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Dark Love: The Rebirth Part VIII


She had locked up her office and gave the keys to Sam. Alison and Adam handed her a small white shopping bag, she looked inside seeing burp cloths, pacifiers, navy blue onesies, and a stuffed brown dog.

“Thank you so much.” Rae paused; “I know this place is in good hands. And a huge thanks for not getting anything pink.”

Alison laughed, “Gina and Sam warned me before I headed to the store.”

“Thank you.”

There was a knock on the door. Sebastian waved and she turned to her friends. They gathered around her in a group hug.

“I’ll be back before you all know it.” Rae whispered

She walked out of the studio seeing the camera’s flashing. The vultures were out as Sebastian opened the car door for her. As he got in, she put her gift in between her feet.

He started the car and pulled away from the studio.

“How are you feeling?” He asked

“Better; the morning sickness kicked my ass.” She replied, “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see…” He replied

She sometimes hated when he plans or surprises her with something. He wasn’t intimidated by her independence, but he liked to spoil her occasionally. The car stopped in front of the city’s courthouse and she smiled.

“We’re getting our marriage license. And then you’re going shopping for a dress.” He explained

“You want to move the wedding up?” She asked

“Rae, the baby’s growth will begin to accelerate. You’ll be in your last trimester in probably four weeks. We can have a private ceremony at the mansion.” He replied

It was a valid point, who knew how much her body would endure between now and when it comes time to give birth. “No regrets…” She had said after meeting him.


“C’mon let’s go.”

He parked the car and they went into the courthouse.

Three weeks had passed, and she looked nine months along. She looked malnourished, bones were visible, and her spine poked out her back. Her face, once full had thinned out with a pair of dull brown eyes that had sunk into her head.

The baby was going too fast. Any nutrients she consumed were immediately given to the baby, but she couldn’t keep up. Danielle had brought her synthetic blood to drink, which gave her some strength back.

One Saturday night, it was movie night with Sam, Clint, and Melanie. She stood in the bathroom, fixing the skirt of her navy maternity dress. Sebastian appeared beside her and they slowly walked down the hall and downstairs. Sam had put on ‘Spaceballs’ and hit ‘play’. She sat down on the couch and Sebastian sat next to her.

“I’m sorry that this is such a boring party.” Rae commented

“Yeah because this is such a hootnanny.” Melanie giggled

Everyone laughed, but it got quiet as the movie started. Half way through, she felt a sharp pain, but it disappeared. It came back, she stood up, something snapped, and she screamed.

“Rae!” Melanie gasped

Blood started running down her legs forming a small puddle on the floor. He scooped her up into his arms and blurred over to the mansion. “Faith!” Sebastian yelled. She appeared at the top of the staircase, seeing Rae squirming in pain. “Bring her upstairs…” Faith commanded.

The scent of blood danced around their noses, it put them in a trance to drink.

“Clint… snap out of it!” Melanie screamed

“Clint… babe... c’mon… “Sam whispered

Melanie walked up to him, but Sam slapped him bringing out of the trance. Innocent blood was never to be drunk, unless the person was willing to be turned. It had tempted many to drink, but most knew better. He shook his head and looked around, his hand rubbed against his cheek feeling the stinging of the slap heal.

“What the hell was that for?” He asked

“You looked ready to pounce on my best friend and drink her blood.” Sam replied

“Weakling…” Melanie muttered

“I heard that Mel… don’t start princess…”

“Where does she keep her cleaning supplies?” Melanie asked

“Underneath the sink in the kitchen.” Sam replied

She got up, Clint followed, but placed his hand on her shoulder.

“You go upstairs and get a change of clothes for Rea. I’ll stay here and help Melanie clean up.” He explained

“Are you sure?” Sam asked

“Go Sam; she’s going to need you.”

She kissed him on the cheek and went upstairs. Walking into hers and Sebastian’s closet she brushed her hand over her clothes.

They brought her into the examination room. He lied her down on the hospital bed, Rae moaned.

“The placenta must have separated.” Faith explained

She put on a pair of gloves and opened her bag. As she took out a small bottle of morphine and a needle. It filled, and she walked over to Rae who was trying to remain still. The pressure from the injection was strong at first, but then the pain gradually began to fade. She still felt it as Faith picked up a scalpel. Sebastian lifted her dress up revealing her large stomach.

“The morphine should have taken effect by now.” Faith said

“Hurry… save my baby…” Rae whispered

Faith made the incision, Sebastian took Rae’s hand into his. Rae stared up at her husband. She began thinking back to their wedding four months ago. White string lights hung around the throne room, it’s black walls glowed along with the polished dark wooden floor. Sebastian stood on the steps leading up to the two thrones with Raven behind him. They wore black suits and shoes.

Danielle and Nicholas had flown in the priest who married Cat and Armand. He was still adjusting to becoming an immortal at fifty years old. It made him feel younger and the pain of arthritis was gone. The doors to the room opened, Gina walked inside, followed by Sam. Both wore short strapless blood red dresses. Rae appeared being escorted by Nicholas. She wore a long ‘A-line’ off-white dress with matching flats. Her hair was loose and wavy, and she carried a small bouquet of red roses. It was a relief her dress still fit, she hadn’t begun to show.

She and Nicholas stopped before the priest. He kissed her on the cheek and joined Danielle.

“Dearly beloved we’re gathered here tonight to join this man and woman in holy matrimony. If anyone here this evening objects to the union of Rae and Sebastian, let them speak now or forever hold your peace.” He paused; “Seeing no objections, let us continue. The rings please.”

Raven reached into his pocket, taking out two white gold bands tied with a white ribbon. He untied the ribbon and handed the rings to the priest. Rae and Sebastian took each other’s ring.

The priest smiled and looked over at Sebastian.

“Sebastian place the ring on Rae’s finger and repeat after me. Rae, I take you as my wife, to honor, support, and cherish for all eternity.”

He slipped the ring onto her finer, “Rae, I take you as my wife, to honor, support and cherish for all eternity.”

She felt the tears welling up in her eyes but held back as the priest turned to her.

“Rae place the ring on Sebastian’s finger and repeat after me. Sebastian, I take you as my husband, to honor, support and cherish for all eternity.”

Her hand shook, but she slipped the ring onto his finger and mouthed “I love you.

“Sebastian, I take you as my husband, to honor, support and cherish for all eternity.”

The priest placed cupped his hands over theirs and looked up to address the small crowd.

“Let these vows symbolize a bond of love. A bond that will last eternity. By the power vested in me, by the state of New York; I now pronounce you man and wife. Sebastian, you may kiss your bride.”

He took her into his arms, dipping her into a “Hollywood kiss”, everyone applauded. Slowly he pulled her back up and they turned to everyone smiling. They walked into the hall, followed by Raven who escorted Gina and Sam them out.

“Congratulations!” Sam cheered

She hugged them both. Danielle and Nicholas walked up behind her and she looked over her shoulder. “We’ll talk…” She whispered and stepped aside for the Blooms to walk up.

“Congratulations! This arrived from the council today.” Danielle said handing her a medium black box wrapped in a red ribbon.

“Thank you.” Rae replied

She hugged her and Nicholas, Sebastian shook hands with him and then hugged Danielle. Rae opened the box to see a necklace. A black braided chain held a black heart shaped charm outlined in silver, next to it was a men’s ring and on the inside two hears intertwined with their first initials in each of them.

“Their beautiful.” Rae commented

Crying brought her back to reality, Faith held up her baby.

“It’s a girl…” Faith cheered

Rae looked up and smiling, tears running down her face.

“Welcome to the world pretty girl….” She whispered

Faith took the baby and began cleaning her off. Sebastian looked down at his wife, he heard her heart beat slowing, death was slowly approaching. He cupped her face and leaned down, his fangs extended, and she gasped as they pierced her skin. Her memories flooded his mind, he had to stay focused.

He pulled back and cut his wrist with his nail. She was breathing heavily, as he held her head up and offered his wrist. Her mouth opened and wrapped around the open wound. The metallic taste hit her tongue and he moaned feeling every movement.

The baby had stopped crying, as Faith cleaned her off and then wrapped her in a blood red blanket. He pulled his wrist away, she smiled and then felt sleep taking over. Instead of fighting it, she fell asleep.

“Rae….” Sam gasped

She stood in the entranceway clutching the clothes to her chest. Tears welded up in her eyes. Sebastian looked up seeing her. “Don’t worry Sam she’ll be fine.” Sebastian said. Relief came over her, Faith made sure everything was disposed in her ‘Biohazard’ trash cans. She smiled and walked passed Sam, leaving the room. Sebastian picked his wife up and Sam followed him down the hall into the bathroom.

The teal tiles lined the walls and a white porcelain tub stood in the center. It’s chrome dragon shaped feet sparkled as he ripped off her maternity dress. Tonya walked in carrying a black garbage bag and a whicker basket hung from her wrist.

Using her powers, the garbage bag opened, and her dress fell into it. Her undergarments followed. Sam placed her change of clothes on the off-white vanity. Sebastian placed Rae into the full tub. Tonya gestured for Sam to join her. He slowly walked out of the room as Tonya took a large sponge and lavender scented soap from her basket.

“How is she?” Sam asked

Tonya had begun to lather the sponge with soap. She lifted one of Rae’s arms and scrubbed.

“The morphine hasn’t metabolized through her system. She’ll be out for about a day. It slows the change down, slightly.”

They worked in silence as they washed her limp body. Sebastian found Faith waiting at the foot of the stairs. She held his daughter tightly.

“She’s healthy; eight pounds and two ounces. Danielle brought some clothes.” She explained

She handed the baby to him. He smiled meeting a pair of sky blue eyes. It was comforting, knowing his wife brought their daughter into this world. And she would awaken a fledging tomorrow night.

“I’ll monitor her growth rate.” She paused

He knew there was more she wanted to say. Rae had carried her to term, but he knew most hybrids, in the past didn’t live past their eighteenth birthday. Charlotte was the first to survive and he hoped his daughter would be the second. But his focus had to shift to caring for his daughter.

At the cottage, Clint had put the cleaning supplies back underneath the sink. He stood up and leaned against the brown and gold marble counter. Melanie appeared smiling, her small fangs visible.

“That was nice of you to send Sam to help Rae.” She commented

“First compliment of the evening.” He replied

She punched him in the arm and walked out towards the living room. Raven had walked in and was looking around concerned.

“What happened here?” He asked

Melanie hugged him tightly, “Rae went into labor and this living room turned into a bloody crime scene. Clint and I cleaned up.”

“Raven...” Clint paused

“Clint…” Raven said

They shook hands and Sebastian walked in carrying Rae, Sam followed holding the baby. Raven and Melanie stepped aside.

“She’s beautiful…” She whispered

“How’s Rae?” Raven asked

“She’ll be alright and sleep through the rest of the night.” He replied

He went upstairs, Sam sat down with the baby on the couch. Lying her down on their bed, he watched as his blood began healing her body. He then went back downstairs.

“Well then we need to make that spare room upstairs.” Melanie said

“I’d be happy to help.” Sam chimed in

Raven and Clint left to feed, while Sebastian stayed with the girls, who were looking at furniture on Sam’s phone. By two Sam had fallen asleep on the couch holding the baby. Sebastian reviewed all the items being ordered. He placed the cursor into the “special instructions” and began typing. Everything had to be delivered at night. He’d sign for everything and included a little more money to help with assembling. Melanie left, and he went upstairs.

Standing in the entrance way of their bedroom he looked at her. Her body appeared healthy again. It was a relief to him that she was turned, fear crept in as he did it. But he didn’t allow it to cloud his judgement. Not again.


The next night her eyes opened, the lights were turned on. She sat up, noticing someone changed her clothes. Memories of last night hit her like a brick. She remembered going into labor, hearing the cries of her little girl and then everything went dark.

Sebastian saved you, he promised. Immortal; She was no longer a part of the mortal world. The shadows were welcoming her with open arms. It was comforting to step out of the light, but now she could out run the media vultures. The baby… go meet your daughter.

Walking downstairs Sebastian was waiting at the foot of the stairs holding their little girl. Her stomach clenched, the baby looked nine months old. A small round face, dark brown hair and she smiled.

“Hello pretty girl.” Rae whispered

She noticed Sam and her new family sitting in the living room. Tonya walked up to her smiling.

“Happy birthday…” She said

Rae looked at her quizzically “Did I pull a Rip Van Winkle?”

Everyone laughed.

“You’ve been turned Rae. I think of it as a birthday.” Tonya explained

Have you thought of a name Rae?” Danielle asked

Rae nodded, “Melina Ann…”

“Beautiful; we’re sorry everyone, but Danielle and I have a flight back to London. Phil is outside waiting for us.” Nicholas interrupted

Tonya and Melanie hugged their grandparents’ goodbye. Rae gave Melina to Sebastian and then hugged the Blooms. Everyone was saying their goodbyes as she felt a sharp pain in her stomach, Sebastian came up beside her. “You need to feed.” He whispered. She nodded, as he gave Melina to Sam.

After the Blooms left, Sebastian took Rae by the hand and started running. They arrived in Columbus circle. She spotted a young man, in his mid-thirties, dressed all in black and counting a large stack of money. He sat down on the edge of the fountain, adjusting his black wool cap, pushing a piece of blonde hair underneath.

She blurred and appeared sitting next to him, he jumped slightly unsure of where she had come from.

“Busy night?” She asked looking down at his black messenger bag

“You could say that. The biggest heist I’ve ever had in my life.” He replied

His green eyes met hers, as they turned gold briefly and changed back.

“You should celebrate…” She suggested

“How much?”

“Follow me and we’ll get squared away in private.”

Sebastian followed as she led him behind the fountain and statues. She used her powers pinning him against the cold stones. His eyes widened in horror as she walked up to him, but he calmed down as her hand cupped the side of his face.

“Relax…” She whispered

She tilted his head to the left, her fangs extended as they pierced his skin. Her hand quickly moved over his mouth, muffling his screams. Sebastian came up next to her. “Slowly… listen for his heartbeat to slow down…” He said. Using her powers, his neck snapped and she dropped him to the ground. Closing her eyes, she felt his blood running throughout her body, she felt high.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, she turned and hugged him.

“Rae… Rae… you’re crushing my spine…” He said

She let him go and smiled, “I’m sorry, didn’t know I was becoming the Bionic Woman.”

He laughed, “You’re adjusting to your powers.”

Taking her by the hand they started walking and found themselves in Central Park. The snow covered most of the playground equipment and park benches. It was quiet and all you could hear were the roaring of car horns, motorcycles and people cursing at each other.


Melina’s growth was amazing, a month had passed, and she appeared to look thirteen years old. She had learned to walk, talk, within two weeks. Rae and Sebastian had hired a tutor, she had a thirst for learning and it surprised them.

Spring had arrived, the snow melted, trees and plants were in full bloom. Rae walked into the mansion with Sebastian behind her. They walked into the conference room, the council was seated on one end. Melanie, Tonya were standing, but sat down as Rae took her seat at the head of the table.

After Melina was born, the council had sent a basket filled with books and clothes. But last week Rae received a letter from them, asking for a meeting to discuss Melina. “We are concerned about your daughter and would like to discuss her future.” She had become angry, who are they to dictate her daughter’s future? No one was going to tell her how to raise her daughter. No one.

“Good evening Rae, Sebastian. Thank you for meeting with us.” Mercedes began

Rae took a deep breath and blew it out before speaking, “Good evening council members.” She replied

“Before we begin, we apologize for our letter sounding so vague. We are concerned about Melina since she is the first hybrid child born in this century.” Mercedes continued

Sebastian put his hand on Rae’s shoulder and began to massage it. She became less tense, but her guard was still up.

