Dante's Inferno Chapter 5

Updated on August 10, 2019
Lorena Krasiki
Lorena Krasiki

The journey was quick; the two stopped only a few times, they would stop to feed on bottles of blood Alexander kept handy. When they ran out, they would glamour unsuspecting people they encountered to "feed" on them. The pair stopped one other time to glamour a man into giving Dante his clothing. Dante quickly replaced his dirty rags with a pair of clean trousers, a shirt, and some boots that were only slightly too big. Dante enjoyed the trip and his new ability to travel long distances using only his feet. Dante and Alexander finally made it to Renard Parish, arriving at a town called "Bon Temps".

"We're here, this is Bon Temps Louisiana" Alexander said.

Dante looked around; there were some houses, a water well, and a lot of rural land. It was an unassuming town, and Dante struggled to see what it was about this place that drew his maker to it.

"Follow me, stay close by" Alexander told Dante.

Dante followed Alexander to a large house which was isolated in the middle of a big field. The two walked inside of the house, in there was some furniture in the lobby and a polished, fancy, mahogany staircase that lead to a second story. Alexander led Dante behind the staircase to a secret door that led downstairs. The basement revealed the place to be a bar. There were many people inside, talking and drinking, others were seated at tables playing card games, while another man was playing a piano.

Dante, was cautious. Why would Alexander lead him here? He wondered. He is a runaway slave, Alexander was at the plantation the other night, he knows full well what would happen if he gets caught.

However, to Dante's surprise no one noticed him, or rather no one cared. Dante even saw another black man sitting at the bar. He was a well-dressed negro, "was he a runaway slave as well? If so, why isn't anyone doing anything? What is going on?" Dante wondered.

Suddenly, a pretty girl who was perhaps in her late 20's saw the two of them and came running over "Alex!" She screamed. "You're back, I missed you so much!" She gave Alexander a kiss on the lips.

"I missed you too Mary," Alexander said.

Mary looked over at Dante. "So who is the new guy?" Mary asked.

Alexander motioned for Dante to come closer. "This is Dante, he is my new progeny."

Mary shook Dante's hands "Pleasure to meet you" she said. "I'll get you boys some drinks".

Mary then dashed at superhuman speeds toward the bartender.

"Sh-she one of us?" Dante asked, seemingly surprised by her speed.

"Yes, she is in my nest," Alexander said. Before Dante began to ask his next question Alexander continued.

"A nest is a dwelling in which many of us live together, something of a small community. There is safety in numbers."

Dante looked around; he realized in hindsight that the piano player was moving his fingers amazingly fast; what appeared to be too fast for human movement, perhaps everyone in there was like him.

Mary brought the two their drinks, which Dante consumed quickly while Alexander sipped rather casually.

Several others came up to Alexander to greet him and began talking to him, some were in his nest most were just friends who frequented the bar. It seemed as if Alexander was very liked among his group. Alexander made sure to introduce everyone he encountered to his new progeny.

There was one particular man Alexander spent a great deal of time conversing with; the two seemed to have a rather animated conversation until Alexander realized he hadn't introduced the man to Dante.

"Oh where are my manners?" Alexander said.

"Dante, this is Istvan, he and I have known each other for quite a while. Istvan, this is my new progeny Dante."

"Pleasure to meet you Dante," Istvan said.

The man spoke with a particular accent that Dante was not familiar with. Istvan spoke to Dante, telling him about the bar they were in as well as the town; he told Dante that they are in a secret tavern that was hidden under a brothel. Dante found the man to have a great sense of humor and charisma, although he seemed rather strange.

A pretty young woman with dark hair and dark eyes greeted Alexander with a warm hug. Istvan noticed the young woman and called her over.

"Dante, this is my progeny Lorena."

Lorena smiled at Dante while shaking his hand.

"Why, don't you have baby vamper written all over your face." Lorena said.

Istvan excused himself and left the two progenies to talk amongst themselves. The two exchanged stories and got to know one another, Lorena also gave Dante tips to help him adjust to becoming a new vampire. Dante learned that Lorena was a fairly young vampire. She had very seductive mannerisms, and spoke about the thrill of feeding off of prostitutes in brothels. She even mentioned how she would consume men, before bringing them back for her and Istvan to torture and consume. Dante was taken aback by her stories of violence. It seems as though she was once a good person, she even had a strong religious background. This got Dante worried, was he destined to become the same way eventually? He wondered.

Lorena leaned in and whispered seductively into Dante's ear.

"You're new, you should have some fun. Let's go upstairs and feed off of one of those prostitutes; we can even have a little fun in the process." She said suggestively.

Lorena saw the apprehension on Dante's face, it was the same look she had on her face when Istvan first forced Lorena to do it, but she new with enough persuasion Dante would break and join her.

Take your time and think about it, "trust me you're really going to like it." She said caressing Dante's shoulder.

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