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Deaf Friend of Dark Creatures: Part Three

I love to writing fantasy and other genres stories. Its invites deaf communication and ASL (American Sign Language).

After Zak's father left them in the hallway, they went to their master bedrooms to get some rest after being hunted by the hunters and rescued by the black familiar.

The morning sunrise which has begins once the sun has disappeared below the horizon like a sunset of yellow colors in the direction from the sun below horizon and the blue scattered from the surrounding sky as soon as it turn into a full night with a full moon-rise appears with a several stars as the moonlight peers through the clouds from the sky.

At the baroque castle, there were black limo parked at the opened gates , the servant hold the open door of the limo, waiting for the vampire royals to be ready for the Ball.

The guards pulls the doors open as the King and his son, Zak steps out of the baroque castle, they wears a full black tuxedo suits with a black bow tie and white gloves. Thankfully, no hats because it's uncomfortable for them to wears it, it would mess their hair as well. The servant bows his head in respectfully at them. They get in the limo as soon as the servant closed the door shut.

The driver looks up at the mirror to see the vampire King and his son has enter in the limo. "Greetings, Lord Dakar," the driver said with a friendly voice. The vampire King raised an eyebrow at the driver but smiles gently, "Ah, long time no see, Genesis." He gives his human friend a greetings. "how's your family?"

The driver, Genesis chuckles softly, "Indeed, it is." He started the engine of the limo and beginning to drive the limo away from the castle and into the street, "Ah, they are doing great, Lord Dakar. My wife is busy to be ready for our daughter, Lily's birthday party on the weekend."

Dakar bursted out laughter, "I see. Your wife must be excited to bake Lily's favorite cake. How old is she again?" He asked him curiously. Genesis gaps at him from the mirror, "Did someone hit your head or something?" Zak snickers at his father's gobsmacked look on his face. "Oi! It's not my fault. I've been busy with those paperworks! It's torture!" He said with a scowl. "My poor brain... " Dakar mumbles under his breathes.

"She will be four, my friend. Can't believe you forgot your own goddaughter's age." He grumbles softly. Dakar urge want to toss his friend out of the window so bad.

Luckily for Zak has already to set the recording them on his iphone seven plus. He grins darkly, 'Perfect for the blackmail," he thought evilly as he watching Genesis and his father have a heat glaring contest, he swore that he could see the crackling streamers of lightning arcing back and forth between of his father and Genesis' eyes.

The Sweat drop appears on the back of Zak's head, 'Wondering why are they act like a teenagers, not adults? Probably it won't be hurt to ask the doctor to check their brains,' he throught, caress his beardless chin. Sighing, he looks out of the window to see the beautiful city of Philadelphia.

(To be continue.. Part Four is coming up to next....)

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