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Dear Santa: Bring Me a Twinkle Star - Part 4 - Conclusion

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Isabella was so eager to get bright shining star for her Christmas tree in order to enlighten her whole house.She was dancing with joy after decorating the Christmas tree but soon she got tired and fell asleep on her bed.Though she woke up with giggling sounds of kids and went downstairs to see what was happening.

She couldn't believe her eyes to see father Christmas sitting on a large red chair.Isabella ran towards Santa with excitement and hugged him so warmly.

She thanked father Christmas for visiting her house and in return Santa Claus plucked the bright star out of his big hat and dropped it on Isabella's palm.Santa Claus also gave gifts to other children.All the kids were so happy and excited after getting their presents.

They started dancing in circle while singing their favourite Christmas song, lines were like:

"Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way

Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh."

Soon it was time for father Christmas to leave as he had to distribute other children's gifts as well.Isabella was sad as she had to wait one year until she would be able to see Santa Claus again.But Santa soothed her saying that Santa could be with her anytime she would wish for something.

On hearing this, Isabella got excited and opened the door for Santa Claus to go and chuckled to find heavy snow outside.Santa Claus smiled to see Isabella's excitement and told her that this was another gift from father Christmas to make it white Christmas this year.

"As special gift is always for the children who believe."

Saying this Santa Claus said good bye to Isabella and other kids while flying his sleigh towards sky.

On this note, let's enter into the world of little Isabella to find out the conclusion of this sweet story, please be with me as I move further towards its final chapter.

Continuing to Part 4 - Conclusion

Isabella felt a bit sad on Santa Claus departure but soon this grief turned into fun of snow falling as her friends and brother Adam already started throwing cold snow balls on her face and clothes.

In return, Isabella made a big ball of icy white snow and threw it on Adam with full force.In return, Adam threw another ball towards Isabella which hit her face so hard that she fell down.

As she fell down, she started crying and screaming, “Mommy, look Adam has thrown this snow ball on my face, it’s really hurting.”

Isabella’s mom was there in next minute, she was trying to soothe Isabella’s pain.

“oh my dear Isabella take your hands down of your face, it should be fine my sweetie,” saying this her mummy pulled her hands down of her face.

Isabella looked at her mummy with one eye open and was astonished to see that she was sitting flatly on laminated floor of her room beside her bed and her mum and Adam were looking at her with curious eyes.

“Are you okay my dear, what’s happened Bella?, you’ve scared me,” mummy asked anxiously.

“mmmm, mummmmm, I was outside, it was snow falling heavily, we were playing with snow balls and then Adam just hit my face with his white snow ball, it’s really hurting,” Isabella told while crying.

“But how did I come here, I was out there, Santa Claus was in our house too, you saw him mum, Santa gave me bright twinkling star which we did put on top of our Christmas tree, and it was shining like a bright jewel,” saying this Isabella got up and ran towards downstairs to look at the star.

Her mum and Adam ran after her.As she reached downstairs, she looked at the Christmas tree to find the star and to her excitement, the shiny star was right at top of the tree and her whole house was lightening with shine of that star.

Isabella looked at her mum with joy and said, “look mommy star is right here, it means Santa did come and everything was real, buttttttttt, how could I be in my bedroom Mommy, when I was out there,” Isabella asked her mummy curiously.

“My darling Bella, ya were dreaming, all this time you were sleeping on your bed, you got so tired after decorating the Christmas tree that you fell asleep on your bed and I didn’t bother you for dinner as I didn’t want to disturb your sleep,” her mummy told her while hugging Isabella firmly.

“And the most thrilling thing is, I woke up with the light of this star, I am pretty much sure that Santa Claus came and he did put this bright star on top of the tree,” her mum told Isabella with joy and excitement.

"Wow, I am super happy now mommy, and I need to tell you something mum," Isabella replied her mummy giggling with happiness.

“What is that Isabella?”, her Mummy asked surprisingly.

“Mommy this year I asked Father Christmas to bring me a bright twinkle star from the sky to enlighten our Christmas tree, and behold, Santa Claus has fulfilled my wish,” Isabella told her secret with a shiny light in her eyes.

“Oh my sweetheart, Santa Claus loves you so much and I am so happy that your wish came true my sweet Bella,” mummy replied Isabella with love and affection.

Isabella looked at the bright star with bright twinkling eyes and murmured in her mouth,

“Thank you so much my dear Santa Claus for making this Christmas so special for me, I love you so much, I wish, I could see you like I did in my dream, but I know you must be busy distributing gifts to other kids that’s why you came in my dream, no matter how you did but I am so pleased that you brought me this twinkle star, I am truly very thankful to you my Father Christmas.”

Isabella’s Mum and Adam were so excited to see that shiny star on top of their tree.Their whole house was shining with it’s light and brightness.

“Let’s do breakfast Isabella, we are going to American Red Cross to distribute Christmas gifts to poor children, it’s their Christmas too and Father Christmas has showed you that every child’s wish should come true over Christmas, even if it would be a twinkle star from the sky my darling,” mummy told her in advising tone.

