You’re welcome. And thanks for the drink.”

“No problem. You guys sound great.”


She wore red ‘Converse’ sneakers, jean capris, and black tank top. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail, it looked curly.

“Besides playing with the band, do you have another job?” She asked

“I do handy work on occasion. Painting rooms, moving furniture, and building repairs.” He replied

“That’s cool.”

She paused for a second and looked over her shoulder. Suddenly she became tense and turned to him, trying to remain calm.

“What’s wrong?” He asked

“I’m sorry I have to go.” She replied

“But you’re gonna miss…”

Before he could finish his sentence, she quickly ran out of the bar. He noticed the others getting back on stage and he went to join them for the second set. After the show, they were seated at a table enjoying a round of beers.

“Cheers everyone to s successful performance.” Christy said

Clinking their glasses together, they all took a sip of their drinks.

“Who were you talking to before?” Gavin asked

“I met her last night at the Circle Lounge. Her name is Angela.” Drake replied

“Why did she leave so quickly? Scare her with your charms?” Christy asked

“Nope. She saw something or someone.”

“I hope she’s ok.”

A faint scent brush under his nose, he got up and walked outside. Looking at the parking lot, he heard crying and a growl. His eyes widened seeing Angela being thrown to the ground beneath a streetlight. Her clothes were torn, bruises covered her arms and legs.

“Angela!” He yelled

He ran over to her as she sat up.

“What the hell happened?” He asked

“I don’t want to talk about it.” She snapped

“Can you stand?”

Slowly she stood up and leaned against him. Tears were running down her cheeks. They flashed and appeared inside his living room. He led her into his bathroom, the off-white tiles complimented the dark wooden vanity and dark brown bath rugs.

He put a towel and washcloth on top of the vanity.

“Go get cleaned up, I’ll get you some clothes to change into.” He said

“Thank you.” She whispered

He shut the door behind him and walked back into the living room.

“Amber.” He called

She appeared wearing a black short sleeved dress and was barefoot.

“Better be important wolf…” She growled

“Easy cupcake… Could you lend a friend of my clothes?” He asked

“Friend? Friend have name? Or wolf cross dresser?”

“Her name is Angela. She’s in the shower right now and got beat up pretty badly.”

“Who hit her?”

“I don’t know. So, will you lend me clothes?”

“What she need?”

“Pajamas, jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops. “

“No problem.”

She conjured his request and saw the light from the bathroom appear on the floor. Angela came out wrapped in her towel. Her bruises had turned black and blue.

“Oh… sorry…” Angela paused

“Hi wolf lady!” Amber said

“Angela this is Amber, she brought over some clothes.” Drake explained

“Hi Amber.” Angela said; “Thanks for lending me clothes.”

“Welcome. Better go… helping Trina with baby titan’s nursery.”

She flashed and Angela walked back into the bathroom. He sat down on the couch, she came back out wearing black capri sweatpants and ‘Nirvana’ t-shirt.

“Thank you for helping me.” She said

“It’s no problem. What happened?” He replied

“The leader of my old pack found me. We dated briefly and I left because he was abusive. I moved into a new apartment; my phone number is unlisted. But he still manages to find me. Must have something with my scent on it.”

“I’m so sorry.

“When you came outside. He ran off, but I know he’ll be back. He’s personally killed anyone who betrays him.”

“Shit. You can stay here tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll take you to Sanctuary, it’s a safe house owned by friends of mine.”

“I need some stuff from my apartment.”

“We can stop there on the way over.”


He signaled for her to stand up. Putting the cushions on the floor, he converted the couch into a bed. He conjured pillows and a blanket.

“Good night Angela.”

“Good night.”

She hugged him and crawled into bed. He went into his bedroom and fell onto his bed. He flashed to Ash’s house; Trina was sitting outside. She was eight months pregnant and the fabric of her night shirt stretched out.

“Drake… what brings you here so late?” She asked

“I was looking for your other half.” He replied

“He’s in the shower.”

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m good. Baby shower is this weekend, Amber has been a huge help putting the nursery together. What’s wrong?”

“I have a woman staying with me. Her pack leader was abusive. She left and he keeps finding her. Tonight, she got beat up, she’s staying with me, but I want to bring her to Sanctuary tomorrow. I wanted to know if Ash heard anything.”

