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Divinities Book 1: Chapter 2

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Writing has been a hobby of mine since...well since I could remember. It's only fitting that I devote more time doing so professionally.

Present Nick


Nick awakens to a consistent poking on his side. He moans in annoyance, tired for seemingly no reason, and glances to his right where his friend sat, head resting on his raised fist, smirking at Nick's displeasure.

"Dude, you need to get up." Nick groans.

"No. Completely drained Aaron, so stop poking me with that pencil."

Aaron pulls back the strands of hair covering his left eye and retracts his hand, "Then go to bed earlier." Nick rolls over and stares at Aaron, face scrunched up displaying both Nick's anger and tiredness.

"Thanks, Aaron. That helps a lot right now."

"Hey, your lack of sleep doesn't justify your being a jerk."

Nick sighs.

"Sorry man," Nick leans back and stares at the ceiling. " It's just... I had that dream again."

Aaron raises his head in grievance. "Ugh, the one with the wife and kid?"

Still leaning his seat, Nick responds, " Yep." He raises his hands. "I know this may sound crazy, but they felt, I don't know, real. Like they were my actual family."

Aaron lowers his head, staring at his desk, saddened in the moment. "Yeah, I know what you mean."

Nick jumps in excitement in his seat. "You do?"

Aaron looks back up at Nick with a huge grin on his face, "Yeah. The girls I kiss in my dreams feel so real."

Nick punches Aaron in the shoulder, face completely flustered. "That's NOT what I MEANT!"

"I'm just saying. Maybe these dreams are just that, a dream? If you really want something or overly obsessed with an item, person or thing, wouldn't it manifest itself in your dreams? Your experience with these items would be heightened and feel more 'real'."

"You could be right, but the thing is I don't sit around obsessing over being a father, living a life in a valley with my wife and kid."

Aaron rolls his eyes, obviously done with the topic. " Look, I don't know man. Just try not to think about it. The more you think about it, the more frequent the dreams."

"I understand, but you know this time... this time was different. I saw myself being born... and there was this girl- -"

Aaron smirks. "My type of dream."

"Ew, no. This girl, I think she goes here, but in my dream she and I... we were surrounded by ice..."

" And?"

Nick eyes widens, staring at his palms. " ... and she was shooting flames from her hands."

The bell rings, students in the class rushing to leave the class. The teacher stops at the door with a stack of graded essays at ready, passing them to students walking out the class. As the two prepare their bags and get up to leave, Aaron responds. "Nick don't worry. There's nothing weird about that because like you said, 'IT WAS A DREAM!'"

The two strolls pass the teacher, she handing her the two their respected essays. They walk together for a minute, each assessing their papers. Aaron, seeing his grade, yells in excitement. "Nice! I got a seven on my essay. What about you, Nick?"

Nick stares ahead, his face pouty. He raises his essay papers."This isn't even possible."

Aaron sees the grade. "Evidently it is."

"What is this? She claims that my thesis was 'poorly written' and didn't 'answer the prompt'."

"Eh," Aaron, being taller than Nick, places his elbows on Nick's shoulder. "What can you do?"

"Mm." A girl walks back in a blue hoodie, her hair draped over the majority of her face. Aaron looks up and follows her with his eyes.

"Hey, uh...I'm going to check up on Jennifer if you don't mind." Nick doesn't answer, focused solely on his essay. "Nick!"


"I said I was going to go check up on..."

"Yeah. Yeah. Jennifer." Nick stops, placing his hand on Aaron's chest, halting him in his tracks. "Wait, who's Jennifer?"

Aaron points out the blue-hooded girl. "Her."

"Oh, the loner?"


"If she's what you're into, then be my guest."

Aaron blushes. "I'm not into her, she just doesn't talk to anyone else. I like keeping her company."

Nick smirks at Aaron maniacly. " Sure. Good luck man."

Aaron takes a few steps in her direction before turning back to Nick. "We're still up for tonight, though, right?"

"As long as you are, I'm down."

Aaron smiles and heads off for Jennifer.

Nick goes back to reading over his essay, not paying much attention to his surroundings.


Nick walks right into a six foot-tall muscle bound guy, surrounded by equally buff, equally cruel, bullies. "Jared. I'm sorry I was just- -"

Jared turns around and grabs Nick by the collar. "...getting ready to get a beating."

"Wow! I took that out of context. So what is it going to be? Threats? Action?"

"I guess we'll have to see, won't we?" Jared pulls upwards, causing Nick's head to hang back a bit.

Sarcastically, Nick asks, "Finally, will there be excitement in our relationship?" Jared laughs boldly.

"If that's how you see this, then I guess so." Jared asks his group, "What do you guys say it'll be?" The group mutters, Nick rolling his eyes impatiently. He checks his watch, but catches a glimpse of familiar red-hair.


Jared turns his head back around. "Hm?"

"How long have you been my bully? Since when? Fifth grade?"

"Yeah..." Jared raises him even higher.

"Well I've never ask you for much, but I need you to answer a question for me."

Jared looks at Nick quizzically. "Shoot." The girl walks by, laughing with another girl at her side. Nick raises his fist, and points behind him at the red-haired girl with his thumb.

"Who's that?"

"The red-haired girl? That's Ashley."

Nick cranes his head back, watching Ashley enter a class room. "Ashley?

"Yep. Why Nicky, you crushing on her?"

"No I've just seen her around lately." Nick grabs Aaron's arm and lifts himself up. "You mind if we reschedule this to like, next Monday?"

Jared lowers Nick. "I don't usually take requests Nick, but," He unhands him. "...fine. Come Monday, be ready."

© 2018 Hazel

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