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Defy Gravity Part 2


Defy Gravity Part 2

When we last left off, Matt was thinking of the colleges and universities that he was thinking of attending. He was also thinking of the classes that he would have to take, to become an astronaut. Some of the classes were science, time put in on an aircraft about 1,000 hours. Also the ability to pass NASA’s long duration austronaut physical. Distant and near visual acuity must be correctable to 20/20 for each eye the use of glasses is acceptable. They must also have skills in leadership, team work, and communications. This is what it takes if you want to be an astronaut for NASA. ( here is the link if you would like to read up on it. Matt did everything he could to become and astronaut and went to the best university for it. He got his pick of schools when his acceptances came back and he went to the best school he could find for it. He picked the best school that offered the best sciences programs and things when it came to becoming an astronaut. They had one semester of science classes and another semester of learning about team work and communication in terms of being an austronaunt. He even had classes in his second semester about the solar system through a spaceship. They did a lot of that in the first year and a lot of people dropped out because that wasn’t what they wanted to do they just wanted to go up into space and since they weren’t right away they didn’t like that. Matt didn’t drop out though this is what he wanted and that is what he did. With the drop outs, however, more people came into the program and that is when Matt made lots of friends. They would all be together in the classes and have fun when it came time to test out the space shuttle. Some of them got scared and didn’t want to test it out right away. Matt was the most excited one of the bunch.

At first, they just got to see, the spaceship, they were taught about what everything was before they went in it, safety first right? Which took weeks and all Matt wanted to do was get up into the spaceship and see if he could defy gravity. That is what he loved most about space. He really wanted to see what defying gravity was all about, and could it be done all throughout life since Matt was the first one to put up his hand when his teacher asked who wanted to go into space in all the gear first, he was chosen to go first. So Matt put on the spacesuit first and got to feel how it felt. He also got to step into the spaceship first. When he did the teacher hit something outside of the spaceship and Matt began to float. He was weightless but how he wasn’t in space, or at least he didn’t think that he was. Once he was finished everyone else in the class got to try it. The teacher then told them that they were going on another field trip the next week.

Matt grinned ear to ear when he heard this. His friend Chase was watching him, “ Matt you are really into this” he said, Matt only smiled and then turned to his friend chase “ I want to defy gravity in space and live limitlessly there or try at least.” He said. Chase didn’t know what to say so he just nodded. Now that Matt had said that, it was all he was thinking about. He couldn’t wait to get up into space and see if he could live limitlessly that way, but he needed to learn a few more things first. So Matt went to school religiously never missing a day because he didn’t want to miss learning anything. When it came time to be tested Matt was one of the only ones that got A’s on almost everything in every class that he took. Some students were jealous of him where others went to him for help.

If they didn’t get good grades on the recent tests before they went into space then they wouldn’t be able to go. They weren’t going to go far at first that Matt knewbut buthis teachers wanted them to get a taste of it for real. Maybe they were trying to weed out the people that weren’t meant for this. Matt didn’t want to think about it he just wanted to get to space. Matt put all the work that he needed too into his classes and studying, he would be an austronaut yet. He thought to himself, as he was writing his latest science test.

Two weeks after the science tests were given out it was given back to the students. The students that were going up into space had it written right on the test, the others were told to see the teacher. Matt and Chase both got there, tests back within seconds of each other and both looked at there grades and then to each other. Chase frowned but Matt smiled broadly. They were let out of class two hours later and Matt caught up with Chase as he was about to leave the building. “ Chase what is wrong I noticed that you were frowning at your test did something happen”? he asked. “ I just didn’t do as great as I hoped I passed though and will be going into space with you.” he said, “ That’s great I didn’t want to be going into space without you,” Matt said. The two of them walked to there next class together after that.


