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3.0 Bigfoot - Alien Revelations

Greg spent 10 years in the US as a foreign student, growing up during turbulent times and falling in love with the people and the country.

The death of a folklore icon

Samuel turned on the sighting system for his Barrett M82 rifle. As he waited for his friend Frank to help him prepare for the shot, he went through the procedure of checking his equipment and himself. Once finished with his checklist, he took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, adjusting the sight as he had been taught and sighting the reticle cross hairs.

"You're good to go, Sam. The bear's just standing there by that clearing of trees," Frank whispered in his ear, lying next to him on the damp grass.

Samuel knew that Frank's green light signal meant that the firing line was clear. As he lightly pressed on the trigger, the muzzle blast from the rifle lit up the surrounding shadows created by the setting sun, temporarily blinding him. He closed his eyes and rested them momentarily, waiting for the confirmation of the hit even though he was dead certain of the shot.

After what seemed like an eternity, Frank replied, "Great shot! I think you blew his head off. Let's go take a look." Both men slowly stood up from their prostrate positions on the ground.

It was a long walk to the target under the evening sky. The clearing of trees where the animal lay, was now hidden by some lengthening shadows and darkness.

"About 860+ yards," he estimated.

Samuel didn't know it then, but he was going to wish he had never gone hunting that day. What Samuel and Frank saw on that target clearing in the evening light would forever change their perception of long distance hunting.

Who or What is Bigfoot?

Bigfoot is the legendary name given to a hairy ape-like bipedal creature that dwells in the forests of North America and Alaska. It is a mythical being, found in modern day folklore and similar to those of other countries or regions in the world such as the Himalayas, Indochina, and Northern Europe. Other names that are synonymous with Bigfoot are Yeti, Sasquatsh. Hairy Man and abominable Snowman.

Although there have been many reported sightings all over the world, a majority of scientists believe its existence to be a hoax.

Prince Gallitzin State Park - location of Bigfoot carcass

The Capture of Bigfoot - A Timeline

Day 0

On or about 10 January 2020, a report was submitted to the Pennsylvania Dept.of Conservation and Natural Resources regarding the discovery of the carcass of a large bear in the fringes of the Gallitzin State Forest.

Day 3

Upon closer examination, investigating authorities learn that the carcass was earlier misidentified. The remains of the animal and all the incident reports were classified confidential and quickly transferred to _____________.

Day 7

Rumors begin to circulate on the internet about the shooting and death of a large ape like creature known as Bigfoot. Reference was made to the Gallitzin forest.

Day 10

Several agencies are called in to help in the autopsy, dissection and analysis of the body. i.e. DOD, DARPA, DOH,NASA. The discovery of the unknown capsule embedded in the creature's chest cavity casts an intense security cloud of apprehension over the investigation.

Day 15

Findings from the preliminary autopsy are indeterminate and inconclusive. DOD takes over control of Gallitzin State Forest.

Special teams are formed for the capture of any large animals of Bigfoot stature.

Base Camp Avast established and laboratory facilities equivalent to Biosafety Level 4 are set up.

CIA monitoring station set up by Gates Ridge.

Day 18

Base camp authorities have requested local police and park rangers to keep out all civilians from the park due to a suspected outbreak of lyme disease. CDC office CENTER FOR SURVEILLANCE, EPIDEMIOLOGY, AND LABORATORY SERVICES (CSELS) established

Day 20

Information on Bigfoot capture and death is released to the media.

Day 21

Crystal container detected in carcass of animal. Investigation halted while all authorities are notified of new information.

Day 23

Appended Report on Bigfoot capture and death is released, clarifying the carcass as a large, mutant bear infected with bubonic plague is released. Efforts are made to discredit earlier report and stories of Bigfoot apelike creature.

Day 25

Project Crystal Weapon has begun, CIA and other intelligence sources start program to disparage Bigfoot origins, security in areas where apelike encounters are numerous are placed under heavier surveillance and entry is forbidden.

