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Dear Ellie - Part 32

Photo by jlgsgirl Photography: Used by permission

Photo by jlgsgirl Photography: Used by permission


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Last time we left Scott imprisoned by Stella, Todd Marts, and David Martin. His fate would soon be decided.

Stella stepped out of the room. Scott moved his wrists up and down and side to side. The ropes loosened slightly but not enough to allow Scott to free himself. He knew he had to act quickly, and this may be the only opportunity he would have. He continued to try to free himself, but Stella and the men returned. He simply didn't have enough time.

"Now, Child, we're gonna untie ya, but remember, there are three guns in the room. Ya don't have any. So don't try nothin' stupid. Jus' because you're not tied doesn't mean you're a free man."

Todd cut the ropes, and Scott could move again. Martin motioned for him to walk over to an old, dusty desk shoved in the corner of the room. He ordered him to sit as he threw a pen and paper on the desk.

Stella spoke next. "Now, Child, jus' write what I tell ya."

Scott had to ask, "And just what is it I'm writing?"

Todd had the answer - "Your suicide note."


Scott tried to stall for time as he uttered another silent prayer. "Stella, look. We don't really need two ghosts floating around this old building, do we?"

Todd interrupted again. "Scotty. Scotty. Scotty. You don't really believe in ghosts, do ya?" He drew Scott's attention to another table filled with electronic equipment. Todd loved electronics. it was actually his idea to come up with the execution machine.

He walked over to the table and hit a switch. A vaporous Rosie Spenser appeared on the wall. Controlling the joystick, Todd was able to make her dance across the wall, on the ceiling, any corner of the room. He could shrink her, enlarge her, or stretch her.

Next, he began with the voices. As he spoke into a microphone, The figure leaked out giddy laughter, then roared in a loud, evil voice. Todd was full of pride. "Pretty remarkable, don't ya think, Scotty?" Scott was silent.

Todd repeated, "What do ya think, Scotty, my man?"

"I think you've been watching too much Scooby Doo."

"Yeah, well. Ya ain't seen nothing yet. Wait till ya see the execution machine. I designed it, too - and on such short notice. We didn't realize we'd need it until you came snooping around."

"I'm just dying to see it, Todd." Scott let out a nervous laugh. When are you going to show it to me?"

"Oh, that was a clever statement. Scotty."

Stella cut back in. "Enough small talk. We need to get this done. Now Scott, write exactly what I tell ya."


Dear Ellie,

I'm so sorry for all the difficulty I've brought your way. I never meant for this to happen. I don’t know how it all went wrong. I know I’ve caused you so much pain, and I can never make it right. Life has gotten to be too hard too fast. I’m leaving, and I won’t be back. Please don't hold that against me. I love you.

With all of life's problems, I turned to amphetamines to help me cope. My habit was out of control. I owed too much. They were going to kill me. I traded Carrie for the money I owed. I didn't know what to do. I can't face you right now or ever again.

You should have just let me in jail. You should have never taken me back. You should have left me to rot on the streets. Babe, I didn't deserve you then, and I don't deserve you now. Someday I hope you'll be able to forgive me, but I know I can never forgive myself. So why should you?

It's important to me that you find peace. I know I don't bring it. In the days ahead, try to focus on the good times. Do your best to rid your memory of the bad and the ugly. It's the only way you can ever be free. Some people would say I'm selfish to put you through an ending like this. Very soon, you'll see it as a selfless act to allow you to go on.

Babe, I'm so sorry. I just can't take it anymore. I wish I was stronger. Promise me you'll keep looking for Carrie, and please only tell her good things about me - even if you have to lie.

Don't forget. I will always you.


Now, Child. Don't ya worry. We'll make sure this gets delivered to your Ellie jus' as soon as the accident takes place."

Stella called David and Todd over to the door for one last private conference. With his hands freed, Scott managed to reach into his back pocket and dial 911. He could hear the operator speaking, "911 what's your emergency?"