“I understand. Faith has been monitoring her growth and health. Melina is a healthy young lady, looking about thirteen in mortal years. We’re unsure of when she will mature. Sebastian and I hired a tutor to homeschool her, but we want to enroll her in a private school.

“Private school?” Randolph asked

“She wants to meet children her age and interact with them. We don’t want her to be sheltered from the mortal world.” Rae replied

“Remember why we came together.” Chris commented

“Charlotte had almost finished high school. Melina should have the same opportunity.” Lisa added

“Could we meet her?” Leah asked

The door opened, she walked in wearing a pair of black flats, jean mini skirt, and long sleeved purple hooded top. Her hair was in a French braid, falling past her shoulders. Sebastian and Rae stood up as she sat down. They stood behind her.

“Good evening council members.” She said

“Good evening Melina.” Mercedes paused; “You already know your grandparents. These are Leah and Randolph.”

“We’ll leave you all to talk.” Rae said

Rae led the twins and Sebastian out of the room, the door shut behind them. Melina folded her hands folded on the table.

“Have your parents explained to you to why you’re so special?” Leah asked

“They have. I know that I’m the first hybrid born in this century, carried by my mom who was mortal.” Melina replied

“Why would you like to attend school?” Randolph asked

“To see what’s outside these woods and the city. I want to meet mortals my age and just be a kid.”

Rae was sitting in the study at the large dark wooden desk, laptop in front of her. Sebastian came up behind her, messaging her shoulders.

“What are you working on?” He asked

“New furniture for the club and the office.” She replied

He looked, and his eyes widened to see Gothic furniture. There were images of love seats with blood red cushions, dinning room sets, and a new bar.

“It’s beautiful. But Gavin said it would be another month before we can bring in new furniture.”

“I know, but it’ll be here before we know it. Plus, we have to plan for the grand reopening and the debut of my collection.”

“And when we’re ready to reopen. Social media is going to blow up.” Melanie added


Her cell phone rang, hearing Sam’s ringtone she picked up.

“Hey what’s up?” She asked

“Hi! Two things your collection is framed, Gina told Mr. Ming you would email them when you wanted it delivered to the club. And more importantly has the council made a decision?”

“Great. I will email him later. And we’re still waiting for a decision.”

Sam groaned “How long has it been?”

“Two hours and five minutes, but who’s counting?”

They laughed, and she felt a little less nervous. But then Mercedes appeared in the entranceway and waved.

“Sam, I have to go.” She said and ended the call

“The council has made a decision.” She said

They walked back into the conference room, Melina was still sitting as everyone stood behind her. Randolph stood, buttoning his gray blazer and smiled.

“Rae, Sebastian, your daughter is an extraordinary child. After some deliberation we have decided to let Melina enroll in private school.”

Melina’s eyes lit up and she stood up and hugged her parents.

“Thank you, council members.” Rae said

The council remained seated, Mercedes walked up to Rae. “There is still other business we need to discuss.” She said in a low tone. Rae nodded, and they took their seats at the table.

“Melina say good night to everyone, it’s time for bed.” Rae said

“Good night everyone.” Melina chimed in

“I’ll walk her back.” Sebastian suggested

They left the room and Rae turned to face the council. She felt a huge relief and was ready to take on anything. Randolph reached beneath the table opening a light brown leather messenger bag, taking out a manila folder, he took out photos of mangled bodies. Rae began to rethink, Am I ready to take on anything?

“We received these photos from a small coven based up in Montreal, Canada. The Canadian police are investigating but have no solid leads.” Mercedes paused; “Two representatives will be arriving tomorrow night. They are asking for help.”

“This looks like vampire’s rage.” Melanie commented

“What?” Rae asked

“One victim being attacked, regardless of evil or innocent blood. They won’t drink the last drop, but the victim bleeds out.” She explained

“Oh my god.” Rae said

“Did I walk in on the wrong part of this conversation?” Sebastian asked

He walked in and sat down next to Rae.

“Vampire’s rage… two representatives from a Canadian coven are coming tomorrow night. They need our help.” Rae explained


He examined the photos and then handed them to Mercedes.

“Please keep us updated on this matter.” Leah said

They all stood up and exchanged handshakes and the council left. Rae took a deep breath in and blew it out.

“Melanie could you make up two rooms for our guests?” She asked

“Righto.” She replied and blurred up the stairs

“Tonya try and see if there any other articles with crimes like this.” Rae continued

“On it.”

She took Sebastian by the hand and the mansion door opened.

“Thank you. If you’ll excuse us, I need to do some thinking.”

He picked her up in his arms and they blurred out the door. They came home, he put her down and she sat down on the couch.

“You’re doing great so far.” He commented

“Thanks.” She replied, “Now we have to review the top two choices for schools.”

They had spent weeks surfing the web, Sam had visited the schools on Rae’s behalf and brought back broachers and other packets of information. It had come down to two schools Riverdale Country School and Trinity School. Both had excellent education programs and thankfully no uniforms. He brought her all the materials and she reread everything.

“Alright I’m leaning towards Riverdale.” She commented

“Melina was too after taking the tour of both schools.”

“Then Riverdale Country School it is.”


In the city, a bus pulled into Port Authority and its passengers were getting off the bus and walking into the semi-empty station. Two figures, wearing black sneakers, blue jeans, red and black hooded sweatshirts, had taken their hoods down. Their blue and brown eyes adjusted to the bright fluorescent lights as they walked towards the exit. One shook out her brown hair, curls so tight framing her round face. The other kept walking, his short messy brown hair was parted to the left, his face was thin and squared off at the chin. Both carried black backpacks on their backs.

“I’m so happy to be off that damn bus.” She commented

He smiled, “Let me remind you that was all your idea. I would have been fine with flying. Feels amazing to be standing and walking.”

“If we ever travel again, we’ll fly.”

They walked up the steps, leading out to Times Square. Bright lights, car horns, police sirens, filled their ears, but then she spotted a man holding a sign with their names on it. They walked up and both tensed, he was a werewolf.

“Hello and welcome to New York. My name is Phil and I work for the Coven of Armand.” He began

They relaxed as he opened the door for them. He then shut the door and got into the driver’s seat.

“It’s nice to meet you Phil. How long have you been driving for the coven?” The woman asked

“Over fifty years and it has been a pleasure. I don’t belong to a pack, but they’ve become family.” Phil replied

“That is cool.” The man added

“Have you fed?” He asked

“We have. Got lucky that the bus we took made a lot of pit stops.” The woman replied

“That’s good.”

An hour later they pulled up in front of the mansion, Phil flashed and opened the door for them. As they stepped out, the front door opened, Rae stepped out with Sebastian behind her and Melina appeared next to her mother.

“Welcome, I’m Rae Masters, this is my husband Sebastian, and our daughter Melina.” Rae began

“Hello. I’m Sasha, head of the coven, and this is my second in command Robert, but we call him Sinner.” The woman replied

They all shook hands, Melina looked at Sinner and felt heat rising in her cheeks. Rae led everyone inside and into the living room. Melanie and Tonya were already seated but stood when they entered the room.

“These are my lieutenants Tonya and Melanie. Ladies these are Sasha and Sinner or Rob.” Rae explained

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Sasha said

“Please have a seat.” Rae suggested

They all sat down.

“The council told us what was happening. Have you seen these vampires?” Rae asked

“I have, but something doesn’t make sense.” Sasha replied

“What do you mean?” Melanie asked

“There was one night we came so close to saving an innocent victim. But we were too late and after we got there, I could have sworn I heard children laughing.” Sinner replied

“Bloody creepy…” Tonya whispered

Melina stood up and yawned, “Good night everyone. Dad could you walk me home?”

“Sure. I’ll be right back.” Sebastian said

They left the room, Sinner watched Melina and Sebastian leave.

“She’s a hybrid…” He paused; “I thought they were a myth.”

Rae shook her head, “No, Melanie and Tonya’ cousin was the first before she was killed. I carried her to term when I was still mortal.”

“I’m sorry.” He said

“It’s alright.”

Walking into the cottage she felt better not being in the mansion. What is wrong with me? Why do I feel sick to my stomach when I saw him?

“Dad…” She said

“Yeah honey?” He asked

“Never mind... it’s nothing…” She replied

Shake it off, it’s nothing to worry about. She hugged him good night and he shut the door behind him. Her dresser drawer opened and a pair blue plaid pajama bottoms came out along with a black t-shirt. Back at the mansion, Sebastian returned to everyone in the living room.

“The police have become suspicious of us. If you could help us, it would be most appreciated.” Sinner explained

“Of course, we’ll help. Melanie and Tonya will go back with you, just observe for now and track them. Keep your distance. We have business to attend to and we’ll join you in a few days.” Rae continued

“Thank you so much Rae.” Sasha said

“Your welcome. If you’ll excuse me, please make yourselves at home.”

She stood up and felt her back-pocket vibrating, seeing it was Sam, she picked up.

“What happened?” She asked

“They are letting her start school!” Rae cheered

“Whoo hoo! I’m sure she’s so happy.”

“Believe me, there were no words. She just had a huge smile on her face. We must enroll her for the fall semester. But for now, I have coven business to attend to.”

“Well I’ll leave you to it. Call me if you need anything.”

“Sam you are the best.”

“Thanks; it’s what a best friend is here for.”

She hung up and pulled up her email. Gina forwarded the email from Mr. Ming and she opened a new email. As she began typing, Sebastian’s phone rang, and he picked up, but then turned to face Rae. She looked at him quizzically, as he hung up.

“What’s up?” She asked

“It was Mercedes. She wanted to make sure Sasha and Sinner arrived safely. I told her everything was fine, and we’ll be helping them.” He replied

They walked out of the mansion and blurred back to the mansion. Walking inside, Melina was sitting on the steps in her pajamas.

“Melina what are you still doing up? It’s late. Rae asked

“I couldn’t sleep.” Melina replied

“C’mon let’s go up to your room to talk.”

She and Melina walked upstairs and into her room. After climbing back into bed, Rae sat down and put her daughter’s head in her lap.

“What’s wrong?” Rae asked

“Mom I know werewolves imprint on their mates, but can vampires?”

That caught her out from left field, she was hoping that this talk would happen when she matured.

“No vampires don’t imprint on their mates.”

Melina swallowed hard and turned onto her back, staring up at Rae.

“I felt butterflies in my stomach when I saw Sinner.” She continued

Rae sat there feeling stunned but kept her composure.

“That’s a crush Melina. Sinner is older than you and it’s normal.”

“I was afraid to ask Dad about it. I thought he might ground me for eternity…”

Rae laughed and leaned down kissing the top of Melina’s head.

“Between you and me, my dark angel; it was better you asked me about it. Now get some rest and I’ll see you in the morning.”

Walking out of her room, she went downstairs seeing Sebastian standing by the front door. The hunger grew, and she nodded. Blurring out the door, it locked behind them as they headed for the city. They appeared outside her studio. Everything was closed for the night, he took her hand into his and started walking down the street.

“Everything okay?” He asked

“Our daughter just experienced her first crush.” Rae replied

He paused, thoughts of his little girl, who he was protective of. Rae looked up at him and smiled.

“Do I even want to know who?”

“It was Sinner.”

“Oh; least it’s just a crush, nothing to worry about.”

They found themselves outside of Irish pub two men walked out. The stench of alcohol drifted off their breath. They followed them into the ally on the side as they started to relieve themselves. Rae used her powers to immobilize their bodies.

“What the hell?” One asked

Rae walked up to one of them, he was in his early forties, clean shaven, black spiked up hair and brown eyes. She placed her hand on his cheek, his zipper was undone, slowly she leaned in and sank her fangs into his neck.

Sebastian took the other man and held him close to his chest.

“I don’t want any trouble man.” He said

“Too late…” Sebastian whispered

Within ten minutes they leaned the bodies against the wall and she watched as their necks snapped. She licked her lips and took him by the hand. They continued walking. She took out her phone and looked up Riverdale Country Private School.

Dialing the number, it went straight to their voicemail.

“Hello, my name is Rae Masters. I would like to enroll my daughter for the fall semester.”

She left her number and hung up and they continued walking. By eleven O’clock they came home, she looked in on Melina who was fast asleep. After closing the door, Sebastian picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder. He walked into their bedroom, the door shut. Falling onto their bed, she wrapped her arms and legs around him.

Their lips met, and she ripped his t-shirt running her hands all over his body. His lips left hers, began on her neck, his hands slipped of her black sweatshirt and t-shirt. Revealing her black bra, he began placing kisses past her breasts and upon her stomach, stopping at her jeans. She had kicked off her shoes and used her powers to unbutton and unzip her jeans.

He pulled them off along with her panties tossing them over his shoulder. She moaned as his lips found her sacred spot. His tongue worked up and down, she reached down, grabbing his hair and pulling it. Her hips arched as she climaxed, but then she used her powers to pin him against the wall and he noticed his pants being undone and slipping off.

She bent down and took him into her mouth. Her hand gently stroked, while her tongue swirled around. He felt his head spinning in ecstasy, her speed increased, but he stopped her. He picked her up, tackling her onto the bed. She felt him enter her, slowly her hips began grinding against him.

Pulling him closer to her, his thrusts became faster and faster. She wrapped her legs around his waist as they climaxed together. Laying her head on his chest, it amazed her; she wasn’t tired and felt alive.

Their closet opened, and two black duffle bags came out.

At the mansion Melanie had taken out her purple duffle bag and began packing. Raven appeared sitting on the edge of her bed.

“When are you leaving?” He asked

“Tomorrow night…try not to miss me too much.” She replied

He pulled her into her bed, pinning her down. She used her powers and flipped him onto his back and straddled him. The blue walls glowed from the gray lamp sitting on a small brown cone table that was next to a matching bed with French country head and foot boards. Navy sheets and gray comforter covered the bed as she looked down at him and smiled.

“It’s not going to be easy.” He chuckled


The next night, they pulled up in the parking lot of Riverdale Country Private School. As they got out of the car, someone was standing outside the junior building. She looked to be in her early forties, African American, brown hair tied into a ponytail and brown eyes; wearing a pair of black flats, blue jeans, long black duster with pink t-shirt underneath.

“Hello. I’m Willow Thompson.” She began

“Hello, I’m Rae Masters, my husband Sebastian, and this is Melina.” Rae replied

“Hello. It’s nice to meet you.” Sebastian added

“Hi.” Melina said

They all shook hands and she led them inside the building, right into her office. The walls were white, with certificates from colleges in dark wooden frames. They sat down at her light mahogany desk, in matching chairs with black cushions.

A computer with two screens was on the left, to the right were two black plastic trays on labeled applications and the other wasn’t labeled. She opened the top drawer and took out a manila folder with Melina’s name on the tab. She opened it and looked down at the online application, Rae had sent in.

“Bear with me, I need to get into our system.” She commented

Her fingers flew across the keyboard and she smiled.

“Forgive me, but are you Rae Turner?” She asked

“I am.” Rae replied

“I’m a huge fan of your work.”

“Thank you.”

“Anyway, I already scanned Melina’s application into our system. I need these emergency contact forms filled out and then we’ll set up your schedule Melina.”

She handed Rae and Sebastian two clipboards with pens attached to them. They began filling them out, Melina smiled, but then the scent of flowers, brushed underneath her nose. For a brief second, she noticed a pair of translucent wings coming out from Willow’s back. But then they disappeared, she decided not to say anything.

They handed Willow back the clipboards and she took the forms and placed them into her file.

