Deaf Friend of Dark Creatures: Part Two

Updated on January 4, 2018
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I love to writing fantasy and other genres stories. Its invites deaf communication and ASL (American Sign Language).

At the baroque castle, "A black familiar? Belong to your grandfather, son?" The King lean forward from the throne, looking at his son curiously, "How could it be impossible?" His son and other teenagers has returned from the mission and told him about the familiar that attacked the hunters which makes him more curious.

"Yes, father. I thought it has faded twenty years ago. Do you think grandfather is alive?" Zak crossed his arms across his chest and cocked his head wonderingly. The King caress his beard with a frown look on his face. "I'm not sure, son."

Zak grunts in annoyed, "I guess we will met him soon or later, father." The King urged want to pinch between his nose, "Indeed, Zak." He looks at the councils, "Then, our discussion will be on hold later. Right now, we have the Ball tomorrow night." He roses up from the throne, steps down the stairs, "Dismissed." The councils bows their heads to the King as they disappeared out of the throne room.

The King leads Zak and the teenagers out of the throne room and into the hallway, "Listen, children. You must not tell anyone about the black familiar, understand?" Got a few nods from the teenagers. "I do not want to alarm the others. Keep it between us." He stopped by the doors and turn around to face the teenagers, "Now, get some rest, children. We will find out after the Ball tomorrow night." Clapped Zak's shoulder, "I should thank to the familiar for saved you and your friends' lives." He smiled softly as he left them at the doors.

The prince watching his father disappeared from the hallway. He sighed and looks at his friends, "Guess, he's right. We need our rest, guys." He shrugged his shoulder. The blonde haired teenager, Jacob who glared at him halfheartedly, "Did he just say the Ball?" Zak scowls at him, "Indeed. I thought you already knew about the Ball?" The brown curly haired female teenager, Xenia, snickers at Jacob, "Don't tell me, you forgot the Ball?" She coos at Jacob mockingly.

Davis glared at her darkly, "Hush you. I haven't forget about the Ball but I forgot what is it about, woman!" He crossed his arms and sticks his tongue out at her. "Last time I checked, you forget your hair to be fixed which it remind me of the angry kitty." He said in mockingly.

Xenia gasped and placed her hand on his unbeaten heart dramatically, "You wound me," She sniffs falsely with a sad look on her face.

The hazel haired male teenager, Davis pinched between his nose in annoyed at Xenia and Jacob but ignored them, "Geez, I swear you two acts like a bird lovers." They turn their heads at Davis, "We are not bird lovers, thank you very much!" They shouts at him in the same time.

Davis rolls his eyes at their dramatic, "Ignore them, Zak." Grabs the prince's arm and drags him away from them, mumbles under his breathes, "Why are we friends with them for?" Zak snorts at Davis' last comment, "Because you love them as siblings in all but blood." Pats his poor friend Davis' back. "Let's get some rest. I will see you tomorrow night." They stopped by at the Zak's door.

"Yeah. Good night, Zak." He sighed in defeated, ".....Wait, was it morning, already?" Davis looked at him with raised an eyebrow confusedly. Zak shakes his head but chuckles softly, "Indeed, it is." Davis grunted softly, "Then good morning, Zak." He waves his hand like a goodbye.

Zak watching his friend left the hallway, sighing, "Hope everything will be fine tomorrow." Open the door as he steps in the master bedroom and closed the door behind him.

(To be continued...The Part Three is coming up to next....)

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