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Deaf Friend of Dark Creatures: Part Four

I love to writing fantasy and other genres stories. Its invites deaf communication and ASL (American Sign Language).

The limo approached and stopped by at the door of the building. Open the front door of the limo, the driver steps out and closed the door. The driver, Genesis, walks around to the back door, open it widely.

Lord Dakar steps out of the limo and his son followed him. They looks up at the tall building of the Arts Ballroom in the Philadelphia. The moon rises up above the building with several stars. It remind Zak of the fireflies dancing around the forest along with the moonlight would peek through the forest.

“Zak?” the prince snapped out of his thought and looks up at his father who stand by the door that hold by the doorman. Zak swore that the doorman just smirked at him as if he have a daydreaming.

”I’m coming, father.” He walks up the stairs to join by his father's side. Lord Dakar raised an eyebrow at him. The prince sighed, "Sorry. Just remember of ...." He looks down and puts his hands in the pockets of his black pants.

Lord Dakar closed his eyes and sighs softly, then open his eyes and looks at him, "of your grandparents?" Got a nod from Zak. Dakar smiled and clapped his hand on his shoulder, "Indeed. They love dancing around with the fireflies during the night. It was beautiful scene.”

Zak smiles sadly, “Yeah, it was.” Dakar chuckled as they enter in the building. The Butler looks up from the notebook and give them a warm welcome smile, ”Hello. Welcome to the Arts Ballroom. Names, please.”

Lord Dakar nod his head to the Butler with a greetings. “Dakar Black.” hold out his hand at his son, “And my son, Zak Black. We are here for the Feniri Family.”

the Butler looks at the notebook, ”Indeed, sir. I will sent someone to take you there.” He pulls the phone out of the pocket of his black vest and texted it. A few seconds later, his phone starts vibrating and take a look at the text message. “He is on his way to come here, sir.“ The butler told them.

a sound of footsteps makes them look up and spot a young teenager approaching them. The butler walks up to the young teenager and signs his hands to him. The teenager blinks and looks at Dakar and Zak curiously then back at the Butler and signs back to him. The Butler grinned turn around and claps his hand on the teenager’s shoulder.

”Meet Konner Wayne-Black.”

(To be continue....Part Five is coming up to next....)

© 2018 Francine Tyson

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