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Dear Ellie - Part 15



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Sharon Gallegher had no idea that her co-worker, Ellie, was now her patient until she walked into the room. Ellie was sitting in bed, but Sharon could see the stress on her worn and weary face.

"Ell - are you up to talking about this?"

Sharon had always been there for Ellie. There were many times during the past three months they had cried together - and occasionally laughed together.

"It's all too much, Shar. I can't possibly go on anymore. There's nothing left in me. These two ladies stopped by the house. They invited me to church. Then they just walked away. I feel so empty. They seemed to have the answers, but you know me - I'm not the religious type. Still, I feel empty, like my soul's bleeding."

"Maybe it is. Are you going to go? I mean, maybe there is a god. I can't believe any human being can go through what you've gone through and still be sane. I think someone is watching over you. I think you should go. It can't hurt, can it?"

Ellie began to tremble as a cold feeling washed over her. "Listen, Ell. I'll let you get some rest, but I'll be back to check on you. In the meantime, if you need anything, just buzz."

The sedative began to work. Ellie was finally getting the rest she needed. The nightmare would still be there when she woke. but for the moment, she would be granted a reprieve. As for now, Scott would spend the day in jail, and Ellie would spend it at Allegheny General - this time as a patient.



Ellie woke to a familiar voice calling her. "Mommy! Mommy! Help me!" She could see her little arms reaching out to her as the frightened look on Carrie's face grew.

"Where are you? Sweetie. I'm coming."

The room began to turn and spin, and Carrie's face swam in the turbulence. Numbers began to appear floating here and then there - a 6, then a 3, and a 0 in no particular order, Finally the scene slowed, No more Carrie. Tthe numbers settled and stayed fixed in a 306 position. Ellie recognized the design of the numbers to be the same as room 235 at the Brownsville Golden Age Nursing Home.

She quickly buzzed for Sharon who came running. By the time She arrived, Ellie was dressed and heading for the door. She ran head-on into Sharon.

"What are you doing, Ell?! You can't leave. Get back into bed."

"No, Shar. Listen. Carrie needs me. She came to me. She's in room 306 at the old Brownsville hospital. I have to get her. She needs me. Ellie's staccato talk continued as Sharon did her best to settle her.

"Ell, it's the medication. You need to rest."

"No, she came to me. She needs me, and she needs me now."

Sharon buzzed for the doctor. "Okay, Okay, Shar. You win." Ellie began to settle down.


"Now, put on this beautiful hospital gown and get back into bed." Within minutes, Ellie was back in bed pretending to be asleep. Within minutes, she was dressed in her street clothes and sneaking out of her room. She walked confidently down the hall and out the exit door to the parking lot. Nobody noticed.

The drive to Brownsville seemed especially long. Ellie knew what she had to do but was not looking forward to it. Breaking into the abandoned building which supposedly housed the ghost of Rosie Spencer was not on Ellie's wish list, but Carrie was calling her. The anticipation of seeing her again pushed her on. She drove on through the night.

She stood in front of the building, facing it head-on. It was time. Stella was not here with her flashlight. All Ellie had was the light of her cell phone, but that was enough. Once inside, Ellie made her way to the elevator. With every step, she remembered the corpse of Rosie Spencer as it dangled from the ceiling fan in room 235. Thankfully, she wasn't going to room 235.

The elevator came into view, and Ellie pushed the up button. With a jerk, the old elevator began to lift upward. She heard the beep that signaled she was approaching the second floor. The elevator continued. She heard the beep that signaled she was approaching the third floor. Then the elevator jammed. It refused to climb higher. The dim light flickered. Then all was dark - very dark. pitch dark.

It didn't take more than a few seconds for panic to set in. Ellie set about pushing all the buttons, but to no avail. She reached for her cell phone to call Sharon. That's when she felt a hand rest on her shoulder. She whirled around to see a woman dressed in nurse's scrubs. Her pale form stood out in the darkness, and the anger in her eyes was undeniable. It had to be the ghost of Rosie Spenser.

Take a tour through the haunted Brownsville Golden Age Nursing Home

The form shrieked in a hideous voice, as the hairs on the back of Ellie's neck rose to attention. "Get out of here, or you'll pay the price. You do not belong here. This is my territory! Now leave." The figure faded into the black that enveloped Ellie.

How could she leave? The elevator wouldn't budge. She hit the down button one more time. The elevator began to descend. Something was terribly wrong. She was to be going to the first floor, but the elevator stopped at the second floor. The door opened. She pushed the down button again. Nothing happened. The door remained opened. What to do next, she wasn't sure, but she stepped out anyway.

Sharon Gallegher was experiencing her own panic. She ran down the hall at Allegheny General screaming past the nurse's desk. "Doctor! Doctor! Ellie Branson is missing. Call the police. Tell them to go to the Brownsville Golden Age Home. I know that's where she is. She thinks her daughter is there. Better get an EMT there, too. She's falling apart!"

The call to police headquarters landed on Stella's line. "Stella Washington here. How may I help you?"

"This is Doctor Benson at Allegheny General. One of our patients is missing - Ellie Branson. We believe she is at the Golden Age Nursing Home in Brownsville. We need to find her quickly. She could be dangerous - to herself."

Stella's ears perked up at the mention of Ellie's name. "I'll send a car right over." Within seconds, Stella was racing down the highway toward Brownsville. She rightly made the choice not to involve the Brownsville police. It seemed that Stella was the only person Ellie trusted. To bring in the Brownsville police might send her off the deep end.

As Ellie entered the corridor, she could hear a child's voice in the distance. She followed the voice down the hall. It grew louder with each step. Ellie turned left and began to slowly walk down the corridor leading to the child's voice.

The words were now plain. "Mommy, help me! Mommy, please!"

It was Carrie. Ellie's walk turned into a run as she traveled down the hall. The voice stopped at room 235. She thought to herself, "How can this be? Room 306 is where Carrie is to be."

The hanging corpse, still in her mind, she hesitated to open the door. But she knew she must. Slowly she placed her trembling hand on the doorknob and turned it until the latch released. Slower yet, she pushed the door open as she reached for the light switch. Like Stella, she accidentally hit the switch for the ceiling fan. A thump was heard. Ellie's frayed nerves were unraveling fast. She reached a little further to turn on the light. Then she screamed -:"Nooo!"

She collapsed into Stella's waiting arms.

© 2017 William Kovacic

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