“I haven’t heard anything wolf.” Ash said

He appeared next to Trina, wearing black plaid pajama bottoms and gray t-shirt.

“Did she say who attacked her?” He asked

Drake shook his head, “She says it’s her old pack leader. But she didn’t get a look at him.”

“She’s probably afraid to identify him. If it was him.” Trina commented

“I’ll check with the other representatives and see if they’ve

they’ve heard anything.” Ash continued

“Thank you. I’d better get back. Good night.”

“Night.” They said together

He flashed, seeing Angela sleeping on the couch. A yawn escaped his mouth and he walked into his bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

The next morning, he walked out of his room, dressed in sneakers, blue jeans, and black t-shirt. Angela had finished folding the couch back, she placed the blanket and pillow on top.

“Morning.” He said

She looked up, “Morning.” She replied

“Do you want anything to eat?”

“No thanks. I’m ready to go.”

Chapter 8

“Alright. What do you need out of your apartment?”

“Nothing. I woke up early and conjured my emergency travel bag.”

“You sure are prepared.” He chuckled

“Don’t laugh… can we go?”


They left his house; he unlocked the doors to his black ‘Hyundai Sonata’. She got in and he put her bag into the trunk. She noticed his black ‘Hummer’ parked further up the driveway. He got in and started the car.

“You owned one of those gas guzzlers?”

“I only use it for gigs, with the band and my other jobs.”


He pulled out of the driveway and onto the main road. They rode in silence, she stared out the window, he noticed a tear running down her cheek.

“Don’t worry this place is owned by white were-tigers.” He commented

“I thought they were extinct.”

“No one knows. Max and her sister Melody were a rare find in Florida.”

They pulled up in front of ‘Sanctuary’, Max was sitting on the front porch swing with Alex. Drake and Angela got out of the car. He popped the trunk open and took out her duffle bag.

“Drake, it’s good to see you.” Max said

“Hey Drake.” Alex added

“Hey. Angela this is Max and her husband Alex. Guys this is Angela.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Angela paused; “Thank you for letting me stay here.”

She shook hands with them.

“You’ll be safe here.” Max said; “Come inside and I’ll show you around.”

Angela picked up her bag and followed Max inside. Alex turned to Drake.

“She seems pretty shook up.” He commented

“I’m surprised she slept through the night.”

“Has she named her attacker?”

“No. I would love to find the asshole who did it though.”

“It’s terrible that a pack leader would stoop so low.”

“Tell me about it.”

Max and Angela came out.

“We’re all set Drake.”

Angela walked up to him and hugged him tightly. “I’m only a call away.” He whispered. She let go and he got into his car and left. Coming back to his house Ash was standing by his motorcycle.

“Trina kick you out?” He asked

“Just for a few hours. Baby shower; she’s going to call me when it’s over.” Ash replied

“Enjoying the last month of freedom?”

“You’re hilarious wolf.”

“I try.”

“Angela settled at Sanctuary?”

“Yeah. I really want to find this asshole.”

“I know. And I haven’t heard anything.”

“Thank you for checking.”

His cell phone rang, and he took it out from his pants pocket.

“Good evening Victor. How are you?” He asked

There was silence.

“Good. And yeah, I could meet you now. I’ll bring Drake with me. See you soon.”

“What’s up?”

“Victor wants to meet in town by the fountain.”

“And I’m going with you.”

Ash nodded and they flashed into town. Victor was sitting on the edge of the fountain. There were dirt stains on his blue jeans and gray t-shirt.

“What happened to you?” Drake asked

“Well, hello to you too wolf.” He replied; “Earlier tonight a werewolf, female was attacked and found herself at my front door. I brought her inside and her attacker came after me. I was able to fend him off, but I didn’t get a good look at him. I brought her to a werebear friend of mine until I figure things out.”

“Two attacks in two days, this is no coincidence.” Ash commented

“What happened?” Victor asked

“Another female werewolf was attacked by her former pack leader. She’s staying at Sanctuary for the time being.” Drake replied

“Good evening gentlemen. Ash, Trina said I could find you here.”

They turned to see Kira and Erica who was in her wolf form. Her blond fur was covered with blood and dirt. She was whimpering, trying not to put weight on her front left paw.

