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Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War Story Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War

Chapter 8

"Hello, Degrassi students. My name is Principal Sheppard, I'm the principal of Lakehurst Secondary School. You're very curious to know why me and my two students Sav and Holly J ate here at Degrassi Community School." said Principal Sheppard as the students of Degrassi jeered and booed. Some of the students chanted "No one cares. Lakehurst isn't welcome to our school."

"And I can tell that the whole audience is a very tough crowd. The reason that why we are here is that due to the recent events that happen in your school a few weeks ago between your school and my school that have a serious conflict and tension with each other. Lakehurst Secondary School wants to make peace with Degrassi Community School so we can all live in harmony." said Principal Sheppard as many students continue to jeered and booed. Some students are chanted "No peace, all war, Lakehurst is going down."

"If anyone has any comments and questions please feel free to speak up now. The forum is open," said Principal Sheppard.

"Yes, I have a question just how are you going to resolve this conflict between my school and Lakehurst?" asked Tamara.

"We're working on that everyone in Lakehurst and Degrassi is being cooperated and working together," said Sav.

"Yes, I have a question as well. What if some students don't want to cooperate between my school and Lakehurst?" asked Hall.

"Rest assured. We will have punished the students by giving them either detection, suspension, and even expulsion," said Holly J.

"Yes, this is a comment and a question. Some of your Lakehurst students beat me up yesterday. They broke my glasses, give me a black eye and a bloody nose. Aren't going to give them disciplinary action on them." asked Toby.

"Oh no. I'm sorry that happened to you. Rest assured there will be disciplinary action on these Lakehurst students." said Sav.

"Yes. I have a very interesting question, Why should we even make peace with Lakehurst all of the sudden? Degrassi and Lakehurst have been beefing each other for so many years now and I don't believe for a second that Lakehurst wants to make peace with my school." said Spinner as the audience cheers and applauds Spinner.

"Like I said earlier. Degrassi and Lakehurst are being very cooperative to work together with harmony."

"Then how do we know that won't be more riots that Lakehurst will start?" asked Paige.

"As I said before there will be disciplinary action if anything like these riots happens," said Holly J.

"So does have any other question or comments?" said Principal Sheppard as the other audience to speak up.

"I guess that about it," said Principal Sheppard as Principal Simpson approach the stage.

"Thank you, Principal, Sheppard, Sav, and Holly J for your time. Everybody, you will go to your next class," said Principal Simpson as all the Degrassi students go to their next class.


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