Matt And Chase were space buddies or so Matt Thought

Matt knew there was something going on with Chase because he was acting strange he just wasn’t sure what it was. He didn’t have time to worry about it though he had to focus on the limitless things that he had going on, school and proving to his teachers that he really was ready to go into space. Sure he wanted to have friends and keep them close but he couldn’t worry about them all the time. He had to worry about himself too. So he just went to his next class but all he kept thinking about was Chase and he couldn’t focus on his work. So after his class, he went to find him to try and talk to him but he couldn’t find him anywhere that day. Now he really wanted to know what happened with him in the last class they had together.

So Matt kept looking but he couldn’t find, him anywhere, so he just got his own work done. If Chase was at school tomorrow then Matt would talk to him then. That night however when Matt got back to his dorm room, he saw Chase sitting in front of his door. “ Chase what are you doing here, after our first class I couldn’t find you anywhere and I looked for you all day.” He said, Chase just stood up and moved out of the way of the door so that Matt could open it. “ I wasn’t feeling good so I left,” Chase said once they got into Matts room. “ You didn’t say anything to anyone so I thought it had something to do with the test. “ Matt said, “ I thought you said that you were going into space with me but then you left.” Matt said, Chase nodded, “ I am but I didn’t like my grade so I told the professor I wasn’t feeling well and left, I didn’t want anyone to ask questions that’s why I didn’t say anything to you.” he said. Matt still didn’t understand but he didn’t press him he just let him stay over because they both wanted to go to class early the next morning.

For the rest of the day, and through the night Chase stayed over at Matt’s they did their homework but didn’t talk to each other. The morning when Matt woke up he looked for Chase but he wasn’t there and then he saw chases note, it said that he had left for school early and would meet him there. Is all the note said, Matt, got to class five minutes after chase did but they didn’t say anything to each other but Matt knew that Chase couldn’t have woken up much earlier than him since they were there so close together. Today was a movie day in all of there classes they had to take notes on all the movies they saw and write papers to hand in the next week. They were all science related but movies were fun. Matt and Chase sat side by side in all there classes but didn’t speak, even when others were speaking to the people beside them. Matt knew that there was something going on with Chase he just couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t telling him what it was.

Matt and Chase spent the weekend apart. Matt thought that it was better since he didn’t know what was going on with chase and didn’t want to get on his bad side. He would see what happened on Monday, the day of the field trip. He didn’t want chase to start yelling at him for no reason which he knew would happen if they spent time together that weekend because Chase wasn’t telling Matt what was going on in his life. Matt and Chase were both going on the field trip that Matt knew but he didn’t know who else was going so they were going to have to wait and see. Although Matt didn’t expect to see Chase on Monday because of the strange way he was acting the week before when he walked into the class and saw him he became instantly happier at least he had a friend on the field trip with him his best friend. What did I just call Chase Matt thought to himself. Then he turned to chase and said, “ Chase I think that you are my best friend in university what do you think about that, now let's go into space together.” Matt said.

Both boys laughed as they put their spacesuits on and waited for there turn in the spaceship, they stood in there space suits waiting to be told what to do, next but then their teacher turned and ran from the room. Everyone watched in shock there teacher had looked fine when he walked into the space station but what was wrong with him now, they didn’t know. Everyone was told ten minutes later that the field trip was moved to the next week and to take their space suits off. Their teacher had come down with the flu unexpectedly so now they had a few extra hours to kill before they had to be back at school for there next class. Matt and Chase went to a coffee shop to kill time they both ordered coffees and donuts and took a seat in a booth, “ Hey chase do you think that we can defy gravity”? Matt asked once they were seated sipping their coffees. “If that is what you want to do in space then I guess it is possible but you should test it out first,” Chase said Matt, nodded as he took another sip of his coffee. “ We will test out that theory when we go up into space,” Chase said, and Matt nodded.


Space Was On There Minds

They went to all their other classes but really didn’t pay attention to any of them all they kept thinking about was what it would be like when they got into space. They both knew that at the end of the day they wouldn’t sleep well because they were still thinking about space. When they would dream about it and get woken up by the dreams, they called each other and talked about it they weren’t going to sleep anymore anyway. They just kept thinking about if they would ever go into space. Tune in next time to see if they do go into space.

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