Dark Love: The Rebirth Part VIII

Updated on January 28, 2018


She had locked up her office and gave the keys to Sam. Alison and Adam handed her a small white shopping bag, she looked inside seeing burp cloths, pacifiers, navy blue onesies, and a stuffed brown dog.

“Thank you so much.” Rae paused; “I know this place is in good hands. And a huge thanks for not getting anything pink.”

Alison laughed, “Gina and Sam warned me before I headed to the store.”

“Thank you.”

There was a knock on the door. Sebastian waved and she turned to her friends. They gathered around her in a group hug.

“I’ll be back before you all know it.” Rae whispered

She walked out of the studio seeing the camera’s flashing. The vultures were out as Sebastian opened the car door for her. As he got in, she put her gift in between her feet.

He started the car and pulled away from the studio.

“How are you feeling?” He asked

“Better; the morning sickness kicked my ass.” She replied, “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see…” He replied

She sometimes hated when he plans or surprises her with something. He wasn’t intimidated by her independence, but he liked to spoil her occasionally. The car stopped in front of the city’s courthouse and she smiled.

“We’re getting our marriage license. And then you’re going shopping for a dress.” He explained

“You want to move the wedding up?” She asked

“Rae, the baby’s growth will begin to accelerate. You’ll be in your last trimester in probably four weeks. We can have a private ceremony at the mansion.” He replied

It was a valid point, who knew how much her body would endure between now and when it comes time to give birth. “No regrets…” She had said after meeting him.


“C’mon let’s go.”

He parked the car and they went into the courthouse.

Three weeks had passed, and she looked nine months along. She looked malnourished, bones were visible, and her spine poked out her back. Her face, once full had thinned out with a pair of dull brown eyes that had sunk into her head.

The baby was going too fast. Any nutrients she consumed were immediately given to the baby, but she couldn’t keep up. Danielle had brought her synthetic blood to drink, which gave her some strength back.

One Saturday night, it was movie night with Sam, Clint, and Melanie. She stood in the bathroom, fixing the skirt of her navy maternity dress. Sebastian appeared beside her and they slowly walked down the hall and downstairs. Sam had put on ‘Spaceballs’ and hit ‘play’. She sat down on the couch and Sebastian sat next to her.

“I’m sorry that this is such a boring party.” Rae commented

“Yeah because this is such a hootnanny.” Melanie giggled

Everyone laughed, but it got quiet as the movie started. Half way through, she felt a sharp pain, but it disappeared. It came back, she stood up, something snapped, and she screamed.

“Rae!” Melanie gasped

Blood started running down her legs forming a small puddle on the floor. He scooped her up into his arms and blurred over to the mansion. “Faith!” Sebastian yelled. She appeared at the top of the staircase, seeing Rae squirming in pain. “Bring her upstairs…” Faith commanded.

The scent of blood danced around their noses, it put them in a trance to drink.

“Clint… snap out of it!” Melanie screamed

“Clint… babe... c’mon… “Sam whispered

Melanie walked up to him, but Sam slapped him bringing out of the trance. Innocent blood was never to be drunk, unless the person was willing to be turned. It had tempted many to drink, but most knew better. He shook his head and looked around, his hand rubbed against his cheek feeling the stinging of the slap heal.

“What the hell was that for?” He asked

“You looked ready to pounce on my best friend and drink her blood.” Sam replied

“Weakling…” Melanie muttered

“I heard that Mel… don’t start princess…”

“Where does she keep her cleaning supplies?” Melanie asked

“Underneath the sink in the kitchen.” Sam replied

She got up, Clint followed, but placed his hand on her shoulder.

“You go upstairs and get a change of clothes for Rea. I’ll stay here and help Melanie clean up.” He explained

“Are you sure?” Sam asked

“Go Sam; she’s going to need you.”

She kissed him on the cheek and went upstairs. Walking into hers and Sebastian’s closet she brushed her hand over her clothes.

They brought her into the examination room. He lied her down on the hospital bed, Rae moaned.

“The placenta must have separated.” Faith explained

She put on a pair of gloves and opened her bag. As she took out a small bottle of morphine and a needle. It filled, and she walked over to Rae who was trying to remain still. The pressure from the injection was strong at first, but then the pain gradually began to fade. She still felt it as Faith picked up a scalpel. Sebastian lifted her dress up revealing her large stomach.