Level of secrecy raised to extreme.

Analysis of Bigfoot Remains

  • Carcass of creature consists of organic animal matter, unidentified. Very little evidence of wound atrophy or decay.
  • Body is heavily matted with dense fur, extremely muscular
  • Bone density is similar to human body
  • No presence of infection or other biological infestations.
  • Internal organs reveal no abnormal growths or malignant tumors
  • DNA analysis reveals human type genome with extensive modifications/improvements in cell structure
  • Bullet damage is not so extensive, considering bullet caliber and velocity.
  • Wound appears to be caused by a heavy, large caliber bullet, fragments indicate a full metal jacketed .50 cal.
  • Bullet pierced matted layer of fur, entered chest before disintegrating against spinal column.
  • Crystal like container found in chest cavity of the animal's body,
  • __________ identifies the container material as being of non-human origin, container contents not investigated,
  • Non-destructive analysis of crystal compartment reveals complex, sophisticated organic circuitry.

Comments on analysis of Bigfoot corpse.

  • Until its recent death, Bigfoot was a living apelike creature capable of surviving the challenges of its present habitat. It appears to have been in very good physical condition with excellent body strength. The contents of its stomach and intestines classify it as omnivorous.
  • Its body features classify it as an apex predator.
  • Based on its external body covering, the use of a heavy, .50 cal. bullet was barely capable of penetrating the animal's body cover and doing fatal damage. Smaller caliber bullets would probably have been deflected or done minor injury.
  • The presence of the creature in ancient folklore indicate that it has existed for over 5,000 years without being captured or killed.
  • Crystal container found in creature's body indicates Bigfoot has not naturally evolved over time. Container does not appear to be man made, there is a high level of confidence that the container is an alien object and that Bigfoot may have been bio-engineered by an alien visitor for an undisclosed reason. In present times, Bigfoot presence also corresponds with alien visual sightings (check Alaskan Triangle sightings)
  • The origin and the purpose of its creation is indeterminate, but several factors appear to identify the creature as a mobile weapon delivery system.
  • DARPA creates think tank to analyze effectiveness of Bigfoot as both an independent reconnaissance system and a mobile weapons delivery system.

Reasons for considering its alien origin are:

  • It appears to be a living creature that has been designed to house an organic biological weapon
  • for safety concerns, the bio-weapon operates in binary.form. It is a genetically manipulated organic compound that can only be converted into a toxic weapon when it is activated and mutates into a living organism that is fatal to humans.
  • the bio-weapon is contained within an organic creature that has many useful attributes that make it a prime delivery system, such as mobility, speed, strength, invisibility, defensive capabilities and cunning.
  • the weapon system is designed with numerous fail safe mechanisms to prevent accidental activation in the event of damage or hostile capture
  • It can operate as a doomsday weapon awaiting final activation by its primary contact

Other Physical Features of Bigfoot:

Its physical design parameters demonstrate an ultra high level of mobility, body strength and agility.

It walks on two feet. Extremely fast and light footed.

It has a heavy body frame but it can carry its weight well.

It can swing on and climb trees, arboreal.

Its matted fur, thick skin and heavy musculature all contribute to biological armoring.

It lives in a forested environment and it is capable of surviving at a high altitude and in frigid weather.

It exudes a scent that may be offensive, fearsome or sickening to humans.

It communicates in the low frequency range that is not detectable by humans.

It is extremely proficient in avoiding human contact to the point of having existed for over 5,000 years without being discovered.

It has been alive for a considerable length of time. Its body metabolism appears to make it long lived and impervious to normal wear and tear.

DoD Recommendations

  1. Maintain extreme security and surveillance blanket on Bigfoot phenomena.
  2. Do not attempt contact or capture.
  3. Stop all research and study on Bigfoot, large caliber hunting weapons and Alaskan triangle.

© 2020 Gregory Floro

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