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Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War Story Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War

Chapter 1

The year was 2021. It was an ordinary day at Degrassi Community School. Degrassi Basketball Team was facing Lakehurst basketball. The two schools were united to have a friendly basketball team until one Lakehurst wanted to trouble.

"Hey Degrassi, your school sucks!" said a Lakehurst male student who described himself as a young light-skinned, tall, thin with black clothes.

"Uh oh. One of the Lakehurst students is talking trash about our school," said Tristan who described himself as a young light-skinned teenage boy who's thin. He wears a pink shirt, blue pants, and black Converse sneakers.

"That's not nice. His mouth is going to get him in trouble if he keeps this up," said Tamara who described herself as a tall, thin, dark-skinned young teenager who wear a blue shirt, blue long skirt, and white sneakers.

"I agree big sis. He needs to need to shut up right now or else there going to be a huge fight," said Hlal who described herself as a tall, thin, dark-skinned young teenage girl who wears a green shirt, based pants, and blue sneakers.

"It's funny that you mentioned a huge fight, Hlal. I did a tarot reading about the Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst reading before this game yesterday. I pulled three cards." said Sardior who described himself as a tall, thin, dark-skinned young teenager boy who's wearing a red shirt, black pants, and black sneakers.

"What were the three cards, big bro?" asked Hlal curiosity.

"5 of Wands, The Tower and the 10 of Stars. The 5 of Wands means conflict and arguments. The Tower means drama and major fight that will have catastrophic results and the 10 of Swords it will end in ruin and disaster."

"Ooohhh, crud really?" asked Hlal.

"I'm afraid so," said Sardior.

"How accurate are your tarot reading, Sardior?" asked Tristan.

"99.99% of the time is accurate. And I wish that my reading was wrong this time," said Sardior.

"Hey, Lakehurst. Shut up!" said a female Degrassi student who described herself as a tall, thin tanned-skinned teenage girl who wears a white T-shirt, blue shirt, and black sneakers.

"You shut up, Degrassi Trailer Trash." Said A male Lakehurst student as he throws a cup of soda at the female Degrassi student. The cup hit and spill soda all over the girl's shirt. After that, the Degrassi and Lakehurst students started to wage riots and war at each other all over the gym.



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