“Erica what happened to you?” Drake asked

I fought off some asshole, who was about to attack my daughter. She was supposed to meet up with a friend from another pack. When she didn’t show up, she called, and I came to take her home.” She growled

“Erica and Katie are staying with me.” Kira continued

“This guy is bold.” Victor said

“There have been two other attacks.” Ash continued

“How terrible. I’m going to take Erica back to my house. Please let me know when you find the bastard who did this.” Kira said

“No problem mom.”

They flashed, Victor turned back to Ash and Drake.

“I’m going to get cleaned up. Maybe we should get these ladies together and hear their stories.” He suggested

“We’ll have them come to my house.” Ash said

“Tomorrow.” Drake added

They nodded in agreement and flashed.

The next day, the three wolves arrived at Ash’s house. They sat in the backyard, each of their wounds healed slowly, turning to black and blue marks. Katie looked like a younger version of her mother, except she had short blond hair which was spiked up in the back. Victor brought Heather, a young African American woman, in her early twenties. Her hair was tied into a ponytail and her brown eyes kept looking around the open yard. Angela sat next to her feeling numb inside.

“You don’t have to worry; this house is spelled with a shield.” Ash said

“We already heard Angela’s story. Katie what happened last night honey?” Victor asked

“I knew Hannah from school, she’s in my math class. We made plans to meet up and go to the mall. I waited for over an hour and she didn’t show up. I tried calling her, but her mom said she had left to meet me. I called my mom to come get me and then someone hit me from behind. I couldn’t see him; he was moving around so fast. Suddenly he had me pinned against a tree, hand around my throat. He told me to stay away from Hannah. My mom appeared, allowing me to escape and run home.”

She paused and began to sniffle as tears ran down her cheeks.

“What about you Heather?” Ash asked

“I left my pack and wanted to start over. My cousin lives in town and I was on my way over to her house, when someone attacked me from behind. I ran and tripped, he ripped my clothes, I thought he was going to rape me. Luckily, I kicked him off and found myself at Victor’s door. He came out and fought with him.”

“Did he say anything to you?” Drake asked

“He said no one leaves.”

“Thank you, ladies.” Ash said

They flashed and the three men sat in silence.

“So, what do we do?” Drake asked

“We’ll make sure everyone knows about this guy, including the police.” Ash replied

That night, they arrived at the police station and Mitch walked out with his partner Lucas. He stood Mitch’s height; his brown hair was buzzed cut from serving in the army before being turned. His green eyes glowed in the dark.

“Evening gentlemen. What can we do for you?” Mitch asked

“Has anyone reported attacks by one guy?” Drake replied

“You’re going to have to be a little more specific.” Lucas continued

“Female werewolves; attacked from behind, no signs of rape and just threatened.” Ash chimed in

“No; we haven’t gotten any calls or reports like that.” Mitch replied

Drake couldn’t help the feeling that he was being watched. They all stopped talking and began looking around. A howl filled the air and suddenly Mitch was tackled to the ground, but suddenly he kicked off the black shadow.

You should stay out of my business.” The figure hissed

“You’re a bastard and a coward. Attacking two women and a child, that’s low.” Drake growled

The child was left unharmed. She was warned.

“Warned of what?” Mitch asked

To stay away, anyone who betrays him, must die.

Before anyone could say anything else the black shadow vanished. Drake growled; Mitch came up behind him.

“What the hell was that?” He asked

“I don’t know.” Drake replied

“We’ll alert the station, make sure no one goes near that thing.” Lucas added

“Thanks.” Ash said

By Monday, Angela arrived at the magazine office and walked inside. Black tiles ran throughout the first floor. She walked up to the mirrored elevators and pushed the button. The bell rang and she stepped inside and rode up to the fifth floor.

Stepping off she walked through the glass doors with silver handles, two large white desks with black computer chairs behind, stood across from each other. Taupe carpet ran throughout, walls were painted white with magazine covers framed going back to the first edition in the eighties.

She sat down at her desk and turned on her computer and saw her co-worker Wendy walk in. Wendy, an earth demon, wore black flats, matching leggings and long purple tunic. Her brown hair, loose, framed her round face.

Chapter 9

“Morning.” She said

“Morning; has the dragon lady arrived?” Angela asked

“Should be here, right about now…”

The elevator bell rang, they heard heels “clack, clack, clack” even through the carpet. A woman in her early fifties walked in. Her red heels complemented the three quartered sleeved black dress. A pair of tortoise shell sunglasses covered her brown eyes, while her silver hair was short and covered her ears.

