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Divinity Book 1: Chapter 3

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Writing has been a hobby of mine since...well since I could remember. It's only fitting that I devote more time doing so professionally.

Chapter 3: Nick Thyme

Nick stands at his open door where Aaron, dressed in a white T and grey pajama pants, stood waiting for an invite in. Nick grins, "I'm sorry. You are...?" Aaron pushes up against Nick.

"Dude, let me in." Aaron barges in out of his accord. Nick stands back, shutting the door, allowing for Aaron to pack his stuff on the couch. Aaron looks around, noticing the lack of parentage in the house. "Usually your parents open the door for me. Are they asleep or out or what?"

" They're out for the next two days. Business trip or something. They didn't get into much detail."

Aaron leans on the couch, glancing out at Nick. " So what do we have planned for tonight?"

Nick reaches into a plastic bag hidden in the couch. "Hm, I was thinking maybe..." He reveals a plastic case. "...Covert Warfare 3?" Aaron grabs the case and read its cover.



Aaron and Nick sits in the latter one's room in front of 36" flat screen, gun shots on blast. Nick rubs his eye, clearly tired from the long night. Aaron, seeing this, asks, "Aw, you done for the night?"

"Look at the clock. It's 1 in the morning," the clock reading 1:03. Nick throws his controller of to the side and crawls himself in bed.

"That's never stopped the party before." Nick turns over on his back and stares at the ceiling. Quiet. "I guess that's the case this time." Aaron makes his way over between Nick's bed and the wall where his sleeping bag laid. He unzips the bag and maneuvers his way inside, zipping himself back in. When he's situated, Nick, feeling awkward, makes conversation.

"So, what went down with you and J..."


"Yeah her." Aaron rolls over.

"We just sat and talked. Nothing else really."

"You sure?"

" Why wouldn't I be?" Nick looks over and smiles wildly.

"I don't know. With you, I can't take things at face value." Aaron sits up in a flash.

" The fact that you don't trust your friend is upsetting." Nick chuckles and sits up himself.

"Your fault, not mine, but speaking of girls, I found a girl who looks just like the one in my dreams."

"Yeah? Like what?

"Like her name."

"Which is?"

"Ashley." Aaron grimaces.

"Red hair in a pony tail? Not buff but somewhat muscular in build?"

Nick nods. "Yes, you know her?"

Aaron falls back on his sleeping bag with a THUD. "Hate her. Acts like she's above everyone."

"Ah." Nick rolls back over on his bed, closing his eyes. "Well, I'm gonna get some rest."


There's a dimly lit classroom, eerily quiet. CRACK! Chunks of ice forms in the room, sending desks flying, a percentage freezing the desks in mid-air. Soon the entire school freezes over.

A stunning bright white light shines in Nick's face, causing him to wake annoyed.

"Turn the light off," He urged Aaron. "Turn it off!" But Aaron never responds. Nick looks for the source but finds that it wasn't emitting from his room. "What is that?"

He makes his way over to the window where Aaron stood staring blankly out at a beam of white light where eight orbs of light circled. A deafening BOOM! goes off, reaching both boys, to which they covered their ears out of desperation. Two balls of light, one bright green and the other white, race out from the beam straight at Nick and Aaron. Seeing the projectiles headed their way, Nick pulls on the window and yells for Aaron, "Get dow--!"

The orbs hit them both, Nick's last sight being that of the green orb entering his friend's chest. His vision fades and all is DARK.

Nick opens his eyes. He finds himself looking down. A young adult, his body completely engulfed in flames, smiles wickedly at Nick. Nick finds himself staring not only at the figures immense height compared to his own, but the stains of blood that littered his body and clothes. The figure raises his hand, fire on its tips, and addresses Nick.

"How pleasant it is to see you again after all these years."

© 2018 Hazel

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