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Dante's Inferno Chapter 3


Dante opened his eyes as Alexander pulled him from his grave. Dante dusted the earth off of his face and clothing, it did not feel like an entire night passed by since he accepted Alexander's offer. The last thing Dante could remember is being bitten in the jugular by Alexander and slowly fading out of consciousness, with vague images of being buried.

Dante stood up eagerly, ready to test his newfound abilities, but as soon as he stood up, he wobbled and nearly fell. Alexander caught his progeny and supported him.

"Don't stand up yet, you will be weak for a little while. Here, I got you some food, drink this"

Alexander handed Dante a bottle of blood.

"I gotta drink dat?" Dante asked disgusted. "Is dat blood?"

"This!" Alexander said while shoving the crimson bottle into Dante's chest. "Is your breakfast, lunch, and dinner".

Dante, grabbed the bottle and uncomfortably took a sip out of it. Within seconds, Dante viciously gulped down the bottle of blood.

"More!" He demanded, "Give me more!"

Alexander could not help but laugh with feelings of empathy.

"That's enough for now" he told Dante.

Dante stood up tall. He leaped high in the air, far higher than any average human being would ever be able to jump. Dante ran around the forest at unbelievable speeds, his shackles clinging as he dashed gracefully in the dark forest.

Alexander let Dante get acquainted with his new body for a few more minutes before finally speaking.

"Come here".

Dante immediately stopped and dashed over to Alexander. Alexander faced Dante, and a solemn look came across his face.

"Okay Dante, congratulations on your first night as a night-dweller. You have a lot to learn, I will try my best to teach you, and other things you will learn on your own. I will try my best, but I cannot teach you everything. I am nearly one thousand years old and I still have a lot to learn."

Dante looked upon his maker's face with curiosity.

"Dante, there is an oath I want you to swear by…" Alexander started and Dante repeated.

"I am your maker…"

"You are my maker…"

"You will obey my every command"

"I will obey your every command"

"My blood is your blood"

"Your blood is my blood"

"And your blood is my blood"

"And my blood is your blood"

"We will always look after one another"

"We will always look after one another "

"You are mine!"

"I am yours!"

"From now until the hour of the true death"

"From now until the hour of the true death"

At this moment Alexander started a fire, the two sat down for a while and just stared into the fire, doing nothing but thinking. It was Alexander who broke the silence first.

"So where were you headed when I found you?"

"Well, I wanted to go up north massuh, but now I'll go wherever you go."

"Ha, well you cannot exactly go everywhere I go."

"Any more of 'dem whip crackas mess wit' me, I'll kill 'em jus' like you did, massuh"

Alexander looked at Dante sternly.

"No! First lesson, you cannot leave a blood trail everywhere you go. You have to be subtle. What I did to those men yesterday, that is not something that will happen very often, do you understand?"

Dante nodded his head. "Well where do you stay massah?"

"I'm a bit of a nomad—that is someone who travels a lot. I was not going to be here in Mississippi too long; I will be traveling west to Louisiana."

"Can I come along suh?" Dante inquired.

"Well, yes where in God's name would you go otherwise?"

Alexander stood up, not removing his eyes from the flames that burned before the two men.

"The night is still young; we can start running soon and travel a good distance before the sun rises."

"Before we leave," Dante asked "Can we return back to the plantation I came from?"

Alexander agreed that they may stop at the plantation briefly before journeying to Louisiana.

The two sprinted to the plantation that Dante escaped from. Dante and his maker finally reached the plantation that carried with it so many awful memories, the one that he would never have to stay at ever again. The two finally arrived at a shabby, broken down shack, not too far off from the main house on the plantation. Dante opened the door, ready to say goodbye to the other slaves once and for all.