The group was still conversing by the door. Scott yelled, "Stella, Stella Washington. If you're going to kill me, let's get it over with. You, David Martin, Todd Martz. Let's go. I'm sick of room 235 here at the Brownsville Golden Age Nursing Home. If you're going to murder me, let's do it now." He was afraid the direct information he was transmitting might be a tipoff as to what he was doing, but nobody seemed to notice. He left the cell phone on for the duration of the night.

"Oh, jus' hush up Scott. We're comin'." Looking deep into his eyes, Stella noticed he didn't appear to be the least bit fearful or nervous. "Aren't ya scared, Child?" She asked.

"Why should I be, Stella? You can't take my life. Only God can, and I'm ready to meet Him if He chooses. You can't threaten me with Heaven.

"But you, Stella - you're the one who should be worried. Your life will end at some point, maybe sooner than you realize. You'll stand before God Almighty, too. Are you ready? You really need to be."

Scott was cut off by Martin. "Shut up, Branson! Just shut up! You'll change your tune when you see the execution machine. Now move it!"

The Execution Machine: Scott's Range Rover

The Execution Machine: Scott's Range Rover

The four walked through the creaky building out into the crisp night air. Scott was ushered to his Range Rover.

Todd ordered, "Get in, my man."

Sliding into the driver's seat, Martin locked his seatbelt. "No use trying to get out, Branson. Once this thing is locked it won't open again. They'll need to cut you out - what's left of you."


Todd reached into the back seat and grabbed an old, plastic Walmart bag. He pulled out another joystick. "This is gonna be just like a video game, only this is real life. I"m going to control every move you make from room 235. I'll be able to monitor your entire trip. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna be driving your entire trip.

"Ya won't need to worry about a thing. Your brakes only respond to my direction. Your steering wheel only turns at my bidding. I control your speed. In short, Scotty, my man, I'm your backseat driver, and I'll drive you where I want you to go.

The three walked slowly across the parking lot as they made their way back to room 235. David Martin and Stella reminisced about the day she obtained a handwriting sample from him throwing everyone off the track. Yes, he was involved, but he didn't write the note Scott found. He was cleared for another day. They laughed about the way they painted Larson as a potential suspect.

Todd looked sweetly at Stella. "Nice job, Mom. Ya did a great job! Ya know, we told him we'd get his firstborn, and we did."

Stella returned the comment. "Ya didn't do badly yourself, Son. Now, let's finish it."

After the trio disappeared from sight, Scott immediately reached for his cell phone. He was still connected to 911. He began to shout, "This is Scott Branson. I've been abducted by Stella Washington, Todd Martz, and David Martin. They can be located at the old Brownsville Golden Age Nursing Home, room 235. I'm trapped in my vehicle which is remotely controlled by Martz. If there was ever a time to respond, it's now!"

"We've been monitoring the situation since you first called. Help is on the way, Mr. Branson. Remain calm. Help will be there soon."

Todd sat the control table with his toy, the joystick. Scott heard the ignition start and the car shifted into reverse. It slowly backed out and headed for the four-lane at a comfortable 45 miles an hour. The turns were smooth. The braking was excellent. Except for the final destination in view, Todd was driving nicely.

Todd weaved Scott's vehicle in and out of traffic easily. Then the vehicle began to slow down and pull to the side of the road. After the traffic passed, the Range Rover pulled out and made a U-turn. Scott was now going east in the westbound lane. Todd swerved the vehicle in and out, each time getting closer to the other cars. Then an eighteen wheeler appeared down the stretch. This was it. Todd set Scott on a head-on path with the oncoming beast. Scott whispered, "I'm ready to meet You, Lord. Take care of Ellie."

The crunch of metal against metal could be heard from a distance as the impact flipped the car out of control, smashing it into bits and pieces.

A fireball exploded and within seconds both vehicles were burning with a fervent heat. Black smoke billows could be seen for miles.


© 2018 William Kovacic

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