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The Dinner

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Adekitan is a Nigerian writer and poet. She has Self-published over seven novels. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends


The Dinner

"Trust me you will enjoy yourself I promise" Abeni said to Sharon, trying to cajole her.

Sharon suspected it may be one of the numerous ways of Abeni to matchmake her again.

It's been six months since Akin has left her, and she is not yet ready to start anything with any one, but Abeni will not let her be. "besides you always enjoy hanging out with us" she pout prettily at her.

"Yes I won't deny that I enjoy hanging out with you and your husband, but you always end up bringing one of your husband numerous friends, trying to matchmake me to them"

"That's because you deserve to be with someone. You need to move on".
Sharon knows Abeni will not let her be, so she reluctantly accept the dinner invitation at their house, "Take off that mischievous look away, don't think you have won, because once I saw any prospective male friend am leaving" she threatened her jovially.

She chose a red flowing evening gown that has a wrap around bust line with a v-shape neckline, and applied a small touch of make up, she completed her look with a gold strappy sandal has the gown covers her feet.

She gave a last glanced at the mirror to check her look, and felt confident with what she saw. At thirty-seven, Sharon did not look a day older than thirty, she is blessed with a cherubic look, 5feet tall, plump, fair in complexion , That is why it was so hard for Abeni to understand why Akin did what he did.

She took out a fruit wine from her fridge to take along with her to Abeni's house before leaving .

She is always happy to hang out with Abeni and her husband, she embraced them with a smile and visibly relax when she didn't see any other person apart from the couple.

"Thanks for having me over, and I brought wine" Abeni took the wine from her and left to put it inside the fridge.

"So how is work going" Bayo asked .

"Going well.." she answered. Both conversing on how their work thing is going.

Abeni was just announcing that the table is set for them to come over for dinner when they heard a knock.

"Don't worry Abeni, I will get it for you" Sharon gesture to her to continue with setting the table. Sharon opened the door to see someone she thought she will never meet again, "you? this is a small world indeed" she said has she ushered him in.

MacDonald too was pretty much surprised to see her as well, Abeni was looking at both of them with funny eyes.

"So you two have met before? Interesting , this makes my work easier" she muttered the last part to herself.

They all sat down to eat has Sharon explained how they met to them, "aww that's Donald for you, always wanting to help" Abeni chuckles.

"Now ladies it's no big deal, it just the right thing to do" Donald replied.

Sharon later got to know that Donald is a friend of the family, and also a Medical Doctor.

After the dinner the ladies went to the kitchen to clean up, "so tell me do you like him?" Abeni ask her.

"Who?" She replied trying to feign ignorance.

"Stop that, you know who and don't pretend you didn't notice how good looking he is"

"Okay fine I accept he is good looking , and a gentleman but am not sure am ready for anything serious"

"Just give him a chance" Abeni appealed to her.

MacDonald could not believe that the beautiful lady he is seeing now was the same broken lady he rescued months ago, he is very happy to see that she is healing nicely, when Abeni insisted on him coming for dinner to meet her friend, he was a little bit reluctant but he knows she will not take no for an answer.

So he came preparing his mind to just hangout with his friend and let abeni take care of her friend, but now things has changed.

"I noticed you could not stop staring at her" Bayo said conversationally as they sat in the sitting room waiting for the ladies.

"You are right Bayo, I couldn't help myself, she is beautiful. You know I didn't notice her that night, I just helped her and left" he replied still surprised to see her.

"Just don't hurt her Donald, you are my friend and she meant a lot to my wife has well" he told him frankly.

"I won't hurt her. She is the woman I'm going to marry" he said with a smile.

Bayo burst into laughter, "what you? Marry? You like her that much , that you are convinced ,wow this is shocking I thought you always say marriage is not for you, now at forty you finally wants to settled down" he looked at him with wonder.

"Just wait and see" MacDonald told him.

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