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Dear Ellie - Part 13



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

From Part 12

They continued to follow the sounds. Stella focused her flashlight on each door as they passed. The moans grew louder. Finally, they came to room 235. As they stopped, so did the strange sounds from the other side of the of door.

Stella ordered everyone to stay close behind her. She would go first with her gun drawn. She slowly turned the knob. The door opened easily. She reached her hand along the wall in search of a light switch. After a few tries, she hit the switch. No light appeared. Just a thumping sound was heard. It was the ceiling fan. Stella tried again. This time she hit the lights. Although very dim, there was enough light to see the entire room.

The first things Ellie's eyes focused on were the sunken orbs of a rotted corpse hanging from the ceiling fan, held only by an old light cord wrapped securely around her neck. The body was still dancing from Stella's start-up of the fan. Ellie screamed. Scott held her close. Stella just looked on, jaw dropped and wide-eyed.

The skeletal remains were dressed in nurse's scrubs. Stella flashed her light on the name badge. It read, Rosie Spenser.



Within seconds, Stella was on the phone to the Brownsville police. They would be handling the case. No one would sleep that night. Scott and Ellie were dismissed as Stella drove back to the station. Larson was waiting. He had not yet heard of the night's events.

"So, how did it go? I know what you were trying to do by taking him back to the scene of the crime. What kind of a reaction did he have? Did he break?"

Oh, please. Not after a night like this. He's innocent, Larson. Just drop it. He was as shocked as I was."

"Shocked about what?"

"I'll fill ya in, but not now. It's been too long of a night."

Larson scratched his head as Stella walked away.


An Arrest to be Made

Stella knew she had to deliver the news to Scott in the morning. There was no way around it this time. So as the sun came around, so did Stella.

Ellie yelled from the kitchen, "Scott, Stella's here to talk with us. Hurry!"

Scott was already late for school. The stress showed on his face as he entered the room.

"Good morning, Officer. Boy, some night last night, huh? Look, I'm late for work. Can we make this quick?"

Stella,stuttered. "No need to worry about work, Scott. This will be quick." She began. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present now and during any future questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you free of charge if you wish.."

Stella reached for her handcuffs. "Whoa, what's going on?" Scott couldn't believe what was happening.

"Scott, there's nothin' I can do to help ya at this point 'cept to offer some advice. This isn't about Carrie. By your own admission, you broke into private property. Of course, they'll be checking to see if you've been in that building before. You could be looking at facing murder charges for the death of Ms. Spenser.

"But I know better. The jails are overcrowded as it is. They'll want to make a deal with you, and honestly, you need to take it. If you plead guilty, you'll likely get ninety days. If you don't agree to the bargain, it could be two to four years. You have no defense."

Stella was almost in tears as Scott was placed in the back of the cruiser. Ellie stood bewildered at the door as she watched them drive off. Her crashing world continued to spiral out of control.

Scott's court date came and went. Just as Stella promised, he was given a ninety-day sentence. What was Ellie to do without Scott? She didn't trust him, and for all she knew, he may have committed murder, but still, he brought a sense of security to the house. What if someone tried to break into the house again? How would the bills be paid? Could she ever trust him again?

Ellie's Dream World

Ellie's Dream World

Jane and Evelyn

She stared at the note in her hand. Years later, she still found it hard to believe Scott left her this way. She returned to her dream world.

There was a knock at the door. Two women stood a the door. Ellie already had her preconceived ideas of how this meeting would go. She didn't care for the proselytizer type.

"Hello, my name is Jane Watson, and this is Evelyn Harrington. We're from Grace Community Church just down the street. We'd like to invite you to join us this Sunday. We are celebrating twenty years in the community, and we'll be having a meal afterward for all who attend. We hope you can make it."

They turned to leave. Ellie couldn't believe it. That's all they wanted? No push to join some cult? She couldn't get away from the genuine, broad smiles both wore.

"Wait! Ladies!" A tear formed in Ellie's eye. Jane was quick to notice.

"Well, what's wrong, Honey?"

Ellie thought to herself, "Honey - that's what Stella calls me." She grabbed some comfort from the term. "I would like to come. Thank you." Tears began to trickle freely from Ellie's eyes.

"Honey, may we come in and talk?"

Ellie could see the three of them sitting around the same table she was now sitting at. The note trembled in her hand as she remembered. She shared the story of Carrie, and now, Scott was in jail. She was at the end of herself, and hope was dwindling fast.

Jane continued, "Honey, when we come to the end of ourselves, there's still Hope. His name is Jesus."

"With all due respect, ladies, where was your Jesus when my daughter was stolen? If He's so great, why did He take my daughter?"

"Oh, He didn't take your daughter - not at all. That wicked man took your daughter. It's all part of the curse of sin on the human race. And Ellie dear, it hurts God more than it hurts you. The terrible ordeal you've suffered, God has experienced, too.

"That's why Jesus came to die - to pay the price of that man's sin - and your sin, too. But Ellie, we each have a choice to make. The man who took Carrie - maybe he hasn't chosen to follow God, but you can choose to, Ellie, You have nothing to say about this one who took your child. He will answer before God on his own merit. You'll answer to God on your own merit.