“Alright Miss Melina, let’s make up your schedule. Now, I know we accepted most of your credits from your tutor. This is good, since it’ll eliminate some courses and you can start the seventh grade in the fall. Here is a list of classes, plus the breaks for recess and lunch periods.” She explained

She handed Melina a piece of paper with her classes and locker assignment in the top right-hand corner with combination.

“Could we have a copy of this?” Rae asked

“I could email it to you Mrs. Masters.” Willow replied

“Thank you. What do you think of your schedule? Rae asked

“I like it.” Melina replied

“Great. All the teachers here are nice. Most of your classes are here in this building.” Willow paused; “And don’t worry, we have a strict policy against paparazzi showing up at the school. We’ve had a few other celebrity children come here. Most of the faculty know how much privacy is appreciated.”

“That is great.” Sebastian said

“And you should be receiving the tuition statement a month before the semester begins. Plus, all of your teachers will be emailing their lists out for all the supplies needed.”

“Excellent. Thank you for meeting with us so late.” Rae continued

“It was no problem. We’ll see you in the fall Melina.” Willow said

They all stood up and shook hands, walking out of the building, Melina smiled and looked up at her parents.

“Thank you.” She said

“Your welcome. We have to leave for a little bit to help Sasha and Sinner.”

Phil appeared with Danielle beside him.

“Grandmother!” Melina cheered

Danielle walked up and hugged her tightly. “Hello love.”

“Where’s Grandfather?” She asked

“He had to stay home. Don’t tell me you’re not glad I’m here.” Danielle replied

Melina giggled, “I’m happy you're here.”

“Wonderful. How did everything go?”

“She’ll be starting school in the fall.”

“I’m glad. Now go say goodbye to your parents and Phil will take us home.”

Melina hugged her parents and then walked over to Phil and Danielle. They walked a few feet away and flashed. Rae and Sebastian walked over to his car, he opened the trunk seeing their duffle bags packed and one extra.

“Ready?” He asked

“I am.” She replied

Her phone rang, and she saw it was Melanie. She picked up and got into the car, the seatbelt buckled her in and Sebastian started the car.

“Hey, we’re in the car. What’s up?” Rae asked

“It’s been interesting tracking these blokes.” Melanie replied

“Sounds like a fun evening.”

Melanie sighed, “Moving on, from what I’ve noticed, they come around at midnight.”

“Interesting, not risking being seen by witnesses.”

“It’s clever. Get up here safely.”

“We will.”

She hung up and put her phone in her pants pocket. Melanie hung up and continued walking along the cobblestone path of a quaint area of town. Shops were closing up, while the cafes and bars were crowded with local patrons.

Sasha appeared walking next to her. They both looked straight ahead.

“Sinner followed some to a small playground around the corner from here.” She whispered

“Rae and Sebastian are on their way.” She paused; “It’s only seven o’clock. Wonder why they’re out so early?”

“Only one way to find out.” Sasha replied

They walked around the corner and at the end of the block was a chain link fence surrounding a small jungle gym. Sinner was perched up in a tree, he looked down to see Sasha and Melanie. They leaped into the tree. He pointed to a small group of teenagers spread out.

“Where’s Tonya?” Melanie whispered

Sinner held up his cell phone, Melanie recognized Tonya’s number, and then heard the group talking.

“He’s late.” One guy commented

“When has he ever been on time?” A girl asked

“Do I sense weakness amongst the ranks? Or is it little faith in your leader? Both?” A voice asked

“What are you talking about?” The guy asked

“I thought so…”

A tall figure appeared standing on the fence with a little girl beside him. The navy hood of his sweatshirt concealed his face, his companion had short dirty blonde hair that touched her ears and wore sneakers, blue jeans, and gray sweatshirt.

“I need more…power...” The girl whispered

“This is getting boring. Hunting at midnight, you promised us a fight.” The guy continued

The little girl let go of his hand, conjured an energy ball, and levitated off the fence.

“You will have your fight…be patient!” The girl shouted

The energy ball faded into her small hand and she returned to her older companion.

“You have your orders. We’ll check back with you in three days.”

Both figures disappeared, and the group came together. They left, and Tonya waited five seconds and then appeared at the base of the tree.

“That was a close one.” Tonya commented

“Next time don’t draw the short straw.” Melanie snapped

“Piss off Mel. Anyway that little girl looked familiar, but I can’t remember where.”

They had started walking, but Melanie stopped and turned. Something or someone was there, but it had disappeared. She shook it off and continued walking.

By the next night, Rae and Sebastian pulled up in front of a large cream colored, two story mansion, numerous windows, and a balcony overlooking the curvy driveway. The large brown door opened, Sasha and Melanie stepped out.

“Bout time you showed up.” Melanie commented

“It’s nice to see you too Melanie.” Rae replied

The trunk opened, and Sebastian took out their luggage.

“Welcome to our home.” Sasha paused; “Would you want to get settled or see the footage we caught?”

“Let’s see the footage.” Rae said

She nodded and led them inside. Stepping onto the white tiled floor, two staircases curved against the off-white walls with dark brown railings. A dark wooden table, stood in the center with a clear vase, filled with roses.

Sasha opened a door on the left and led them down a long staircase into a grey room with numerous screens and a long desk with black leather desk chairs. Sinner was seated in the center with a laptop in front of him.

“This is incredible security equipment.” Sebastian commented

“Thanks. I worked hard to put all this together.” Sinner replied

“Before you boys start having a playdate, let’s check out the footage.” Rae interrupted

Melanie and Sasha giggled, while Sinner pulled up the footage from the past two days. He brought up the footage on a large screen. They saw the shops and a young boy appear in between two shops, two minutes two girls appeared. One looked sixteen and the other ten years old. None of them moved for ten minutes until a young woman walked by and the boy grabbed her.

The little girl conjured an energy ball and the woman stood still. Suddenly the boy and older girl tackled her to the ground and began feeding.

“Why would a demon work with vampires?” Melanie asked

“Demons?” Rae asked

“They exist. Most are elemental, representing earth, air, fire, and water.” Sasha replied

“Most keep to themselves or live in large communities. But whoever she works for, must have gotten a good deal.” Sinner added

The two older kids dropped the mangled body and disappeared along with the demon. Sinner fast forwarded to the night before.

“Tonya was able to get a little closer, but the faces are too blurred if you zoom in.” Sinner continued

Rae looked at the little blonde-haired girl, but there was no shot of her face. Seeing her display her powers it struck a nerve in her. Something about this child looked familiar.

“Where is Tonya?” Rae asked

“She’s upstairs talking to Edmond.” Melanie replied

“Please bring her here.”

Melanie walked out of the room and within a blink of an eye, she returned with her sister.

“Hey Rae, Sebastian. What’s up?” Tonya asked

“Tonya did you smell magic the night you observed this?” Rae replied

“It was faint, but not strong.”

“This is getting interesting. A witch, demon, and vampires working together. Now I’ve seen it all.”

Rae shook her head in disbelief.

“It’s happening, and we have to stop them.” Sasha chimed in

In town, the little girl and her older companion were sitting in a fifties style dinner, at the white counter. Red cushioned stools lined up and down, she was sipping on a vanilla milkshake and then looked around. The black hood concealed his face, but his skin was pale.

“I sensed that great power again tonight.” She commented

“Did you see anything?” He asked

“It will be here. But I’m not sure we’re strong enough to take it.”

“When did you become so negative?”

Her stool turned to face him, hair concealing her eyes. Everything around them stopped moving, he stood up. But a force, pushed him into his seat.

“Because you brought children to me, not warriors. I don’t know why I spared you.”

The lights flickered, and she started breathing heavily as if she had ran a marathon.

“Don’t underestimate them. They have been with me for over a century and know what’s at stake.” He whispered

“They haven’t brought me useful energy.”

“Give them time…”

She sighed and then jumped off her stool, walking out of the diner. He quickly left money for their food and tip. He caught up to her as she was greeted by the demon girl her size. Her black hair was tied back into a ponytail with blue highlights running through it. She wore a navy t-shirt, jeans, and black flats.

Her brown eyes had a silver tint to them.

“Mistress I brought you a present.” She whispered

Holding out her small hand, a blue energy ball formed in her hand. It slowly rose into the air and it was absorbed into the other girl’s body. A white light formed around her body and then faded.

“Thank you, Piper. Please get me more.”

“As you wish Mistress.”

She flashed, and the girl kept walking, he blurred and caught up to her.

“Don’t get cocky; that was only one of them.” She snapped

He remained silent as they continued to walk. Back in New York, Melina and Danielle were leaving from a production of ‘Wicked’.

“That show was so cool. Thanks Grandmother.” Melina commented

“You’re welcome love.” Danielle replied, “Are you excited for school?”

She nodded, “I am. Grandmother who is that?”

Danielle smelled magic and turned to see a young woman walking towards her. She wore a red raincoat tied at the waist. Her purple hair was in a twist, held by a claw clip. Her blue eyes were starting out a pair of ‘cat’s eye’ style glasses. She stopped halfway down the street.

“Don’t be alarmed I won’t hurt you Mrs. Bloom. I’m Armand’s sister Diana; I had a vision about the child, she is a great threat to an unknown force. And another coven discovered something linked to it. Protect her, train her not to be afraid of her abilities.” She explained

It sounded so clear as if she was standing next to her. Danielle placed her hand on Melina’s shoulder.

“I will. She’s an extraordinary girl.” Danielle replied

Diana disappeared into the crowd, Danielle led Melina over to where Phil was waiting to take them home. As they got into the car, Melina slid across the leather seat and Danielle got in next to her.

“Grandmother what was the lady talking about?” Melina asked

She sighed, but then smiled “It’s something I need to talk to your mom about darling.”

The car pulled into traffic and Danielle took out her cell phone and called Rae.

“Hello Danielle. Is everything alright?” Rae asked

“Hello love. I ran into a friend of yours Armand’s sister, Diana.” Danielle paused, “Whatever is going on up there, it knows about Melina. They see her as a possible threat.”

Rae was in town with Sebastian and Sasha. She stopped walking, Sebastian noticed and walked up to her.

“How could she be a threat?”

“I’m not sure. But I’ll keep an eye on her.”

“Thanks. Please keep in touch.”

Both hung up and Sebastian looked at his wife concerned. He knew from the confused look on her face, something was wrong.

“Who was that?” He asked

“Danielle; Diana contacted her. Whoever is responsible for these attacks thinks Melina is a threat to them.” Rae replied

“Maybe one of the demons or witch sensed it.” Sasha suggested

“It’s possible. Hang on…” Rae continued

She dialed Tonya and waited.

“Rae your timing is starting to get bad.” Melanie began

“Mel where is your sister?” Rae asked

“She just had a vision. And…” Melanie paused

She heard rustling and then heavy breathing on the other end.

“Rae?” Tonya asked

“Tonya what did you see?” Rea replied

“I saw fighting. Melina was with us. But I didn’t see the outcome.”

“I hope we figure this out before another battle starts.”


She hung up and put her phone into her back pants pocket. Could you really handle this? Was Melina just as powerful? At this point she’s just a little girl but being a hybrid, anything was possible. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, she deserves a semi-normal life.

A chill brushed down her spine, she noticed the red moon crystal’s chain forming around her neck. Her eyes widen as she felt the warmth from the ancient jewel.

“This must be serious.” Sebastian commented

“I wonder why it decided to appear. Unless it had to do with what Tonya saw in her vision.”

“Is that the?” Sasha paused

“It is. And I don’t know why it appeared.” Rae replied

“Let’s keep moving.” Sasha suggested

She thought back to her training with Danielle. Before she and Nicholas left, she offered to show Rae how to control the ancient jewel. They went out into the woods.

“The crystal has to be a part of you and vice versa.” Danielle explained, “Hold it up in the moonlight.”

Holding it up, the crystal glowed, and she felt the warmth.

“Now change it into a sword.”


“Just imagine it.”

She took a deep breath and concentrated on the crystal. A gasp escaped her mouth watching the jewel change into a red bladed sword with a black handle.

“Wonderful. Let’s see what else you can do.”

They continued walking and stopped seeing the young boy from the video talking to a young woman.

He led her down behind a shop, Rae followed with Sasha and Sebastian behind her.

She tried to scream, but nothing came out, as he and his female companions cornered her. Suddenly she rose into the air and floated over their heads, all of them turned to see Rae standing on the other side.

“I’m sorry to crash this little party.” She paused, “Sasha get her out of here.”

“Who the hell are you to ruin our fun?” The little girl asked

Rae recognized her from the video, she was a demon. The young girl behind her, looked about fifteen. Her strawberry blonde hair was tied into a ponytail, her green eyes glowed in the dark. Their male companion, stood about 5”7, black hair spiked up and brown eyes. He was of average build and they all wore black.

“Someone who hates to see innocent blood be spilled.” Rae replied

“You’re gonna pay for ruining our fun.” The little girl hissed

She ran towards Rae, conjuring an energy ball and threw it. Rae’s eyes widened, and it stopped an inch from her face. It flew around her striking the older girl coming up behind her, she flew into the side of the building. The young boy went to throw a punch, she ducked, and Sebastian appeared flying over her tackling him to the ground.

Leaping into the air she dodged the older and younger girl coming towards her. The younger one met her armed with a knife, she hissed as the blade entered her stomach. Her head leaned down, she smiled, but then faded as Rae’s head rose up, pulling the knife out, her powers bent the blade down. She threw a punch, watching her hit the street hard. Landing beside Sebastian, he had the young boy over his shoulder. The older girl had run off and they watched as the younger girl disappeared.

“That was interesting.” Sebastian commented

“Let’s get him back. Maybe he can shed some light on this.” Rae replied


Sasha brought them into an interrogation room. It was a small grey room with two chairs, the young boy was handcuffed and sitting, looking around. Sasha, Rae, and Sinner entered the room, he looked down at the light gray tiled floor.

“What’s your name?” Rae asked

“Why does it matter? I’m dead anyway for being caught.” He replied

“Tell us what’s going on and we might let you live.” Sasha

He looked deep in thought, but then hissed at them. Baring his fangs, Sinner blurred and appeared behind him. His hands gripped his thin neck, holding his head still.

“Start talking or die.” Sinner growled

“My name is Collin.” He paused; “My family was hired by a powerful witch, looking for revenge against some royal vampire scum. She needed energy from mortals to restore her to full power.”

“What is this witch’s name?” Rae asked

“None of us know, except the boss.”

Melanie and Tonya watched from the control room. They exchanged looks and Melanie blurred into the room.

“I’m sorry to interrupt. But Collin knows a lot more than he’s saying.” She explained

“Melanie? He said you were dead.” Collin said

“Damien lied; where is he and the rest of the family?”

“I don’t know, I swear. We moved all over town, abandoned houses mostly or rentals.”

“Who is he working with?”

He went to answer, but his body began to convulse. He screamed, and they watched as his body burned from the inside and turned to a pile of dust.

“Did you think that he’d betray his family or me?” A voice asked echoing all around them

“Show yourself witch…” Rae commanded

She laughed, “In time your highness… be warned this is only the beginning.”

The lights flickered as the dust vanished from the chair. Laughter echoed and gradually faded, the lights returned to normal.

“You knew this guy?” Sinner asked

Melanie sighed and nodded, “Colin hitchhiked from Chicago to the city. Damien rescued him from being mugged in Penn Station. From then on, he was loyal and kept watch over the family, when Damien was away. Seems he was just another pawn.”

Sinner brushed some dust off his shirt sleeves and jeans. Sasha giggled, and he glared at her.

