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Degrassi vs. Lakehurst War Story Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War

Chapter 2

A day later after the riot at the Degrassi Gym, Principal Archie Simpson suspended all the students who were involved in the riot against the Lakehurst students. Meanwhile, some of the students in Degrassi were having a discussion on Hype a popular virtual online video chat, the following students who are in the Hype video chat were Tiamat, Maria, Owen, Jay, and Spinner.

"Hey everyone. My younger brothers, Faluzure and Garyx will be joining with me in the chat pretty soon," said Tiamat.

"Yes. My older sister Alex will also join me in chat as well. I can't believe that Lakehurst jerk throws that cup at me." said Maria.

"Those Lakehurst idiots will pay from this," said Owen.

"I agree. These morons are asking a world of hurt. Literally." said Jay.

"Hey, guys. What's up?" We're here." said Faluzure as he and Garyx join Tiamat in the video chat.

"Yo! what up? What did we miss?" asked Garyx?

"Nothing much you just in time," said Tiamat.

"Hey everyone," said Alex as she joins Maria in the video.

"Hey, sexy mama. Any girls you're making out lately for you?" Owen.

"No. Not really," said Alex.

"Now that's everyone here. We need to get back at those Lakehurst idiots for starting this riot, any suggestions?"

"I say we vandalized their school," said Spinner.

"I love that idea," said Garyx.

"Oh, I have another idea. I say we beat up every Lakehurst student at their school."

"I love that idea as well. While we're brainstorming I have a brilliant idea. I think we should burn down their school so they have no place to learn." said Garyx.

"Wicked idea. Garyx," said Spinner.

"Very evil plan, dude," said Owen.

"I love it," said Jay.

"Your brain doesn't cease to amaze me, little brother," said Faluzure.

"Agreed. Also, I'll save the burning the school part as the last resort just in case if Lakehurst students get pretty desperate. Also, we need to unite every Degrassi student to wage war against the Lakehurst students, this is going to be a very brutal war. Gather up all students, jocks, nerds, popular, unpopular students, special needs students, everybody. Force them if you have to. Also, I'll lead the war in domination and conquest for Degrassi." said Tiamat.

"Wait a minute, big sis. Why are you in charge of the war?" asked Garyx as he was disapproved of Tiamat being in charge.

"Well I'm the one who organized the video chat and on the plus side I'm older than you," said Tiamat.

"Awww age trumps everything," said Garyx.

"So we're all in agreement. Gather every single Degrassi student you can find and I'll see everyone in school next week?" said Tiamat as everyone logs out of the Hype video chat.


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