“The morphine should have taken effect by now.” Faith said

“Hurry… save my baby…” Rae whispered

Faith made the incision, Sebastian took Rae’s hand into his. Rae stared up at her husband. She began thinking back to their wedding four months ago. White string lights hung around the throne room, it’s black walls glowed along with the polished dark wooden floor. Sebastian stood on the steps leading up to the two thrones with Raven behind him. They wore black suits and shoes.

Danielle and Nicholas had flown in the priest who married Cat and Armand. He was still adjusting to becoming an immortal at fifty years old. It made him feel younger and the pain of arthritis was gone. The doors to the room opened, Gina walked inside, followed by Sam. Both wore short strapless blood red dresses. Rae appeared being escorted by Nicholas. She wore a long ‘A-line’ off-white dress with matching flats. Her hair was loose and wavy, and she carried a small bouquet of red roses. It was a relief her dress still fit, she hadn’t begun to show.

She and Nicholas stopped before the priest. He kissed her on the cheek and joined Danielle.

“Dearly beloved we’re gathered here tonight to join this man and woman in holy matrimony. If anyone here this evening objects to the union of Rae and Sebastian, let them speak now or forever hold your peace.” He paused; “Seeing no objections, let us continue. The rings please.”

Raven reached into his pocket, taking out two white gold bands tied with a white ribbon. He untied the ribbon and handed the rings to the priest. Rae and Sebastian took each other’s ring.

The priest smiled and looked over at Sebastian.

“Sebastian place the ring on Rae’s finger and repeat after me. Rae, I take you as my wife, to honor, support, and cherish for all eternity.”

He slipped the ring onto her finer, “Rae, I take you as my wife, to honor, support and cherish for all eternity.”

She felt the tears welling up in her eyes but held back as the priest turned to her.

“Rae place the ring on Sebastian’s finger and repeat after me. Sebastian, I take you as my husband, to honor, support and cherish for all eternity.”

Her hand shook, but she slipped the ring onto his finger and mouthed “I love you.

“Sebastian, I take you as my husband, to honor, support and cherish for all eternity.”

The priest placed cupped his hands over theirs and looked up to address the small crowd.

“Let these vows symbolize a bond of love. A bond that will last eternity. By the power vested in me, by the state of New York; I now pronounce you man and wife. Sebastian, you may kiss your bride.”

He took her into his arms, dipping her into a “Hollywood kiss”, everyone applauded. Slowly he pulled her back up and they turned to everyone smiling. They walked into the hall, followed by Raven who escorted Gina and Sam them out.

“Congratulations!” Sam cheered

She hugged them both. Danielle and Nicholas walked up behind her and she looked over her shoulder. “We’ll talk…” She whispered and stepped aside for the Blooms to walk up.

“Congratulations! This arrived from the council today.” Danielle said handing her a medium black box wrapped in a red ribbon.

“Thank you.” Rae replied

She hugged her and Nicholas, Sebastian shook hands with him and then hugged Danielle. Rae opened the box to see a necklace. A black braided chain held a black heart shaped charm outlined in silver, next to it was a men’s ring and on the inside two hears intertwined with their first initials in each of them.

“Their beautiful.” Rae commented

Crying brought her back to reality, Faith held up her baby.

“It’s a girl…” Faith cheered

Rae looked up and smiling, tears running down her face.

“Welcome to the world pretty girl….” She whispered

Faith took the baby and began cleaning her off. Sebastian looked down at his wife, he heard her heart beat slowing, death was slowly approaching. He cupped her face and leaned down, his fangs extended, and she gasped as they pierced her skin. Her memories flooded his mind, he had to stay focused.

He pulled back and cut his wrist with his nail. She was breathing heavily, as he held her head up and offered his wrist. Her mouth opened and wrapped around the open wound. The metallic taste hit her tongue and he moaned feeling every movement.

The baby had stopped crying, as Faith cleaned her off and then wrapped her in a blood red blanket. He pulled his wrist away, she smiled and then felt sleep taking over. Instead of fighting it, she fell asleep.

