Divinities Book 1: Chapter 4

Updated on February 5, 2018
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Writing has been a hobby of mine since...well since I could remember. It's only fitting that I devote more time doing so professionally.

Chapter 4: Apex

Saturday. October 7, 2017. 3:45 A.M.

He floated miles above the earth, though hundreds of years old and still in his formal greecian garbs, sitting on his throne in the clouds. His name was Apex, and all around him was still, quiet even; the sound of only an inner voice urging him on.

"Why are you still watching? All these years, all that you've witnessed from the inferior species that we are unfortunate enough to proect. It was all for nothing. They'll die from their own doing and with them, the world too shall perish."

Apex slams his fist down on the arm of his throne, sending a deafening BOOM! throughout the sky. "Keep quiet or I'll..." He cripples in pain, hand twitching. The voice in his head laughs, snorts even.

"What's the matter, brother? Have you finally come to your senses?" Apex rises, grabbing his head, and floats a few inches from his cloud throne, wincing in pain. "What's this, this feeling? Almost...tingly." Apex's back begins shimmering, a teen resembling Apex, the only difference being that instead of being a bronzed skin, fairly scarred god only a pale copy, tears himself from the physical bond that was his brother and hovers behind Apex. "Free?"

"N-not for long." Apex, weak from the separation, turns around with a fist made, aimed at his brother's face. But the attack is easily dodged. Clearly frustrated Apex swings with his right fist, his brother blocking it this time. A shockwave errupts, sending both sprawling in opposite directions. Apex recovers, but not as quickly as his brother. "Years of being imprisoned in your mind by your own doing. That will not pass with me brother!"

The eyes of Apex's brother was one of pure hatred. They glowed a menancing purple, anger on full display. "Be sure to understand that this is completely personal, as I will NOT allow for you to do so again!"

Apex rushes his kindred, thinking little of what was to come, but as he prepared another fist in retaliation, his hands boiling bright red, a blast of pure darkness wills itself into his body, into his mind and sight; blinding him and causing him to blackout. Apex falls towards the Earth, his body limp and his brother laughing maniacly above him.

"I hope you're prepared brother! If you aren't able to do your job properly, then I will!"

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