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Dante's Inferno Chapter 2


Chapter Two

The young slave and mysterious vampire sat side by side on a rock, sitting in the eerie silence of the woods.

"You got a name?" The vampire asked the young slave.

"Well, yes suh," the young slave replied… "My name Dante."

The tall blonde stranger shook his hand.

"Alexander, pleasure to meet you."

Dante was still in shock over the events that just took place, he became inquisitive.

"That thing you did back there… what was it… I mean, where you learn' to fight like 'dat?"

Alexander turned to Dante.

"Listen, we don't have too much time, it will be daybreak and soon others will come seeking their men. I have an offer for you. I'd like to turn you like me."

"Like you?" Dante asked. "Why?"

"Do you think people are going to stop chasing you? Don't you want the ability to protect yourself the way I just did?" Alexander replied.

"Can't you just kill those men when they come too?" Dante asked.

"No," replied Alexander. "When the sun comes up I will be unable to protect you, because I cannot survive in sunlight. Besides, I'm not always going to be there to watch your back."

"Okay," Dante replied. "I wanna be jus' like you."

"I have to let you know in advanced," Alex said, your life will never be the same again. Remember yesterday, it was the last time you would've ever seen the sun...ever."

Alexander proceeded in telling Dante all of the changes that would occur once he was turned. After careful thought, Dante agreed to be turned. Alexander began to dig a ditch in preparation of creating his new progeny. With the exception of crickets chirping, the woods were completely quiet. It would not be long until the sun rose in the sky.

"This will sting just a little." Alexander said.

Alexander bit into the neck of what would soon be his progeny and began to drain him of blood. After tonight, Dante would never be the same.