“Rae….” Sam gasped

She stood in the entranceway clutching the clothes to her chest. Tears welded up in her eyes. Sebastian looked up seeing her. “Don’t worry Sam she’ll be fine.” Sebastian said. Relief came over her, Faith made sure everything was disposed in her ‘Biohazard’ trash cans. She smiled and walked passed Sam, leaving the room. Sebastian picked his wife up and Sam followed him down the hall into the bathroom.

The teal tiles lined the walls and a white porcelain tub stood in the center. It’s chrome dragon shaped feet sparkled as he ripped off her maternity dress. Tonya walked in carrying a black garbage bag and a whicker basket hung from her wrist.

Using her powers, the garbage bag opened, and her dress fell into it. Her undergarments followed. Sam placed her change of clothes on the off-white vanity. Sebastian placed Rae into the full tub. Tonya gestured for Sam to join her. He slowly walked out of the room as Tonya took a large sponge and lavender scented soap from her basket.

“How is she?” Sam asked

Tonya had begun to lather the sponge with soap. She lifted one of Rae’s arms and scrubbed.

“The morphine hasn’t metabolized through her system. She’ll be out for about a day. It slows the change down, slightly.”

They worked in silence as they washed her limp body. Sebastian found Faith waiting at the foot of the stairs. She held his daughter tightly.

“She’s healthy; eight pounds and two ounces. Danielle brought some clothes.” She explained

She handed the baby to him. He smiled meeting a pair of sky blue eyes. It was comforting, knowing his wife brought their daughter into this world. And she would awaken a fledging tomorrow night.

“I’ll monitor her growth rate.” She paused

He knew there was more she wanted to say. Rae had carried her to term, but he knew most hybrids, in the past didn’t live past their eighteenth birthday. Charlotte was the first to survive and he hoped his daughter would be the second. But his focus had to shift to caring for his daughter.

At the cottage, Clint had put the cleaning supplies back underneath the sink. He stood up and leaned against the brown and gold marble counter. Melanie appeared smiling, her small fangs visible.

“That was nice of you to send Sam to help Rae.” She commented

“First compliment of the evening.” He replied

She punched him in the arm and walked out towards the living room. Raven had walked in and was looking around concerned.

“What happened here?” He asked

Melanie hugged him tightly, “Rae went into labor and this living room turned into a bloody crime scene. Clint and I cleaned up.”

“Raven...” Clint paused

“Clint…” Raven said

They shook hands and Sebastian walked in carrying Rae, Sam followed holding the baby. Raven and Melanie stepped aside.

“She’s beautiful…” She whispered

“How’s Rae?” Raven asked

“She’ll be alright and sleep through the rest of the night.” He replied

He went upstairs, Sam sat down with the baby on the couch. Lying her down on their bed, he watched as his blood began healing her body. He then went back downstairs.

“Well then we need to make that spare room upstairs.” Melanie said

“I’d be happy to help.” Sam chimed in

Raven and Clint left to feed, while Sebastian stayed with the girls, who were looking at furniture on Sam’s phone. By two Sam had fallen asleep on the couch holding the baby. Sebastian reviewed all the items being ordered. He placed the cursor into the “special instructions” and began typing. Everything had to be delivered at night. He’d sign for everything and included a little more money to help with assembling. Melanie left, and he went upstairs.

Standing in the entrance way of their bedroom he looked at her. Her body appeared healthy again. It was a relief to him that she was turned, fear crept in as he did it. But he didn’t allow it to cloud his judgement. Not again.


The next night her eyes opened, the lights were turned on. She sat up, noticing someone changed her clothes. Memories of last night hit her like a brick. She remembered going into labor, hearing the cries of her little girl and then everything went dark.

Sebastian saved you, he promised. Immortal; She was no longer a part of the mortal world. The shadows were welcoming her with open arms. It was comforting to step out of the light, but now she could out run the media vultures. The baby… go meet your daughter.

Walking downstairs Sebastian was waiting at the foot of the stairs holding their little girl. Her stomach clenched, the baby looked nine months old. A small round face, dark brown hair and she smiled.

“Hello pretty girl.” Rae whispered

She noticed Sam and her new family sitting in the living room. Tonya walked up to her smiling.

“Happy birthday…” She said

Rae looked at her quizzically “Did I pull a Rip Van Winkle?”

