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Deaf Friend of Dark Creatures: Part Five

I love to writing fantasy and other genres stories. Its invites deaf communication and ASL (American Sign Language).

They staring at the young teenager aka Konner Wayne-Black Who nod his head in greetings. The butler chuckles at them lightly, “He will take you two to the ballroom.”

Zak clears his throat, “Excuse me. I’m curious to ask. did you use your hands to him, what is it?”

The butler blinks at him, “Ah, it’s American Sign Language. Before you ask another question. Yes, he’s deaf. Do not worry, he can read the lips, sir.” He can swore to see Konner’s silent snicker. The Butler gives him a half-hearted glare and signs, ‘Don’t makes me text Lisa and ask her to turn you into a girl like the last time, Konner.’ The teenager got paled and gulps gently, ‘Yes, Henry!’

Henry smirked at Konner’s face. The teenager waves his hand at Dakar and Zak and mentioned them to follow him. They looks at each other and Zak shrugs his shoulders and following Konner to the ballroom. Lord Dakar mumbles under his breathe about should have to learn ‘American Sign Language‘ to communicate with. The King walking to join them, frowns at Konner’s last name Makes him wondering if he is related to the Black Family. He will have to talk with the advisor later.

Konner stopped by at the large doors and grabs the knob, pulls it open widely to let them to see those several people chatting, dancing, and drinking their red wines. Zak turn around to Konner and pulls his phone out and typed it down then show it to him. Konner blinks and look at the message as it says ‘How do you say Thank You in Sign Language?’

Konner grinned and lift his hand up as his flat hand near his lips then move his hand forward and a bit down, ’Thank you.’

Zak watching Konner’s hand carefully then copied the movement as he start to sign, ‘Thank you.’ He got a thumb up from Konner makes him puffs his chest proudly and got a friendly laugh from Konner which makes Zak grinned happily. They haven’t notice Lord Dakar and other people smiles or grins at the scene of between Konner and Zak.

Lord Dakar grinned and watching Zak waves his hand goodbye. Konner smiles and closed the door behind gently. His son approached him with a cheerful grin as if he won the prize. “How is it going” He asked his son curiously.

“It was interesting to learn how to say ‘Thank you’ in Sign Language, father.” he crossed his arms, “Wish I’d ask him to teach me Sign Language.” He grumbled.

Dakar snorts at his son, “Or get a book from the library, son.” He ignored the scowl from his son, “Now, I’m off to see the advisor. be behave, kid.”

Zak gaps at his father‘s cheeky, “Oi! I’m not a kid anymore. I’m a hundred years old, thank you very much!” He will get him someday, maybe a dye hair prank on him. He haven’t noticed the few hunters who hide in the second floor of the ballroom with the guns that point at them.

(To be continue... Part Six is coming up to next....)

© 2018 Francine Tyson