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Deus - A Diary Story Part 2

March 1st 9 PM

“Welcome, you are right on time, you’re as punctual as ever, Audrey. I know I’ve told you this before, but you do know your name means nobility and strength, am I correct?”

“Yes Deus, you have.”

“Good, so what can I give my new noble friend, the pleasure and honor of my company or does my noble friend have the strength to ask her question and begin an enjoyable conversation that we must have every evening before she goes to bed?”

“What you have in mind tonight, Deus? You see everything, you’re the God hidden amongst the gods. No one sees more or less than you, so what is it that you know that I know that I have to ask, and we talk about?”

“A little feisty tonight. Are we going to get off on the wrong foot already?”

“No, I’m sorry Deus, you know you’re my only friend and you know how lonely I am. You’re my only friend I’ve ever had. And a lot of the times I don’t even know how to act, yet how to feel. When I’m not with you. It’s just me.”

“Audrey, what is that pink square, or may be rectangular box you have in your hand that your thumbs seem to be massaging?”

“This is my phone Deus, I brought it with me because I have a new assignment for my therapist, and I had to grab this application so that I can write down my diary and write down everything I’m saying. You’re saying. The only thing right now I’m not doing, is making descriptions. I’m not a writer so trying to describe this environment we are in is a little challenging for me.”

“Hmm. Interesting. May I see it?”

“Yeah, sure, I guess.”

“This cheap piece of plastic and glass… I wonder if I touch here… D… Oh! That is interesting. Audrey,”

“Yes, Deus,”

“Audrey, did you know that tapping on a letter, it populates it in your diary?”

“Yes, I did Deus. If you type other letters, you can string them together to make words.”

“W. H. A T a REYOU… Audrey, I really don’t think this is working right. Here child, I am going to bring you up here with me and you stand behind me and show me how this thing works.”

“This the first time I’ve been up here, Deus. I love the view.”

“I like your bed instead.”

“Whisper! It’s about time you showed up, I was worried about you. And yes, I am happy you like my bed. I like it as well.”

“Audrey, your bed is so fluffy, so bouncy, look how high I can go! Audrey, look!”

“I see you, Whisper. Don’t go too high your falloff.”


“Audrey, if I touch this square box here in the middle of your screen, the one here on the bottom, what will happen?”

“It minimizes everything Deus. It brings it back to the home screen.”

“May I try it?”

“Go ahead, it’s not going to hurt anything.”

“Oh, I see.”

“You see that purple button? The one that says Amazon music?”

“Yes, I do. What will happen if I push it?”

“It will open up that application and allow you to play music you can listen to whatever you want to hear.”

“Interesting. It says here you have a million people trapped inside this device… Are you a witch?”

“Everyone on earth can listen to this at any time they want. Anyone that has an Amazon account can listen to the music for free as long as their paying for their prime membership, they’ll get a million or two songs for free.”

“Very peculiar. So, to whom do you listen?”

“I like bands like Green Day or Nirvana. I like rock bands that are really good. I don’t like much of anything else mostly rock. But if you want to try something I’m in Deus.”

“Maybe another time.”

March 2nd

After reading over everything between Deus and I, as well as Whisper’s interruption, I have discovered that my journalistic side is invalid. I may keep out a lot of details, but I talk about the name and finer points of our conversation. Seeing him with my phone. That was remarkably interesting. How could he not have known what one was yet alone how to use it? Deus is a God. Last I knew. He’s my God, a God that I made up for myself and by myself. So, he should know everything that I know. But why he didn’t. I don’t know, it’s like he has a life of his own. Neat.

Well, I’m off to school and I’ll write more here in a bit.

© 2022 William L Truax III