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Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War Story Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Degrassi Vs. Lakehurst War

Chapter 5

It was after school. All the students went in front of Degrassi Community School. They were having a meeting on behalf of Tiamat leadership.

"Hello everyone, I was being informed that one of our Degrassi brothers Toby got hurt by those Lakehurst creeps and they will send us a message that our school is going down. It just goes to show you that these jerks will do anything to win will this war. Well, we're not going to let that happen. Here's my plan. Tomorrow after school. All of us will go to Lakehurst school and we were pulverize every Lakehurst students that we spotted. They're the ones who started this war and we're going to finish this war in the name of Degrassi Community School." said Tiamat as every student was cheering Tiamat.

"Also we were all meet here tomorrow at 3:00 P.M. and we with go the Lakehurst to begin and end the bloodshed for Lakehurst. You're all dismissed." said as she dismissed everyone. Bahamut approached Tiamat.

"Tiamat, don't you think this war has gone a bit too far?" asked Bahamut.

"No. I don't believe this war has gone a bit too far brother. Don't forget they're the ones who started this riot and Principal Simpson has to punish every single student in Degrassi especially students who weren't even involved with the riots." said Tiamat.

"Yes I know that the Lakehurst students are bad apples but the whole guerilla warfare isn't the way to resolve this issue of conflict," said Bahamut.

"Uh hello, they beat up Toby remember?" asked Tiamat with an attitude.

"Yes I know they beat up Toby but I think we need to resolve in a very civil and peaceful matter," said Bahamut.

"You know something, you always have to be to good guy in Degrassi and especially in our family. You have this good moral code that you always have to follow your so-called morality and lawfulness that you expect people to follow your way. It doesn't work that way and I'm not going to back down this war." said Tiamat.

"Fine, if that how you feel about it, then I'm just going to remove in your army," said Bahamut as he walks away.

Fine, I don't need you in my army anyway." said Tiamat as she walks away as well.


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