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Dear Santa: Bring me A Twinkle Star - Part 2

English is my passion, I’m in love with this language since my childhood.Only way to write perfectly is to read, read and yet read again.



A quick review of Part 1

Isabella was very excited as she wanted to have more brighter Christmas this year.She always admired bright twinkled stars on the sky and used to dream to look the stars closely.So in order to fulfil her dream of bright stars ,she wrote a letter to Santa Claus to bring her a twinkle star from the sky to put on top of her Christmas tree to brighten up the tree and her whole house with its dazzling light.

Now she was just dreaming of Christmas Eve to come when her wish would come true and a bright star from sky would be on top of her Christmas tree.She was sure,"Santa Claus can get her anything."

Continuing to Part 2

Isabella and her mummy started decorating the tree with red,green and gold lights to give it a look of traditional Christmas tree as December started.Isabella was trying her best to give the tree a perfect traditional and glowing look as this Christmas was gonna be very special for her, "How"?

This was a little secret she was holding to amaze everyone on Christmas Eve.

"I won't tell anyone Dear Santa, but please do fulfil my wish, Please," Isabella whispered very quietly.

Isabella's mummy was busy in decking out the green tree with colourful little sparkly led lights which were going round and round the tree from bottom to top.Isabella looked at her mummy and smiled to her as nobody noticed her whisper.

Then Isabella started hanging little red and gold bulbs on the tree to make the tree a special one, more sparkling and brighter than any other Christmas tree.

Adam also wanted to help out as he always used to but instead of helping would end up messing everything ups and downs.So Isabella was trying to keep him away from decorating material, because she didn't want him to ruin up bulbs and garlands.But still he was in there somehow with Mummy's support, so keeping him away of tree was very hard for Isabella.

Hanging and joining bulbs on tree was not a easy job to do, though Isabella decorated the bottom of the tree with one line of red bulbs in a row ,then she hanged up another line of golden bulbs in second row.Then again third line of red bulbs in a row.Fourth line was golden bulbs all round the tree.

For middle line of tree and on top lines Mummy helped Isabella, their Christmas tree was almost ready and was looking so sparkling and glowing with colourful led lights and bright bulbs.

Then Mummy took out gold ribbon from shopping bag,it was very wide and sparky ribbon, Isabella was so excited to see the ribbon, she always loved ribbons of different colours, and gold colour was her favourite.

"Wow mommy, when did you get this ribbon, I just love it," Isabella shouted with joy.

"You were in school my darling," her mummy replied.

"Lets decorate it on the tree," Isabella asked her Mum.

Saying this, they both started decorating the tree with gold ribbon from top to middle and then up till bottom,covering the tree with gold.

Now was garlands and ornaments turn after putting on gold ribbon which looked awesome on tree.Both kids were so excited to see different ornaments.

"Hurrah I love these silvery tree ones," screamed Adam excitedly.

"Oh Yes, I knew it my cheeky monkey that's why I bought those," Mummy replied in joyous tone.

Well they all went around the tree and hanged the sparkly ornaments and garlands on Christmas tree.Those just looked marvellous on it with bright and shiny lights.

After finishing, Isabella was so happy and excited to see this glowing red and gold look of tree.Their Christmas tree was ready for this Christmas Eve and this is what brought a sense of joy and shine in Isabella's eyes.

"Dear Santa I am sure you'll love my Christmas Tree as I am the best Decorator and you'd put 'A sparkly Twinkle Star' on top of my tree as a present," she chuckled with excitement and with a bright light in her eyes.



Isabella was so happy and excited that she started dancing and singing a song from her school play 'Snow Queen' this December, she loved this song so much and used to sing it all the time, the rhymes were like,

"Cold Nights!

Air that makes your skin glow, star shines through your window,

Silver fairy lights.

Cold nights!

Icicles like splinters, nothing like the winter's

Cold, cold nights.

Frozen lakes and rivers, winds that give you shivers

Blowing from the heights.

Cold nights!

Forests full of bare trees,

Children must beware these

Cold, cold nights.

When the storms are raging

All around your door, you will see the sun once more.

While the rose is blooming

Love will never die,

Hope is like a rainbow, in the sky,

Hope is never, ever dead.

Hope is never, never, ever dead.

Cold nights!"

Christmas Plays in schools.



Isabella danced and danced in living room, in her bedroom.Soon she was tired and bit sleepy, so she just fell on bed and lo: next moment she was fast asleep.

There was light and twinkle stars everywhere in her house, she got out of bed and came down to living room to see what was happening.In living room, where they were decorating Christmas Tree, she saw Christmas father was sitting beside the tree on a large red chair with a large gold packet in his hand.

Isabella was very excited to see actually Santa Claus in her house, her mummy was standing next to Santa and Adam was there too.Her daddy was smiling at Isabella,she just couldn't believe on her eyes that actually Santa was here.She also saw her friends were sitting around Santa and were laughing and chattering.

"Dear Isabella, come here my child, I've been waiting for ya," Santa's sound buzzed in the air.

Isabella ran towards Santa Claus with joy and excitement as her wish for ‘A Bright Twinkle Star’ was seeming to come true.As she reached there, she saw Father Christmas was wearing red costume and a red hat with A Bright Twinkle Star on front of his hat.

The star was so shiny and glittery that the light of that star was all around her house, even was seeming like stars were covering every part of her house with shiny lights.

"Wow, this is Amazing, I love stars and these bright lights.Thank you dear Santa for coming to my house and making me feel so special," Isabella exclaimed with joy.

"Anything for you my little child, your father Christmas loves you so much my little Isabella," Santa Claus answered Isabella with loving sound while holding her hand.

Isabella felt Santa’s warm hands which were showing his love for her, she just hugged him excitedly, a warm hug of a father and daughter full of affection and lots of love.



Dear Santa: Bring me A Twinkle Star - Part 3

Isabella went to American Red cross to distribute Christmas gifts to poor children.She also went Church on Sunday morning with her family to attend morning sermon where she got to know the true meaning of Christmas.

© 2017 Nikki Khan

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