"Follow Him. Make Jesus your God."

"And if I do, I just bet I'll be able to find Carrie, right? Everything will be just great, right? My husband will be returned from jail - all suspicion wiped away, right? Come on. I may not be religious, but I'm not that stupid."

Evelyn spoke for the first time. "No Ellie, you're very intelligent because that's not how it works at all. We're told in the Bible we are to follow Christ's steps. Christ's steps led Him to the suffering of the cross. If we follow Christ, our steps will lead to suffering as well. Jesus isn't the big, sugar daddy in the sky that spoils us and gives us everything we want. He will withhold things that may hurt us just as a loving father watches over his child.

He knows best, and although there will be hard times, he won't take you around them. However, He does promise to go through them with you. He'll be there every step of the way if you want."

"Okay, I'll try Him."

Jane and Evelyn's broad smiles faded. "No. Jesus is not something or someone you try. You're not ready yet, please do come to the meal." Evelyn whispered. Both saw themselves to the door as Ellie sat dumbfounded at the table, left with no one but herself.

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William Kovacic (author) from Pleasant Gap, PA on October 05, 2019:

I just feel the need to share with people the greatness and grace of God. But that's me. I'm just one of those old-time pastors that want to get the message out any way he can.

Tori Leumas on October 01, 2019:

I really love it that all your stories include the Gospel. I'd like to include it in all of my stories, but I'm not sure whether to put it in my current story or where to put it. It is a fantasy book, kinda like Lord of the Rings and Narnia.

William Kovacic (author) from Pleasant Gap, PA on November 25, 2017:

It's good to hear from you, Lawrence, and thanks for the kind comment!

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on November 24, 2017:


Very well crafted, and a good opening for the message of the story.

Really enjoyed it.

William Kovacic (author) from Pleasant Gap, PA on November 06, 2017:

Thanks, Eric. I;m glad you're enjoying this. I always look forward to your visits, my friend!

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 05, 2017:

I really like how you do this. I think you show your true colors. The story is awesome but getting into your head is a treasure.

William Kovacic (author) from Pleasant Gap, PA on November 05, 2017:

I try to work the Gospel into all my writing at one point or another, Tamara. You never know who might be reading and how it might strike a chord with them to be saved. As always, thanks for following!

Tamara Yancosky from Uninhabited Regions on November 05, 2017:

This is precious how you include the Message of Saving Grace, thru our Savior, Jesus Christ into your story.

Yes, following The Lord will not cause the absense of trials and great tribulations in our lives, nor in our loved ones’ lives, but there is a great comfort of inner-Peace when we know He goes thru these painful times with us, and that our prayers are, indeed, heard by Him.

You have written a beautiful, exciting, and suspenseful story, here, in which I will plan to continue reading in great anticipation!

William Kovacic (author) from Pleasant Gap, PA on October 04, 2017:

Why? seems to be the question, Lori. I've heard it over and over, and except for God's grace, I'd be asking the same question. But God is good all the time. Easy to say - hard to live at times.

William Kovacic (author) from Pleasant Gap, PA on October 04, 2017:

I had to sneak it in somewhere, Dora. This was the place. Thanks for stopping by and being a part!

Lori Colbo from United States on October 03, 2017:

From a human standpoint, Ellie's questions and doubts seem understandable and valid. These circumstances are some of the hardest to lead someone to Christ. A kidnapped daughter and a husband in jail. The typical question is "Why?" I hope the blinders are removed from her eyes.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on October 02, 2017:

Beautiful the way you led up to the presentation of the gospel. This is a good example of how to introduce Christ into our everyday interactions when the opportunity presents itself.

William Kovacic (author) from Pleasant Gap, PA on September 30, 2017:

Glad you were able to stop by, Bill. I always look forward to seeing you!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on September 30, 2017:

Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees, eh? Great story with a powerful message, my friend.

William Kovacic (author) from Pleasant Gap, PA on September 30, 2017:

I'm always honored to have you stop by, Eric. I know you're busy, and when busy people come by to read, I'm appreciative. Glad you're enjoying the story as we still have a bit to go yet. Thanks again.

William Kovacic (author) from Pleasant Gap, PA on September 30, 2017:

Hi, Jackie. It's the big picture we need to see, but so often we know that's not the case. Thank you for pointing that out, and as always, thanks for following along.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on September 29, 2017:

You are a great story teller. I perk up when I get a notice of your publishing.

It is funny but I got to thinking about those folks who will not let a door to door proselytizer into their home. At least I can get them some tea and let them use the bathroom get out of the heat or cold and chit chat with such committed folks. Excuse me a rant.

90 days sucks but at least it is local and normally if you are cool and kiss ass it is only about 50. They are both stronger than me on my own.

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on September 29, 2017:

Great story and so true how people question why God lets bad things happen to innocent and good people. You just have to know Him to get over that one and it still is not easy or easy to explain. Yet there is a big picture we have none seen yet.

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