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Defy Gravity Part 4

Defy Gravity

Defy Gravity

Defy Gravity Part 4

When we last left off Matt and Chase had gone into space once just to get a taste of it, and they saw a bunch of things and then had to write a paper on it for school. They weren’t there long but soon they would be back. They went into space at least once a week and it took hours for each set of two to get there chance but it was fun just the same. Once they all had there turn in space they went back to school and talked about it it was like a ritual you go into space and then you go and discuss it afterward. The teacher wanted them to compare their experiences but he also knew that they were all going to be different. They all knew that they would be going into space again they just didn’t know when. “ So Matt what did you think of it”? the teacher asked when they got back to school later that day. “ I liked it I could do almost everything I do here.” He said, “ so you defied gravity limitlessly”? the teacher asked. “ I think so it felt like it but I might have to test that theory out again,” Matt said, the teacher just nodded. Defying gravity is going to be different for all of you so chase how was it for you”? the teacher asked. “It was great I did a lot of things in space I never thought I could do because I haven’t done them here with gravity.” He said. “ What do you mean Chase”? the teacher asked, “ I mean I can walk on air, and do flips that I cant do here.” He said. “ Gravity stops me here but in space, it doesn’t”. Chase said. The teacher smiled at them both and sent them on there way.

As Chase and Matt were walking out of the school together they were talking about what they had done in space. Space was great, there was so much that could be done without gravity that they couldn’t wait to try it again. “ Being without gravity is amazing I could live like that limitlessly,” Chase said as they were walking back to the dorms. Matt nodded and said, “ I could too but is it really possible”? he asked, nobody in particular. “ What is it about space that draws us to it”? Chase asked. “ I like how freeing it looks but after being there too I like how freeing it feels,” Chase said, “ there is so much that space has to offer why wouldn’t we want to go there,” Matt said. Chase thought the same thing “ Space is so freeing if someone really wanted to live limitlessly there they could.” Matt said, they just had to learn how to defy gravity a little bit more.

Being in space felt so limitless to them that they wanted to see if they could live there. Space was such a cool place, that they should be able to defy gravity limitlessly in it. Chase and Matt wanted to now figure out if there was any more life of any kind somewhere else in space. If there was they could ask them how they defied gravity to live there. With gravity so, many things can happen, but without it, you could float away, but if you know how to defy it you could float and do things all at the same time. You rise into the air and be one with it in a way. That is what Matt and Chase wanted to do at least. So they were both going to figure out how to do it. They were going to figure out if there was any other life on any of the other planets and figure out how they came to be. Maybe they could learn how to live like them if they ever did find other people in space.

“ So Matt do you think that our teachers want us to figure out if there is any other life out in the solar system is that what they meant when they said that they wanted us to figure things out”? Chase asked, “ We are going to have to see when we go up there next,” Matt said. Then he pulled out a notebook and began making notes there was just so many things they had to remember that he didn’t want to forget anything. They were going to write notes about what the two of them were discussing bring it to there teacher afterward and see what he said. They really wanted to float into the air again, also they wanted to see what other things space had to offer. It couldn’t just be cleaner air, and stars there had to be more. Which is why they couldn’t wait to go into space again.

As they were walking into the dorm building Matt’s cell phone rang he didn’t recongnize the number and considered letting it roll over to voicemail. The next time Matt looked down at his phone he had a voicemail message so he listend to it, it was from the science teacher, the message said he wanted to meet with him and Chase about some extra credit work that could be done in space. They wanted some sort of space, the station built in space where people austronaunts could go to learn how to defy gravity. So the science teacher, wanted Chase and Matt to design it. That was going to be there year end project which meant they had to go up into space again by themselves and check it out. Could they go up into space by themselves they wondered, did they have the knowledge? These were the questions going through there heads and they were going to have to talk to there teacher.