She walked into her office and they heard her open her desk draw to put her purse away.

“Angela…” She called

She sighed and got up and walked into the large office. Two large windows overlooked into town, the white walls continued and were covered with photos of her boss at New York Fashion Weeks.

Her boss was seated at her glass desk in a vanilla leather colored chair, with a desk top computer on the left. Angela conjured a small notebook and pen and opened it to a blank page.

“Confirm my appointment with Andrea to see her fall collection. And make sure the car is here on time. You’ll be coming with me.” She paused; “Thank you Angela.”

Angela wrote down the note quickly and stood there stunned. She quickly turned on her heels and walked out to her desk.

By the end of the day she pulled up in front of Sanctuary, Drake was sitting on the porch talking with Alex.

“Hey what are you doing here?” She asked

“I came by to see how you were doing. I’m not the type to just drop and leave.” He replied

She smirked and sat down next to him.

“I’m okay… just taking things one day at a time.”


Her cell phone rang, and she picked up.

“Theresa…” She paused; “Alright.”

She sighed and stood up.

“What’s up?” He asked

“I have to go. She needs me to pick up the rough copy of the next addition of the magazine. And deliver it to her house.” She replied

“You want some company?”

“Sure. But you can’t come inside Theresa’s house.”

They flashed to the magazine, she walked out holding a large booklet. She flashed them to Theresa’s farm. It looked like it came out of painting. Fresh cut green grass, white picket fence stretching beyond the house and around the red farmhouse.

They stood on the gravel driveway which curved to leave. She walked up the white steps and opened the white door with golden doorknob. She came back out, looking calm and relieved.

“Let’s go.” She said

Flashing back to ‘Sanctuary’, Max had morphed into her tiger form and was running up the driveway. She morphed back seeing Drake and Angela.

“Max what happened?”

“Whoever is after Angela, showed up here. Luckily, I was able to fight him off, but he was snooping around.” Max replied

“I’m so sorry Max. I’m not safe anywhere.” Angela sighed

“Angela don’t worry about it. You are safe here. We just have to step up security.”

“Thank you, Max.,”

“Now if you’ll excuse me. I’m going to get cleaned up.”

She walked inside, Drake turned to Angela who was pacing back and forth.

“Calm down… he’s not going to kill you.”

“He’ll find me. I’ve seen him kill traitors.”

“Who is he?”

“I can’t…”

She stopped pacing and flashed into the house. He sighed and left for home, seemed useless to try and ask her, who was her former pack leader.

Three weeks past, the police had stepped up patrols and the attacks seemed to have stopped. It seemed too easy for this guy to give up.

He arrived at ‘Sanctuary’ seeing Mitch’s patrol car parked in the driveway. The front door opened, he walked out with Max and Alex behind him.

“What’s going on?” Drake asked

“We had to file a missing person’s report. Angela didn’t come home for two days. Nothing is missing from her room. I called her office and her co-worker said she left at five.” Max replied

“Let me have something with her scent on it. I’ll track her down.” Drake suggested

“Drake…” Mitch paused; “Let us come with you.”

Max went inside, wolves’ howls filled the air. He hadn’t heard them in a while and none of them sounded familiar. Max came back out with one of Angela’s t-shirt. The scent of a sweet perfume and pine tree filled his nose.

He morphed into his wolf form and began running. Lucas and Mitch followed him. The trail led them into the forest further past where some other packs lived. The smell of smoke hit his nose; someone was burning a fire.

You two stay here. I’m going ahead to see what’s in the clearing.” Drake growled

Lucas and Mitch nodded as Drake slowly walked up to a large clearing. His eyes widened to see Angela, in her wolf form, tied to a tree. He noticed a red collar sticking out from her black fur, she tried to move, but the collar shocked her. She yelped and the dark figure appeared behind her.

“Stop wasting your strength. That collar won’t let your morph back.” It commented

Angela growled “When I get free, I’m ripping your head off!

“Feisty; no wonder he liked you so much. But he’s moved on to someone ever better. Me.”

I give it a month before he hunts you down or kills you.

The figure laughed, “I doubt it. Now shut up and stop trying to escape. He’ll be here soon. And I think your knight in shining armor has arrived. Hello Drake, it’s been too long.”

