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Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War Story Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War

Chapter 4

The next day at Degrassi Community School, KC, Peter, Cam, Sean, and Stan was discussing the locker.

"Hey, guys. I just thought of something about the whole war against Lakehurst. I mean I know we all agree to whoop Lakehurst butts and all. But it is worth it going to war against them?" asked KC.

"Of courses, it's worth it. Don't forget they started this war in the first place," said Peter.

"I get that Peter but I just got a very bad feeling about this war and I learn in history that there are no winners and losers in the war," said KC soon Toby approaches the boys will his broken glasses, a black eye, and a bloody nose with a tissue that he was holding to cover his nose. The boys approach Toby.

"Toby. What happened to you?" asked Stan.

"I just bump into the Lakehurst bullies. So they beat me up and they want me to send the message to everyone in Degrassi. Their message was "Your school is going down, Degrassi."

"Those jerks messed with one Degrassi student. They're going to deal with the whole school," said Sean

"I'll escort you to the nurse, Toby," said Cam as he escorted Toby to the nurse's office. Soon Bahamut approaches the boys.

"Hey what happened to Toby?" asked Bahamut.

"Lakehurst students beat him up and they were sending a message that our school is going down," said Peter.

"This is ridiculous. I hate those jerks. Have you seen my sister Tiamat?" asked Bahamut.

"She having a morning swimming practice with the swimming team," said KC.

"Ok. I'll talk to her later," said Bahamut as he and everyone else when to their next class.


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