“It’s not funny…” He growled

“Yes, it is. You seem to be in the way of any explosion.” She replied

“How did you put it? I’m taking one for the team.”

“Anyway, this witch must need power. And she’s using Damien and the family to gather it.” Melanie interrupted

“Spilling innocent blood…” Rae paused

In New York, Melina wiped sweat off her forehead and took a swig from her of water. Danielle had been training her for two hours in combat. She was impressed at how fast Melina had picked up on all the different techniques.

Faith came downstairs, both turned to see a concerned look on her face.

“What’s wrong Faith?” Melina asked

“You should come upstairs to see this.” She replied

They all went upstairs and into the study, where a laptop was opened on the desk. As they gathered around it, Danielle and Melina’s jaws dropped. The local news in Canada were covering the murders.

“Oh, bloody hell…” Danielle sighed

“The witness says three people showed up, rescuing her from the attackers. She says the next thing she remembered was waking up in the hospital. This is one of several attacks foiled by the vigilantes. Back to you in the studio.” The female reporter explained

“She didn’t see them. Rae must have used her powers to knock out the power.” Faith suggested

The laptop closed, and Danielle sighed.

“At least they weren’t seen. I highly doubt the world is ready to know of our existence.” Danielle continued

“I don’t think we’re going to be chased with torches and pitchforks.” Melina added

“You have been watching too many of those old monster movies. We’ll keep an eye on the news in case of anymore sightings.”

“Yes, my lady.”


“I will not tolerate any more failures!” The little girl screamed

Her male companion and his group stood before her. They didn’t try to argue, she was telling the truth, Rae and her friends had stopped every single attack.

“Nothing to say… I’m not surprised. I guess I’ll have to do this myself.” She continued

Lowering her hood, revealing platinum blonde hair. Her blue eyes glowed as the group took a step back. A twig snapped, and they turned to see a group of men and women coming towards them.

“What the hell is this?” The male companion asked

“It’s like I said Damien. I don’t know why I spared you, but you can prove to be useful later. As for your family, say goodbye.” The little girl replied

One woman held up her hand, conjuring a fireball. It floated out of her cupped hand and surrounded his family. His eyes widened as he watched them burn into ash and Piper his demon explode. Once the flames died down, he turned to the small child.

“You bitch!” He screamed

He went to throw a punch but couldn’t move. The little girl walked up to him giggling.

“I know, it’s so much fun. Now are you with us or against us. Choose wisely, because one choice you will join your family.”

“I’m with you mistress Kya. Forgive my ignorance.”

“Good; now let’s leave.”

They began walking, he blurred and came up beside her. He felt his world had just been burned to the ground, he was the lone survivor. “No matter; time to move on” He thought to himself. Back in the city, Sam took Melina to the studio. She was sitting in the guest area, when a boy her age walked in. He wore black sneakers, khaki cargo shorts, and black t-shirt. His blonde hair was spiked into a small mohawk, face was squared at the chin.

When he turned to see Melina, a pair of green eyes met hers. She smiled, feeling heat rising in her cheeks. Gina appeared walking down the hall from Sam’s office, carrying a stack of large envelopes.

“Hey Killian, what’s up little man?” Gina asked

Killian walked up to the desk, reaching into his back pocket and took out a small envelope.

“Hey Gina. Not much, my mom asked me to drop off a payment.” He replied

He handed it to her and she opened it taking out a personal check. She opened the left-hand side drawer and placed it in a money bag.

“Oh Killian; this is Rae’s daughter Melina. Melina this is Killian.”

She got up, straightening her jean shorts and blood red tank top. Relax… don’t lose control of your powers, she whispered to herself.

“Hi.” She said

“Hey.” He replied

They shook hands and smiled.

“Did my mom or Aunt Sam take pictures for you?” She asked

“Sam came to my sleepaway camp. She was there for color wars, my group won again this year.” Killian replied

“His mom ordered some team and photos of him.” Gina added


She picked up the stack of envelopes and flipped through them. Taking out one, she handed it to him along with a receipt.

“Please make sure your mom gets these.” Gina said

“I will. Bye Melina.” Killian said

He walked out, she turned to Gina, who had a huge smile on her face.

“Looks like someone was lovestruck…” She said

“No, I wasn’t.” Melina snapped back

“Child please; I know that look, same look your mom had when she met your dad.”

Melina blushed, but then sensed someone was being chased. She turned seeing Killian running around the corner by an older girl dressed in all black.

“What’s wrong?” Gina asked

“He needs help.” Melina replied

“Who are you talking about?”

Melina ran out and around the corner and noticed the street was empty. Something is wrong. Her eyes widened to see Killian running out from an alley and stopped to see her.

“Melina! Get out of here!” He shouted

“What’s going on?” She asked

The scent of rotten eggs brushed underneath her nose. Magic; it was a strong scent as the girl appeared behind him.

“I was wondering when you’d show up. You must be the little princess.” The young girl commented

Her hair was tied back into a ponytail and wore a black t-shirt, matching jeans, and boots.

“How could I miss the smell of magic? Gross…” Melina paused; “Let him go, since you came looking for me.”

She laughed and grabbed Killian by his shirt collar. He squirmed trying to break free of her grip.

“I don’t think so, little girl. His energy could be very useful for my mistress.”

“Melina run!” Killian shouted

“No…” Melina paused; “I’m staying…”

“Looks like I’ll be killing two birds with one stone. Perfect” The girl said

She conjured an energy ball, it rose out of her hand and transformed into small daggers. They all shot towards Melina, Killian closed his eyes thinking it was all over. Melina dodged each one and began running towards her. She blurred and a “snap” broke the silence, someone screamed, and Killian opened his eyes to see Melina standing in front of him and their attacker, holding her right arm.

“Impressive princess.” She commented

“I’m not done.” Melina snapped

Something flew past her, causing her hair to fly up and then a metal blade struck the girl in the heart. She flashed as the blue handled knife flew back into Melina’s hand, putting it back into its brown leather sheath, she turned to Killian. He looked shocked, but she also noticed he was beginning to blush.

“Are you okay Killian?” Melina asked

“Yeah. Who was that?” He replied

“I don’t know, but let’s get out of here.”

The streets became crowded again, Sam came running around the corner. Melina and Killian walked up to her.

“Melina what happened? Gina said you took off. Are you guys okay?” Sam asked

“We’re okay. I need to talk to mom.” Melina replied

“Alright; Killian your mother is at the studio. Let’s go.”

They walked back to the studio, Melina hugged Killian goodbye, he gave her his email address. “Write to me while I’m away.” He said. She went into the studio and down to her mother’s office. Using her powers, she unlocked the door and sat down at her desk.

She picked up the phone and dialed Rae’s cell number.

“Melina… hey baby what’s up?” Rae asked

“Mom a witch attacked me and my new friend.” Melina replied


“I saved my friend and injured the witch. She got away before I killed her.”

“Did your Grandmother start training you?”

“Yeah… I asked her to. Are you mad at me?”

Rae sighed, “No honey; I’m happy that you were able to defend yourself. What did this witch look like?”

“Strawberry blonde; blue eyes, and her magic smelled gross.”

“She’s part of the group causing trouble up here. Listen to me baby, stay with Aunt Sam and your Grandmother.”

“Oh… alright mom. Bye…”

She hung up and Rae turned on her side seeing Sebastian was awake.

“She sounds just as tough as you.” He commented

Rae giggled, “She’s no damsel in distress. And Danielle started training her by the way.”

“So, who attacked her and her friend?”

“The strawberry blond witch. How did they find her?”

“They probably scryed for her. Using a map and a special crystal, focusing on her powers they were able to locate her.”

“Now they’ll be after her. Unless we stop them.”

He took her into his arms, hugging her tightly.

“Don’t worry we’ll stop them.”

She closed eyes, sensing dawn was approaching. There must be a way to stop them. Without Melina getting involved.


Sasha, Sinner, and the rest of their coven stood outside as Rae came outside with Sebastian. Melanie and Tonya walked up to them.

“Let’s go over this again.” Sinner said

“From what information we gathered, they are gathered at that park you tracked them to weeks ago. Tonya, Melanie, and I will move in, putting out any fires or light sources. The rest of you remain hidden in the darkness. Sebastian and Sasha take your places in the trees, armed and ready to shoot.” Rae explained

“Once the three of us attack, start taking out the army quickly.”

“Let’s move out!” Sasha commanded

Back in the city, Melina was sitting at the dining room table, writing an email to Killian when the a strong breeze blew the door open. She stood up feeling the air pulling her, but she sat down and finished her email. After clicking on ‘Send’ she got up and walked outside. The air felt cool, crickets were humming their song.

The breeze picked up again blowing her hair in front of her face. Pushing it behind her ears, she looked up at the full moon. Danielle appeared behind her along with Phil, who had morphed into his wolf form.

“Grandmother?” Melina asked

She smiled putting her hands on her granddaughter’s shoulders.

They appeared outside the park, the little girl was standing in the center of a large group of people. She wore a white hooded cloak; her hands pulled it down. Rae’s eyes widened in shock, time suddenly stopped.

“Kya…” She whispered

It was making sense, but how did she survive after the battle? There was no time to play twenty questions, a mission had to be carried out. She signaled to Melanie and Tonya, both nodded and they blurred.

They took a position in three trees, a few feet away from the crowd. Rae saw some men and women who had conjured fireballs which lit up the area around them. She signaled for Melanie and Tonya to wait.

“My fellow hunters, we have found each other again. I’m not fully restored, but it doesn’t mean we can’t destroy the pitiful vampire coven here. And then continue to New York City.” Kya explained

Rae signaled, one by one it became dark. Shots were fired and screams filled the air, Kya looked around, Damien got in front of her. She shoved him aside and laughed.

“Very clever princess. But it’s not going to work this time.” Kya said

Shit… remain calm. She stood up and leaped out of the tree landing before Kya. A fireball was conjured and revealed the large army of Hunters.

“Is that a compliment or an insult?” Rae asked

Kya smirked, her small round face and blue eyes glowed in the dark.

“What really intrigues me, is how did you survive?”

“That was easy. A simple spell Marcus casted before he died. I was reborn, Damien and his former family looked after me. Until I was strong enough to gather an army and dispose of pawns.”

Damien remained still and expressionless; he was staring up at Melanie and Tonya. They remained in the trees.


“Exactly, but also there is a great power out there. And I want it.”

Melina… stay focused. She thought to herself.

“You can’t always get what you want Kya.” A female voice chimed in

“Diana… this is a surprise.” Kya said

She appeared landing behind Rae.

“This doesn’t concern you. Why are you siding with these demons?” Kya asked

Diana shook her head, “They aren’t demons. Nor are they evil; all Armand and Cat wanted was to coexist amongst mortals.”

“That’s why you spilled all that innocent blood. Expose and frame us.” Rae added

“Now she’s getting the picture. So let’s quit the small talk. Where is the great power?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t lie to me!”

She went to throw a punch, Rae’s eyes widened sending the Hunters flying backwards.

“Attack!” Kya screamed

Rae side stepped Kya as she came up running towards her. Melanie and Tonya leaped down as the rest of the coven and Hunters began to fight. She turned to see Kya who conjured an energy ball, they multiplied and surrounded her in a circle.

One by one they shot towards Rae, Sebastian had knocked a wizard unconscious when he looked up to see Kya attacking.


There was a huge explosion smoke surrounded everyone. Melanie and Tonya joined hands to clear the smoke, but a dim red light began to form. Gradually the smoke disappeared and Rae stood with the Red Moon Crystal forming a shield around her. They sighed in relief as the shield disintegrated.

Kya ran up and went to throw a punch, when she was stopped. Her body stiffened and Rae sensed two forces near by. She gasped to see Melina walking up to them with Phil beside her.

“Melina? What are you doing here?” Rae asked

“I’m sorry, but I had to follow my instincts.” Melina replied

Danielle knows Rae; she sent us here.” Phil added

Kya’s eyes looked for Damien, but he had vanished. The witch who attacked her and Killian stepped up next to Kya.

“Let me take her Mistress.” She urged

“No Luna. This isn’t over princess!”

Luna threw a small white marble on the ground, white smoke surrounded everyone. Melanie and Tonya joined hands and used their powers to clear the smoke. Once it cleared, the Hunters vanished. Rae sighed and walked over to Melina.

“Why do I have a feeling they’re headed back to the city?” Melanie asked

“You’re probably right Mel.” Tonya replied

“They’re after Melina.” Sebastian continued

“Because I’m a hybrid.” Melina chimed in

No use in trying to sugarcoat this. It would be stupid to attempt lying now, Rae thought to herself.

“It’s true my dark angel. But seems you can defend yourself and your new friend.” Rae continued

“Aunt Sam…” Melina sighed feeling heat rising in her cheeks.

Rae giggled taking Melina into her arms and hugging her. Sebastian walked up and hugged his daughter and wife.

“Seems things are finally going to calm down up here.” Sasha commented

“If you need our help, don’t hesitate to call us.” Sinner added

“Thank you.” Rae paused; “Phil follow us back the mansion. We’re going home.”

She turned to Diana and they hugged.

“Thank you for coming.”

“It seems Tonya and I share abilities. But if you ever need anything call me.”

She snapped her fingers and disappeared. Rae began following everyone back to the mansion. After returning, bags were packed and loaded into Sebastian’s car trunk. They piled into the car and Phil flashed them home. Danielle was waiting outside the cottage suitcase packed. As they got out of the car.

“Hello Danielle.” Rae said

“Hello dear. I hope you’re not cross with me.” Danielle replied

“I’m not mad. I know she has to embrace her powers.”

“I’m glad. Phil, please take me home.”

“My pleasure Mrs. Bloom.”

Everyone said their goodbyes, Phil flashed with Danielle. Melina turned to her parents with a smile.

“Mom, Dad, could we go on vacation before I start school?” She asked


Melina hung a photo of herself standing in the rainforest section of the ‘Biodome’ in Montreal in her locker. Students crowded the halls, checking their schedules and finding their assigned lockers.

“Hey Melina.” A voice called

She closed her locker and saw Killian walking up to her.

“Hey Kil.” She replied

“How are you?”

“I’m good; nervous.”

“It’s hard being the new kid in school. But at least we have a few classes and lunch together. I’ll introduce you to my friends.”

“Cool. How was your summer?”

“It cool. What about you?”

“My parents and I went on vacation in Canada. We took a tour of the Biodome in Montreal. There were four different environments in one building.”


They started walking down the hall towards their homeroom. Walking into the classroom, kids had split off into groups talking to themselves. The bell rang, and everyone took their seats, a woman, in her early thirties walked in. Her brown wavy hair framed her thin face as a pair of blue eyes looked up and addressed everyone.

“Good morning.” She said

“Good morning.” Everyone replied

“Welcome back to another year. We have a new student joining us this semester, where is Melina Masters.”

Melina raised her hand, everyone turned to look at her.

“Welcome Melina, I’m Mrs. Campbell. Please make her feel welcome. You all know what it was like starting a new school, it can be scary. For the rest of the period, you may talk, but please keep it at to a dull roar.”

Students moved around sitting with their friends, two girls and boys walked up to Melina and Killian. The one girl had dark brown hair and the other had black hair, while the boys were blonds.

“Melina these are my friends Kayla, Maddie, Dylan, and Nick. Guys this is Melina.” Killian explained

“Hey.” Melina said

She shook hands with each of them. The bell rang, and they went to grab their books. Students filed out of the room, Melina took her schedule out of her pants pocket and opened it.

“What’s your first-class Melina?” Kayla asked

“English…” She replied

“Cool. We’re in the same class.”