He froze and watched the figure reach up and take off the hood of the black sweatshirt it wore.

His eyes widened to see Ashley. She unzipped the sweatshirt and tossed it on the ground; she wore a red t-shirt beneath.

He morphed back into his human form and walked up to her.

“Ashley; who are you working for?” Drake asked

“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise.”

“Cut the bullshit!”

She giggled, “So impatient. If you’re so desperate to know, I’ll bring you too; along with your girlfriend or whatever.”

Before he could respond, she flashed and appeared behind him. He heard the snap of the collar, it shocked him, causing him to fall to his knees.

“Drake!” Mitch yelled

“Stay back!” He growled

“You brought company. Well we can’t have any loose ends.” She said

Mitch and Lucas blurred running towards Ashley. She laughed and drew a gun, firing two shots Lucas was hit in the heart. He fell to the ground, his body convulsed and turned into dust. The other shot grazed Mitch’s arm and he got away.

“You better run blood sucker!” Ashley yelled

She turned to Drake and Angela, aiming her gun at them she signaled them to start walking.

“What happened?” He asked in a low whisper

I was leaving work and got attacked from behind. I morphed and she put the collar on me. We ended up in the woods, she tied me to a tree. I tried to break free, but the damn thing started burning my fur.” She replied; “You came to look for me?

“Max and Alex filed a police report. They were worried and called me, along with the vamp cops. Any idea where she’s taking us?”

Back to my asshole of an ex. She’s his new pet.

“Who is he Angela?”

He saw the tears form in her eyes, she blinked to let them fall onto the ground. They stopped and saw someone sitting in a tree. It leapt down and Angela’s eyes stared at the ground.

Allister…” She growled

“Oh fuck…” He mumbled

Allister was barefoot wearing a black t-shirt and matching jeans. Ashley walked up to him, he took her into his arms and kissed her.

“Good job love.” He said

“Thank you. Should I stay?” She replied

“Keep an eye on Drake.”

He walked up to Angela, who tried to back away, but the collar sent small shocks throughout her body.

“Hi Ange, did you really think you could hide forever?” He whispered

Least I made the hunt interesting. Didn’t I?” She asked

“It’s that feisty attitude that made you so damn sexy.”

Touch me and that hand will disappear.

He smirked as he bent down on one knee and cupped her head in his hand.

“Idle threats. That collar would send out the maximum voltage. It’d kill you.”

It’d be worth it.

Mitch arrived at Ash’s house, he and Jade walked out seeing him slowly walking and holding his smoking arm.

“Babe what the hell happened?” She asked

“Never mind about me. Drake has been captured by a wolf named Ashley. She kidnapped Angela, two days ago when she was leaving work.” He replied

He hissed in pain, “Does healing hurt this bad?”

“It does. But this isn’t healing fast enough. Ashley has bullets of pure light, she was prepared. Seems some of the light got inside.”

“Amber…” Ash called

Amber appeared beside him.

“Keep an eye on Mitch and Trina. Jade and I need to go save Drake.”

“Vamp got hit by light.” Amber whispered

“Keep an eye on him, if the light takes effect.” Jade said

“Let’s go.” Ash added

“Amber where is Drake?” Jade asked

“Woods… far from White Tigress.”

“How does she…” Mitch paused

Chapter 10

He hissed in pain and Amber conjured a wet cloth and pressed it against the small wound.

“It’s a long story…” Jade replied

They flashed and appeared in the woods.

“Do you sense him?” Ash asked

“North…” Jade replied

“Let’s go.”

Allister was loading a gun; Drake saw they were silver bullets. It could either kill a werewolf or slow down their morph from wolf to human. Drake leaned up against a tree and began to think, why would he go after these specific women. But then, it hit him. They were former members of his pack and witness his sadistic ways.

“Attacking a child, that’s low even for you.” He commented

Allister put his gun into a brown leather holster, he glared at Drake.

“Heather wanted her daughter to have a normal life. She was home schooled but didn’t want to be sheltered. Pathetic. I’m sure Angela told you she witnessed my numerous kills. But she had to leave and attempt to start over. So, she has to go.”

Bastard. I’m not going anywhere.” Angela snapped

He walked up to her and went to kick her, but she managed to move. Drake cringed hearing her yelp as he watched Allister landed a blow.

