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Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War Story Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War

Chapter 9

It was after school in Degrassi Community School. All the students got together waiting for Tiamat.

"Where's Tiamat? Did she chickened out or what?" asked Spinner.

"I know my big sister. She wouldn't chicken out a war," said Faluzure. Suddenly Tiamat approached her army.

"Hello, my wonderful and loyal army. Your leader is here. It's time to destroy the Lakehurst Secondary School once and for all." said Tiamat as her army of students cheered Tiamat.

"We're shall now match to Lakehurst together," said Tiamat as everyone walks together to Lakehurst Secondary School.

"Oh Tiamat I'm so glad that you're here," said Owen.

"Sorry I was a little late. Swimming practice was a little longer than I expected," said Tiamat

"Hey, Tiamat. I can't wait to firebomb their school and see it in flames," said Garyx.

"Excellent. Now you all know the plan we attack the Lakehurst students, vandalize their school, and burn their school up in flames," said Tiamat.

"Tiamat, what if their teachers will be here?" asked Faluzure.

"We'll attack them as well. They also need to suffer our wrath," said Tiamat.

"Oh, you're so evil Tiamat. That my reason why I love you as my sister," said Faluzure.

"Thank you, little brother," said Tiamat as she kissed Faluzure's forehead.

"Ok, we're here. It's time to finish what we started," said Tiamat as she grabbed her megaphone.

"Attention students of Lakehurst Secondary School. Your school is going down. Prepare to have the ultimate beatdown in your life." said Tiamat as all of the Lakehurst students got Tiamat.

"Oh crap! It's the Degrassi freaks!" said one of the Lakehurst male students.

"Attack!" said Tiamat as her army runs and charged after the Lakehurst students. The Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst has just begun.


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