They walked out into the hallway and upstairs, Melina waved to Killian. He blushed as Maddie appeared behind him.

“She seems nice.” She said

“Yeah.” He replied

Kayla and Melina walked into a classroom with posters of famous authors on the wall. They sat in the middle row of desks, as other students walked in. Mrs. Campbell walked in carrying a brown messenger bag and set it on the desk. The bell rang and everyone sat down.

“Good morning everyone. I know you’re thinking we just had homeroom with you. Anyway I’m Mrs. Campbell and this is English three. Please take out a piece of paper and something to write with. There are a few important dates for tests, projects, midterm, and final. These dates are most likely not going to change, but if they do they will be posted on this side of the board.”

She had picked up a dry erase marker and began writing out dates. After she finished, she took out her black leather planner.

“Alright let’s get attendance over with. I apologize if I mispronounce your name wrong, please correct me.”

She started calling out names, Melina admired how kind she was, but there was something about her. A scent of flowers brushed under her nose. It didn’t smell like magic, she only knew it smelled like rotten eggs. But she looked powerful, whatever she was.

“Melina Masters.” She called

Melina raised her hand, “Here.”

She continued calling out names, Kayla looked over at Melina.

“Are you okay? You spaced out there.” She whispered

“I’m okay.”

The rest of the morning, she met her new teachers and by lunch she sat down with her friends with a notebook filled with papers. Most of it was syllabi of all the units being covered for the semester.

“Is it me or these teachers reword the same speech?” Melina asked

The others giggled and nodded.

“You’ll learn to tune it out. Since it’s like a loop.” Killian replied

“Least there’s no homework yet.” Dylan added

“You guys are coming to the pep rally on Friday, right?” Maddie asked

“We’ll be there. Maddie joined the volleyball team this year.” Killian replied

“You should come Melina.” Kayla suggested

“Ok. I’ll ask my parents after school.” Melina replied

She looked around the large cafeteria. Off-white painted walls, fluorescent lights, and rows of white tables with black legs. There was an entrance to the kitchen area where lunch, drinks, and snacks were served buffet style. The school had a friendly feel to it, but then she noticed Mrs. Campbell talking on her cell phone and walking outside.

Before she could listen to the conversation, the bell rang, and students began throwing out their trash and piling trays on top of the garbage can. She got up and began walking with her friends. By three o’clock she walked into her house. The curtains closed, and door shut and locked, Rae appeared at the top of the stairs, wearing a long black skirt and matching t-shirt.

“Hey mom.” She said

“Hey honey. How was school?” Rae replied

“It was great! Killian introduced me to his friends and my teachers are really nice.”

Rae walked down stairs and they sat down on the couch. Melina took her backpack off her back and unzipped it. She took out a purple folder and handed it to her mother.

“What’s this?”

“Emergency contact forms. I need to bring those back tomorrow.”

“It’s the first day of school and the parents have homework to do.”

Melina giggled, “Mom, can I go to the school’s pep rally on Friday?”

“I can take you. Your dad is meeting with the contractor who has been working very hard on the club.”

“Thanks mom. Mom is it possible that a witch’s magic doesn’t smell like rotten eggs?”

Rae stopped to think, “I’m not sure. Did you sense a witch at your school?”

She nodded, “My English teach Mrs. Campbell. She’s very powerful.”

“She’s Andrea and RJ’s mother; I met her before you were born at a joint art show.”


Rae’s phone rang, the phone floated into her hand, but then handed it to Melina.

“Hey Aunt Sam.” She said

“Hi, I thought you weren’t speaking to me.” Sam replied

“I’ll forgive you. Don’t do it again…”

Sam laughed “I promise. Can I talk to your mom?”

“Hang on…”

She handed the phone to Rae and went upstairs.

“Hey what’s up?” Rae asked

“The collection is done. How are the renovations going?”

“We’ll find out on Friday. Sebastian is meeting with Ben to go over final touches.”

“Cool. Gina emailed Mr. Ming and made sure your collection would be put into storage until you give the word.”


Friday arrived and Rae pulled up in front of the school’s gym; in her new blue Honda SUV. People were walking in, waiting outside and on their cell phones.

“Where are your friends?” Rae asked

Melina looked around and saw them by the door.

“Right there. That’s Kayla, Dylan, Nick, and Killian.” She explained as she pointed out each one

Rae looked at Killian and smiled, “Seems like a nice boy. Go have fun. I’ll be back at 9:30 to pick you up.”

Melina got out of the car and walked up to her friends.

“Melina! Over here!” Killian shouted

“Hey guys.” Melina said

“Come on let’s go inside and get some good seats before their taken.” Dylan suggested

Walking into the gym, people were sitting in the blue bleachers. They walked up and sat dead center to see the entire gym. Melina looked around and spotted Mrs. Campbell wearing a gray t-shirt, blue jeans and ‘Converse’ sneakers. Their eyes met, and they waved.

A woman in her late fifties, wearing white sneakers, blue jean capris, and black school t-shirt stepped up to a microphone that was set up in the center of the room. Her blond hair was tied back into a ponytail as a pair of green eyes looked through a pair of rimless glasses. The crowd went silent as she held one hand up.

“Good evening everyone. For those who don’t know me, I’m Principle Morris. Welcome to our annual pep rally. It’s amazing to see students and parents coming out to support our teams. You should give yourselves a round of a applause.” She paused

The crowd applauded, and Melina tensed seeing Kya sitting on the silver-plated metal rafters above. “What is she doing here?” She asked herself. In a blink of an eye she was gone. Principal Morris began announcing the Junior Varsity boys’ baseball team. Everyone cheered as each team member stepped forward when their name was called.

She felt Killian looking over at her. Their eyes met, and he mouthed “Are you okay?” and she smiled “Yeah. Thought I saw someone I knew.”

He shrugged it off as he stood up, the others followed. She stood up as Principle Morris announced the volleyball team. They cheered seeing Maddie walking in with her team behind her. Once they took their seats, Killian got up and walked over to Melina.

“Want to come with me to get some snacks?” He asked

“Sure. You guys want anything?” Melina replied

“Killian has our money.” Kayla replied

Melina smiled and followed Killian down the bleachers and over to a large buffet table covered with snack sized bags of chips, plates of two cookies, along with bottles of water and cans of soda.

“Hey Killian! What can I get for you?” An older boy asked

He was tall, skinny, short brown hair and eyes, and wearing blue jeans and red t-shirt.

“Hey Max. I need two Cokes, bags of Fritos, and cookies. Melina would you like something?” Killian replied

“A can of Coke and cookies.” She replied

“Ok, you’re new to the school?” Max asked

“Yeah first week here.”

“Melina this is my cousin Max. He’s a freshman in high school.”


“It’s nice to meet you.”

“You too. Here you go that comes to ten dollars even.”

Killian handed him the money, Melina noticed Mrs. Campbell standing outside talking on her cell phone.

“Please be careful AJ. And don’t get caught.” She said

“Don’t worry mom, I’ve shielded myself. No noise can escape from here and I can’t be detected.” AJ replied

She sighed, “Even as a baby you had no fear. Just get home safely.”

“I promise mom.”

She hung up and Melina noticed Killian handing her some snacks to hold. They walked back into the gym and joined their friends, but then the lights went out.

“Melina where are you?” Killian asked

“Right behind you.” She replied

Music began playing and the lights came back on, the gymnastics team took the floor. Mats were set up and girls began tumbling. She looked up and Kya was gone. Killian led her around beneath the basketball hoop to their seats.

As she passed things down to her friends, and they began to enjoy the rest of the pep rally. By nine, they were standing outside watching as cars pulled up and people got in. She couldn’t shake off the feeling Kya was nearby, probably watching and waiting. She started walking behind the building, sensing someone was close by. Like her parents, she could see clearly in the dark and not be afraid of anyone popping out or unknown objects. She heard voices, talking in low whispers, to her it sounded so clear.

“When are we going to attack?” A male voice asked

“Not yet; right now, we just observe.” A female voice replied

Her eyes widened to hear Kya’s voice.

“You’ll wait for my orders.” Kya continued

“Yes, Mistress.”

A hand appeared on her shoulder, she immediately grabbed the hand and flipped Killian over her head and onto the ground. Her cheeks turned red and she kneeled beside him.

“Oh god, Killian I’m so sorry.” She began

“Don’t worry about it. Those self-defense classes coming in handy?” He replied

“They are…”

“Everything ok? Your mom’s here.”

“Yeah. Anyway, I’d better go.”

She started walking, but then he grabbed her by the hand. Thankfully she didn’t sense Kya or her Hunters nearby, but she’d have to tell her mom about it.

“Melina… would you want to see a movie tomorrow?” He asked


“Cool. Here…”

He handed her a piece of paper, she unfolded it and saw his phone number. She felt the heat rising in her cheeks and smiled.

“Pick a movie and I’ll call you tomorrow morning.”

“Alright; bye…”

She walked back to the front of the building seeing her mom waiting. Getting into the car and sliding on the gray leather seat, she buckled her seatbelt and her mom pulled away from the building.

“Hey sweetheart, did you have fun?” She asked

“Hi mom. I did, but I saw Kya and heard her planning an attack.” Melina replied

“What was she doing?”

“Just watching… she didn’t move until afterwards. I heard her talking behind the gym.”

“Don’t worry I’ll take care of that.”

Melina sighed as a smile formed on her face, Rae looked over seeing it, once they pulled out of the school’s driveway.

“Something else happen tonight?”

“Killian asked me to see a movie tomorrow.”

“Very cool; who is picking the movie?”

“I told him, he could.”

“Alright. I’m sure he’ll pick a good one. And you two will have a good time.”

Melina was stunned; her mother wasn’t gushing that this would be her first date. This was weird, she could only imagine her dad suddenly becoming very protective. Would they follow her to the movie? Spy on her? If they did, she’d never forgive them, “Just be honest with them. They are with you” she thought to herself.

Sleep was starting to come over her, she closed her eyes and curled up in the front seat. By eleven they pulled up in front of the cottage. She used her powers to unbuckle Melina’s seatbelt, she woke up and got out of the car. The door opened, and she went right upstairs and into her room.

Melanie walked in, wearing a short sleeved black dress and matching combat boots.

“Is she asleep?” Melanie asked

“Well hello to you too Mel. And yeah, she just went upstairs. What’s up?” Rae replied

“Sebastian and I saw some Hunters roaming the streets near the club. They’re here…”

“Melina saw Kya tonight at her school’s pep rally. She was just observing, but then Melina overheard a conversation between her and a few followers about an attack.”

“They’re not wasting any bloody time. So, what do you want to do, fearless leader?”

“First lay off the Rocky and Bullwinkle; in the meantime, I’ll have Clint go out and see if his underground connections can come through as he claims.”

She took out her cell phone and dialed Sam, knowing they were probably together.

“Rae… I love you, but this better be damn important.” Sam began

“Sam, I need to talk to your boyfriend.” Rae replied

“Hang on…”

There was rustling in the background and then she heard the shower running. She started to get the mental image but had to brush it aside.

“Rae what’s up?” Clint asked

“I’m sorry to disturb your evening. But I need you to go out tomorrow night, the Hunters have begun to gather. Melina spotted Kya observing at her school’s pep rally, so I’m hoping that your underground connections can come through for you.”

“I’ll start tomorrow night.”

“Thank you. Please be careful and report anything you find out.”

“You’re welcome. And I will.”

She hung up and Melanie was sitting on the couch. Sebastian walked in and took Rae into his arms, she pulled him down to her, their lips met.

“Gross… I’m out of here.”

They pulled back and Sebastian shook his head.

“Stay a while Mel, we have to discuss the reopening of the club and Rae’s show.”

“Is it done?” Rae paused; “The furniture is arriving this weekend.”

“It’s finally done.”

“Excellent. Then I’m going to blow up our social media.”

Rae and Sebastian sat down on the couch. A pad and pen flew out from the kitchen and landed in Rae’s hands. Upstairs, Melina woke from a deep sleep sensing someone was close bye. Her window opened, she got out of bed, her pajama bottoms rolled down to covering her feet. Before looking out her window, something made her stop. A single red rose appeared on her window sill, with a white envelope leaning against it.

The envelope flew into her hand, she went to open it, but something woke her up. She sat up, it was just a dream. “It felt so real. What did it mean?” Laying back down, she turned on her right side and fell back asleep.


The next morning, she called Killian and they agreed to see the vintage Disney movie marathon. He was standing outside the movie theater in Times Square, that night as Kayla appeared beside him.

“Nervous?” She asked

“Nope.” He replied

“When are you going to tell her?”

He tensed whenever she asked, especially when he got a new girlfriend.

“I’ll tell her tonight.”

“She doesn’t seem like the type of girl to freak out. Unlike the others.”

She giggled, and his eyebrows lowered.

“Get out of here. She’s coming…”

“Have fun…”

She flashed as Melina walked up to him with her parents behind her. Heat rose in her cheeks, he was wearing sneakers, khaki shorts, and blue ‘Nike’ t-shirt. She fixed her black shirt and straightened her purple top with black skull on the front.

“You’ll be fine my dark angel.” Rae commented

“Thanks mom.”

“If he gets fresh with you…” Sebastian paused

“Don’t worry I can handle that.”

She began walking up to him and they walked into the ‘AMC’ theatre.

“Hey, I got the tickets. Did you want any snacks before heading in?” He asked

“Hi. Cool. Can’t watch a movie without popcorn.” She replied

He held out his hand, she took it and they walked over to the concession area. She got a bag of popcorn and a bag of ‘Reese's Pieces’. When they walked up to the register, they both got medium sized drinks, he paid and then went to get soda.

Outside Sebastian watch as they went into the theatre, Rae tapped him on the shoulder and took him by the hand.

“Don’t ruin this for her.” She commented

“She’s growing up too fast.” He grumbled

Rae put his arm around her waist, pulling him closer to her.

“We both agreed to make her life as normal as possible. Despite being exposed to mythical creatures.”

“I know, but there was something about that boy.”

“Melina has a sense for that. If he’s hiding anything she’ll find out.”

He kissed the top of her head as the people around them became blurry and the walked down the street. Two hours later, there was an intermission Melina stood up and stretched.

“This is a lot of fun.” She commented

“I’m glad you’re having a good time. How are you liking school so far?” He replied

“I like it. My parents’ home schooled me for a couple of months. I hated spending all that time at home, so I convinced them to let me start public school.”


She sat back down and felt a chill run up her spine.

“I noticed everyone gets along at school.”

“Yeah when you first enroll the teachers and Principal Morris encourage us not to judge. They remind us that we’re all different.”

She was about to ask him, when the lights dimmed, and everyone took their seats. By eight they waited by the front door outside.

“Killian, could I ask you something?” She asked

“Shoot…” He replied

“Are you a demon?”

He stood there stunned, how did she figure it out? She smiled seeing the gold tint go over his eyes.

“I am, but not a bad. What about you?”

She blushed, he probably had similar abilities like her.

“Half vampire and half human…” She paused

She stood next to him as they stared outside at the crowded street and sidewalk.

“I’m the first hybrid in fifty years. My mom was still mortal when she had me and was turned after I was born.”

“I had a feeling…”

“Me too; no wonder we get along.”

They laughed, he took her hand into his squeezing it tightly.

“How long will you stay this size?”

“I’m not sure. Vampire’s blood can cause growth to be quick. You?”

“When a demon turns twenty we stop growing and aging. Is there a way you can become a full vampire?”

She nodded, “Once I stop growing, my parents will give me the choice to stay the way I am or be turned. Are there other magical beings at school?”