The Drawing Of The Space Station

The next day in school Matt and Chase met up before science class. “ So Chase when do you want to talk to the teacher”? Matt asked, before class, or break or after class”? Matt asked “ Well if were there earlier then why not try to do it before”, Chase said. Matt nodded, “ that might be easier,” he said. Chase didn’t say anything he just walked straight ahead and into the classroom. “ Matt, Chase what are you boys doing here so early”? the teacher asked. “ Well, we both had a few things we wanted to talk to you about”. They said. “ Could we go up into space ourselves to design the defy gravity station up there”? Matt asked hopefully. “ Are you boys asking if you can go into space yourselves”? the teacher asked and all the boys could do was a nod. “ Yes, I think that the two of you have proven yourselves in terms of understanding everything and being able to do it correctly so the two of you can go up together.” The teacher said. They smiled thanked the teacher and went to sit down as class started.

Boys I will talk to the science center and tell them that you will be coming on your own” he said as he walked by them as they were doing work. They both looked up and smiled. Once their school day was over they went to the space station and went up into space all by themselves. They brought the necessary equipment to go into space and off they went. “ So chase did you think we were going to be allowed to do this on our own”? Matt asked once they were traveling into space in the spaceship alone. “ I think that they trust that we are going to do what we say we are going to do and nothing more and that is why they let us,” Chase said. Then they were at the place they needed to be and stopped the space shuttle. They got out of the space shuttle with pens and paper and began writing things down or tried to but they were limitlessly floating away because gravity wasn’t holding them down. After about 20 minutes though they figured out how to touch down and stand still. If they moved a little bit they would float away or they felt like it. They took measurements wrote it down and they even tried to draw things out but that was hard when they were defying gravity. They had to figure out how they were going to remember how to draw it out when they got back to earth.

They went back to the space shuttle, to find a camera or something to document what they were seeing. They saw that they were standing on what sort of looked like an asteroid mark on the moon or at least they thought that’s what it was. Everything looked the same from this vantage point they weren’t sure where they actually were. They just knew that they had a job to do so that was what they were doing. They took pictures and took as many notes as possible, and headed back to earth. “ That was interesting I wonder what the teacher is going to say when we show him our findings,” Matt said Chase just nodded. When they got back to earth there teacher was waiting for them. He was hoping for good news which they gave him.

The place where you want the defy gravity station is all measured out”. Matt said, “ We were wondering if you wanted to come back with us just to be sure it was done right since this was our first time doing by ourselves.” Chase said. The teacher nodded, “ would you boys like me to go back with you just to be sure it was done right.” Both boys looked at each other and nodded a few minutes later they were back inside the space station getting ready to go into space again. The teacher knew that they wanted to get a good grade on their project and that was why he agreed to go with them right then. They also wanted another set of eyes to see what there was in space in terms of what else needed to be done for the space station design. The more they figured out now the better it was at least that is what they thought. They would figure that out if it actually worked in there favour. That was why they were bringing their teacher into space to show him what they had found.

“ So boys you drew it out and measured it right”? the teacher asked as they were heading into space. “ Yes we showed you and now we want you to see the real thing that is why we are bringing you up here”, Matt said. “ Okay, I just wanted to make sure you guys knew what you were doing. I was just testing you.” He said. Chase and Matt said nothing the rest of the way into space they just sat in the space-shuttle in silence trying to gather their thoughts. When they got there and their teacher saw what they had done he gasped. “I didn’t think you guys would actually draw it out here.” He said as they were about to leave the space shuttle because they were stopped at the place where they got out and began to defy gravity and float through space. Their teacher watched them and smiled that was what he wanted and that is what they did. They knew the in’s and outs of it as well as knew how to do it that was the entire exercise so they got perfect grades for that even if they didn’t know it yet.

Sculpture defying gravity

Sculpture defying gravity

The assignment is complete What happens Next?

“This is amazing you guys, now next week we are going to bring the others up here to see if it works.” He said. Chase and Matt said nothing they didn’t know what to say or what to think. all they kept thinking about was what would happen when they were actual astronauts. Matt and Chase couldn’t wait to see what their grade was for this. They knew they did well they just didn’t know how well when they brought their classmates up into space they all loved it. It had been exactly what they were supposed to do. Tune in next time to see what happens

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