“You are absolutely right Mommy, every child should get Christmas present, and Santa Claus has taught me this very well,” Isabella replied meaningfully.

As saying this Isabella ran towards the loo to get her teeth brushed and when she came down, the breakfast was ready as she expected from her dear mum.

Isabella finished her breakfast quickly as she was so excited to give gifts to other children.Soon they were on their way to American Red Cross.Their car boot was full of many gifts for the poor kids.

Isabella was wearing beautiful red satin dress with white glittery tights and her mummy made up a big hair bun on her head which was adding more beauty to her costume.

Little Isabella in red dress

Little Isabella in red dress

In no time, they reached there.Her mummy parked the car in parking porch and took a large bag full of gifts out of car boot.She went towards American Red Cross office with Isabella and Adam.

Office manager was so happy to see them, she took them upstairs to distribute Christmas gifts to the kids.

There was a whole floor for kids who were poor or refugees.They used to stay there for food, clothing, showering, teaching classes for English language, or some used to be there for stress management therapy.

The manager of American Red Cross called all the kids to gather up around her, she introduced them to Isabella, her mummy and Adam.

“This is Isabella, her Mum and Isabella’s little brother Adam, they have come here to give you all the Christmas gifts,” the manager told them in joyful tone.

Isabella’s mum opened up the huge gifts bag and asked Isabella to give gifts to all the kids.Isabella distributed all the gifts to the children excitedly.There was a smile on every child’s lips which was so precious for Isabella.

Everyone thanked and clapped for Isabella, and she was on the seventh sky with joy.

What a great happiness is in giving gifts to others and bringing smile on other’s faces,” Isabella thought.

“This feeling is just amazing,” Isabella screamed with joy as they hurried towards their car to go home.

“Yes my sweetie, giving does always bring inner pleasure and satisfaction,” Isabella’s mum replied.

Givers are always better than takers

Isabella, her mum and Adam spent whole afternoon with the children playing and talking to them.Isabella told them many stories which everyone liked very much.They even did lunch with the kids which was so delicious.Soon visitors time was over and Isabella, her mummy and Adam said good bye to the kids and wished them all Merry Christmas in advance.

Every child was laughing and chuckling which was unforgettable for Isabella.She was happy that she made those kids laugh.

In no time, they were home.It was supper time, Isabella's mum made a very tasty dinner.All had much fun with the food and went to bed as they all were tired of their whole day activity.

"Tomorrow is Sunday and we'll go to Church for Pastor Mark Lawerance’s morning sermon on Christmas my dear Bella," mummy told Isabella before she went to bed.

"Okay mommy, I love to go to Church, it feels so good there," Isabella replied with sleepy eyes.

"I know my darling, you are such a sweetheart, good night Bella, have nice dreams," her mum said proudly.

"Good night mum, I love you so much," Isabella replied while going towards her bedroom.

"Mommy loves you so much too my sweet Bella," she said with love.

Morning Sermon on Christmas

Morning Sermon on Christmas

Pastor Mark Lawerance Sermon on Christmas

Sunday morning was very busy as Isabella and her family were rushing to reach Church sharp at 9am which somehow they managed too.Pastor Mark Lawerance just started his sermon as they were sitting on chairs.

The Sermon was like:

"I start with the grace of God to describe the love of Christmas to all my listeners.Christmas is a special day when love of God was born in shape of Jesus Christ.He came to fill this world up with love of God and to give love even to the enemies.

Love is the most beautiful thing God has ever made, if we learn to pass this light of love to everyone, this world would become a heaven to live on.Jesus Christ has spread love all his life and he is doing till now.He will be doing this till the last day of this world.As his followers, we should follow his steps to teach spirit of love to other people.Only then, we can aquire real happiness in this world and in the heaven after.

Christmas's message is to give as much love to others as possible.Either it is in form of gifts or food.Whatever possible my friends, just try your best to spread spirit of love and peace around you.

Love is such a creation of God which never dies or fades away.Jesus Christ is a true symbol of love which is very necessary to bring peace and equality on earth.So my listeners, never hurt anyone's heart as God lives in every person's heart.If you hurt it, then truly God is hurt.God loves this soul of Love, being Loved and to give Love.

He doesn't like his creation to fight with each other.He wants to see you all living with peace and prevail soul of love, only then you can succeed in this life and in life hereafter."

"To Succeed my friends prevail spirit of love."

"God Bless you Everyone."

Love is the true soul of Christmas

Love is the true soul of Christmas

Isabella was so moved by this Sermon, she got the true message of Christmas now that it’s much more than gifts and twinkling star.She had the real light of love in her heart now and she determined in her heart to give love to others.

“Thank you so much Jesus Christ, I know your purpose of creation now.Nothing is more precious on Christmas than showing others the light of love,” Isabella murmured with joy and excitement.

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