“Leave her alone!” Drake yelled

“You’re not going to interfere.” Ashely growled

She pointed her gun at him, fired, but he dodged the bullet and it pierced the tree trunk. He cringed feeling the shock of the collar. Ashley stood over him aiming the gun right in between his eyes. His eyes saw Allister pick up Angela by her throat.

“Angela!” Drake screamed

Jade and Ash arrived; her eyes widened snapping his collar. Closing his eyes, he morphed into his wolf form, his eyes opened and saw the collar fell at his feet.

“What the hell! Who’s out there?” Ashley screamed

Jade blurred and tackled Ashely to the ground.

“Ashley… long time no see….” Jade whispered

She smiled and exposed her fangs. Ashley tried to move, but Jade used her powers to pin her to the ground.

“I’m not his precious mortal anymore.” She whispered

Using her powers, she snapped Ashely’s neck and stood up. Drake tackled Allister, he lost his grip on Angela’s neck and she fell to the ground coughing. Ash appeared next to her, holding out his hand. She morphed back into her human form and stood up.

“Angela are you alright?” Ash asked

“Yeah, once Allister is out of my life for good.” She replied

Allister pinned Drake to the ground. He morphed back into his human form and kicked him off. Angela ran up to him, cracking her neck. Allister conjured the gun after Ashley dropped it. He fired and struck Angela in the chest.

“Angela!” Drake cried

Jade blurred over to her and Ash picked her up carrying her away. Drake looked at Jade, she smiled “Kick his ass.” She whispered. Looking up at the sky, he let out a loud howl and began to morph, but he changed into a Lycan.

Allister laughed, “Well isn’t this a fancy new trick. It won’t help.”

It’s over Allister.” Drake growled

Both started running towards each other, Drake swung his arm like a sword as he ran past Allister. They stopped at the same time, Allister looked down seeing large scratch marks, quickly he turned and began firing, but Drake flashed.

“Come out and fight Drake!” Allister yelled

With pleasure…” Drake replied

He appeared and swung his hand again chopping Allister’s head off. As the head fell to the ground, the body fell forward. He howled and gradually morphed back into his human form. As he ran up to Jade and Ash, he looked down at Angela.

“Oh god… mom!” He called

Kira appeared next to her son.

“What happened?” She asked

“Please help, Angela was shot with a silver bullet.” Drake replied

She knelt and examined the wound.

“It was a through and through. The bullet isn’t lodged in her body.” She said

Holding her hand out over the wound, they all watched the silver liquid leave Angela’s body. Her eyes slowly opened, Drake picked her up and they flashed to his house. He placed her on the couch, Kira check her vitals.

“She needs rest. But she’ll heal soon.” She commented

“Thanks mom.”

“No problem.”

She flashed as Amber appeared in the entrance, Jade turned around seeing her signal to follow her. They walked outside. She handed Jade two envelopes, one addressed to her and the other was from the vampire council. She opened the one, it was from Mitch. As she read it, her wedding band came off her finger.

“I’m so sorry vamp lady.” Amber whispered

“It’s ok Amber. Could you burn that for me?”

She handed the fire demon her ring and it became engulfed in flames. She also tossed Mitch’s letter and watched it burn. She opened the letter from the vampire council, Amber conjured a pen and handed it to her. She signed a few papers, folded them back up and put them into the envelope.

Amber hugged Jade tightly and they stood in silence. Inside Angela woke up to see Drake sitting on the floor.

“How are you feeling?” He asked

“Better.” She replied

Slowly she sat up, making room for him to sit down.

“Could I ask you something?” He continued


“What the hell did you see in him?”

She giggled placing her

head into her hands briefly.

“He did have a heart, beneath that tough exterior was caring person. Over time he stopped caring and used me as a trophy, spy, consort. He did tell me about you and your history with women."

He sighed, "It's nothing I'm proud of. Jade kept me from wandering. We dated and since she's a telepath, I couldn't lie."

"That’s definitely interesting.”

“Now that you have your life back, would you want to go out sometime?”

“I’d like that.”



The ‘Circle Lounge’ was crowded as Drake’s band was setting up in the corner of the bar. Angela walked in and she sat in the first section of couches. Jade H walked up and sat across from her.

