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Defy Gravity Part 7


Defy Gravity Part 7

When we last left off chase and matt were trying to figure out if they could live limitlessly in and out of space. Or if they even wanted too since they loved space so much. They could do limitless things when they defied gravity, and that was what they never wanted to give up. Chase and Matt felt alive and free when they were in space. Matt and Chase could move so fast or slow if they wanted while they were there. Their mission this time in space was to figure out how to live limitlessly and defy gravity all at once while they were in space. The space station wanted to see if it was possible Matt and Chase figured out that it was, but now they needed to figure out if it was possible to live that way in and out of space.

“ So Chase now that we have figured out that it is possible to live limitlessly defying gravity in space what should we do next”? Matt asked. “Check the space stations Chase said with a shrug. So that was what they went to do next. They would figure out how to live limitlessly in space if it was the last thing they did. “ Chase defying gravity is limitless so we could live here limitlessly with the right supplies”, Matt said. They went to make sure they had enough supplies, to live limitlessly in space and once they figured it out then they could decide what to do next. They figured it out so fast, and they had enough supplies, bungee cords, food, water that sort of thing. It only took them a day however so they couldn’t go home yet, what to do next? “ Chase why don’t we go back to the ship and ask them back home using the computer,” Matt said, with a little smile. “ We can call them from out here that is what the buttons on our space suits are for”, Chase said. “ I know I just wasn’t sure if you knew”, Matt said with a laugh. Matt hit the button on his space suit to call headquarters to get more instructions.

“ Huston, Huston come in”, Matt said There was some crackling and then a voice, “ I know you guys finished what you were doing out there are you wondering what to do next”? they asked. “ Yes, we are since we did finish early”. They both said, “ Go see who else is in space and see if you can help them we just got a call from the other space station headquarters and they are looking for help out there.” said, Matt and Chase agreed and off they went. It took them a few hours to find them but when they finally would find them they would help the best they could.

“Chase, did they tell us where the others were”? Matt asked when they were on the second planet and found nobody. “No, I guess we are going to have to check every planet again.” So they defied gravity by checking each planet one by one for signs of life. They would also check all the space stations to make sure they were stocked along the way. They did this a limitless number of times over the next few days so they were defying gravity. “ So if we have checked the space stations on every planet limitlessly over the last few days does that mean that we are defying gravity limitlessly too”? Chase asked. Yes and that is what we wanted to be doing isn’t it”? Matt asked. “ Yes it is”, Chase said so they continued to do there work. It would be great to bring back an overabundance of results they thought so that is what they worked for.

Matt and Chase wanted to prove to everyone back home that defying gravity was something that could be done. That was why they were trying to help the other people in space as well as do the work they were asked too. There were different space corporations trying to do the same thing but it seemed as though they weren’t all trained the same way. That is why Matt and Chase went around to the different planet to find people to help. The other space stations from earth were nervous because they hadn’t heard from the people they had sent up there in awhile and they wondered what was going on. So when Matt and Chase checked in to there space station and the others told them, the other space stations decided to recruit them to find the people that were out there that hadn’t checked into there space stations yet. Every astronaut was sent up into space to defy gravity or try too. Chase and Matt were sent there to do that and teach the others how to do it too, in terms of helping the other astronauts finish there work.


If you want to defy gravity space is the place to do it

If you want to defy gravity space was the place to do it. The space station that Matt and Chase worked for was very proud of there accomplishments. Every time they went into space they brought some great news back with them and this time when they returned it was no different. They brought back the information they were asked for the defy gravity stations that were set up in space were working beautifully, and they could defy gravity there tenfold. Now it was time to try it at home and that is what they did.

When they landed on earth they were greeted by everyone from the space station, along with there families who hadn’t seen them in ages it seemed. Everyone wanted to know what it was like to defy gravity. The sad part was Matt and Chase didn’t have a video to show them what it was like. Some of them even asked if they could go up into space with them. Matt and Chase couldn’t answer that though since they weren't in charge. It was a long day of being congratulated. Once they could go home they were grateful.

The next team that went up into space, Matt and Chase were in charge of training them but they wouldn’t have to be the ones doing the work. Once they were finished training the other astronauts Matt and Chase got a couple of weeks off. When they would go back up into space they would all help out at the defy gravity stations, Matt and chase brought back there limitless living learning to earth and they were trying to use it to live there fullest lives. That was defying gravity and limitless living.

When they would float into space or be in space floating, they all felt weightless and free. They enjoyed that so much in space they wanted the same thing to happen when they came back to earth. So when they got back to earth that was what they were going to do. Defying gravity was something amazing that could happen all the time anywhere. They just figured it out and now we're going to use it to there advantage. Now they were going to defy gravity at home as well as in space, it was going to be an interesting experience.

“ Matt and Chase I love how you taught us how to defy gravity in space they all said, “ But how do you do it out of space do you mind showing us”? they asked. Matt and Chase looked at each other dumbfounded, how were they going to show defying gravity out of space. They had never tried it before but they were going to try limitless things until it worked. They didn’t care how long it took. Their boss met with them on a Friday after everyone else’s shifts were over he sat them down and said, “ I want you to defy gravity out of space are you willing to do that”? he asked.


Tune In Next Time.

Tune in next time to see if they do it.

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