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Divinities Book 1

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Writing has been a hobby of mine since...well since I could remember. It's only fitting that I devote more time doing so professionally.

Elder Nick Thyme


Chapter 1: Nick Thyme

Darkness. A void between life and death, the difference of whether he existed or not. He wasn't sure if he'd return, but his mind was fleeting; fading in and out. One moment he's remembering his final moment with his kids, realizing that his entire existence, though meaningful, was cursed to be repetitive for all time caused only by himself and... then the memory vanishes without a trace. Everything he knew was there, but he angered at the fact that no matter how hard he tried he was doomed to... that memory was lost.

A light. No. A sun, caressing over the crest of the valley hills, it's light cascading down its grassy slopes and onto the farming village lying below. He himself sat on an adjacent hill, two shadows were cast over him on either side. He looks to his left; an elderly woman with pure white, brittle hair leaned against him, burying herself in his shoulders smiling at the view. He knew her, in fact, he could recall her name, Sammy, and she was his wife. The majority of his life was spent with her and he enjoyed every moment of it. Ever since their first meeting 68 years ago when he lost... that memory was lost.

To his right was a young boy, about 13 years old, his arm wrapped around his legs and chin resting on his knees. The boy's blonde hair blew in the wind of the beautiful morning, the tears in his eyes obvious. He felt bad for this kid, no, for his son, Jerome. Though his time with Jerome was short, he never regretted a moment of it. Jerome was a miracle to have ever been born, but there he was, caring, crying, but for what? He didn't know. In fact, he didn't know how to respond to Jerome's emotions, so he reached out for him, hoping to hold Jerome in his arms, close to him, so that he knew how much his father cared. But the light from the sun was beginning to fade. The force of the wind, though slight already, began to lose its strength. His arms were weak and shook as they got further away from his nimble body. His vision grew dark, his last image of Jerome staring back in horror and rushing to aid his dying father.

"Dad? I love you."

The memory past and was lost.

But as soon as that was lost another arose. He woke to the beeps and disinfectant smell of a hospital; the sound of a doctor urging his bearer to push. He blinks. A nurse is holding him over a wide sink, rinsing him off with warm water. Another blink. He's in the arms of his mother who smiles down at him with beads of sweating along her forehead.

"Aw, you're my adorable little baby. My beautiful baby boy and I won't let anything bad happen to you." She nuzzles him and kisses him on the forehead, looking up and finds man, her husband, approaching."

"Let me see my strong little man." A dirty blonde haired man wearing a goatee gets kneels before his wife and kid and tickles the chin of his new son. "Hey sport."

He laughs, taking the finger of his father and gumming at it. The previous nurse who had washed him approaches the couple with a clipboard. "I need to take the name of your newborn. What'll it be?"

The two answer in unison.



The nurse gives the two a quizzical look to which his father responds, " Nick Ian Thyme."

The nurse smirks. " You two don't think that's a bit too on the nose?"

His father responds, " What do you mean?"

The memory darkens and it was lost.

Once more he was trapped between what was, what is, and what will soon to be. He didn't have any control over his position in time. This infuriated him, but when he decided to lash out he came to the realization that he had no physical body to riot in.

Another light, but this time was different. Everything around were frozen; tendrils of ice layering over the surface of a school. He feels a strange sensation emanating from the ground and looks down finding that his shoes were slowly iced over.

"NICK!" His name...was that his name? "NICK!"

He turns around and finds a fire-haired girl about his age shouting in anger at him. Emitting from her hands were flames, barely controllable from the strain of her face, having little to know effect on the multilayered ice.


Nick notices that he's panicked, his heart beating faster than he'd ever known. He was sweating over, even with this ice producing below freezing temperatures. He could vaguely remember this situation. There were others, but he couldn't recall whom they were exactly. And this ice, where did it all come from. It was familiar to him, but what caused it all?

Darkness. Then the memory was lost.

Nick jolts up, everything around him covered in the looming darkness of night. He grabbed at his heart, still racing. His hair damp with sweat. He looks down at his alarm clock sitting on his desk near him.

It read: 3:47 AM.

© 2018 Hazel

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