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Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War Story Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War

Chapter 3

A week later at Degrassi Community School after the basketball riot. All the students return to school in their daily lives. When the end of the school days was over all the students were gathered up outside for a secret meeting.

"Well I appreciate that everyone is here and I'm sure everyone has an idea what this meeting is about?" asked Tiamat.

"No. None of us have any clue what this meeting is about, Tiamat. Wow you please enlighten us more information." asked Liberty.

"It's about those stupid Lakehurst students who started this riot in the first place. Their school has been beefing us for years now and I'm very sick and tired of their idiotic bullcrap that always starts their fight and the drama that they're inflicted in our school. So I'm building an army that these moronic Lakehurst students have messed with the wrong school." said Tiamat.

"So you want us to wage war against Lakehurst," asked Ellie.

"Yes, Ellie. They're the ones who started this crap in the first place and Principal Simpson that pathetic excuse of a principal has to suspend the entire school was involved in the riot," said Tiamat

"I agree with you Tiamat. I was at the gym on that day but I was not even involved in the riots. I just mind my own business and yet I get suspended at school just like everybody. How is that even fair anyway?" asked Adam.

"I agree as much as we need to put our difference aside. We need to work together as a team to fight against the Lakehurst students. I'm in Tiamat." said Marco.

"Same here," said Claire.

"Me three," said Adam.

"Ditto," said Ellie as every student in Degrassi agrees to join the army.

"I'm glad that everyone agrees to it. Are there any objections," asked Tiamat as she waits for for for for for a response?

"I guess not," said Faluzure.

"Good now that we agree. We're meeting tomorrow hereafter school again at the same time the same place I'll discuss our plans to take down Lakehurst. See you all tomorrow." said Tiamat as she dismissed everybody.


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