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Defy Gravity Part 1

Defy Gravity and Fly

Defy Gravity and Fly

Defy Gravity Part 1

It was a dark summer night, long ago when astronauts were heard about a lot more frequently. What was it about today though. Matt a little boy was standing outside his house looking up at the stars in his backyard. The stars tonight were especially big and bright, even without looking through a telescope. The moon looked huge too Matt as well and he stood outside starring in awe of it all. Why did stars exist why did the moon exist where did they all come from and where were they located in the galaxy? Matt didn’t know but he was going to find out one day. As he was starring up at the sky, he heard something behind him so he turned. “ Hi son what are you doing out here”? his father asked. He turned around slowly to look at his father, “ the moon and stars were so bright I just had to see them up close.” Matt said, “maybe its time to get you a telescope so you can see them even closer,” his father said. He just smiled at his father and turned back to look at the stars. “ There is something out there that I want to get a better look at,” he said and went back inside with his father when motioned to do so. His father brought him up to the attic, which he had never been before. He had been told it was just full of junk but when he walked up the stairs and into it the only thing in it was a telescope sitting in front of a huge picture window.

“What is this? Where did it come from? Where did all the stuff in here go”? “ We moved it into the other attic at the Otherside of the house.” He said, “ Oh can I use the telescope”? he asked his father and he nodded. So Matt went up to the telescope and looked through it. “ Wow, I can see the stars so much closer from here.” He said, “ Oh and the moon too thanks, dad.” He said and his father smiled nodded and gave him a hug. “ Your welcome son I am going to leave you too look at the stars and the moon from the house now.” He said Matt, didn’t even turn to look at his father he just nodded as he was looking through the telescope. The stars and moon looked so much better from this vantage point he thought to himself.

Days passed and each day after school, homework, and dinner, Matt would go up to the attic and stay there looking through the telescope for hours. One day when he was looking through the telescope he wondered what it would be like to go up into space. “ I will go up into space one day”, he thought to himself and that was when he decided that he wanted to become an astronaut when he got older. He wanted to know everything there was to know about them after he decided to become one. He was fascinated by looking through the telescope and learning all there was to know about space. His parents watched this happened and were amazed at all the information he was finding out. For his 9th birthday, he wanted to go to the space center and that is what they did. He was so In love with space that it was all he thought about, dreamt about and talked about. Even in school when his class was asked what they wanted to be when they grew up he said, astronaut.

When he said he wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up some of his classmates laughed. Others were intrigued and wanted to know more. Matt had a group of people around him after he told them what he wanted to be when he grew up. He always loved things to do with astronauts and he read all the books he could about them. He became really into science wanting to know how the planets worked and how a spaceship worked. Science and space are what Matt excelled in and he couldn’t wait to be tested to become an astronaut. He kept wishing he would get older faster. He really wanted to travel into space as soon as he could. In science class, they were learning all about the effects of gravity and all the things that kept coming into his mind was what if it was limitless, could people live life with no limits in terns of gravity being that way?

This is what he was going to find out if he ever got to space that was. Every night after he had finished his homework he would look through the telescope and think about going into space. He was also thinking about trying to build his own spaceship, to get him into space. The more he prepared a head of time the faster he would get there. He was beginning to feel that gravity was holding him down and and he was ready to defy it by doing limitless things to get into space. Even if he really didn’t know what defying gravity meant he was ready to try it. He was ready to live limitlessly and this was how he wanted to do it.

Defy Gravity

Defy Gravity

The Space Center Field Trip

It was a Friday and his high school grade 12 science class was going to the space center science museum. It was new and they were told it was going to be a blast. So that is what they looked forward too. They got to see all the planets and go on a ride in what felt like a spaceship up in the stars. All the students got strapped in with harnesses so that they stayed secure in the ride and then it took off. It really did feel like they were flying through space. Matt was having the time of his life.fei

When the ride was over they were taken into a room where they took into a room where they were told to sit down. Actual footage of a real spaceship with real astronauts began to play on the screen. Everyone was ready for the movie to play but before it, a real astronaut in an astronaut suit came out and stood at the front of the room. The astronauts that stood at the front of the room looked directly at matt, Matt stared at him and said: “ who me”? the astronaut nodded so matt stood up and walked to the front of the room. Matt is going to show all of you how to put on the astronaut suit, properly because if you go up into space you are going to need to know how to do that.” He said so that is what they did.

They all put on the astronaut suits that the science center had and then they played with gravity. They tried doing a number of different things with it since it wasn’t holding them down they could do limitless things that they couldn’t do before. The class really enjoyed it some of them could do flips and turns without gravity but Matt and Jace were too nervous to try, they just weren’t coordinated enough or at least they didn’t think they were. What they didn’t know that without gravity anything was possible so they gave it a try and it did work. “ I could live limitlessly without gravity it is fun to not have it hold me down,” Matt said and some of his classmates agreed. At that point, they were brought back down to the ground.

The class did a few other things with gravity at the science center they were learning how to defy it using the proper equipment and how limitless it could be. That was what Matt wanted to figure out, and that was why he was going to become an astronaut. He knew that they lived limitlessly defying gravity all the time in space so that is what he wrote about when they were told to write something about the science center for class. It was something he was very passionate about and he couldn’t wait to experience it for real.

After Matt and his class had gone to the science center and he wrote about it for his teacher that was all he could talk about. He was now on the hunt to find a school that specialized in astronauts because that is where he wanted to go. He wanted to be an astronaut that lived life limitlessly, defying gravity. It was going to be a challenge but he was ready for it. He was going to figure out how to live limitlessly defying gravity and he wanted to figure it out soon, he was even tempted to write that on his college application.


Hard Work Comes When you Become an Astronaut

Matt worked harder then he had before they went to the science center space station, because he was determined to get what he wanted. He really did want to go out into space and defy gravity like they had on the field trip. He had to wait though he had to get into college first and take a specific course before he did that. He also needed really good science marks to even be considered which he had but still. Tune in next time to see what happens.

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