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Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War Story Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War

Chapter 7

Later that day after lunch, Principal Simpson announced to all the students that there will be a special meeting in the auditorium that the special guest Lakehurst Principal Miketry Sheppard along with his two students, Lakehurst Student President Sav Bhandari and Lakehurst Student Vice President Holly J. Sinclair. All the Degrassi students were sitting in the auditorium.

"Oh great. The Lakehurst slimeballs are going to talk about something that I don't care for," said Garyx.

"Hey Alex isn't Holly J. Sinclair related to Heather Sinclair by any chance?" asked Jay

"Yes, Jay. Holly J is Heather's younger sister. From what I heard they hated each other even at their home." said Alex.

"Just like I hate Bahamut. Faluzure hates Tamara and Garyx hate Hlal. Speaking of siblings that self-righteous blabbermouth Bahamut told Prinicipal Simpson about my plans about going war against Lakehurst. Simpson told me not to go to war against Lakehurst or I'll be expelled. So I lied to him by not going to war against Lakehurst with my fingers behind my back." said Tiamat.

"Ha. Classic Tiamat deception," said Faluzure.

"So the war is still going on?" asked Jay.

"Yes. The war is still going on even if it means getting expelled from Degrassi it was worth the risk," said Tiamat. Principal Sheppard, Sav, and Holly J approach the stage. All the Degrassi students jeered and booed them.


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