“Hey Angela.” She said

“Hi Jade, how are you holding up?” Angela asked

“I’m taking it one day at a time. But I wanted to talk about Drake.”

Angela leaned in as Jade kept a smile on her face.

“Let me start by saying, I tell this to everyone who dates one of my friends. If you hurt Drake in any way, you’ll have to answer to me and Amber.”

She learned about how he imprinted with Amber when she first arrived. It explained why she and Drake were so close.


“Great. Now can I get you anything to eat or drink?”

“A glass of white zinfandel please. So, Drake told me you’re going to perform tonight.”

“For a few songs, but then it’s back to work.”

“I look forward to it.”

“I’ll be back with your wine.”

She went behind the bar, as a bottle of ‘Sutter home’ came out from the wine fridge. A glass landed in front of her and the bottle opened. The liquid poured and filled the glass halfway, she picked up the glass and brought it over.

“Have you decided on anything to eat?”

“Yeah; fried shrimp and fries please.”

“No problem. I’ll put that in.”

Jade Smith came out from the office, as Dannie and Michelle clocked in.

“Evening ladies.” Jade H said

“Hey, ready for your comeback tour?” Dannie asked

“Yeah, for one night and one night only.” She giggled

“So, what’s the plan?” Michelle asked

“We’ll cover…” Jade Jacobs paused

“The bar.” Jade H continued; “You two have the couches, plus one high top.”

“Alright. Jade I didn’t know you sang with Drake.” Michelle commented

“Back in the day, I dated that wolf.”

They stepped behind the bar, Drake walked up to the bar, she looked up and smiled.

“I gave her the talk.” She paused

“Don’t screw up.” Jade J added

“Oh, ye of little faith.” He snapped

“Not faith, instincts.” They said together

“We go on in five minutes.”

They began to look around, both felt something. Angela’s food appeared in the window and Jade H took it over to Angela.

“Thank Jade it smells delicious.” Angel said; “Don’t worry I won’t hurt Drake.”

“You’re welcome. And I know.”

Her apron un-tied itself and flew over to the bar, she fixed her hair and walked up to Drake and the band. Taking the microphone, the crowd got quiet.

“Good evening everyone. The Circle Lounge is proud to host Almost Famous. Please make sure to enjoy your drinks and meals. And be sure to take care of my girls, Jade, Dannie, and Michelle. Thank you!” Jade said

The crowd applauded as Sam began to play the chords to ‘Broken’. Drake began singing and soon she joined in.

Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome

And I don't feel right when you've gone away

You've gone away

You don't feel me here anymore

The worst is over now, and we can breathe again

I want to hold you high, and steal my pain away

There's so much left to learn, and no one left to fight

I want to hold you high and steal your pain

They joined together in the chorus and her eyes scanned the crowd. Suddenly they stopped at a familiar face sitting at the bar.

Am I seeing things?” She asked

If you mean… then I’m just as insane as you.” Jade Jacobs replied

Keep an eye on him.

After performing two songs, she walked off and noticed Hades standing outside with Persephone by his side. Amber was talking with them, as she walked outside.

“Hades, Persephone enjoying the show?” Jade asked

“You have a beautiful voice love. “Hades commented

“Drake finally seems happy.” Persephone added

“Hades…” Amber growled; “I go inside… leave to talk.”

Amber walked inside and sat with Trent at the bar. Drake and the band were taking the stage again and began playing.

“So, what are you two doing here?” Jade asked

“Aphrodite’s magic had a side effect when she resurrected Talon to spy on Paige.” Persephone replied

Chapter 11

The band finished the set, Angela walked up to them. She hugged him tightly, her feet lifted off the floor and he spun her around. As her feet touched the ground, she looked at the others.

“You guys were great.” She said

“Thanks.” Christy replied; “I almost forgot how fun it was when Jade performed with us.”

“This was a onetime comeback tour.” Drake said

“Let’s finish loading all the equipment. Jade Jacobs opened the backdoor for us.” Sam suggested

“I’ll help.” Angela said

By the time they finished, Angela was waiting by the backdoor as Drake locked his car.

“So how does it feel to have your life back?” He asked

“It feels great. I decided to stay at my job. It turns out my boss is a werebear. I happened to overhear a conversation she was having on the phone. I didn’t say anything, but it does explain her nasty mood swings.”

“That does explain a lot. She won’t admit it will she?”