“Yep, but they hide their powers really well.”


She leaned her head on his shoulder, smelling his ‘Axe’ cologne, it was faint. It was a relief knowing she wasn’t alone and could let her guard down a little bit. She looked over, seeing Killian’s cousin Max and her parents walking up to the theatre.

“Fun’s over…” She whispered

“This was fun.” He said

“Yeah, I had fun too.”

She straightened up and they hugged, she kissed him on the cheek and they walked out. They waved and she walked with her parents over to Sebastian’s car.

“Did you guys have fun?” Sebastian asked

“Yeah. He’s a demon.” Melina replied

“Oh wow.” Rae commented

“He told me there are a few magical beings at school.”

“Probably explains Mrs. Campbell; it has to be the same woman.”

They arrived home, she fell asleep in the car. Rae picked her up and carried her upstairs to her room. Using her powers, she changed her into her pajamas and tucked her in. By Monday, Melina stepped off the bus, wearing a black sandals, long black skirt, and red t-shirt; her navy backpack on her back, hair tied into a ponytail.

She began walking inside, her eyes lit up seeing Killian waiting by her locker.

“Hi.” She said

“Hi. How are you?” He replied

“I’m good. How are you?”


They hugged and then she started putting in her combination into her lock. Their friends walked up and started talking. Kya appeared floating above them, not making herself visible to anyone, the redheaded servant who attacked her and Killian appeared beside her.

“Luna, follow that girl; she can lead us to the new queen and her coven.” Kya whispered

“Understood Mistress; when should I take the child?” She asked

“I’ll signal you. Once you bring her back, tell Killian to follow.”

Kya vanished, and Luna stayed watching the group of friends as they went into homeroom. The bell rang for first period classes. They came out, Killian took Melina’s hand, she felt heat rising in her cheeks. Most of the kids looked at them, smiling. Their friends separated and they hugged before going to class.

Mrs. Campbell was writing something on the board as they walked in. As they sat down, Kayla leaned over showing Melina her pointed ears.

“Fairy?” Melina asked

“Woodland elf; our ears curve a little more than a fairy’s” Kayla replied; “I’m glad you and Killian are together. He’s liked you since you two met, wouldn’t shut up sometimes.”

Melina blushed as the bell rang and Mrs. Campbell turned to address the class. At lunch, she met up with her friends and they walked into the lunch room. A chill ran up her spine, someone or something was close by. She looked up, Luna was floating above their table, but she wasn’t visible, though Melina sensed her.

“Are you okay?” Killian asked

“Yeah… fine… thought I saw something.” Melina replied

Shaking it off, she started talking to Kayla. Killian looked up and saw Luna smiling.

What are you doing here?” He asked through his thoughts

Observing…” She replied

I don’t believe you. You’re after Melina.

Just do your part and I’ll do mine. Don’t lose focus Killian, Kya is counting on you.

Go away Luna!

After school, she came home seeing Rae was standing talking on her cell phone. She hung up and hugged Melina tightly.

“How was your day love?” She asked

“It was good, but I felt like someone was watching me. I couldn’t see them.” Melina replied

Rae held her, she didn’t sense anyone close by.

“I asked a friend of mine to shield the house and mansion. So, no enemy can get in.”


“It’s protective magic that can surround a certain area or person. Anyway, would you like to invite Killian to my show?”

“Could I?”

“Sure. But you two would have to go upstairs to the office once the club opens.”

“I’ll ask him tomorrow. Thanks mom.”

“Good. Are you going to do your homework down here? I could use some company.”

“Yeah. Where’s dad?”

“He’s upstairs doing interviews on the radio.”


They sat at the dining room table. In the city Killian was walking through Central Park, when Kya appeared walking beside him. She appeared to look eighteen, wearing a strapless navy sundress and silver sandals.

“Why are you so sad? Luna said you interfered with her mission.” She asked

“I can’t let you hurt her.” He replied

Kya giggled, “Is that love I sense? That is sad, you weren’t supposed to do that.”

“Our deal is off…”

“You owe me Killian. I saved you and your family.”

“All you did was conjure a door and we walked through. My parents are doing just fine.”

Kya sighed and sensed his powers rising in anger. She knew how powerful he, a mere child could be, besides his family.

“You have until the end of the week to decide. If I don’t have an answer, then I’ll destroy you and your little girlfriend.”

She flashed, and he stopped to sit on a bench. He couldn’t let Kya hurt her, it would break his heart. If he didn’t help, then she would destroy him. Why did his family agree to help her? The ‘Other World’ was finally with the times and magical creatures were living in peace. She was looking for warriors and spies to help her. Revenge that’s all she wanted and to have Melina’s powers. This was going to be so hard.

Thursday, she walked into school seeing him by her locker. He looked lost in thought as she walked up to him.

“Good morning…” She said

He looked up and smiled, “Good morning.” He replied

“Everything okay?”


“I wanted to ask. Would you want to come to my parent’s club tomorrow night? My mom is showing her new collection.”



In the city Kya appeared across from ‘Dark Palace’ seeing a large truck parked outside, furniture was being unloaded and brought inside. A young man in his twenties appeared beside her, his short light brown hair was spiked up, his face was thin and semi- muscular.

“They’ve rebuilt.” She paused; “Did you get it?”

“I did.”

He handed her something wrapped in a white cloth, she smiled.

“Excellent. Make sure to bring them with us, I’ll need leverage for the boy.”

“As you wish.”

Later that night, Rae arrived with Melina and Sebastian. Sam was standing with two large wooden crates outside the club.

“Are you ready?” Sam asked

“Let’s do this. Did you get easels?” Rae replied

“They’re inside.”

The crates rose into the air and followed them inside. Sebastian turned on the lights on and Melina’s eyes widened. The walls were painted blood red, tree like chandeliers hung from the ceiling with candle shaped bulbs. Dark wooden floors ran throughout the entire club, which complemented the black furniture with red upholstered seats.

Rae noticed the easels leaning against the wall, they rose into the air and unfolded. Melina opened the crates and the photos came out.

“Melina, start placing them in order by number. There are post-it’s on each of them.” Rae said

She did as ask. Once she finished they took a few steps back, the post-its came off and landed in Melina’s hand.

“These are really great Rae.” Sam commented

“I agree, these are beautiful.” Sebastian added

“Thank you.”

There was a knock at the door, Sebastian went to answer it. Soon two men walked in with dollies loaded up with cases of beer and wine.

“Where do you want these Rae?” Sebastian asked

“Put everything behind the bar.” Rae replied

The men left and came back with boxes of food.

“Those can go into the kitchen’s fridge and freezer. They should be separated.” Rae continued

Melina wandered into the foyer, she saw the new coat check area. She stepped outside seeing the occasional car drive by, but then looking across the street she saw Killian standing across the street, but a car passed, and he was gone.

“Melina…” A voice called

She looked up to see Max walking up to her.

“Max what are you doing here? Melina asked

“I’m worried about Killian. He’s been acting weird lately. Has he said anything to you?”

She shook her head, “No. He hasn’t. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. He was here a second ago and I thought he might have said something. But he disappeared before I could catch him.”

“So, I wasn’t seeing things.”

He laughed, “Nope. Here one second and gone the next.”

“I hope he’s okay.”

“Me too. I’ll see you later.”


Rae came out as he flashed, seeing Melina waving.

“Who was here my dark angel?” She asked

“Killian’s cousin Max.” Melina replied

“Everything okay?”

“I don’t know. Max said he’s been acting weird, but I haven’t noticed anything.”

“Oh. Well let’s get going. You have school tomorrow.”

The next day, she came home from school and showered. Walking back into her room, she saw a rose laying on her windowsill and a card. It was just like her dream, she pinched herself, “ouch”; this was real. The rose flew into her hand, she smelled its sweet scent and soft petals tickling her nose. She noticed the note was taped to the stem.

Peeling it off she opened the card and it said, ‘Just because… Killian’. There was a knock at her door, she sent the rose and note to her desk. Rae walked in wearing a black silk robe.

“Hey Mom. What’s up?” Melina asked

“Hi sweetie. Oh, good you showered. I’m sorry, I get nervous before any show, but this is also the reopening of the club.” She replied

She walked up to her mom and hugged her tightly. “You’ll be great.”

“Thank you. Do you know what you’re going to wear?”

Melina leaned back and shrugged, Rae used her powers to open the closet. A navy-blue garment bag flew out and landed on her bed.

“This is from me and your dad. We wanted to give you something to celebrate your first successful week of school.”

She walked over and picked up the garment bag, it unzipped revealing a navy sundress and silver sandals on the bottom.

“Thanks mom.” She said

“You’re welcome.”

“Would you like me to do your makeup?”

“I’d like that.”

She followed Rae into the bathroom, her small makeup kit was sitting on the vanity. Sitting down on a silver stool, there were brushes and a few eyeshadow pallets. Rae picked up a tube of and unscrewed the cap. There was an applicator attached.

“Close your eyes.” Rea whispered

She began applying a liquid on her eyelids.

“Keep them closed.”

“Can I open them?”

“You can.”

Slowly her eyes opened, and everything began to come into focus. She gasped seeing white eyeshadow with navy in the crease. There was also blue eyeliner on her top lid giving her the ‘cat eye’ look.

“Pretty…” She said

“Thank you. But this is just for tonight. When you get older I’ll show you how to apply it yourself. Now go get dressed, Aunt Sam will be here soon with the car service.”

“Are the paparazzi going to be there?”

“Outside, but they weren’t invited to the show. The best thing to do when we get there is smile and stop for a few photos before heading inside.”


She walked out of the bathroom, passing her dad in the hallway.

“Mom do your makeup?” He asked

“Just for tonight.” Melina replied

“You look beautiful honey.”

“Thanks dad.”

Walking into her bedroom she sat down at her vanity and picked up her hairbrush. Sam arrived in Phil’s limousine, she had hung up with Clint who was going to meet them at the show. The door opened, and she got out, seeing Rae locking the front door.

She wore a thick black strapped dress with a rose lace overlay, Sebastian wore black slacks with a short-sleeved blood red buttoned shirt. Melina had tied back her hair into a ponytail with a shiny hair tie and it sparkled in the moonlight.

“You all look beautiful.” Sam said

“Thanks. Where’s Clint?” Rae replied

“He’s going to meet us at the show.”

“Are you ready for pictures pretty girl?”

“I think so.” Melina replied

They got into the car and it pulled away from the cottage. Melina stared out the window watching the woods turn into the city. Pulling up in front of ‘Dark Palace’ barricades were set up keeping the media vultures out of the club and on the sidewalk. A black carpet was rolled out creating a path into the club.

The car stopped, Phil walked around and opened the door. Rae stepped out, followed by Melina, Sebastian and Sam. There were shouts for them to stop or face this way. Melina smiled as she saw Melanie and Tonya come out from the club. Both wore navy high low dresses and silver heels. They held two bottles of champagne.

“Thank you all for coming.” Rae said

She and Sebastian took a bottle and smashed them against the doors of the club. People applauded, and guests began to arrive. Walking inside Abby and Brian were behind the bar, both waved as they walked inside. Melina’s eyes lit up seeing Killian walking in with Max and walked up to them.

“Hey you made it.” She said

“You look beautiful.” He said

They hugged, and Max waved leaving them alone and to look at Rae’s work.

“Your mom is really good.” He commented

“Thank you, Killian.” Rae replied

Slowly they turned to see Rae and Sebastian standing behind them.

“Mom, dad, this is Killian; Killian these are my parents.” Melina continued

He shook hands with them.

“It’s nice to meet you Killian.” Sebastian said

“You too sir.” Killian replied

“Yeah it’s nice to meet you. If you want anything to eat or drink, Abby and Brian will take care of you.” Rae added

“Thanks.” They said together

Outside Kya appeared with Luna.

“Why the sudden change of plans Mistress?” Luna asked

“Because I’ve grown impatient. Killian has betrayed us, and he must suffer like Rae.” Kya replied

“Understood. The others are waiting for your word.”


Reporters were invited, Rae and Sebastian were being interviewed, they signaled for Melina to join them. She excused herself as Killian took a seat at the bar.

“What is your name little lady?” A man asked

“Melina Masters…” She replied

Killian signaled, and Brian came over to him. He placed a napkin in front of him.

“So, what can I get for you tonight young sir?” Brian asked

“Sprite… please…” Killian replied

“You know she likes you.”

He felt heat in his cheeks and tried not to think about her. Brian placed a full glass in front of him and smiled.

“How can you tell?”


“She looks over occasionally. Being a child of a celebrity is kinda tough.”

“I guess.”

She walked over and took the stool next to him.

“Hey little princess. What can I get for you?”

“A Shirley Temple; chicken fingers and French fries please. Are you hungry?” Melina replied

“May I have a hamburger and fries?” Killian asked

“No problem. I’ll be right back.” Brian replied

People were coming in and admiring her work. She noticed Detective Warren and Helms walking around, she waved, they bowed their heads. Ten minutes later, she walked over to the bar, placing her hands-on Melina’s shoulders.

“Are you guys having fun?” She asked

“Yeah. Those reporters were getting annoying.” Melina replied

Rae giggle, “Tell me about it my dark angel. I’ve been dealing with it for years. You learn to tune out their questions and smile for the cameras. Once you guys finish dinner, I’ll take you two up to the new office to hang out. According to Melanie this place is going to be packed.”


Brian brought out their food and they began eating. An hour later Rae walked them up to the new office. A large dark wooden desk stood across from the door, with a laptop sitting in the center. They sat down on the large black leather couch across from the desk, facing the window overlooking the club.

Recess lighting was above them, along with framed articles of the club’s history, Melanie and Tonya had found. There was also a television mounted on the wall and the remote sat on the arm rest of the couch.

“Killian when is Max coming to pick you up?” Rae asked

“Ten.” He replied

“Ok, when he leaves Melina come find me or your dad.”


She smiled and walked out shutting the door behind her. Coming downstairs, Sam, Sebastian, and Clint had packed up her work and put the easels in a storage closet. Melanie had changed into a pair of black jeans, red and black corset top that laced up the back. She put her long red leather coat on and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Feel better?” Tonya asked

“I only dressed up for Rae’s show.” Melanie replied, “Now the real party begins.”

“Would I stick out like a sore thumb?”

Melanie nodded and took her sister by the hand, leading her upstairs into a spare room. Rae was over at the bar, talking to Brian and Abby. Sebastian came up behind her, putting his arms around her waist.

“People are lined up outside. Raven put up the velvet rope.” He commented

“Let’s go…” She replied

Melanie followed them outside, the crowds cheered as they stepped outside. They waved, and Rae put her hand on the silver clasp of the rope.

“Welcome children of the night!” She said

The rope fell, and people went in, music began playing the base vibrating beneath their feet. They walked in and Melanie was right it was packed. Upstairs Melina and Killian were watching television, she felt a chill run up her spine, someone or something was close by.

She stood up, he followed as she began scanning the room.

“Hello Killian. I see you’ve made your choice.” A voice commented

“Kya…” Killian growled

“What do you want?” Melina asked

“I’ve come for you child. It was only a matter of time.” Kya replied appearing in front of them, “What I don’t understand is what you see in her Killian?”

Melina turned and looked at him, “What is she talking about?”

Kya laughed, “He didn’t tell you? You can’t protect her now little demon. I saved his family and he started working for me. The plan was to befriend you and bring you to me, but he betrayed me. So now you’ll both pay.”

She felt her heart breaking and sinking into her stomach. The one person she liked, trusted, betrayed her. Tears formed in her eyes, he took her hand into his, he pulled her into his arms.

