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Defy Gravity Part 6


Defy Gravity Part 6

When we last left off they had just come back to earth after building things for astronauts to use in order for them to take refuge in space. They had been gone for a long time so they got a few weeks off and got to stay home and spend time doing what they couldn’t while they were away. Now they were back at it but what was there next mission. Did they have to go on something along the same lines as they did before or was it going to be something different where they weren’t by themselves and they had to train others to do what they did? All defying gravity was really was floating in the air. Most astronauts knew how to do that already or they wouldn’t be astronauts. If you want to be an astronaut you have to know how to defy gravity but not only that you have to also have no fear of heights which Matt and Chase had but they weren’t sure about anyone else. They were always the ones put in charge of building or finding things in space. They often wondered why but never asked the question.

“ Matt why do you think we are the always the chosen ones when they need people to go into space,” Chase asked one day when he saw him. “ We are the most reliable, that is why. “ We also know how to defy gravity limitlessly and better than anyone else.” Matt said, “ If the others wanted to learn though don’t you think they would be trying to go into space more.” Chase said. “ Chase where is this coming from, I thought that you love the work that we do.” Matt said, “ I do I just wish we could have a break sometimes. I don’t mean a week here and there though, I mean a few months at a time. Haven't you noticed that things are piling up at both our houses.” Chase said, Matt hadn’t really noticed because when he was home he just dealt with what needed dealing with and moved on apparently chase wasn’t doing that. But Matt didn’t know how to address it.

“ Chase, would you like some help cleaning up your house”? Matt asked. Chase shook his head and mumbled” if I don’t get help soon it will be as if I am defying gravity in my own house.” He mumbled, “ What was that Chase”? Matt asked, “ Sure help would be great thank you’, Chase said, so that night after Matt had finished with his house he went to Chase’s house and helped him. They both worked in silence until Matt said: “ Chase your right it is like defying gravity in here.” They had to climb things to get what they wanted to organize it. That was how bad chase’s house was. “ See this is what I mean I have no idea how you keep up with it I just can’t,” Chase said. Six hours later it was all cleaned up and Chase was in much better spirits.

“ Your house was like space was chase the entire time all we did was defy gravity. At least it felt like it.” Matt said, “ I think that I like defying gravity so much that I wanted my house to have the same effect.” Chase said, “ Chase that might be a nice thought but you can hardly move in your house. With everything that you have in it.” Matt said. “ I like stuff and I don’t want to be without it,” Chase said. Matt only nodded he understood that but this too much stuff. Sure space was here so when you come home you enjoyed your stuff but chase couldn’t enjoy him with it piled to the ceiling. “ Let’s streamline this a bit you don’t need it all,” Matt said so that is what they did. It took days but finally, Chase had a house he could actually live in about six weeks later. “Chase lets leave defying gravity to space and of your house from now okay,” Matt said Chase agreed and laughed.

Weeks passed and Matt came back to Chase’s house. Matt wanted to be sure that Chase hadn’t collected any more things to defy gravity in his house. To his surprise, he hadn’t. “ Hey Matt so nice of you to drop by I am doing quite well not collecting any more stuff”, he said. “ Good so you are leaving the defying gravity stuff to space”? Matt asked and Chase laughed. “ I guess you could say that do you know when we will be going into space next”? Chase asked. Matt just shook his head. He didn’t know they had both been off for awhile though, so probably soon they would be called for another mission. Just as that thought crossed Matt’s mind his boss called.


Defying Gravity out of Space is a no go

Matt let his phone ring twice before answering it. “ Hey Matt are you and Chase together I have a job for you starting next week.” “ There are more and more people trying to defy gravity in space and they need a lesson I thought that you and Chase would be the perfect people to teach them. What do you say”? His boss said, Matt asked Chase and they both agreed. “ Sure we both would be happy too,”Chase said, “ Well Sir I guess you have your answer I have you on speaker phone that is why you can hear Chase,” Matt said. “ Oh good, so I will see you both Monday morning to discuss it further.” He said. “ Yes, sir see you Monday.” They both said and then Matt hung up the phone after he said goodbye to his boss. “ I wonder what we are going to be doing now”. Chase said after Matt had hung up the phone. “ I don’t know but you are staying at my house you can’t live like this,” Matt said, even though his house was getting cleaned up it was still stuffed and they had to figure out how to fix it. So off they went to Matt’s house for the weekend.

Chase stayed at Matt’s house and now he understood what Matt meant by clean. They went back and forth to Chase’s house that weekend to clean up more but he didn’t want to leave Chase alone. Defying gravity was meant for space, not a house, and until Chase understood that he couldn’t be alone. A few days later they were meeting with there boss about a new assignment. The assignment would keep them away from home for six months. Could Chase handle that he didn’t know but he was going to find out? They couldn’t wait to leave and for the next little while, that was all they talked about.

“ Matt can you believe we leave tomorrow,” Chase said on a Sunday night while he was on the Phone with Matt. They were talking to each other as they packed so that they didn’t double the number of things if the other was bringing it. The space shuttle couldn’t hold much so they had to pack light but enough to be gone for months at a time, but light just the same. “ It is going to be interesting trying to teach newcomers”, Matt said into the phone “Yes it is but we can do it,” Chase said. They were going to do whether they could or not it was their job and if they didn’t do they wouldn’t get paid and that wasn’t good so they would do it no matter how hard it was. That is what they liked most about the job it was always a fun challenge. “ We will show them what defying gravity is all about”, Matt said. “ Yes, we will”. Chase agreed and then the conversation was over, and they hung up the phone. They would see each other the next day when all the fun would begin.

The two of them were so excited to be going into space that they hardly slept that night. The next morning Chase had coffee and donuts waiting for Matt when he saw him before they went into the space shuttle and up into the galaxy. They had to drink and digest it fast because they didn’t want it coming up when they were in the galaxy and in the space shuttle. They had been in space so many times by now they knew what to do and what not to do. The favorite things were doing things in terms of defying gravity when they were up in space. It made them feel like they were living limitlessly.

Trying to teach all the others about defying gravity was a challenge. Everyone who tried it was afraid of letting things go and floating that they all wanted to try it. That was the thing Matt and Chase couldn’t understand. They would teach them how to defy gravity, yet though. It was a fun task, to say the least, and exactly what Matt and Chase wanted to do. If they could live in space full time they would but they knew they couldn’t. so they just went into it occasionally.

Once everyone in their workplace knew how to defy gravity it was like a new adventure. They would all go up into space, once in awhile and come back with something new to tell everyone. The consensus was clear though it was a blast defying gravity. They all loved space so much that they never wanted to leave. So the next thing they needed to figure out was how to live limitlessly in space. Tune in next time to see if they figure it out and to see if it works.


All the Astronauts could defy gravity

Once everyone in their workplace knew how to defy gravity it was like a new adventure. They would all go up into space, once in awhile and come back with something new to tell everyone. The consensus was clear though it was a blast defying gravity. They all loved space so much that they never wanted to leave. So the next thing they needed to figure out was how to live limitlessly in space. Tune in next time to see if they figure it out and to see if it works.


Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on June 04, 2018:

Great read.

Louise Barraco (author) from Ontario on June 04, 2018:

I will do that thanks

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on June 04, 2018:

One word of helpful advice: when writing dialogue, separate it from the main writing...in other words, make dialogue a separate line each time...it's easier for the reader to read it. :) Fun story!

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