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Defy Gravity Part 3


Defy Gravity Part 3

When we last left off we were waiting to see if they were going to go up into space the next week when there professor was back. It was Monday of the next week, Chase and Matt were the first ones at the science center waiting for the others. They waited for what seemed like hours. How early had they gotten there they didn’t know but they were going to be waiting awhile. It was really early when Matt finally pulled out his phone and groaned when he noticed that it was only after seven in the morning, they didn’t have to be there until ten am, so why were there so early? They were too excited to sleep that was why they were there so early. “ We are here super early do you want to go get coffee while we wait for the others.”? Matt asked Chase and he nodded, so that is what they did. Fifteen minutes later, they had there coffee and breakfast and were back at the science center waiting, for the others. As the two of them waited they talked about how fun it was going to be, to go up into space. “It is going to be cool to see what space actually looks like”, chase said. “ Yes it is and I can’t wait,” Matt said. The two of them finished there coffees and got out of the car just as the rest of the class and there teacher who were going up into space arrived at the science center. When the others saw them they just shook there heads and smiled.

The rest of the class knew that Matt and Chase were really into this and they thought they were nuts for being there so early but they didn’t say anything they just shook there heads and smiled for the second time. “ Why did you guys do that”? Matt asked when he walked over to them, “ We knew that you guys would be the first ones here and you guys are crazy for being the first ones here did you even sleep”? they asked, “Yes but not long.” Matt and Chase said together. The professor showed up and said, “ Well everyone its open now let’s go in.” so they followed there professor into the building. The teacher didn’t ask why Matt and Chase were there so early like the others did he knew and he just smiled at them as they walked passed him. The austronaunt suits that they would wear were sitting behind glass in what looked like tubes. The person who was giving them the tour of the building hit a button and the glass on the tubes disappeared. “ Everyone pick your space suits and follow me.” The person giving the tour said.

Everyone did just that and followed the person giving the tour down the hall into a room with a huge screen. A lot of students started groaning all they wanted to do was get up into space as soon as possible, but they needed to hear the rules first. They were told as well as shown how to put the oxygen into there space suits so that they could breathe up in space. Then they were taken to where the space shuttles were kept and put into groups of two. They were not allowed to go up into space by themselves they had to go with a buddy just in case something happened. They were told to pick a buddy each to go with them in each spaceship, Matt and Chase chose each other and were the first ones to get the pick of the ships. Both boys had the same thought when they got up into space, they wanted to see how limitless it was and that was the first thing they tired when they left the ship to walk on the sky it felt like or try and see if they could do it at least. They also wanted to both see if they could defy gravity that was the point of going into space right. They were going to see what happened when they went into space for the first time, they couldn’t predict it now so they just waited.

“ Chase and Matt you will go together in the spaceship first,” the professor said, they looked at each other and nodded. They got ready to board the space shuttle the suits and the helmets with the right breathingapperatices so they could breathe in space and then they waited to be told what to do next. “Put yourhelmentson and push the open button on the spaceship,” the teacher said. “ Get securely in your seats and buckle up.” The teacher said, so they did. The science center instructed them on what buttons to press and off they went. It was like they were on a roller coaster when they lifted off from the ground into the air.

Once they were in space at a height that was high enough, that they could undo there seat belts and float around the spacecraft that is what they did. They learned everything there was to know about it and just as they thought there time was up, they heard “ Boys make sure that your oxygen is secure, we are going to let you off into space now.” They checked there oxygen levels and did a thumbs up seconds before they were drifting into space. They saw a lot of stars and planets. “ So Chase, are we just supposed to drift out here or are we supposed to do something”? Matt asked, “ I don’t know.” Chase said so they continued to drift then they heard something in there space suits. “ See what happens.” The teacher said, so they did and they found that they could limitlessly walk on air up in space. They also did a limitless number of front flips and back flips. The two boys looked at each other and smiled through there helmets, they could live limitlessly in space if they tried.


Live Limitlessly Defying Gravity

Chase and Matt defied gravity by doing so many things, out in space, they were having so much fun that they never wanted to leave. Can living in space be a part of limitless living they thought. It felt weird when they moved around the spaceship because they didn’t have gravity holding them down. “They want us to defy gravity, but how”? Matt asked. They floated in the spaceship for a few more minutes and then chase said, “ I think that is where we are supposed to get out and see what else is here”. So that is what they did, but they didn’t know what they were looking for so they turned around and went back to earth.

“ I don’t think that they are going to be happy that we didn’t find anything.” Chase said, “ I don’t think we were supposed to find anything.” Matt replied. So they went back to earth and told there teacher and other students. Each other pair went into space and did what Matt and Chase did, then they came back. the teacher just wanted them to get a taste of it and look at what was they went back and told there teacher and other students. Everyone else tried it after them and went back to the space station to talk about it. They weren’t supposed to find anything they were just supposed to test it out. They all enjoyed it and wanted to do it again. After they talked about it they were to write papers about there experience and there findings, Matt and Chase loved it and they couldn’t wait to become actual austronaunts.

The next day in school all the class could talk about was the field trip that they had going on. They all had gone up into space to see how it felt and they thoroughly enjoyed it. They were all a bit confused though and they voiced there thoughts to the teacher the next day, “ Sir I thought that when you sent us up into space we were supposed to find something,” Matt said. “You were but I guess you are all going to have to go back.” the teacher said, they all nodded so they were supposed to find something but what was it the teacher had yet to tell them. “ If we really are supposed to find things what are they”? Chase asked. “ You will know when you see it,” the teacher said. All they knew was that they had to try living limitlessly in space they just didn’t know how but now they knew they had to find something to help them do it.

After class on Tuesday Chase went up to the teacher that the field trip was with and tried to talk to him, the teacher was fast though and by the time chase got up out of his seat to go talk to him he had left the school. Chase had so many questions so he decided that if he couldn’t talk to the teacher he would talk to Matt about it. Chase got to Matts door just as he closed it so he knocked softly, “the doors open chase come on in.” Matt said, “ How did you know it was me”? Chase said when he walked into Matt’s room. “ I just wanted to ask you if you thought the teacher was acting weird”, he said. Matt turned to him and said, “ Yes I noticed it and I knew it was you because I saw you through the window right after I closed the door.” Matt said, “ I agree Chase the teacher was acting weird I just don’t know why lets write it down as part of experience paper and see if it works if not we can rewrite it and have it ready to talk to him about next week.” Matt said, Chase nodded and they both began to write there papers in Matts room.

That night they talked about how they were going to do more when they went into space again, “ Maybe we can try and build things in space to make it livable”. Matt said, “ we will see what happens and we will see what we can do the next time we go into space.” Chase said, and matt could only agree, he wanted to spend more time in space and see what happened. Once they spent enough time in space maybe they could bring back what they learned there and use it here, but they weren’t sure about that so neither of them said it.


Pay Attention In Science Class

Matt and Chase were the only ones who brought their papers back at the appropriate time, everyone else asked for extensions. So the teacher read Matt and Chase’s papers pretty quickly he really enjoyed them and gave them perfect grades. He also told them that he couldn’t wait to see what they did in space, the next time they went. “ We are going to defy gravity, even more, the next time just watch and see,” they said in unison. Tune in next time to see what happens.

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