Angela shook her head, “She’s very private. Comes in does her job and acts as bitchy as possible. Keeps everyone on their toes.”

He pulled her into his arms, smelling her sweet perfume. They walked back into the lounge; the girls were busy working. Jade H walked back inside looking confused and happy. He wasn’t going to pry.

They joined the band at a high-top table, Dannie brought over a tray of drinks, including his martini.

“Enjoy guys. I put your food orders in, so it should be up soon.” She said

“Thanks Kitten.” Drake said

“No problem.”

They raise their glasses for a toast to a successful evening. Jade H noticed her sister served Talon; his glass was empty. She smiled, he still liked Guinness.

“Another pint?” She asked

He looked up and smiled.

“Sure. Thank you…” He replied

She sent the glass down to the other end of the bar. The car oil like liquid flowed from the tap filling the glass to the rim. It slid back to her and she placed it in front of him.

His food should be up soon.” Jade Jacobs commented

Thank you.” She replied; “Are you new in town?”

“Yeah, from New York.”


A month later, Drake and Angela arrived at the hospital, seeing Amber, Trent, the ‘Jades’ and Ryan, sitting in the waiting area.

“What happened?” Drake asked

“Trina’s water broke…” Jade H paused

“At the bar…” Jade Jacob finished her sister’s sentence

“Wow… how is she?” Angela asked

“Settled in room…” Amber replied

Ash walked out, wearing navy blue scrubs and black sneakers. He took off the protective head covering and tossed it into a trash can.

“Come and meet my son.” He said

Everyone got up and they flashed up to the maternity ward. They walked up to the nursery and looked down in the front row.

A light blue cap sat upon his round head, he had fallen asleep and was wrapped in a matching blanket. Strands of black hair poked out from underneath.

“Hi Little Titan…” Amber whispered

“Congratulations Ash.” Drake added

“Thank you.” He replied

“What’s his name?” Angela asked

“Christopher, after my father.”

“Can we see Trina?” Jade J asked

“Tomorrow. She fell asleep after feeding him.” Ash replied

They left, but Angela stopped feeling a burning sensation on her wrist. She looked down seeing a heart tattoo forming. Drake growled and looked down at his wrist. Amber sighed as she stepped outside.

“Wolf? What happened?” Amber asked

“Looks like I’ve found my mate for life.” He replied

“We still…”

“That is for life cupcake.”


They walked outside, he took her by the hand, he walked over to his motorcycle. Taking her into his arms, she pressed her body against his. Their lips met and then she pulled off her helmet that hung off the handle.

“Let’s go home.” She whispered

They put on their helmets and she wrapped her arms around his waist tightly. Putting the key into the ignition, turning it sideways the bike started, purring like a kitten. They drove off, as the ‘Jades’ walked out.

“I’ve never seen him so happy.” Jade J commented

“Agreed. And now he’s…” Jade H added

“Mated for life.” She finished her sister’s sentence

“How romantic.” They said together

They pulled up in front of his house, she moved in last month and sold her apartment. She jumped into his arms, legs wrapping around his waist. They flashed inside and fell onto their bed. Their clothes dissolved and she tilted her head to the side.

“What?” He asked

“Whatever happened to floor play?” She giggled

“Angela… shut up.”

Their lips met; tongues began dancing with each other. He entered and began to move back and forth slowly. His lips left hers and traveled along her jaw and moved down to her neck. Suddenly she gasped as his lips found her breast.

His speed increased as she moaned in pleasure. Both climaxed and he lied down next to her, she leaned up on one elbow, wrapping her one leg over him.

“I love you.” She whispered

“I love you too.”

Elsewhere the ‘Jades’ and Ryan walked into the bar; Dannie had just removed the ‘Wet Floor’ sign.

“How’s Trina?” She asked

“It’s a boy.” Ryan replied

“They’re fine.” The ‘Jades’ replied

“Great. That was our excitement for the evening.” Dannie giggled

“Yeah. The entire staff at the hospital looked at us, like we were crazy.” Ryan commented

“Like they’ve never…” Jade J paused

“Seen telepaths using their powers to carry a woman before.” Jade H finished her sister’s sentenced.

Dannie laughed as Michelle walked over with her tray.

“How’s Trina?” She asked

“She and the baby are fine.” Ryan replied