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Dear Ellie - Part 16



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



Previously, we left Ellie exploring the abandoned Brownsville Golden Age Nursing Home searching for Carrie. Let's pick it up at the cursed room 235.

As Ellie entered the corridor, she could hear a child's voice in the distance. She followed the voice down the hall. It grew louder with each step. Ellie turned left and began to slowly walk down the corridor leading to the child's voice.

The words were now plain. "Mommy, help me! Mommy, please!"

It was Carrie. Ellie's walk turned into a run as she traveled down the hall. The voice stopped at room 235. She thought to herself, "How can this be? Room 306 is where Carrie is to be."

The hanging corpse, still in her mind, she hesitated to open the door. But she knew she must. Slowly she placed her trembling hand on the doorknob and turned it until the latch released. Slower yet, she pushed the door open as she reached for the light switch. Like Stella, she accidentally hit the switch for the ceiling fan. A thump was heard. Ellie's frayed nerves were unraveling fast. She reached a little further to turn on the light. Then she screamed -:"Nooo!"

She collapsed into Stella's waiting arms.


Stella called for an ambulance. Then she called the Brownsville police for backup. She walked over to the lifeless child hanging by a single lamp cord from the ceiling fan. It did indeed look like Carrie, but as Stella walked closed, it was obvious that what was believed to be a child was only a life-size doll. Someone had painted the face to resemble Carrie.

Two Brownsville police officers found their way to the second floor and room 235. Stella filled them in on the latest details, but questions were left unanswered. Why was the doll made to look like Carrie? Did someone know Ellie would investigate? Was Carrie dead, or could she still be alive? If so, where was she? And of course, the big question - who was behind all of this?

Scott was sitting in his jail cell when he heard a commotion down the corridor. A guard came running expecting more trouble among inmates. That was not the case. One of the cells was infested with bombardier beetles. How they got there, no one had a clue.

The nasty bugs got Scott's attention. At the prison library, Scott began to research the strange insects.

The attack organ of a bombardier beetle set in motion

The attack organ of a bombardier beetle set in motion

He came to learn the attack mechanism of the beetle was hidden in its hindquarters. When threatened, the beetle sprays a boiling hot poison on the enemy from behind. The insect can direct the spray to any direction it chooses, allowing it to escape its captor. Scott thought it to be fascinating.

Then that still, small voice of God spoke again. "Scott, why doesn't that steaming hot poison kill the beetle? You know from your studies that life supposedly evolves because of need. There has to be a reason or evolution, as the world knows it, doesn't take place. The need, in this case, would be protection from its enemy. If the beetle developed the poison for protection, it would kill the beetle without the protective sac I've placed in it.

"On the other hand, Scott, let's be real. If the protective sac evolved first, what would be its purpose? There would be none because there was no poison present to protect the beetle from in the first place. Confusing? Maybe, but think of it this way. Without the poison, evolution would see no need for a protective sac. If the poison evolved first, the bombardier beetle would be extinct because the poison would kill them before there was time for the protective sac to evolve.

"So, Scott, we have this beetle that houses a bomb-making unit. I have placed this scorching poison in a pouch that protects my little creature. And remember, too, Scott, that both these processes would take years to develop. The bombardier beetle would be extinct, but it lives on because I have created both the protective chamber and placed the defense mechanism, the poison, in it at the same time. That's the only possible way it could exist. Remember,every design has a designer."

The Defense System of the Bombardiew Beetle

Scott had to admit those were true words. If God existed, He would surely make Himself known," Scott thought. "And that's exactly what He is doing. There had to be a God."

Stella met the ambulance at Allegheny General. Ellie was once again checked into her room for the night - hopefully. Anxiety, worry, and confusion had to be put to rest with another strong sedative. Ellie's world was now officially out of control. In the morning she would be moved to 3-South where she could be cared for more properly. For now, Ellie was in the hospital. Scott was in jail - and Carrie's abductor was still free.

Detective Larson was on a cop's high. DNA results were just delivered to him from the forensics lab that worked the Rosie Spenser crime scene. He was quick to call Stella to his office.

"Well, Ms. Washington. Guess what I have here." He cheerfully held up the envelope containing the results.

Stella recognized the envelope as being the kind that DNA results are sent in throughout the department. A disgusted look spread across her face.

Sarcastically she said, "I give up, Detective Larson. What do we have here?"

We have here the DNA results taken from the cord that was used to hang Rosie Spenser. Care to take a guess who might be responsible for this?"

"Come on, Larson, jus' tell me who it is. I don't have time for games - and neither do you!"

"Scott Branson! We have him now. He'll never harm society again. Our kids will be safe again. I'm just sorry ol' Rosie had to pay the price for this information."

Stella knew better. Larson, I don't know how his DNA ended up on that cord. but I can tell you this. Mr. Branson is innocent."

"Yeah, yeah. I know. Gut feeling. "Do you want to arrest him, or do I get to have the pleasure?"

If anyone annoyed Stella, it was Larson. She squared her shoulders and looked him in the eye. "You know that doesn't prove anything. He may have come in contact with the cord, but that doesn't mean he killed her. She was dead long before we discovered her remains the other night. If I were you, I'd start looking at some else. Maybe David Martin."

"What is it with Martin? If he's the one we're looking for, what is it that makes you think he's guilty? Or maybe it's because you're sweet on Branson?" Stella walked away. She didn't have time for Larson's sick jokes.

It was time to let Scott know of the new developments in the case. He had a right to know if he was to be arrested for murder. She pulled into the jail parking lot and checked in.

Scott was brought from his cell to the visitor's booth, surprised to see Stella. A few more days and he would be released.

"What's up, Stella?"

"Scott, ya need to help me with this. I know you're innocent of any wrongdoing, excep' maybe breakin' into the old Brownsville hospital. Detective Larson has it out for ya. He wants to arres' you for the murder of Rosie Spenser."

A shocked Scott fell back further into his chair. "How did this all come about? I mean, it seems to be coming out of nowhere. What's going on, Stella?"

"They have your DNA on the cord that was used to hang Rosie Spenser."

"That's impossible, Stella. I never touched . . ."

"What, Scott? What are you thinking?"

A broken Scott looked into Stella's eyes. "Stella, it may be possible. It very well may be my DNA."

"Ya mean, you're admitting guilt, Scott?"

© 2017 William Kovacic

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