“Melina I’m so sorry.” He whispered into her ear

“Was any of it real?” She asked

“Enough of this emotional crap! Luna!” Kya screamed

Luna appeared and waved her hand separating the two. Melina got to her feet as Luna went after Killian, she ran and leaped over the couch, drop kicking Luna to the ground. She kneeled beside him, he slowly sat up, but then Kya threw an energy ball surrounding them.

The office door opened, and Rae blurred in with Sebastian behind them.

“Kya! Let them go!” Rae screamed

“It’s too late! Say goodbye to the little princess and the traitor.” Kya replied

Luna threw a white marble down on the floor, smoke filled the room. Rae used her powers, opening the window and letting the smoke escape. Her eyes widened to see they were gone, her little girl. Falling to her knees she screamed, Sebastian kneeled beside her, as Raven, Melanie and Tonya ran in.

“What the hell happened here?” Raven asked

“Kya kidnapped Melina and Killian.” Rae replied

Sebastian helped her to stand up and sit down on the couch. Elsewhere, Killian and Melina appeared in a dark room, candles lit revealing some boxes stacked behind them. A chair appeared, and she was placed in it, leather straps going over her wrists and legs.

Kya appeared holding a syringe, Killian got in front of Melina. She raised her hand and sent him flying into the boxes behind him. Melina looked over her shoulder, he landed hard, but was having trouble getting to his feet.

“Hold still…” Kya whispered

Melina turned back, eyes widening, and Kya kept coming closer.

“If you’re wondering why your powers don’t work. I have crystals surrounding us. Powers are neutralized within it.”

“Leave me alone…” Melina growled

“Not until I get what I want.”

She hissed feeling the needle pierce the skin on her arm. Her eyes widened seeing it fill with her blood, but then she noticed the force shield was gone. She widened her eyes and sent Kya flying out the door. It was too late she got some of Melina’s blood. Killian appeared beside her holding the crystal in his hand. She smiled, watching her wound heal, but the crystal flew out of his hand and landed behind Melina’s chair.

“Thank you…” Melina whispered

“You’re welcome. I’m so sorry about all of this. It’s my fault we got into this mess.” He replied

She sighed, “No it’s not. Kya has been after me since I was born. I’m a threat to her. But this explains why Max was worried about you.”

“Kya saved my family from a really bad gang out of Philadelphia. She promised us freedom, long as we did small jobs for her. We became her servants, even though my parents found good paying jobs and enrolled Max and I in school. I hated it…”

He untied the leather straps and she rubbed her wrists. They were a little irritated, but it was passing.

She hugged him tightly as they sat on the floor. By two in the morning the club closed, Rae was still sitting with Sebastian in the office. Sam walked in with Clint behind her, the two best friends hugged.

Then Rae let go of Sam and walked up to Clint.

“What have you heard?” She asked

“The Hunters are still recruiting demons and other witches to join them. No one knows where Kya’s base is, except it’s somewhere is Queens. There was also talk of her wanting Melina’s blood; since vampire’s blood ages a mortal or witch for that matter faster.” He explained

“She wants to be older, to be at full power.” Sebastian commented

“Oh god…” Rae sighed; “Please see if you can get a location of the base.”

“Of course. I’ll keep in touch.”

He kissed Sam and blurred out the door. She still smelled Melina’s scent faintly and felt a tear drop fall from her eye. Sebastian had told her, vampires cried clear tears only once. Other times they would be filled with blood.

“I want her back Sebastian.” She whispered

Turning her around, he took her into his arms. She had taken her shoes off and buried her head into his chest.

“We’ll get her back. I promise.”

They locked up the club and Phil were outside in wolf form. He walked up to them and sat down.

I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner.” He said

“Don’t worry. It happened so quickly.” Rae replied

What can I do?

“Come back to the mansion and we’ll give you something with Melina’s scent. Please try to find Kya’s base. Clint’s underground sources say it’s somewhere in Queens.”


Coming home to the empty house, was heartbreaking. Taking her shoes off, she walked upstairs and into Melina’s bedroom. She picked up her nightshirt and brought it outside to Phil. He sniffed it and Rae took it back hugging it tightly.

I’ll call or text when I find something.” He said

“Thank you, Phil.,”

He ran off into the night, Sebastian took Rae into his arms hugging her tightly. She thought about calling the police, but she didn’t want mortals getting mixed up with vampires and witches. Then she realized one of them had to call the school. His hand went beneath her chin, raising it up, until their eyes met.

“You’re not alone in this Rae. I’m right here with you.” He said

“I needed to hear that love.” She paused; “Thank you.”

Melina had fallen asleep in Killian’s lap, he tried to move one of the crystals. It shocked his hand, he pulled it back. Melina sat up rubbing her eyes.

“What are you doing?” She asked

“Trying to get rid of this shield around us.” He replied

“Let me try…”

“Be careful.”

She focused on the one crystal and imagined it moving. Nothing was happening, and she was getting frustrated. She held out her hand staring at the large crystal, it shook, and Killian’s eyes lit up. Suddenly the crystal flew across hitting a wall, her nose began to bleed as she fell to her knees.

Killian kneeled beside her, putting his arm around her. He looked around seeing the room was average size. He saw a bed with a mattress, no sheets sitting on the metal frame.

“Melina you did it. Are you okay?” He asked

“I’ll be alright.” She replied, “That took a lot out of me.”

He helped her up and led her over to the bed.

“Lay down; I doubt Kya will be coming back.” He suggested

She lied down, he sat down on the floor.

“Where is your family?” She asked

“Here… I can feel it.”

Elsewhere Kya was standing in the center of a large off- white room with dark crown molding on the ceiling. There was a red and beige carpet beneath her bare feet; Luna appeared beside her.

“Did you get it?” She asked

“I did. At least now I can get back to my proper age.” Kya replied, “Gather the Hunters, make sure that they are guarding this place. Those demons will be coming for the child and her friend.”

She took the syringe and emptied it into a gold chalice and then poured red wine into it. Picking it up, she gently shook it, mixing the two liquids. She began to drink, tasting the sweet wine and then feeling the blood running through her veins.

Luna watched as Kya grew up looking about eighteen years old. Her clothes ripped, but she conjured a white robe. Tossing her long blonde hair back, she smiled at Luna feeling her powers had gotten stronger.

She conjured a glass veil and poured the remaining liquid into it, and then put a cork stopper in it.

“Come we have work to do.” Kya said

They walked out of the room. Outside Phil appeared around the corner, he poked his head around, seeing Hunters standing on both corners of the street. His ears perked up smelling Melina’s scent and he also picked up on demons.

He flashed back to the cottage and knocked on the door. It opened, he stepped inside seeing Rae coming down the stairs. She was holding a small pile of envelopes addressed to Melina, she sent them to sit on the dining room table.

“Phil… what did you find?” She asked

“I found the base. Hunters are gathering and there were two guards standing outside the entrance.” He explained; “Melina’s definitely there and Killian too. But I also smelled other demons.”

“Take me there.” She said

“Are you insane?”

“Please Phil…”

“Take my hand.”

They flashed back to the building, he signaled for her to look around the corner. She looked around seeing where her daughter was being held. He pulled her back and they flashed back to the cottage, Sebastian came downstairs he looked at them with a raised eyebrow.

“Phil found Kya’s base. He took me to see it and the Hunters are guarding it like Fort Knox.” She explained

“Great. That’ll be some welcoming committee.” He sighed

There was a knock on the door, “Come in…” Rae called. Clint and Sam walked in.

“My contacts came through. One of them found a low-level Hunter. He said Kya used Melina’s blood to return to the age she was at the last battle. She’s planning to attack and stepped up security.” He explained

“Rae… I want to be turned.” Sam interrupted

They all turned to look at her in shock.

“Clint offered to do it, but I wanted it to be done by my best friend.”

“Are you in…” Sebastian paused

Rae elbowed him in the stomach, stopping him. She took Sam by the hand and went outside.

“Sam are you sure? What brought this on?” Rae asked

“Being immortal always fascinated me. You no longer age, don’t get sick or tired. I’m ready to start a new adventure.”

“Once I do this, there’s no going back. You’ll feed off the blood of the evil and never spill innocent blood; live in the shadows, while coexisting peacefully amongst mortals.”

“I understand Rae.”

They hugged, and Rae leaned back, tilting Sam’s head to the left. She then stopped herself, realizing there would be no time to teach her. Sam’s eagerness radiated, but Melina had to be rescued first before bringing her friend to the ‘dark side’.

“Sam, I’ll do it. But after Melina is brought home and Kya is defeated. It’s not like the Matrix where all the information could be downloaded into your head. Though I wish it was.” Rae explained

“I understand. Go get your girl back.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

They hugged, she felt Sam was disappointed. But there wouldn’t be time, Melina had to be rescued. Melina appeared standing behind Sam, Melanie was holding a medium sized brown box.

“Nice of you to join us Mel. Tonya still at the club?”

Melanie sighed, “You know I love to be fashionably late. And she’s still there but should be closing up soon.”

“Being on time would really cramp your style.” Sam added

“Hello Sam. This came for you Rae, from my grandparents.”

“Let’s open this inside.”

They walked inside, she put the package on the dining room table. She used her nail to cut the tape, inside there was a small black box with roses carved on the sides and lid. An envelope sat in front of it addressed to Rae. She opened it and began reading.


Melanie told us that Kya has returned and kidnapped Melina. We were shocked and knew we had to help. Inside the box is something that will help you come out of the shadows, briefly. Use it wisely and we hope that Melina comes home safely.

Nicholas and Danielle

She took the box out and opened it. There was a vile of blood, she picked it up.

“Grandmother said her blood protects your eyes from the sun.” Melanie commented

“What’ll happen when I drink it?” Rae asked

“If you drink a little, it won’t last long. Drink the entire vial and become a hybrid.” Melanie replied

“I need to think about this after Melina comes home. Phil what was the address of the building?”

“We may have good eyesight Rae, but I couldn’t see it. I noticed it was next to Flushing Cemetery.” Phil replied

Her laptop came floating down from upstairs, it opened, and she went into ‘Google Maps’. She typed in the name of the cemetery and next to it was a warehouse that was marked for demolition. But in some of the windows, lights were on.

“They probably used their magic to stall the demolition and furnish the place.” Melanie commented

“It did stink of magic, but it was faint.” Phil added

The door opened, Edmond walked in with Tonya leaning against him.

“Oh god Tonya…” Melanie said


He sat her down on the couch, she leaned back as her body started to heal itself.

“I… saw... I… saw…” She whispered, “A battle… with no outcome… a bright light…”

“We’d better plan this one down to the second.” Rae suggested

Sebastian took the laptop and opened a program that has blueprints of any building in the city. He brought up the layout of Kya’s base.

“So how are we going to handle this?” Melanie asked

“I don’t want the entire coven involved. Only ones Sebastian and I choose. Clint, Phil, check out the building, but stay out of sight. See if there’s a change of guards and what floors are being occupied. Starting next week, we’ll set up a safe house, so you can stay within the area. We’ll continue on with business as usual, I’ll call Detectives Warner and Helms and see if they’ll do me a favor.”

“The Hunters might step up security.” Edmond interrupted

“Exactly. Phil and Clint will be in the area to see what they do next.” Melanie continued

The door opened, and Raven walked in, and came up behind Melanie.

“Let Raven come on this mission. He’s one of the best snipers in the coven.” Melanie suggested, “I’m not saying this, since we’re together. It’s because he is a good shot.”

“Alright.” Sebastian said

Rae smiled, “Alright. Now let’s get to work on purchasing an apartment near the base.”

Monday, she was sitting in the living room holding her phone and staring at the pile of letter Melina’s friend sent. They were get well notes, she had called last week, and lied saying Melina was sick. She reached into her robe’s pocket and took out Detective Warner’s card. She began dialing and quickly hit the ‘Send’ button, before changing her mind again for the thirtieth time.

“Warner.” He said

“Detective Warner, it’s Rae Masters. You gave me your card a while back. I was hoping you could come by to talk.” Rae paused

“Mrs. Masters, I do remember. What’s wrong?”

“If you and your partner could come by my studio tonight. I’ll explain. It’s important, I trust you and your partner.”

“Of course. Will be there around seven. Is that alright?”

“That sounds good.”

She gave him the address and then said goodbye, hung up. Sebastian came down stairs and sat down next to her.

“They’re coming to the studio. Once we’re done then we’ll open the club.” She said

“My realtor found an apartment for rent around the corner from Kya’s base. It’s spacious, utilities are included in the rent. It’s two bedrooms, two bathrooms and kitchen. She’s waiting on your approval.” He continued

“Purchase it. I need to get some rest.”

Before she could get up, he blurred and picked her up in his arms. She leaned her head against his chest.

“I’m no damsel in distress.” She whispered

He chuckled, “I know. And that’s what I love about you. Come on…”

He carried her upstairs to their bedroom, he placed her on the bed. She felt her eyes getting heavy, sleep took over, as he wrapped his arms around her. Later that night, Detective Helms and Warner arrived at the studio and walked inside. Rae and Sebastian appeared coming out from her office.

“Detectives thank you for coming. Please have a seat.” Rae began

“It’s no problem.” Detective Helms replied, “Warner says this was important.”

They sat down in the guest area.

“Our daughter Melina was kidnapped by a group of people who have had a grudge against us.” Rae began

“How long has she been missing?” Helms asked

“Four days. We need to file a missing child report. But we would like to keep it out of the media and just between us.” Rea continued

“We understand. Where was she last seen?” Warner asked

“Friday at the reopening of Dark Palace and my show. Someone broke in from the roof entrance and grabbed her from the office.”

“We tried to stop them, but they got away.” Sebastian added

Helms wrote everything down on her steno pad. Rae gave her a recent photo of her from her phone.

“Thank you for helping. We just didn’t want local detectives getting involved.”

Detective Warner smiled, “It’s no problem. We understand celebrities like to keep some privacy from the media vultures.”

They all stood up and shook hands, Sam walked in carrying an envelope addressed to Rae and Sebastian.

The detectives left, and Sam handed Rae the envelope.

“These are the invoices from the moving and furniture company.” She said

“Great.” Rae said

“Melanie and Tonya made sure everything was in order. Are you sure they’re twin sisters?”

Sebastian chuckled, “They are Sam. From what Charlotte told me they were real rebels back in London.”

“No offense to them. I don’t see it.”

“Is it really that hard to believe?” Two voices asked together

Sam tensed realizing the twins were standing behind her. Tonya came up on her left, Melanie on her right.

“You’re the innocent one Tonya.” Melanie commented

“Never underestimate it, dear sister.” Tonya replied

“Enough you two. Everything set up at the new safe house?” Rae asked

“Here is the IP address to link the cameras and security system with.” Melanie replied

She reached into her pants pocket and handed her a folded piece of paper.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” Tonya replied, “Did you talk with the detectives?”

“I did. I just hope they don’t get involved. If they do, I’ll need someone to keep them out of the fight.”

“We’ll get her back.” Sebastian said

At the Kya’s base, Melina woke up seeing Killian sitting at the edge of the mattress.

“What time is it?”

He shrugged, “I’m not wearing a watch and there’s no window.”

She sighed and then stared at the door. A lock shook against the outside, but then she heard it snap and break. The door opened, Killian’s eyes lit up as he looked over at Melina who got up and started walking to leave, but something shiny was blocking the exit. She saw a shield had formed, sighing she went back and sat down next to Killian.

“That was a waste.” She said

“No. I would have tried the same thing.” He replied

She smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

By the end of the week, Clint and Phil arrived at the club, Rae was coming downstairs with Sebastian and Melanie. The went back upstairs into the office.