Everyone laughed.

“You’ve been turned Rae. I think of it as a birthday.” Tonya explained

Have you thought of a name Rae?” Danielle asked

Rae nodded, “Melina Ann…”

“Beautiful; we’re sorry everyone, but Danielle and I have a flight back to London. Phil is outside waiting for us.” Nicholas interrupted

Tonya and Melanie hugged their grandparents’ goodbye. Rae gave Melina to Sebastian and then hugged the Blooms. Everyone was saying their goodbyes as she felt a sharp pain in her stomach, Sebastian came up beside her. “You need to feed.” He whispered. She nodded, as he gave Melina to Sam.

After the Blooms left, Sebastian took Rae by the hand and started running. They arrived in Columbus circle. She spotted a young man, in his mid-thirties, dressed all in black and counting a large stack of money. He sat down on the edge of the fountain, adjusting his black wool cap, pushing a piece of blonde hair underneath.

She blurred and appeared sitting next to him, he jumped slightly unsure of where she had come from.

“Busy night?” She asked looking down at his black messenger bag

“You could say that. The biggest heist I’ve ever had in my life.” He replied

His green eyes met hers, as they turned gold briefly and changed back.

“You should celebrate…” She suggested

“How much?”

“Follow me and we’ll get squared away in private.”

Sebastian followed as she led him behind the fountain and statues. She used her powers pinning him against the cold stones. His eyes widened in horror as she walked up to him, but he calmed down as her hand cupped the side of his face.

“Relax…” She whispered

She tilted his head to the left, her fangs extended as they pierced his skin. Her hand quickly moved over his mouth, muffling his screams. Sebastian came up next to her. “Slowly… listen for his heartbeat to slow down…” He said. Using her powers, his neck snapped and she dropped him to the ground. Closing her eyes, she felt his blood running throughout her body, she felt high.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, she turned and hugged him.

“Rae… Rae… you’re crushing my spine…” He said

She let him go and smiled, “I’m sorry, didn’t know I was becoming the Bionic Woman.”

He laughed, “You’re adjusting to your powers.”

Taking her by the hand they started walking and found themselves in Central Park. The snow covered most of the playground equipment and park benches. It was quiet and all you could hear were the roaring of car horns, motorcycles and people cursing at each other.


Melina’s growth was amazing, a month had passed, and she appeared to look thirteen years old. She had learned to walk, talk, within two weeks. Rae and Sebastian had hired a tutor, she had a thirst for learning and it surprised them.

Spring had arrived, the snow melted, trees and plants were in full bloom. Rae walked into the mansion with Sebastian behind her. They walked into the conference room, the council was seated on one end. Melanie, Tonya were standing, but sat down as Rae took her seat at the head of the table.

After Melina was born, the council had sent a basket filled with books and clothes. But last week Rae received a letter from them, asking for a meeting to discuss Melina. “We are concerned about your daughter and would like to discuss her future.” She had become angry, who are they to dictate her daughter’s future? No one was going to tell her how to raise her daughter. No one.

“Good evening Rae, Sebastian. Thank you for meeting with us.” Mercedes began

Rae took a deep breath and blew it out before speaking, “Good evening council members.” She replied

“Before we begin, we apologize for our letter sounding so vague. We are concerned about Melina since she is the first hybrid child born in this century.” Mercedes continued

Sebastian put his hand on Rae’s shoulder and began to massage it. She became less tense, but her guard was still up.

“I understand. Faith has been monitoring her growth and health. Melina is a healthy young lady, looking about thirteen in mortal years. We’re unsure of when she will mature. Sebastian and I hired a tutor to homeschool her, but we want to enroll her in a private school.

“Private school?” Randolph asked

“She wants to meet children her age and interact with them. We don’t want her to be sheltered from the mortal world.” Rae replied

“Remember why we came together.” Chris commented

“Charlotte had almost finished high school. Melina should have the same opportunity.” Lisa added

“Could we meet her?” Leah asked

The door opened, she walked in wearing a pair of black flats, jean mini skirt, and long sleeved purple hooded top. Her hair was in a French braid, falling past her shoulders. Sebastian and Rae stood up as she sat down. They stood behind her.

“Good evening council members.” She said


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