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Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War Story Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War

Chapter 10

Every student in Tiamat's army was attacking the Lakehurst students. Paige was scratching one of the Lakehurst female student faces with her fingernail leaving a scratch mark. The Lakehurst female student kicks Paige in the stomach. One of the Lakehurst male students punches Jay in the face. Jay punches him back. Owen hits the Lakehurst student with a baseball bat. Maria spotted the Lakehurst male student who throws the cup at her during the basketball game.

"Hey, you. Remember me?" Asked Maria as she throws the cup with soda at him.

"That was for throwing that cup of soda at me," said Maria as she attacks him. Spinner punches the Lakehurst male student. Adam punches the Lakehurst male. Alex and a couple of Degrassi students throw rocks at the Lakehurst school windows causing them the break. Garyx went and a few students went inside the school.

"By the power of chaos and destruction, let this school burned!" said Gary as he laughs evil. The students start thrashing and vandals the hallways. Garyx firebombs the classrooms causing the school on fire.

"Hahahahahaha! Mission accomplished!" said Garyx as he and the students left the school. Faluzure punch the Lakehurst male students right in the face. It was total mayhem at Lakehurst Secondary School. Meanwhile, Bahamut along with his siblings, Tamara, Hlal, Chronepsis, Sardior, Astilabor, Lendys, and Aasterinian arrived at Lakehurst Secondary School as they witness the war and destruction of Lakehurst.

"Oh no! We're too late!" said Tamara.

"Well it looks like Principal Simpson didn't go through to Tiamat since I was the one who complained to him about this war," said Bahamut.

"We have to do something," said Hlal.

"I have an idea," said Bahamut as he got his smartphone to call 911.

"Hello, 911. Yes, I would like to report a riot and a fire at Lakehurst Secondary School. My name. I like to keep that anonymous please thank you." said Bahamut as he hangs up his smartphone.

"Well the Toronto Police and Fire Department are on their way to Lakehurst Secondary School," said Bahamut.

"Well we did our part and now let the police and fire department do their part as well," said Lendys as Bahamut and his siblings left the school. Tiamat punches the Lakehurst female student as she was knocked out unconscious. Garyx approaches Tiamat.

"Tiamat. I burned the school down," said Garyx.

"Excellent work, Garyx," said Tiamat as every Lakehurst was injured and all the Degrassi students were watching the Lakehurst school up in flames, they were all cheering. Soon the Toronto Police and Fire Department arrived at Lakehurst.

"This is the Toronto Police Department. Everyone is under arrest for a riot." said the Toronto Police Officer.


© 2021 Andre Ydolly

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