“What did you find out?” She asked

“Guards change every hour. Seems they only are using the two floors, that have numerous rooms.” Phil explained

“There isn’t any shield around the building, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had some potions hidden somewhere We did notice one door open and saw Melina and her friend are safe.”

She sighed in relief hearing her daughter and Killian were safe. Everything was falling into place; Sebastian and she had chosen five coven members to accompany them on this mission. Her nerves weren’t as shaky, and she was attempting to think ‘What would Kya expect from us?

“I also sensed demons being held in another room. Not sure what they’re doing there.” Phil added

“Have they left the room? Melanie asked

“No. But I wouldn’t put it past the Hunters to resort to desperate measures.” Clint replied

“We’ll deal with them once we get the kids out.” Rae continued

Saturday night she tied her back into a ponytail. Slipping on her black corset top, it zipped up and she slipped the Bloom’s gift into her pocket. She walked downstairs seeing Melanie, Raven, and Sebastian waiting by the door.

“Where is everyone else?” She asked

“Outside.” Melanie replied

The door opened, they walked out seeing a small group of people dressed in all black.

“Thank you all for doing this. Adam, Crystal, and Daniel. You have your instructions, Raven take to the roof across the street and set up there. Let’s get our girl back.” Rae explained.

Melanie blurred and came back riding on her motorcycle, Raven climbed on back wrapping his arms around her waist. Sebastian got into his car and started it, Rae and Tonya got in. They pulled up two blocks away and were met by Abby, Brian, and three men with dark brown hair.

“Thank you all for coming. You all know your positions, go now and take them. Brian and Abby, you two come with us.”

Walking up the block, they stopped from around the corner. Rae gave the nod to Abby and Brian, they walked around the corner up the entrance seeing two armed guards. In a blink of an eye they took them out, Rae and the others moved into the building.

It looked cold and dark. Concrete floors and white walls bare and no lights were installed. There was a large elevator with a wooden gate, Rae used her powers to open it and they went up to the second floor. The doors opened to dark wooden floors, cream colored walls and brass candle chandeliers hanging above.

She noticed an open door and crystals outside, two floating above and one sitting to the right of the entrance. Her eyes lit up seeing Melina and Killian sitting inside.

“Melina, Killian…” She whispered, “Don’t make a sound. We’ll get you out.”

They nodded, and Rae used her powers, pushing the crystals out of the way. The two walked out and Melina leaped into Rae’s arms.

“My family is here. We need to get them out.” Killian said

“Where are they?” Rae asked

“They’re right here.” Kya replied

They turned seeing Kya standing at the end of the hallway, with Luna and a few other ‘Hunters’ behind them. Kya snapped her fingers, Killian’s family appeared. Two women in their early twenties, wearing jeans covered in dirt, no shoes and ripped blue t-shirts. Both were brunette, and Max was sitting in between them.

“Clever Rae you’ve thought this out haven’t you.” Kya commented

“Just about…” Rae replied with a smirk.

“Not everything.”

Melina looked out of the corner of her eye, seeing a black shadow rise from the floor. It was armed with a crossbow and fired towards Killian. She watched it go through his chest and he fell to the ground. A shot was fired, and the shadow fell to the floor.

His parents screamed, Melina bent down beside him.

“Killian… stay with me…” Melina cried

“I’ll try…” He replied in a hoarse voice

“He’s not healing fast enough.” Max said

“Sebastian get them out of here.” Rae commanded

He picked Killian up and Melina followed him around the corner. The ‘Hunters’ charged forward, but they were sent flying backwards by Rae, Melanie and Tonya. Sebastian placed Killian on the floor leaning him against the wall. Melina bit into her wrist and let a few drops of blood fall into his wound. She stood up and began walking.

“Melina stay here with him.” Sebastian said

“She’s going to pay.” She growled

He sensed her anger, luckily Abby and Brian appeared kneeling down beside the small demon.

Melina walked around the corner seeing bright lights and hearing punches being thrown. She walked into the area where Kya had drunk her blood.

The fight seemed evenly matched, but then Kya saw Melina. Hunters started aiming their spells at her, but she deflected them.

“Well look who decided to join the fight.” Kya commented

“You’ll pay for what you did to Killian.” Melina replied

Kya laughed, “Why should I be afraid of a mere child?”

Melina’s eyes widened, Kya flew backwards and was pinned to the wall. Kya tried to move but couldn’t break the hold. Rae felt the Red Moon Crystal appearing in her hand and formed into a sword.

Spears came flying in piercing Kya’s hands and feet.

“Keep them off her.” Rae commanded

The others created a wall and began fighting off Hunters as Rae came up behind Melina.

“You hurt my friend and tried to use him against me. And worse use his family? That’s sick.” She said

“It’s how I work princess.” Kya snapped back

The spears popped out and landed on the floor, Kya landed back on her feet. Her wounds were healing, Melina blurred and tackled Kya to the ground. The witch stared into her eyes and watched her fangs growing. She tried to move, but then Melina sank her fangs into her neck.

“What is she doing?” Melanie asked

“Draining her dry…” Rae replied

The Hunters were dead, and Melina sat up, Kya’s heartbeat was slowing down. She leaped up and walked over to Rae. Kya slowly stood up with what strength she had left.

“You bitch… looks like we’ll all go up in flames.” Kya said

“The sun is going to rise.” Rae gasped, “All of you get out of here!”

Kya dropped a potion on the floor causing a small fire and it began to spread.

“Fools! You’ll all turn to dust!” Kya shouted

“No…” Rae replied

Rae blurred and appeared before Kya with the Red Moon Crystal sword in her hand. “You’re the only one going up in flames Kya.” She swung the sword, cutting her head off as her body fell to the floor. Her head rolled into the flames her eyes widened from shock.

The sprinkler system activated, dousing the fire and Melina immediately grabbed Rae by the hand.

“Mom we need to get you, Aunt Melanie and Tonya out of here.” She said.

“It’s alright my dark love.”

Sunlight poured into the room and Melina looked up to see her mother and Aunts were fine.

“How?” Melina asked

“Your grandparents are pretty brilliant.” Melanie replied

“Let’s get out of here.”

They returned to the mansion, Rae made sure Killian’s family was given clean clothes and rooms to sleep in. Melina was sitting on the top of the stairs, Rae and Sebastian were talking with Killian’s parents.

In the throne room, they brought in two black leather throwback chairs with gold studs.

“How are you feeling?” Rae asked

“A little sore, but better. Thank you for saving us.” One replied, “I’m Angela and this is my wife Sarah.”

“How did you get involved with the Hunters?” Sebastian asked

Sarah sighed, “Kya found us in Philadelphia involved with a powerful drug lord and saved us from a drug bust. In return she brought us here, we found good paying jobs, but we became her servants. Along with Killian. She used him to become friends with Melina and bring her to them. He told us that he disobeyed her and tried to protect Melina.”

“That explains why they both got taken.” Rae said

“We are grateful for you and your coven for saving us.” Sarah added

“You’re welcome.”

“Killian told us Melina is a hybrid; half human and half vampire. Will the blood she gave him, cause him to age faster?” Angela asked

“I doubt it. It’ll heal his wound, but he’d have to drink more if he wants to mature.” Rae replied

Melina was sitting on the top of the stairs, she had changed into a pair of black capri sweatpants and red t-shirt. Max came and sat beside her.

“He’s been asking for you.” He said

“Really?” She asked


She got up and walked down to the end of the hall and knocked. “Come in…” Killian called, she opened the door and walked in. A four-post mahogany bed stood in the center of the room, with a matching desk and black leather chair to the right of it. The dark wooden floor felt cool beneath her feet as she walked in.

He was sitting up in bed wearing red plaid pajama bottoms and black t-shirt.

“How are you feeling?” She asked

“I’m still a little sore.” He replied, “And I’m healing a lot faster thanks to you.”

Heat rose in her cheeks as she got closer and climbed onto the bed. She laid her head in his lap, he began running his fingers through her wet hair.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better.” She said

“Me too.”

Back in the throne room, Rae stood up with Sebastian behind her.

“You and your family are welcome to stay and rest up.” Rae said

“Thank you.” Sarah replied

The two women stood up and shook hands with them. Sam appeared in the entrance way with Clint holding her hand. They passed the couple and up to Rae and Sebastian.

“Are you sure about this?” Rae asked

Sam nodded, “I’m sure.”

She let go of Clint’s hand and walked up to her best friend. Rae sensed her uneasiness, but she was ready to start a new life as an immortal. Her hands brushed her loose green hair away from her face and put it behind her ears. Taking a step forward she leaned in and sunk her fangs into her neck.

A gasp escaped her mouth, feeling the pressure of Rae’s fangs. She held Sam close, pulling back, hearing her heartbeat slowing down. Cutting her wrist, she held it up to her mouth, “Drink Sam… begin a new life… immortal.” Rae whispered.

Sam wrapped her lips around the cut and began drinking. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, feeling the mixture of pleasure and pain. She let go and used her powers to seat her best friend in her throne. Her hair turned darker, skin paled, her hands gripped the armrests, she let out a blood curdling scream.

She fell silent and then her eyes opened, slowly she stood up.

“How do you feel?” Rae asked

“Weird… but in a good way.” She replied

“Clint why don’t you show her how to feed.” Sebastian suggested

“Good idea.” Clint chuckled

She felt more comfortable with herself, most of the teachers and peers noticed it when she returned to school. Newspapers only reported that two children were abducted and thanks to numerous tips they were reunited with their families. It made her, along with her parents feel better no names were mentioned or else the media vultures would have swarmed the studio and club.

Two weeks before Halloween, she placed a box on the floor of her new room. She and her parents had moved out of the cottage and into the mansion. Rae felt it was time, make the mansion her new home, being the new ruler of the coven.

The coven had flown in, along with Danielle and Nicholas. Smelling the crisp air, scents of fire burning wafted around, coven members sat down on wooden benches that were in two rows of eight, creating an isle going up to the front doors of the mansion. The council was seated on the left, taking up the first two benches with the Bloom family on the right.

Danielle stood in front of the doors, wearing a navy three quarter sleeved dress and matching heels. She held a folded piece of paper in her hand as Rae, Sebastian, and Melina appeared in the isle. Her parents were dressed in black, Melina wore the same dress she wore to the opening of Rae’s show and ‘Dark Palace’.

They walked down a sea of black, gray, and blood red clothing. Stopping in before Danielle, who unfolded the piece of paper.

“Good evening coven and council members. Tonight, we’re gathered here to officially crown the Masters family as rightful rulers of this coven. This coven was formed over fifty years ago, by my daughter Catherine and her husband Armand. They believed in co-existing amongst mortals, rather than living in silence and shadows. Today we have reclaimed peace, after a long and hard-fought battle against the Hunters.” She paused; “Rae, Sebastian, and Melina please kneel.”

The three of them kneeled.

“Do each of you promise to protect this coven, enforce its laws?” She asked

“We do.” They replied

“Do you promise to co-exist amongst mortals? Never spilling innocent blood and only feeding upon the evil?”

“We do.”

“Rise; Rae and Sebastian, I now crown you Queen and King of this coven. And Melina I now crown you princess of this coven. Turn and face your coven. Council and coven members, I present to you Queen Rae, King Sebastian, and Princess Melina.”

Everyone applauded, Melina’s eyes lit up seeing her friends sitting in the back row. They walked up to her and they hugged.

“Congratulations!” They said

“How does it feel to be royal?” Nick asked

Melina giggled, “Doesn’t feel any different. I’m still the same girl.”

“But with power.” Kayla said

“Maybe a little. Thank you for coming.”

Danielle noticed Nicholas talking with Mercedes, both looked concerned. She walked up to them, he whispered something in her ear.

“Phil…” Danielle whispered

He appeared next to her and she whispered something to him. “I understand… Lady Danielle…” he whispered. She and Nicholas walked up to the newly crowned family, along with the twins.

“Grandmother what’s wrong?” Tonya asked

“There is an emergency back home love. Phil will be flashing us home.” Danielle replied

“Thank you for coming. And if there’s anything you need.” Rae continued

“Thank you darling. We need to get going.”

They waved as Phil brought their luggage, they picked the suitcases us and they flashed. The celebration continued, Melina spotted Killian and his family appearing, they walked up to each other and hugged.

“You’re late.” Melina whispered into his ear

“I’m sorry. Mom Sarah got held up at work.”

“It’s cool. You’re here now.”

“Congratulations Melina.”

He handed her a bouquet of roses.

“Thank you.”

In London, Danielle and Nicholas walked into their home, an African American woman was waiting by the front door. She wore black boots, blue jeans and three quarter sleeved purple top. Her black hair was tied back into a ponytail as a pair of brown eyes met theirs.

“Andrea what’s happened?” Nicholas asked

“The blues are here to speak with my lord and lady.” She replied

Two officers were standing in the living room, one holding an envelope the other a notepad and pen. Both were brunettes, short hair, and tall.

“Can we help you officers?” Danielle asked; “We’re Mrs. and Mr. Bloom.”

The officers turned, and Andrea stepped out of the room. She joined the coven a month ago and looked after the house if Nicholas or Danielle had to travel. They appreciated her hard work, especially welcoming young fledging. Ten minutes later, the officers left, Danielle sat on the couch, Nicholas walked up to Andrea as she came downstairs.

“Andrea, Danielle needs you.” He said

He walked upstairs, loosening his tie and taking off his suit jacket. She walked into the living room, seeing Danielle burying her head into her hands.

“Lady Danielle, Lord Nicholas said you needed me?” She paused

Danielle raised her head; mortal tears were streaming from her eyes. Andrea sat down beside her, looking concerned.

“Alice is dead.” Danielle whispered; “The police found her in an ally, she shot herself with a bullet of pure light. I guess we were wrong, thinking she was feeling better and the paranoia subsided. I need to alert the council, plus make funeral arrangements. Please call the Sherwood Funeral home, their number is in my office.”

“Of course, my lady.”

She took her cell phone out of her purse. Slowly she dialed Mercedes phone number.

“Hello this is Mercedes.” She answered sounding so professional


“Lady Danielle what happened?”

“Alice is dead; the police were here this evening. They found her body in an ally, she killed herself. The paranoia got the best of her. I wanted to make the council aware and have certified letters delivered to Melanie, Tonya, and Rae.”

“My lady, my deepest condolences to you and lord Nicholas. I will draft a letter and email it to you for your approval. If there is anything you need, please let me know.”

“Thank you dear. It is a lot to process right now, but I will keep you posted with arrangements.”

Andrea walked back in as Danielle hung up.

“The funeral home is sending someone over tomorrow night.”

“Thank you, Andrea. I need to be alone, if you don’t mind.”

“No, my lady.”


The next night, the doorbell rang, Andrea answered it. An older man dressed in a black suit with white buttoned shirt underneath walked in. His white hair was combed away from his thin face. His green eyes looked empty, as Andrea showed him into the living room.

“Danielle, I’m so sorry.” He said

Danielle was sitting on the couch with Nicholas. Both stood up and hugged the older man.

“William. Thank you for coming.” Danielle said

“Please have a seat.” Nicholas continued

“Were you able to recover her body?”

Danielle sighed, “Yes. Her insides have turned to dust. The morgue will release it to you.”

“And where do you want her buried?”

“The Bloom family crypt.” Nicholas replied

“I will take care of everything.”

“Thank you so much.”

They stood up, shook hands and he left. Andrea walked in, handing Danielle a pad and pen. It was going to be so difficult to write the council, Melanie and Tonya.

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